see i love this moment for two reasons

"I'm not in love with him/her anymore" is bullshit

If your idea of marriage is being with someone you’re “in love” with, don’t you dare get married. Your marriage will fail, I promise you.

“In love” is that romantic, bubbly feeling. That thing that makes you sigh when they walk into a room, but disappears when their acne breaks out, or they get constipated and need you to buy them an enema, or when they’re vomiting from the flu, or when you’re fighting with them about money or children.

“In love” is no reason to get married. It is fleeting. It comes and goes like the tide and sometimes you have to work hard to create that feeling.

“He/she is my best friend” is a good reason to get married. “I will never leave” being at the front of your mind during the most hellish debate you’ve ever had is a reason to get married. “I want to understand their point of view” when you feel like it’s impossible to understand each other in that moment is a good reason to get married.

Real love gets ugly sometimes. Real love is when two people see the ugly side of each other and they still want to work together and be better for each other.

Real love deals with sickness, poverty, and misery together. It doesn’t point the finger or whine to your friends about the romance being dead instead of getting up and reviving it your damn self.

Don’t you dare get married to someone while you’re “in love.” Get married after you survive a struggle together. Get married knowing it’s going to be harder than you ever imagined it would be. Get married knowing you want your children to be like your partner as much as they’re like you. Marry someone you can argue with the right way, the productive way, the “won’t shut you out” way, the “we’re gonna talk this out even if I need a minute to cool off” way.

Don’t marry someone just because you’re “in love.” In love is easy. Love is a challenge two people take on together for the rest of their lives; and if either one of you is half hearted about it don’t you dare get married. And if it fails don’t you dare use “I wasn’t in love with him/her anymore” as an excuse. If you can say that as your excuse you never really loved them anyway


@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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Romance Manga

Here are some fabulous shojo romance choices to keep you warm and cuddly! Enjoy! (No particular order)

Haru No Ride

Reason to read: The struggles the characters face are real. Futaba struggles with her identity, and Kou with his family and self-worth. We get to see these two characters fall in love and get many satisfying romantic moments! 

Wolf Girl and Black Prince 

Reason to read: At first, I wasn’t a fan of this one, but I am glad I gave it a second chance because this manga is freaking fantastic. The dynamic between the two has a rocky start but romance and reciprocated feelings soon ensure. Another great thing is that this manga actually mentions (and may in the future show) sex, unlike many shojo that tend to pretend that it does not exist. 

Ouran High School Host Club 

Reason to read: If you haven’t seen the fabulous anime, then go watch it and come back and read it. Your welcome. If you have seen it, then we all know what that final scene was missing. Do not fret! For this manga continues the antics and the romance! Everything from the characters to the plot are perfect in this manga and I can say with complete confidence that this manga has the most satisfying, heart-warming ending of any manga I have ever read. 

Nodame Cantabile 

Reason to read: I do not play an instrument and have never listened to classical music, but this manga gave me a profound appreciation for that world. Nodame is by far the most unique and interesting heroine I have come across in manga, and her relationship with Chiaki is great because the love takes a while to blossom, but that makes it a lot sweeter. There is a 3 season long anime series that I watched and enjoyed and I actually do believe that watching it might be a better option because this show does involve music, but the manga has a lot of spicy details that are fun to come back to after watching! 

Hibi Chouchou 

Reason to read: This manga is not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who like it LOVE it! The reason this manga polarizes people is because both protagonists are extremely quiet and shy, so we get a lot of glimpses into their thoughts and wishes, but not a lot of actual dialogue. The reason everyone should give it a try is because it really is an accurate depiction of the struggles of shy love and is really well drawn and cute.  

Kamisama Hajimemashita 

Reason to read: Nanami proves that a cute face and dainty demeanor does not define her level of strength. Tomoe and her relationship grow so naturally and the special circumstances they are in makes the reader really want to root for them. 


Reason to read: Hori and Miyamura show each other sides of themselves that no one knows and they become essential parts of each others lives. They are so freaking cute together!

Your Lie in April 

Reason to read: First of all, I REALLY recommend watching the anime first. Our protagonists are musicians so if you actually want to hear their music, the anime is the best option. I would recommend reading the manga after watching the anime if you want to relive the pain good feelings. The strange thing about this show/manga is that technically, it is categorized as a “shonen” which automatically makes me think of lots of boobs and butts, but this show is an innocent and lovely choice for any reader! WARNING: sadness inside. 

Kaichou wa Maid Sama! 

Reason to read: Misaki is one of the most kick-ass girl characters. She juggles being the student council president with great grades and a job at a maid cafe all while her home life crumbles. Usui and Misaki are one of my favorite manga couples because they truly deserve each other! 

Akagami no Shirayukihime 

Reason to read: Shirayuki may look like a weakling, but she is actually mentally strong and incredibly brave. I have not read too much of this manga yet, but so far I like what I see, and since I always spoil stuff for myself, I know for a fact that love is around the river bend! 

Cherry Boy, That Girl 

Reason to Read: First of all, this is a Korean manhwa, not a manga, so you read it left to right. This freaking work of art…I love this manhwa. It has it all, twists, turns, love, deceit, tricks, and treats galore, all wrapped up in fully colored chapters!

Last Game

Reason to read: OMGGGGG. It all started when Kujou knocked Yanagi off of his high-horse by beating him in almost everything: school, sports, and the like. Yanagai was one of those boys who has talent, but mostly gets what he wants because he is rich. Then Kujou comes out of nowhere and with her ordinary, plain-jane looks steals his pride without really trying at all. From that moment, Yanagi has followed Kujou to high school and now college to try to win the Last Game. Yanagi is the true gem of this manga because unlike in many shojo romances, it is actually told from the boy’s perspective and the boy falls in love first. 

Special A

Reason to read: This is literally the epitome of the classic “competition –> love” scenario…and I love it. The charm of this manga is all of the different love stories that blossom between all of the other characters. There is a good anime for this show, but the manga is a tad better.    

My top 10 Magical Girl anime

Its no secret that I LOOVE Magical Girls. Heck, just look at my screen name. Here are my top 10 favourite Magical Girl anime.

10. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Lets start with one of the most unique and complex shojo anime and manga series ever. I myself am not sure if this qualifies as an MG anime but I’ve seen many people say it is so its on the list. Anyone who thinks all shojo is the same should watch this show. By the end, you’ll be left wondering if its even a shojo. It starts off fairly lighthearted but by episode 9, it gets serious and the plot starts picking up. Plus, it features some of the most complex characters ever and it touches on some serious subjects like incest and sexual abuse. I must warn you though, its not for everyone because of the reasons I just mentioned. If you’re someone who’s extremely uncomfortable with sexual abuse and incest, I’d recommend you skip this anime.

9. Princess Tutu

Just looking at the title of this anime is enough to send some people running away and judging it. But don’t let the cute name fool you. This is one of the most misleading anime ever. Like Utena, its a shojo but its fairly dark and has some tearjerking moments. But it also has its fairly lighthearted moments and that’s something I like about this anime. The ending is also bittersweet and will leave you wondering how an anime about a duck who becomes a ballerina managed to make you cry.

8. Tokyo Mew Mew

Looking back at this anime, maybe its not exactly the best. Its got its fair share of problems like how the main character, Ichigo, took most of the spotlight. But I still have a soft spot for this anime mainly because its really adorable to watch when you’re feeling sad. And the whole concept of these animal themed Magical Girls sounds interesting. What I love about this anime is how unlike the manga, it fleshed out the other girls as well. We found out a lot about Mint, Zakuro, Lettuce and Pudding and we loved them. I also loved how Ichigo DIDN’T choose the bad boy (Kisshu) over the nice guy (Masaya). In the end, she’s the one who chooses who’s best for her. So, even with all its problems, I have a soft spot for this anime.

7. Shugo Chara

Another anime that does have its fair share of problems but I enjoyed it nonetheless. What I loved most about it was the main character, Amu Hinamori. Some people may use the dreaded M word on her, but I think she’s a wonderfully complex character and one of the most unique Magical Girl leads. I also loved all the Magical Boys (Tadase, Ikuto etc). Though I will say, it didn’t need all that romance drama. I’m one of those people who doesn’t ship Amu with anyone and prefers her as a girl who tries to find herself before going into romance. 

6. Little Witch Academia

Ah yes, one of the most recent anime. I got into it via the OVAs and I watched the anime when the second season was still airing. It was very different from the OVAs but I still loved it. Its animation and art style are amazing and breathtaking to look at and overall, it just feels like a magical experience. The main character, while she might be a typical cheery MG protagonist, is charming in her own way and the amount of growth she undergoes is amazing. In a way,, she kinda reminds me of Doremi Harukaze. Speaking of which…

5. Ojamajo Doremi

This is one of the cutest anime I’ve ever seen . The character designs are all adorable and the transformation is short and simplistic rather than a long, flashy transformation. And while it remains a cute witch anime, it also handles some rather heavy topics like divorce, miscarrige and even cancer. Seriously, a character dies of cancer and she’s only 9! But it still remains a cute show, despite the tearjerking moments. 

