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Asian aromantics are so important and wonderful. Whether you’re South Asian, West Asian, North Asian, East Asian, Central Asian, Southeast Asian, you’re so vital to the aro community. You have so much worth that shouldn’t be overlooked.


duality of man and woman, (2017)

okay so im killing two birds with one stone with this one. not only is it aroha selca day but i was tagged by quite a few people for those selfie + bias games so im finally getting around to those as well! 

to name a few, i was tagged by @shootinglovemp4 @hyungwon @greyspaace @lilacnamjoon @gigglyindie and i think @kiryues and @peachouji but i cant remember if thats who it was sdjfls

ill go ahead and tag some as well; and as always no pressure whatsoever!! ill try and tag a few of my newer mutuals + old friends: 

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anyone else getting real tired of the “what if the nazis won” and “what if this character was a nazi” trends in pop culture nowadays

y1ffgod  asked:

okay i shouldn't have laughed so hard, but I was asking because I was wondering if you had any headcanons about Spider-Man! I saw one floating around tumblr that was Spider-Man is trans, and you said "friends help friends hide their boobies in the void"! and with your permission, I'd like to use that quote in a drawing with Spider-Man?

oh please feel free to do so, id love that!

please do not repost my art

This is just one example. The images I shared of my prints were to promote my charms, you are hurting me by taking them out of context and removing the link to where people can purchase my prints and charms. People who find my work directly through a reposter will have to take extra steps to find me, let alone about my store. As a small artist who would love to be able to make merch and table at cons at least as a side-job, repost culture damages my chances of being able to do what I love.

I won’t go too much into Eastern artists here, but some have lost their jobs and/or quit drawing fanart because of reposting. If you want there to be fanart of things you love, ask before you repost. This goes for using artwork in videos as well. That’s too much effort? You don’t want to keep track of all of the artists you want to repost from? That’s nothing compared to the time it takes to do an illustration.

You should not be happy about stealing followers from the original artists who put hours into their works when you do nothing but browse tumblr or pixiv, then spam irrelevant tags to get noticed. Nobody will follow the original artist when lazy art repost accounts are there for the convenience of all fandom art in one place. This is not the worst of it, I’ve had a reposter get hundreds of likes on artwork of mine when my own upload of it had under 30 due to them mass spamming tags and gaining followers for no work.

I have now added ‘please do not repost my work’ to my bio as well, there is no excuse for not knowing.

I have made an instagram account of my own and I’m attempting to use it more often. it’s ririrubyart there as well. Support is appreciated.

Me, while keeping up with all of the crazy SPN @ SDCC panel & interviews yesterday.

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All of us today, speculating away. @naruhearts @tinkdw @amwritingmeta @sactownbrowns3 @margarittet @marstersrules @postmodernmulticoloredcloak @magnificent-winged-beast @floralmotif @bluestar86

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you: tododeku

me, an intellectual: todoiideku

people that don’t tag their posts make me nervous

like why aren’t you saying anything??