4. Cardcaptor Sakura

I recently finished this anime and I loved every moment of it. It is a really cute anime with a simple art style, great animation and amazing characters. It also did a lot of things differently from other Magical Girl shows, like how Sakura doesn’t have a transformation scene and gets all her outfits made by Tomoyo and how there’s no antagonist. Eriol did come close but in the end, he had to do it for Sakura’s own good. What I loved about it most was how it didn’t forget its non magical characters. Tomoyo is obviously important, but Sakura’s other friends all have their own stories and personalities as well. Also, it features one of the cutest couples in anime history. I can’t wait for the new anime to come.

3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Yep, its a tie. I’ve seen people fight over which of these two is better. Madoka fans claim Yuki Yuna is a ripoff and Yuki Yuna fans list of a million reasons why its so much better than Madoka. Personally, I love both anime. They’re both good in their own rights. Besides they’re similar in a lot of ways. They both have great animation, amazing characters, an interesting and compelling story and many emotional moments. They both have their flaws but all in all, they’re both great. Why can’t people just see that instead of fighting over which is the better dark MG?

2. Pretty Cure

The big Magical Girl powerhouse in Japan. Pretty Cure may be a cash cow franchise made to sell toys but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Yes, it has 14 seasons now and that amounts to a lot of characters. But that’s what I like about it. It has a wide range of protagonists. You have sporty protagonists like Nagisa and Hibiki, shy ones like Tsubomi, determined ones like Haruka and smart ones like Mana (much as I don’t like her). They may not all be well developed but with all the wide range of characters, kids will surely find at least one character to relate to. Plus, the series has this special thing that makes me happy, no matter how sad I might be. It just inspires me to someday, make a Magical Girl show of my own. I find this happiness even in some of the weaker seasons like DokiDoki and Happiness Charge. The gif I used is from my favourite season, Go!Princess Pretty Cure. Princess Peach should take lessons in self defence from Cure Flora. 

1. Sailor Moon

I know, I know. Very obvious choice. But like many others, Sailor Moon got me into Magical Girls. Not only that, it got me into other anime as well. It may be cliched now but it still has a special place in my heart. With amazing and strong characters, great storylines and splendid transformation scenes, its no wonder this show had a big impact on the genre. Even with its problems, it is my favourite anime and manga series ever. And yes, that includes Sailor Moon Crystal.

Honourable mention

Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

This is actually the second Magical Girl anime I’ve watched, after Sailor Moon. It has its problems and its a bit cheesy but I loved the concept of mermaids turning into idols. Its an amazing combination of the Magical Girl and Magical Idol genres.


look at these two tall strong men who love each other together at the institute

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the bold type do you recommend it?

*steps up on soap box* ahem

Why I recommend The Bold Type

I know that a bunch of people have written posts like this, but here’s my iteration, which comes from a place of: 1. Love, 2. being the exact target audience, and 3. watching too many TV shows that don’t give me what I want. The Bold Type, as it turns out, is all about going after what you want. It is about rejecting the societal standard that tells women to become meek in the workplace and, instead, use that standard as a bar over which you can raise yourself and become even better. The Bold Type is along the same vein as the short-lived MTV show Sweet/Vicious— feminism for women, to entertain women, to show women in lights that we are interested in seeing. I think that the success of this show could cause a boom of similar shows— sleek, modern, female-centric. Watching The Bold Type isn’t just about The Bold Type. It’s about supporting the content that we want to see.

There are three main characters— Jane, Kat, and Sutton. All are best friends. All are in different places in their careers. All are successful in their own right. And all work at the fabled Scarlet Magazine, a magazine written by women for women to be their saucy older sister, guiding them through life. Instead of 50 Ways To Please Your Man, it’s 50 Ways To Please Yourself. Instead of Lipsmackers That Will Stay On While You’re Lipsmacking it’s Lipsmackers That Will Stay On While You Take On The World. Their boss, Jacqueline (we’ll get to her later; she’s my favorite character) refers to this as “self-feminism.” Other people are important, absolutely, but make sure you’re taking care of yourself and your needs too when it comes to work, relationships, and sex. Scarlet Magazine is about real women who are motivated, who are struggling, who are successful, who are scared, who are human. It’s a publication that I, personally, would love to read.

Jane works for the writing department. She is a young writer who is thirsty to prove herself, but is also conscious of the fact that she’s low on the totem pole. The pilot begins on her first day as a writer, when you find out that Jane is a smart, capable, confident young woman who was raised on Scarlet Magazine. This is her dream job. She’s organized, thoughtful, and resilient. Although she tends to complain about her assignments, she always comes through and makes them her own.

Kat works in social media— in fact, she’s the head of her department. She tends to see the world through the lens of her camera even when she isn’t working. Kat, by nature of her position, is always on-call. She sees what is beautiful about the world and what is beautiful about people. She also knows, with great clarity, what is important to her, and always fights for these issues— perhaps a little relentlessly. Kat excels at her job, but she doesn’t excel at relationships. She likes “casual,” preferring to have flings. When she meets Adena, a beautiful Muslim lesbian, her idea of relationships and her sexual identity goes out the window. I am looking forward to seeing Kat and Adena’s relationship evolve just as any ol’ heterosexual relationship on television would— full of ups and downs, but also full of love, sex, and moments that just make you hold your breath. Luckily, these two ladies already serving a full course meal.

Sutton is the final female in our group of girls. Undoubtedly the lowest of the three girls on the corporate ladder, Sutton’s reason for that is simple: she didn’t have the socioeconomic privilege that Kat and Jane had been lucky to have, and got off to a more disadvantaged start. Sutton had fought her way to her position tooth-and-nail. And, better yet, she’s damn good at her job. Sutton is the most tenacious character on the show. She’s spent years fighting for herself, and she isn’t about to stop now. The romantic plot-line revolving around Sutton involves her dating a superior in the company, which is normally a story arc that might make me cringe, but Sutton is 25 and Richard is probably in his late-20s, early-30s. There’s lots of respect between the two of them, and their relationship isn’t a conflict of interest because Richard works for the legal department for the company that owns Scarlet. This relationship is adorable, sexy, and Sutton absolutely holds the power in it, meaning that we, as audience members, can root for these two.

The Bold Type shows female friendships exactly the way I know them to be. They love and support each other. They overshare. They talk over each other. They play and tease. They make cultural references in a speedy fashion that temporarily makes you think you’re watching Gilmore Girls. They get selfish. They apologize for being selfish. They fight and make up. They change the direction of their conversations constantly, flashing from topic to topic like strobe lights, showcasing how incredible women are at multi-tasking. It’s the dream female friendship that all of us are desperate for on TV, and no romantic sub-plot is going to tear that down. It’s like Friends without the guys, and as much as I love Chandler, with a show like The Bold Type, I think we can live without him.

Perhaps the best character on The Bold Type is the girls’ boss, Jacqueline. She is the head of Scarlet Magazine; the leader who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. As fearless as she is, she is not to be feared. Jacqueline may be respected, admired, and adhered to by her staff, but if you’re looking for Miranda Priestly, you won’t find her here. Jacqueline cares about facilitating the careers of her employees. She rules her disciples with a firm but fair hand, often giving them more than they deserve. Life is hard, especially for women in the corporate world, and Jacqueline understands that. Her character’s scenes are always an absolute treat— the ones I look forward to the most when I sit down on the couch to watch The Bold Type with a glass of red wine and a feeling of safety on the side. Because I, as a viewer, have learned in just a few episodes (five, to be exact) that these writers are ones that I can trust. They’re speaking using my voice, the voice of my friends, the voice of my peers, the voice of my generation.

Turning your television on to The Bold Type means hearing women discussing issues that are relevant to you. It means being inspired by their tenacity and individual power. It means enjoying an episode full of sumptuous fashion, invigorating music, and a bustling city life. The Bold Type is a show that you can turn on and see yourself reflected in your TV screen— whether it’s your sexual identity, your racial identity, or the personality traits that make you who you are. It’s not that The Bold Type never utilizes tropes, cliches, or predictability. It’s that they do it differently, they do it better, they do it while conscious of what it is and what their show is.  

The Bold Type doesn’t necessarily preach that you a required to live your life boldly. The lesson to learn here is much simpler than that: live. Simply go out and live your life, get what you want, make yourself happy. Stay safe, stay kind, stay supportive, stay healthy, stay loving each other. Perhaps Jacqueline describes this mentality best in her speech in the pilot episode of the show. She says, “I expect you to have adventures. I expect you to fall in love. To get your hearts broken. I expect you to have sex with the wrong people; have sex with the right people. To make mistakes and make amends, take a leap and make a splash. And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anybody who tries to hold you back.”

So you heard her. Let’s go unleash holy hell, ladies.

How to be a nice guy, not a "nice guy"

Growing up shy with only brothers, I was never confident approaching women I was interested in, and I think I was in my mid-twenties before I was finally the one to make the first move. The upshot of this is it gave me the chance to form some fantastic friendships with women in school, and college.

I saw first hand the kinds of horrible attitudes men held towards my friends, and since becoming addicted to the many many online dating blogs on Tumblr I’ve seen this to the Nth degree. As someone who found it hard simply saying ‘hi’ to a woman I liked, this behaviour baffled me. If someone else had that confidence to walk up to (or now message) a woman, and start a conversation with her, why would he go out of his way to fuck it up?

1) Fedoras/Trillbys: First of all Trillbys ARE NOT fedoras. Second, this is what PUAs call “peacocking”, making yourself flashy somehow to stand out from the crowd.
A- This doesn’t work if you’re all fucking doing it, at least try and be original.
B- If your personality doesn’t stand out, then go work on that instead.

2) Negging: Another PUA tactic, though I suspect it’s as old as dating itself. This involves giving backhanded compliments, or small insults followed by compliments. The aim is supposedly to make the woman either extra grateful for the compliment after the insult, or desperate to prove you wrong.
A- What the actual living fuck? On a basic level it’s nonsensical. “There’s a woman I like…I know! I’ll insult her.” If that seems like a good thought process to you, then you’re a fucking idiot.
B- Tricking someone into talking to you/being interested in you is pathetic because again you’re just proving that you have a shitty personality that can’t stand it’s ground.
C- This kind of behaviour is a trait of psychologically and abusive relationships. To the defence “I’m a nice guy, I just wanted her to talk to me.”, women talk to people every single fucking day without the need for them to insult them first.

3) Rejection: Here’s a scenario.
Bro 1 - “Hey dude, you wanna go to the game today?”
Bro 2 - “Thanks for asking, but sorry dude, not interested in Basketball.
Bro 1 - "You fucking piece of shit! How dare you reject me?! I hope you get raped! I never even wanted to go to the game with you anyway! You’re fat lol.”
Manbabies can try and mansplain this away all they want, and they do; “If you’d just given me a chance I wouldn’t have acted that way, I’m actually a really nice guy.” “Sorry, I was drunk when I sent that.” “Sorry, my friend got my phone, lol.” However, if you’ve never or would never react this way to a man rejecting your request for something, drunk or not, then you are behaving this way simply because a WOMAN did it. Right there is your problem.
Bro - “Hey, do you wanna get dinner or drinks sometime?”
Mysterious Alien Creature (aka; woman) - “Hey thanks, but I’m not really interested.”
Bro - “Np, have a good one.”
A - You haven’t burned any bridges. Is she just out of a relationship? Is she dealing with stuff in her personal life? If that’s the case, when she’s not, you’re still a contender, instead of a piece of garbage.
B - You treated someone like a human fucking being.

4) The FRIENDZONE: All in Caps because that’s how some guys seem to view it. I guarantee you this phrase was coined by a guy who is the most horrible piece of shit on the planet. As I mentioned earlier, I had a much easier time making woman friends than meeting girlfriends. There was one who I had a huge crush on and nothing ever happened, and I know for a fact there was one who liked me and nothing ever happened. And guess what? We stayed friends.
A - If you enter a friendship with the sole aim on getting something out of it for you, then you’re a terrible friend.
B - If a male friend chose to go to a basketball game with someone who likes basketball instead of you, would you complain about the friendzone?
C - If a woman was your friend for years, and then you found out it was only because she wanted your kidney, how’d you feel? Betrayed, hurt, knowing that person never liked you as a friend?
Let’s rename the friendzone the neverwasafriendtobeginwithzone.

5) Girls only date Assholes: What? What?! What the fuckitty fuck fuck? I’ve dated horrible people, my friends have all dated horrible people. Women do not have a monopoly on bad choices.
A - EVERYBODY dates assholes at some point. If a friend is, try to help them see that instead of assuming they like it.
B - As a general rule, assholes date assholes. If you’re not an asshole, if you’re a self-proclaimed nice guy, then why would you wanna be with a woman who’s an asshole? Oh right, because you only care about her body.
C - I have friends whose boyfriends/husbands are nicer than I am and it pisses me off.

6) “Compliments”: I hope you noticed the inverted commas there. From catcalling, to pet names, to street & online harassment, again this is something that I can’t wrap my head around. You see a woman you like, you have two options.
i - Find a reason to initiate contact. Online, look in the profile for common interests. IRL, whatever she’s doing at that moment.
ii - Shout a generic compliment a 5year old could come up with.
Which one seems more likely to you? I once started a two-year relationship initially based on a mutual love of nothing more than a brand of chips.
A - Unsolicited compliments are…wait for it…UNSOLICITED. If no one asked you for it, don’t give it.
B - “Learn to take a compliment.” Next guy I hear say this in a bar I’m gonna send every male friend over one after the other to 'compliment’ him.
C - If you catcall, I’m gonna get six huge construction workers to come to your neighbourhood and shout 'compliments’ at you every time you walk down the street and see how you like it.

In conclusion…because this has gone on Waaaaay longer than I’d originally intended, let me leave you with a couple of rules of thumb.

1 - As difficult as it may be for some men to realise, women are not a part of some alien species. You don’t need to trick them, you don’t need to manipulate them. Respect breeds respect, talk to women as human fucking beings.
2 - There are over 6billion people on the planet. Attraction is a complicated phenomenon that the physical and social sciences are NOWHERE near explaining. Not every one of the 3 ½ or so billion women on the planet are going to be attracted to you. Accept it and move on.
3 - Nice guys don’t finish last, only “Nice guys” do.

This has been a public service announcement. Out.

Friends To Lovers | BTS

Pairing: BTS x Reader

Genre: Too much fluff

Summary:  A friend is a gift, a best friend is an even greater gift, but finding a soulmate in one another is a blessing.

—Tee with help from Salty who wrote Namjoon’s and Taehyung’s ☺️

Kim Seokjin 

“How much oil?” 

Jin looked at you, putting down the knife that was in his hand. He made his way over to you, not saying a word as he stood behind you and took your hands in his and as if you were a puppet he guided you in pouring the right amount of oil into the pot. It was oddly comfortable having him pressed against you in such an intimate way, though you weren’t lovers at all. He was so close to you that you could his breath on your skin and you could have sworn he was shaking.

“You’re doing good.” His voice had become lower, but the gentle grip he had on you remained the same. You must have wandered off into another place because you soon realized that his head was laid on yours as he slowly swayed you both. The oil was long forgotten, and now the two of you were in the kitchen, safely away from the stove, dangerously close to one another as you were wrapped in his arms. “This is kind of weird.”

Jin hummed in response, and as he kept his eyes closed he whispered, “I like you.” You squeezed his hands, a smile on your face and your heart beating so fast that it felt like it was going to explode. It never happened. Instead, you gathered the courage to face him, your own hands now resting on his hips.

“Me too,” you smiled at the way his face was flushed with red, and how he tried to hide but couldn’t. He sighed in relief and pulled you closer to him. “What now?”

“Kiss me.”

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What is Mozart, l’opéra rock?

Mozart, l’opéra rock (literally Mozart, the rock opera, sometimes shortened to MOR or MLOR) is a French musical that premiered in 2009 about the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from age 17 to his death. It uses both pop-rock songs and existing compositions by Mozart. To get an idea of the aesthetic imaging Mozart but in an emo band. (If that sounds boring u are WRONG my friend have you ever read anything about Mozart.)

Who are the characters?

The main characters are Mozart, his wife Constanze and her sister Aloysia, Mozart’s rival Salieri, Rosenbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerg who is mostly comic relief, Mozart’s sister Nannerl and their parents. There is also and clown and I still have no idea why, it’s a metaphor, probably. (from left to right: Mozart’s father, Constanze, Salieri, Aloysia, Mozart, Nannerl, and the clown)

Highlights include:

- Salieri having a weird bdsm-themed fever dream triggered by Mozart conducting without sheet music (also a metaphor, probably)
- A number about getting laid using musical instruments as lyrical metaphors
- the two rivals singing what is definitely not a gay final love duet. NOPE

Other reasons to watch?

- Amazing costumes and lighting:

(photos by Gautier Pallancher)

- The songs are catchy as hell:

A few of them have video clips which you can watch here! It’s probably a good idea to watch one to see if you’d like the show?

- It’s very funny in the moments where no one’s dying

- The cast is really cute

- The end always makes me want to cry

(it’s definitely not a love duet guys)


The whole musical has been recorded and released on dvd bc French musical people don’t hate their fans. And guess what, it has been uploaded on youtube:

English sub, 480p, in parts:
English/French/Italian sub, 240p, in one part:
(optional) Polish sub, 720p, in four parts:


‘…a wailing woman forced her way between two watchmen… Joffrey looked for a moment as if he meant to ride her down, but Sansa Stark leaned over and said something to him. The king fumbled in his purse, and flung the woman a silver stag.’

-Tyrion IX, A Clash of Kings

I think this single quote is the reason I fell in love with Sansa Stark. I always see a lot of praise (a lot of which centres around the TV adaptation) towards Margaery in her ability to ‘handle’ Joffrey or somehow being better equipped to influence him. But Margaery has her father as a staunch ally of the Lannister regime, she has her brother on the Kingsguard and her family in the capital, there is far less risk to her person in attempting to influence Joffrey.

Then we have Sansa Stark, an attainted traitor whose family is in open rebellion against the crown, who has been beaten and humiliated in public by her betrothed and will probably carry said scars for the rest of her life, and yet still she manages to steer Joffrey towards mercy and fulfilling one of her many courtly duties as Queen-to-be, risking chastisement at best and a public beating at worst. This is a King who has shot crossbow bolts down at his smallfolk for begging aid, who has no qualms about hurting her or anyone around him, and yet she still attempts- and succeeds- at swaying him towards charity at great personal risk with little payoff.

The fact that we miss moments like this in D&Ds adaptation is part of why audiences still decry Sansa as stupid, cowardly, or bratty and place her sister (who had her character assassinated in a more overt way by the adaptation) on a pedestal. We can’t all be Arya, we can’t all seek solace in physical fighting and retribution, but we could all stand to be a little more like Sansa, speaking up no matter the personal risk.

Before I can even fully process that finale and that ending (I am shaking oh my god) I have to talk about Stephen Amell and Josh Segarra. 

They are so fucking incredible in every single scene they share and you know what it is? It’s the same reason why I love the scenes Amell shares with EBR - Josh Segarra brings his all to every single thing he does. Like that man commits and it’s amazing and Stephen responds to that so beautifully by reciprocating completely. The moments they shared tonight were fucking stellar, just fucking stellar. I was watching these two guys just completely let go and giving these character their absolute all and I’m…

It was amazing.

I feel so blessed that I got to see these guys opposite each other this season.

Soulmate!Ashton au

Summary: When Ashton’s soulmate tattoo shows up on his arm, he wonders for weeks when he’ll meet her, and he finds out in a….unique way.

A/N: So this is my first time ever posting my writing on tumblr, so feedback would be appreciated! Sorry that it’s kinda long but I hope you guys like it!

Ashton traced the words on his arm again for the millionth time in the past 3 weeks.

“You and me up against the great unknown.”

The words were familiar to him, of course. They were from a song the band had released not too long ago with One OK Rock, Take What You Want. These words were the first words his soulmate would say to him when they finally met. It’s said that the words appear on some part of your body when you’re going to meet your soulmate soon, but Ashton had a hard time believing he’d find her on tour. They met millions of people on tour, how would he know when he found the right one? What if he walked past her without speaking to her, letting her slip away? He’d been worrying since the words had shown up on his forearm 3 weeks ago and the rest of the boys could tell. Ashton thought they were lucky, none of them had their Soul Tattoos yet, so it looked like they’d have a while before having to think about it. Why’d he have to get the words this early in life? Why couldn’t it wait until the band took a break?

After another week of thinking and obsessing over the words, the worry became something he didn’t think about as often. It was still there, just less prominent once the tour started. He started to worry less and think more about what she’s like. Where is she from? Would he meet her at one of their shows, or would he find her while the band was exploring a city on a day off? He figured she was a fan, considering the first thing she would say to him would be lyrics from a song his band was featured in.

Almost exactly a month after the words appeared, a month of creating questions in his mind, he finally got some answers.

He was relaxing in his bunk on the tour bus, watching some covers of the band’s songs on YouTube. He did this every now and then, when he had the time. He loved watching how talented some of the fans were and how much of an impact their music had. After watching a few, he came across one he hadn’t seen before. The title of the video was simply “Take What You Want- One OK Rock ft. 5SOS Cover.” He clicked on the video since this song didn’t have many covers and found that it was a band covering the song, not just one person. As he listened, he noted that they were pretty good, especially the lead singer. She was the only girl in the band and her voice was amazing, almost mesmerizing. He paused the video after the first chorus and walked to the back of the bus where the rest of the boys were.

“Guys, I found a cover of Take What You Want and it’s really good,” Ashton announced, making the other boys pause the FIFA game they’d been playing.

“Well,” Michael said, “Quit standing there and show us!” He wouldn’t admit it, but Michael liked watching covers of their music almost as much as Ashton did.

Ashton sat on the couch between Luke and Calum, eager to show them what he’d found. He backed the video up to the beginning and hit play. The girl in the video was beautiful and had a voice to match. Ashton could tell the guys agreed with him as they grew more and more emersed in the video as it went on. It looked like someone was holding the camera and smoothly moving around the band as they played, getting different angles of all 4 of the band members, but mostly the lead girl. At first, the girl didn’t look into the camera. Through the first verse and chorus, she sang to herself, squeezing her eyes closed as she sang. The boys could tell she was nervous by the way she kept her eyes shut and they each laughed a little. All but Ashton.

He couldn’t laugh because he was captivated by the emotion in her voice as she sang. The song was a breakup song and he could hear it in her voice that she was hurting. He didn’t recognize it the first time he watched the video, but now it was evident, at least to him. It almost physically hurt him to see this girl, no more than 18, he was sure, singing with so much anger and pain. By the second verse, the part Luke had sang in the song, her eyes were open but she still hasn’t looked into the camera.

“Still remember a time when you felt like home. You and me up against the great unknown.”

As she sang that second line, the line that had originally belonged to Michael, the unknown girl stared straight into the camera for the first time and Ashton felt his world flip. He was 22 years old, and yet he had never felt an emotion as strong as the one he felt when he looked into her eyes.

He let out a slight gasp, just loud enough for the other boys to hear. They all already knew about the words on the oldest boy’s arm, so they could guess fairly easily what was going on. Luke, Michael, and Calum all tried to get Ashton to talk, to pull him out of the little trance he was in, but he couldn’t stop watching the video. He watched every little movement the beautiful girl made, listened intently to every single word that left her mouth. The pain in her voice was more obvious now as she sang the bridge and it cut Ashton, cut him deep to hear how bad his soulmate was hurting. It was then that he decided he would find her as soon as he could and make her forget what was causing her so much pain.


Two months. It had been two months since he watched the video of his soulmate and he was still no closer to finding her as the day he started looking. He tried to find her online, but the cover video had nothing in the description. No social media links, no names for the band or for the individuals. Nothing. He’d been keeping his eyes open at shows, looking everywhere he could for her. He looked into the crowds as much as he could, though it was harder for him than for the rest of the boys since he was at the back of the stage.

His band members tried to calm his as best as they could and he appreciated their efforts, but it wasn’t really helping.

“Ashton, man,” Calum said one night, “you’re going to find her. She’s your soulmate, you’ll probably bump into her when you least expect it.”

“Yeah, maybe you haven’t found her yet because you’re looking too hard.” Luke agreed.

Ashton has been telling them about his idea of just posting a link to the video on twitter and asking the fans if they knew who it was in the video. Surely someone would know her. But he knew the guys were right, the perfect time would come. He was just so ready to see her in person, to hold her and hear her laugh and to learn all there was to learn about her. He knew it would come soon, but he was just so damn excited.

The next day, they were in the dressing room after sound check, waiting for their time to go onstage. Of course, without the music to distract him, Ashton was over thinking again. Would she be here tonight? What if one of the other guys was her favorite and she was disappointed that he was her soulmate? How much longer would he have to wait?

He was getting anxious and he couldn’t sit still anymore. He excused himself from the room and walked around for a while, not caring if any fans saw him. The questions swirled around in his mind until he thought he was going insane. ‘This search is going to be the death of me,’ he thought bitterly.

He was so distracted that he didn’t see the girl turning around the corner, going the opposite direction as him. He bumped into her, sending her to the ground before he could catch her. He didn’t even think to apologize, more scared of the fact that he had hurt her. When he could tell she was fine, he sighed a breath of relief, offering her a hand to help her up.

“I’m so sorry,” she apologized as she grasped his and and pulled herself up. She looked at him for the first time and smiled widely once she realized who she had ran into. She opened her mouth to say something, but Ashton beat her to the punch.

“I know you,” he blurted out, that being the only thing his mind could come up with at the moment. Because it was true. He did know her, she was the girl from the YouTube video, his soulmate.

As she processed the drummer’s words, her eyes widened slightly in shock and looked at the inside of her wrist. There, in a small font, the words 'I know you’ were looking back at her. She turned her wrist to show Ashton, a blush spreading across her cheeks as she understood what this meant. He traced the words on her wrist for a moment before smiling at her and showing her the words on his forearm.

She carefully examined the words on his arm before whispering in disappointment, “Those aren’t the first words I said to you though.” She looked down, not wanting the gorgeous boy she’d loved forever to see her cry.

He tilted her chin up anyway and smiled a breathtaking smile. “I know you. I saw your cover on YouTube, I’ve been trying to find you for weeks.” He smiled at her brightly again, happy for two reasons. One was that he had found her. She was there, in person with him. And two, as she smiled the biggest, most adorable grin he had ever seen, he realized that she was happy about being his soulmate. All his worries disappeared as he took her face in his hands. He leaned towards her slowly, running his thumb across her lips. “What’s your name?” He asked her quietly, suddenly aware that even though he knew her face, he didn’t know her name.

She closed her eyes, afraid that this was all a dream and that she’d wake up any second. “Y/N,” she whispered, afraid to talk any louder with him being so close. “Y/N,” he whispered back before closing the distance between them and kissing her softly, adoringly. He’d been waiting for this for so long. He pulled away slowly and grabbed her hand, smiling at her yet again as he lead her down the hall. “Well Y/N,” he began, “since you’re my soulmate, you should meet the rest of the band. You guys will be seeing a lot of each other, so you better get used to them.” He turned around to wink at her, continuing to lead them to the dressing room. Butterflies errupted in her stomach when he winked at her and she knew she’d never been happier than in this moment.

Reveling in Richonne

#39: The Deer Drop (7x4)

So, y’all, Negan is a fool. 😂  He has no idea that his downfall just strutted past him in this scene lol. 

After Rick and Michonne’s heartfelt talk, we see Michonne, with the deer around her, looking like a full fledged boss as she walks past Negan.  (Side note: The subtle surprised/sad look Michonne gives, when she notices Daryl, is so great and Danai truly can act without uttering a word.👏🏽)

As Michonne walks past Negan, I was like, “Uh, Negan, do you see this queen strutting past and mad dogging you right now? She’s going to be your undoing, bruh." 😂  Cuz Michonne is Rick’s rock and so as long as Rick has her, Negan will never fully break him. It’s so interesting to see her walk past Negan because he really has no idea just how crucial this woman is to Rick and just how much she can change the whole game. 

Like I really feel like even just her presence back in ASZ made the vibe feel different there. It felt like there was a certain strength and power reinstalled in the community. Even Rick feels more whole, like he’s def still very broken, but you can tell that this day sucks just a little less when she’s there. Negan enjoys targeting leaders, but he just lets Rick’s leader walk right past him. Did I mention he’s a fool? 😋 

I love this moment because it says so much. One; it says that Michonne has agreed to Rick’s request even though she doesn’t necessarily like it. Two; it says that Michonne is over Negan and she’s not afraid to give him a look that shows him that. Three; This whole scene is proof that Rick and Michonne can’t quite hide or downplay how much they care about each other. (Nor should they)

Four; Michonne walks ahead of Rick and, if my eyes don’t deceive me, Rick keeps his eyes on her. He only looks at Negan once Negan starts speaking. It lets you know, once again, that they’re not on the same page but they are still a unit. And it’s tough seeing Rick walking behind her cuz there’s still this distance between them, and that’s just not the way they’re meant to be. But what I love about this shot of them walking, is that it really looks like Rick’s following the woman who leads him. 

And five; that deer drop tho. 

So as Michonne walks past Negan, holding this deer, the message is loud and clear; this woman is fierce. I love that Michonne has no fear when glaring at Negan. Like she knows to be somewhat subtle with it, but she’s also making it clear that she’s not feeling him even a little bit. Let him know, sis! 

And Rick has an alibi at the ready when he tells Negan he thought she was scavenging but she was hunting. It’s sweet that this is Rick, once again, trying to protect her. In the words of Drake, this is Rick being like, “I think I’d lie for you” lol. And it’s crazy cuz Negan has no idea Rick is talking to him about his wife and his rock. 

And when Rick hands over the gun, Negan tells him, “This is something to build a relationship on”. The scene cuts to Michonne when he says this, as she literally looks like she could murder him right then and there. Overlapping this shot with that line of dialogue isn’t a coincidence. But the irony is that, as much as Negan should be something that breaks Richonne, he really is only going to make their relationship stronger in the long run.

And then Rick heartbreakingly tries to make one last request and ask if Daryl can stay. It’s really sweet that Rick’s willing to take yet another risk and make a request for someone he cares about. And I almost feel like even the courage he musters to do this, has to do somewhat with the fact that his source of strength is back home. But, of course, Negan tells Rick he can’t have Daryl back and Daryl’s not about to plead his case cuz he knows there’s no use. 😥 

I like that Michonne stays with that deer around her and she’s surrounded by Saviors with literally zero fear. Like she could have just gave up the deer and left but she stays standing right in the mix of them. Even surrounded by all these dangerous men, her only concern is Rick’s conversation with Negan. She looks like if Rick were to say the word she would go into fight mode on the spot. 

(Side Note: It’s crazy seeing Rick, Michonne, and Daryl all around Negan in this scene. Like these are the baddest of the bunch, but right now Negan has them all enslaved. He doesn’t even realize these three are basically apocalyptic all-stars lol…But he’ll learn.)

So Negan lets Rick know he expects something interesting for next time and it’s interesting cuz this is Michonne’s first time seeing Negan degrade Rick today. You know it frustrated her to her core to see Negan bully her man.

And then Negan tells Arat to grab the deer before they head out…But see, Michonne isn’t your average chick. So they might’ve thought she was about to just softly hand this deer over, but Michonne was like…

Originally posted by usedpimpa

And Homegirl drops the deer and mad dogs Negan, one last time, before fiercely turning and walking away. Queen. 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏾👸

I love that in one final act of defiance for the day, Michonne drops the deer. It really does feel like a “drop the mic” moment. And talk about making an entrance and exit! Like I know everybody in the vicinity took note of her. You can actually see a Savior sort of take note when she walks away lol.

It’s actually a super big deal that Michonne drops the deer this way. It’s bold and it lets you know Negan has not ripped the fight out of her. I feel like, in her eyes, Negan is a dead man walking it’s just a matter of time. She might not be able to cut Negan up right here but she still makes a statement. This is still the Michonne. And the Michonne does not take kindly to governors, tyrants, and triers of Rick Grimes. 

It’s so clear in this moment that she’s beyond frustrated with their situation and this oppression and she’s unafraid to hide it. And when she drops the deer she then turns and walks further into that Savior crowd cuz she is unfazed by any of them.  (Side note: Notice the two people who most visibly defied Negan today are Carl and Michonne. Grimes 2.0 ain’t nothing to play with, y’all.)

Seeing Michonne drop the deer is where Rick can’t quite hide his emotions. He doesn’t take his eyes off her and he physically steps forward when she walks away. *magnets*

Negan decides to take one more petty jab at Rick by commenting on how he loves a girl that buys him dinner and yada, yada, yada. It’s literally like the last straw of the day for Negan to now be making suggestive jokes unknowingly about Rick’s woman. 

But Rick doesn’t even seem to notice Negan’s taunting at this point. He’s almost completely preoccupied with that fact that Michonne is so clearly unhappy right now. 

I feel like this Negan reign is extra difficult for Rick and Michonne due to their intertwined well-beings. Rick’s not okay and so Michonne is even more not okay. And Michonne’s not okay so, as we see in this scene, Rick’s even more not okay too.

I love that Rick’s focus is on Michonne here, even with Negan right in his ear. I was like, Negan, a Richonne moment is happening right before your eyes, bruh. So stop talking cuz…

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

But on another note, Negan’s comment could make you wonder if he took some minor note of Michonne, not necessarily as Rick’s significant other, but as someone Rick obviously cares about.

I feel like there might be two reasons for Rick’s concerned expression here. One is because he’s so legitimately pained that she’s unhappy. This is a man who loves getting things for her and now he’s had to ask her to give up something. And, even though Michonne would never hold this against him, you can tell Rick personally feels that he’s let her down. 

But two; I also think the concerned expression is because he’s like “Dang, my girl is kind of unafraid of Negan” cuz she wanted Negan to know she was #overhim when she dropped that deer. But, because Rick was so broken in that lineup, and is taking on so much of the guilt, he’s more in a place to just take the hits. And I think seeing Michonne drop that deer like a boss made him realize he’s going to have to convince her they unfortunately can’t even remotely be bosses around this psycho. 

Don’t get me wrong, Michonne is smart so she’s not going to do anything too recklessly defiant. But Rick knows that any type of defiance could be fatal, so I think the deer drop concerned him a bit. And it also really confirmed to him that Michonne is in a different head space than he’s in right now when it comes to how they view and approach Negan. 

What’s super clear in this scene though, is that Rick truly makes Michonne’s happiness one of his top responsibilities, so he’s feeling extra down rn. And luckily we don’t have to wait long before seeing R&M talk it out. 

*But first Rick serves some OG Rick Grimes when he talks to Spencer and tells him to “Say yes.” (Which little did we know would become very special words to us.😋 ) 

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*Just a heads up: The following is about the Season Eight sneak peek*

So I mentioned in an earlier post that I only wanted Rick and Michonne to have a baby if it was in the last season…But then I saw that sneak peek last night and this happened…

And, y’all, I make mistakes and I learn my lessons lol.  

I really want Rick and Michonne to have a baby! It doesn’t have to be soon, but I’m def fully on board for this now. Something about Rick’s line in this sneak peek just triggered me and I immediately got on the Richonne baby train. 

And I acknowledge that Rick might have just strictly meant he’s ready to just be Rick “the dad” and “husband” after the war and let someone else lead. But with Maggie talking about trimesters, and Ezekiel talking about fighting for the children to come, like there was just some serious baby vibes in this scene and I was so here for it lol. 

I heard this line and I was really like, “Rick, bruh, I need you to please elaborate on this. Like what exactly do you mean? Cuz I’m low key getting baby vibes from this ambiguous statement.” Even just the possible implication that Rick is open to having a child with Michonne made me so happy. 

Wanting a kid might not even be remotely what Rick was referencing in this scene, and y’all probably have much better insight on it than me. But either way, it made me much more excited about the idea of Richonne having a kid. (Y’all know I’m a little late to the party sometimes.😂  But I’m here now!) 

Anyways, just thought I’d give an update lol. Cuz I was hesitant about a Richonne baby and then, the minute I heard this line, this was literally me…

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anonymous asked:

tbh i don't see how it's not obvious to anyone that if sns were het, people would be all over it and it undoubtedly would've been canon. nobody would've disputed it. sometimes i think it would've been one of the most popular het ships ever. i see some people say that it still wouldn't have become canon if it were het, because the basis of their relationship is friendship, but it's easy for them to say that now because it's not het. sasuke and naruto are guys. but i can guarantee that if [1/?]

sasuke or naruto had been a girl, those same people would be all over sns because of how fleshed out the relationship is and how deep their bond goes. hell, even if sns had been het and written purely as friends, it still wouldn’t stop those same people from shipping it because they’d see them interacting and interpret their behavior towards each other as romantic, even if it wasn’t romantic. it’s just kind of funny to me that they try so hard to deny it would be canon and deny that it’s [2/3]

heteronormativity that s/s and n/h even happened and would mean sns being canon if it were het, because it’s just. it’s undeniable. make one a girl, and suddenly everyone can see it as romantic. there’s just no denying it. [3/3]

Yes, people mainly deny SNS because of gender. I always see people saying: “They’re not gay” or something like that. They never look at the bond, the development, the meaning behind their words. They overlook all these important elements needed in a relationship simply because they are two guys.

People who say that Sasuke and Naruto can’t have romantic feelings for each other just because they are friends really makes me laugh. What is the basis for a good and healthy relationship? I’m sure it isn’t one-sided crushes. Love is what blooms from friendship. 

There is a reason why so many N/H moments were copied from SNS. You can check out this post which talks about recycled SNS moments. The Last is a prime example of copied SNS moments but I’m sure you know about those already.

I think one of the more important scenes is Hinata “protecting” Naruto from Pain. To be honest, there is nothing romantic about that scene. From Hinata’s point of view maybe. But overall, that scene was pretty plain and a cheap rip-off of Sasuke protecting Naruto from Haku. Like, c’mon, that scene had 10x more emotions and impact.

No one will ever convince me that this isn’t meant to be romantic and that Hinata getting thrown in the air like a ragdoll for some reason is.

Oh and also

Seems familiar, right?

Needless to say, these forced canon pairings actually prove that Sasuke and Naruto could have been canon if only one was a girl :)

Mermaid Hair, Don’t Care [Harry Hook Imagine] [Request]

Mermaid Hair, Don’t Care

Harry Hook Imagine; Disney Descendants

Requested by @bartallenisbae

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry rolled his eyes at Ben and Evie, who were both giving a campus tour to him, Uma, Gil, and Dizzy. The king decided to invite the four, as well as others, to Auradon.

The place where everyone had a smile.

Harry and the other three villain kids in his tour group followed Ben and Evie into what appeared to be an indoor pool. The small of salt water filled the air.

“This is Auradon Prep’s indoor saltwater pool. It connects to the ocean, so our students who are mer-people can go to sea whenever they wish,” explained Ben.

Dizzy, with a grin, gasped, “Mermaids?! I have so many questions!”

“Ask away,” said a voice.

Ben smiled at you, “Hey, [Y/N]. Going to Neverland?”

Harry nudged Uma with a smirk on his face. Uma only rolled her eyes at him.

Dizzy rushed forward:  “Okay! I have to know:  Would you ever let me do your hair?! Can all mermaids do magic?! What about–?!”

Evie gently pulled the girl away, and laughed, “Dizzy, why don’t you wait until after the tour? I’m sure [Y/N] would love to eat lunch with you later.”

You nodded, “Yeah, then you can ask me all the questions you want.”

The group watched as you stepped into the pool. Dizzy grinned as your mermaid tail appeared.

“Well, I’m gonna go now. See you later, Dizzy,” you said.

Before you left, you winked at the tallest member of the group. Harry smirked at you, watching you leave for Neverland.

- - -

“Hello there, love,” greeted Harry, sitting down beside you.

“Hey, Harry,” you said, not looking away from your book.

For the last few weeks, Harry realized Auradon wasn’t so bad… once he got to know you. The two of you had become rather close. In fact, it was strange when you two weren’t together.

“You know, if you put your book down, you could see what I got you today,” he said, causing you to close your book.

Harry showed you a seashell he found earlier that day. You immediately became suspicious. Harry only added to your seashell collection when he wanted something.

“What do you want, Harry?” you asked.

Harry sighed, “I was wondering if you wanted to go sailing with me tomorrow? Uma is busy making a new proclamation with Evie and Ben. Gil has tourney practice. I would ask Dizzy, but she doesn’t like doesn’t like boats that much.”

“Of course, I’ll go,” you smiled. “It clearly means something to you.”

“Great, I’ll come by your dorm in the morning!”

- - -

“Harry, when you said ‘in the morning’, I didn’t think you meant six o’clock,” you said, sitting down on the boat’s deck with a blanket wrapped around you.

“There’s a reason. I promise,” he replied, dropping an anchor into the ocean, and then he pulled you to stand in front of him.

“What would that reason be?” you asked.

“Two reasons, actually,” smirked Harry. “One:  to see your hair in the morning.”

You rolled your eyes with a smile, “Mermaid hair, don’t care.”

Harry laughed, “Two:  I wanted you to see something amazing.”

Harry turned you around to face the sea. You smiled at the sight of the sunrise appearing over the horizon. Harry wrapped his arms around you.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“I think I love it,” you paused, “but I’m sure I love you.”

“I’m sure I love you, too,” he whispered.

There was a moment of silence.

“And my mermaid hair?” you smirked, looking at him.

“And your mermaid hair,” laughed Harry.

Unlikely pair-ups, bromances & couples we ship... #4

I recently marathoned Ajin over a couple of days and an unlikely ship came in. In the first season they were enemies - like for reals - like the one dude was trying to get the other onto a dissecting table. And in the second season they became unlikely allies, fighting against the same guy.. I wouldn’t say it went as far as calling them bros but it was really entertaining to watch this antagonistic interaction between them.. So without further delay, here we have the unlikely pair-up of Tosaki Yuu and Nagai Kei… 

Nagai is forced to get fit and he’s the sort of guy that prefers to use logic and strategy to win his battles. Of course, Tosaki is having none of it and the two of them exchange some unusual “pleasantries” involving killing each other… Kind of cute, given their situations.. 

And again… Putting Tosaki in danger comes up as Kei’s go-to flirtation technique.. Lol! Seriously.. These interactions kill me!

Tit for tat… The two of them keep each other in check in the most unusual ways, but there’s the tiniest spark between them because they’re actually pretty similar in terms of being strategists who like to outwit their opponents. And Tosaki even looks out for Kei - even if it is taking away his treats… Sort of like a “cruel to be kind” thing going on…

Great minds think alike. Tosaki and Kei are the planners of the group, constantly exchanging ideas and coming up with the strategies they need to take down their mutual enemy. 

No context needed. Let that ship sail away…

Tosaki - the most reliable man in Kei’s life. Need something done? Tosaki is your man… And notice how they speak to each other like they’re on the same level? Kei, as young as he is, makes demands and Tosaki answers.

And vice versa - the most reliable man for Tosaki? You guessed it - it’s Kei. When Tosaki isn’t around, he naturally expects that everyone will defer to Kei for leadership. Now if that isn’t some trust they’re building then I don’t know what is…

Game faces on! It’s like they’re having a conversation between themselves and the others are just bystanders here. Their common goal brought them together and they’re honest enough to admit that this is a union of mutual benefit. Key word: honest. That’s the one thing they have between them - honesty (for the most part anyway).

A man of action. Tosaki sees Kei as an asset to his team and a pretty invaluable part of the plan to stop Satou (their mutual enemy). You wouldn’t think he’d go to the trouble of risking his own career to help him, but here we are - shoots not only a colleague but a member of the police and takes off in the van with Kei and co. Now that’s dedication! Moral of the story: don’t mess with his man!

Even when things don’t go as planned and they end up fighting, they still maintain a sense of honesty with each other. And that moment when Kei looks into Tosaki’s eyes is everything! Tosaki can’t say or do anything because it’s not like Kei is making excuses, but is taking responsibility for what happened. Once again - a conversation between just the two of them with bystanders because if there’s one person Tosaki counted on to get the job done, it was Kei. 

This was cute. A bit out of context, to be sure, but I’ll leave it like this for my own personal reasons. Calling Kei disagreeable? Tosaki has his own opinion on the matter…

There definitely has to be a follow up for this show or I’ll be bummed. The ending (no spoilers) leaves the door open for a new season/movie/whatever and I, for one, would love to see more moments like these between this unlikely pair-up. From mortal enemies to thick-as-thieves allies. The development of their “relationship” was something I didn’t expect but I ended up really enjoying watching. It’s these sorts of surprises that give you a little extra to enjoy, so if you haven’t watched this show I suggest you give it a go. It’s a bit on the violent side but it’s a really good watch and you may end up finding other unexpected ships in there too… *cough cough Kei and Kaito cough cough* 

anonymous asked:

In your point of view, what made Bellamy fall in love with Clarke Griffin?

The short and obvious answer here is “who she is,” but I highly doubt you came here for that, nonny, so let’s go through this shit moment by moment.  (And this is less “what made him fall in love” and more “the evolution of Bellamy’s feelings for Clarke from his standpoint” because that’s something I can unpack for days, and also it is easier to talk about because “what makes someone love someone else” is a very ephemeral thing and hard to parse).

1) Mercy-killing Atom.  I don’t think he fell in love with her then, but Clarke’s willingness to do what he couldn’t– even though he knew it was necessary– completely upended Bellamy’s preconceptions of Clarke Griffin: Privileged Princess.  That had to happen for him to fall in love with her, and the look on his face (awe, sadness, confusion) is fucking epic.

2) The shooting lesson in Day Trip.  That’s the moment where you see Bellamy be like “oh shit she’s pretty oh shit oh shit oh shit.”  It’s really him being aware of being attracted to her, even if he doesn’t really follow through on it.  Not love yet though, I don’t think.  But Feelings + Attraction.

3) The moment under the tree in Day Trip, obviously.  Bellamy getting forgiveness he doesn’t think he deserves and Clarke being there for him at his lowest– that’s a pretty fucking key moment in their relationship, because Bellamy is used to being the one giving emotional support.  Receiving it from someone else, especially someone he values as much as Clarke, was clearly a game changer for him.

4) Literally every time Clarke checks in with him in season one on leadership decisions.  She’s showing her trust in him and his decisions and for Bellamy that is a sign of enormous respect.  He repays her in kind by trying to shield her from any negative fallout, like when he tells her she doesn’t have to be there for Lincoln’s torture.  She shows him she values him so he shows her how much he values her.  God, these two.

5) The Hug in 205.  Up until that point, I don’t think Bellamy had really thought about what Clarke meant to him.  It was just instinctive– I need her and therefore I will protect her/do my best to find her/do my best to lead our people the way she did.  He had a few moments of “oh god she’s pretty” in Day Trip and Unity Day, but I think it took Clarke tearing across the camp and jumping into his arms for him to be like oh yes you are my Person.  Mostly because I don’t think he realized that her feelings for him were just as strong until that moment, and he’s very much a Conceal Don’t Feel person.

6) I can’t lose you too.  It’s a reprise of the Hug, but this time it’s verbal and it’s Clarke saying I just lost someone I love and I am putting you on that level.  It’s an explicit acknowledgment of how important he is to Clarke and he can’t even look her in the eye afterwards.

7) I was being weak.  This is a step back for Bellamy, because I think this is the moment he put his Clarke Feelings on hold.  He’d been tentatively getting used to acknowledging that he cared about her a lot more than he cared about any one else, and while I don’t think he was planning on saying anything about it (especially not after Finn) I think he was mentally preparing himself to be in the “I am in love with Clarke and she loves me but not like that” feelings area.  But then Clarke basically says “no, actually your life is totally expendable to me” and so he’s like BACK INTO THE BOX THESE FEELINGS GO NEVER TO BE SPOKEN OF AGAIN.

8) Of course, those feelings are like, constantly lurking under the surface and breaking through for the rest of season two, like when he smiles at the sound of her voice or decides to help her commit mass murder to save their people or tries desperately to convince her not to leave him alone.  But he’s officially Not Talking About It.

9) The moment when Bellamy decides to infiltrate an enemy army because he cannot stand the thought of Clarke being in danger not one more second.  I think seeing her tied up was the moment his heart went “yeah remember how you were Not Dealing With These Feelings?  They’re baaaaaaack.”  He just completely gives in to how much he loves her and touches her face with wonder and then when he loses her again he just snaps.  

10) The fight in Arkadia when Clarke comes back after the massacre.  I think this is the moment where he’s just completely given up, both in terms of fighting his feelings and in terms of thinking they could ever be reciprocated.  Which is not to say that he’s upset with her for not reciprocating them– he’s mad about a whole lot of other things but definitely not that– but just that he’s dealing with about 400 different feelings at that point and all of them are negative.  He knows he loves Clarke and he knows he chose her over Gina and that resulted in Gina dying, and he “knows” that Clarke doesn’t feel anywhere near as strongly about him as he does about her (this is a misperception on his part, but an understandable one) and he knows he needs Clarke to center him and he “knows” she doesn’t (again: not true, but I get why he would think that).  He’s legitimately angry with Clarke for leaving him behind to deal with the fallout from Mount Weather alone, which is completely separate from his romantic feelings for her, but that compounds how awful everything is for him right then.  It’s a sad moment, but I think it was a very clarifying one for Bellamy.  He loves her and she left him and everything fucking hurts.

11) The Beach Hug.  This is another clarifying moment, because Bellamy realizes he can let go of his anger towards Clarke.  He’s never had the ability to choose to forgive someone, remember, because his whole world before about six months ago was his mom and his sister and no one else.  He always had to forgive the Blake women because he loved them and they were his family and that’s what family does, but Clarke presented a new challenge: someone he loves who hurt him, but whom he has the choice to forgive.  If he wants to never speak to Clarke again, well, it’ll be difficult, but he could do it.  He could nurse that grudge until the end of time if he wanted, but he decides he doesn’t.  He chooses to love her even though she hurt him, and I think this is when we shift back to 2B Bellamy: In Love, But Not Talking About That, and we stay with that Bellamy through the rest of the third season.

12) The List.  I think this the moment where he came closest (so far) to admitting to Clarke that he loves-with-a-capital-L her.  He’s so gentle with her even when refusing to let her win the argument, and it’s just so clear that he doesn’t see the point in living in a world without her.  But he didn’t say anything, and I suspect it is for two reasons: 1) out of respect for Clarke’s feelings (he knows she was in love with someone else who just died) and 2) because he doesn’t see the point in saying anything.  He thinks the world is ending, and if Clarke isn’t ready to hear I love you from him he’s not going to say it.  It’s enough for him that he knows it, at least for now.

Okay, so in summary: it’s hard to say exactly when Bellamy fell in love with Clarke, but I think it happened at some point in late season one and he officially started to realize it in mid-season two, shortly before Finn died.  He shoved those feelings back where they came from (or so help me) until early season three, but when he actually admitted those feelings to himself it was when he was in a very dark and bitter place.  I think he has finally made his peace with those feelings, and as of now (404) I think Bellamy would say “Yes, I love Clarke Griffin but I can go to my death without telling her so.”  

Trust || Jughead Jones

“Y/N!” A voice calls breaking me out of my thoughts. I turn my head towards the person who had called me.

“Archie?” I question, “What’s up?”

“Where are you going?” He asks falling into step with me. I roll my eyes.

“I’m going to cheer practice,” I gesture down to my Vixens uniform. A soft smile on my face at the thought of the blue uniform that adorned my body.

“Oh, That makes sense,” He trails off, as if he wants to say something else.

“What is it Arch?” I ask stopping and placing my hand carefully on his bicep.

He looks away from me and takes a deep breath before turning to face me, “Can I ask you something?” I nod my head encouraging him to continue. “Where is Jughead?”

I let out a confused laugh, “What?”

“Where is Jughead?”

“Uh. What do you mean?” I stutter. Jughead, the mysterious writer who used to spend all of his time at Pops. My best friend, my boyfriend. The boy who had disappeared.

“Everyone knows that you know where he is,” Archie says crossing his arms over his chest.

“Do you honestly think that I would be here if I knew where my boyfriend was?” I ask placing one of my hands on my hip.

“Where is he?” He tries again.

“I don’t know,” I seethe.

“Y/N,” Archie warns. I roll my eyes, “I have practice to get to. Bye Arch.” I say walking away from him as fast as I can.

After cheer practice, I pick up my pink and black duffle bag. As I lift it to my shoulder my books come tumbling down to the ground. With a huff, I drop to my knees and scramble to pick all of them up. My hand comes into contact with a warm surface. I jump a little.

“It’s just me,” A comforting voice whispers. My eyes snap up to join with the soft green pair that belongs to my best friend.

“Oh thank god,” I say throwing myself forward into his arms. He wraps his arms tightly around my waist squeezing me softly in an attempt to draw me closer. I squeeze my eyes shut tears escaping from my eyes. I bury my face into the crook of his neck and breathe in his intoxicating scent.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Jughead whispers into my ear softly.

“I’ve missed you Juggie,” I breathe, “So so much.”

He pulls away from me, placing his hands on either side of my face. He holds my face, tears falling slowly from my eyes, a few centimeters away from his own. I watch as his green eyes fill with tears and his perfect lips part slightly. I trail my eyes back up to meet his. I feel my lips quiver.

“Please don’t cry anymore,” He says swiping his fingers along my cheeks to get rid of my tears. He brings my body forwards towards his again, wrapping my body up in his.

“I’ve just missed you so much,” I say choking back tears.

“I’m here now Y/N, I’m not going anywhere again,” He says pressing his lips to the side of my head.

“Where were you?” I ask pulling away from him slightly.

He takes a deep breath, “I went to see my mum.” A stray tear falls from his eye.

“For a week? Without telling anyone? I thought you were dead Jughead.” I pull myself out of his arms, but he catches my hand. I leave it in his.

“I needed to see her Y/N,” He says softly.

“I know,” I say lacing my fingers with his, “Small towns talk Jug, You know that. Everyone was convinced that I hid you because you did something bad.”

Jughead takes a step towards me, “They’ve hurt you, haven’t they?” He asks placing his free hand on my jaw.

“Yeah,” I say honestly, “As much as they thought that we were in love and that I was protecting you, I was convinced that you hated me and that rather than breaking up with me you were just skipping town. Our friends, YOUR friends more rather, all thought that I was keeping you to myself, or that I had hurt you.”

“Oh baby,” He says pulling me into his chest once more, “I never meant for any of this to happen to you. I just wanted to see Mum and then come home, as if I never left.”

“But that’s not what happened Jug,” I say softly. I take both of his hands in mine. “How are we going to fix things?”

“I don’t know Y/N, But I’m not leaving you ever again,” He says tugging his hands away from my grasp, then pulling me into his chest.

A cough erupts from behind us. I spin around fast eyes meeting two girls. Veronica and Betty.

“You’re back Jughead,” Veronica says clasping her hands together under her chin, “We’re sorry that we ruined your moment but we were worried when we didn’t see Y/N come out of practice.” The girls walk over and smile at the two of us sweetly.

“Why would you care anyway?” I ask them stepping towards them and away from Jughead.

“Y/N,” Betty sighs, “You need to understand that no one was against you. We just thought that Jug might have ended up like Jason.”

“We love you, Y/N/N,” Veronica reasons softly.

“Then why hasn’t it felt like it? Why did Archie corner me? Why didn’t either of you talks to me? I mean it was my boyfriend that went missing, none of you thought that I would be upset by that?” I sob tears falling from my eyes freely. I feel Jughead’s hand intertwine itself with mine.

“Y/N, I don’t know what to tell you,” Betty says calmly, voice even. “We treated you like crap, and it was wrong. But it’s happened and we can’t change that now.”

“I want you to know that none of us spoke all that much either,” Ronnie says taking a step so that I’m within arms reach of her. “Please forgive me. Please forgive us.”

“How do I know you aren’t going to leave me again?” I ask them eyes shifting between the two.

“You don’t,” Veronica says simply, “But I can promise that as long as I’m living and breathing, my arms are always open for you.”

I take a step towards her and embrace her in a hug gripping her tightly, as tears fall from my eyes and into her hair. I feel small arms wrap around us both and Betty’s blonde hair seep into my blurry vision.

After a few moments, I pull away from the girls and turn to Jughead.

I let out a deep and shakey breath, “Let’s go get some food yeah?” I ask him cocking my head to the side a soft smile on my face holding my hand out to him.  

“Yeah, Let’s go,” He says linking his fingers through mine. Before we exit the gym I turn my head over my shoulder.

“I forgive you,” I say smiling at the girls softly.

anonymous asked:

I know I shouldn't be mad Willie gets brought up early but I am. It took away from the emotions Jamie should've had when seeing the pics of Bree. The moment he brought up Willie and showed him to Claire and all that made it seem like Willie is way more important to him then Bree ever was or will be. Matt messed up to me by doing that in this ep. Also why do so early. Also major change. What will LJG do now in ep 12.

anonymous asked: I kind of love that they had jamie tell Claire about willie.  One, because he should be the one to tell her.  And two, because I know it prob pissed Diana off.  Hence the reason she’s been so mouthy.  She hates when they change things she doesn’t agree with.

I really, really liked how Jamie chose to tell Claire about Willie in that scene.

Seeing the photographs of Brianna as a baby…he *has* to be thinking of the first time he saw his newborn son.

He tells her the truth. He does not flinch when she asks him questions - very personal questions - about Willie, his mother, how he came to be.

Jamie is giving Claire an out. He is telling her, this is what I did when you were gone. I do not want this secret between us.

Keep in mind that he is literally reeling from the shock of seeing her. And likely, the shock of knowing he has a daughter.

It’s so much for him to process. So he shares what he *can* process.

And therefore, this fundamentally changes the dynamics of the scene - or at least, how the scene plays out in Voyager. It’s now a very different scene.

Made even more different by how Jamie brings up Faith - and asks Claire what had happened with Frank. And I really, *really* like what they talked about, and how they talked about it.

Let’s also not forget the beautiful callback, right before Jamie and Claire finally fall asleep. He is able to rest easy because he knows Brianna lives, and thrives, and is safe. He doesn’t just bring that up - he’s clearly been thinking about it. He’s continuing the conversation that was interrupted earlier.

All in all, I’m very happy with the change. It will make everything more complicated further down the road.

anonymous asked:

About that post where Stiles is leaning up against the lockers, you mentioned in the tags that he looks like an 80's movie. It reminds me of the breakfast club where everyone is running up and down the corridor while the chick, the basket case, - I've forgotten her name sorry! - just stands there and watches. And then I thought about how she and the jock hooked up and then thought of jock!derek and basket case!stiles and it made me incredibly happy.

Referring to this: x

*screams* (genuinely)

Nonnie, you have no idea the height of my obsession with brat pack movies. The concept of jock!Derek and basket case!Stiles makes me very happy. I really like Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson’s story in the film but I kind of always preferred Ally Sheedy and Emilio Estevez’s - I have a huge obsession with jock/loner story-lines and Ally Sheedy’s character is by far my favourite in The Breakfast Club. And you are right, Stiles really does look like her in that moment:

They both have that slightly judgy look about them. (I love it. I am weak. Take me now.)

I also think a Breakfast Club AU with Stiles as Allison would work - specifically on an angst level with the Sheriff as Allison’s main character arc (in terms of what each of them are battling with emotionally) is that she is ignored at home and subsequently shuts herself off from her peers. Imagine the Sheriff who, after Claudia’s death, found it very hard to look at Stiles because he looked so much like her and as the years went by he found it easier to shut him out. Imagine rebel!Stiles who does anything and everything to get his dad’s attention: smoking, drinking, skipping school, sleeping around. He wants everyone to think he’s weird, a special kind of bad news, but can’t quite pull off the bad boy act because in reality he’s a giant nerd and while he is very popular with the guys at Jungle, his heart is never quite in it. Mostly, he’s just fascinated with foreskin. (The fact he’s once or twice let himself wonder in the heat of the moment if Derek Hale has foreskin is none of anyone’s concern.)

On the other hand, you have Derek in the role of Andrew whose main arc is about the guilt he feels over bullying a guy in his year because he wanted to make his dad proud and show him he isn’t weak. Personally, no matter what universe, I could never see any version of Derek humiliating someone to the level Andrew does (the whole point of Derek’s arc is that he chooses to be kind when dealt shitty hands, even if that kindness is sometimes ill thought out). However, I could see Derek snapping under the pressure he faces at home and beating up someone like Jackson for bullying Erica and going too far. Maybe it’s a werewolf AU where Derek is finding it hard to deal with the pressures of becoming the next Alpha after Laura dying (shit, oh god no, I’m hurting myself big time with this one). Maybe you have Derek who is trying to be the perfect everything: top of his class, captain of the basketball team and straight, straight, straight (dates all the girls in his year) because he’s desperate to prove to his parents that he can be everything they had hoped Laura would be. Secretly though, while Derek likes working for his grades and enjoys basketball, dating is hell for him. Objectively, he likes the idea of sex and kissing but he’s never been in a relationship with anyone that that has been remotely appealing with. All he actually wants is to open his own bookshop one day, and perhaps talk to that strange boy he sometimes sees cutting class with books on the male circumcision and satanic rituals.

Now, I know make over scenes are overrated and overdone but I am a sucker for them and all I want to see is that moment where Lydia (because of course Lydia is prom queen) takes Stiles to the bathroom and gels over his hair and gets him to take off some of his layers - “three plaid shirts, Stiles? Really?” I want that moment where Derek - already completely smitten with Stiles’ unique style of fucked up-ness (because c’mon, you know Derek probably already had a crush on Stiles before detention) - can’t breathe the moment Stiles steps out of that bathroom and he can see his face. And Derek will do the whole awkward woah thing Emilio Estevez does and Stiles will get all defensive and snarky about it, all the while being unable to stop from smiling like an idiot when Derek can’t stop staring.

Anyway, long story short, nonnie - YES. Yes, I love this idea. I want this idea. I need this idea. I have read two Breakfast Club AUs for the Sterek fandom but I must have more. It’s important. So very important. For health reasons.