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Look, I lied to you about going to the doctor, okay? I didn’t go to the doctor about my liver. I just haven’t been feeling so great, so, they ran some tests last week. (…) And I got a little radiation poisoning from that dirty bomb that we diffused a couple months ago. It’s fine. The pills you’ve seen me taking, that’s a short term thing. It’s gonna knock it out. All right. (..) he says he’s almost 100% sure there’s gonna be some side effects down the road, you know, but, Danny, we’re talking years down the road, not today. I’m fine right now.


someone pls explain to me how this cgi anime looks SO FUCKING GOOD

I’ve been feeling really frustrated with the lack of pansexual categories in queer book lists, so I’m going to make my own list of books with pansexual characters to share with y'all, because I know I’m not the only frustrated one. I have a few so far, but if y'all know any, please let me know! any genre is fine!

I’m looking for books with

  • characters who are canonically pansexual, either stated in the book or by the author elsewhere. an example of this is basically when the word pansexual is actually used.
  • characters who are strongly hinted at being or implied to be pansexual. an example of this is when a character says that they just like people or gender doesn’t matter (in regard to their attraction), something along those lines.

I know there are books with pansexual characters, they’re out there, they exist. we just have to do a bit of digging to find them. and apparently no one else is willing to help out pansexual people looking for book rep, so I’m taking it upon myself to do the job (with, hopefully, a little bit of help from y'all).

okay, I’m gonna end this here before I start ranting about how shitty it is for someone to compile a list of “queer books” that only has lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender books, because there are so many other identities that are included in “queer”, and they were just not even mentioned a single time in the entire post, so, why specifically entitle a post as “queer”, when "lgbt" more accurately describes the post?

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Starmora #20 please! Love your writing!

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Takes place after vol 2 

She didn’t intend to eavesdrop; it just sort of happened. She hadn’t even reached his door yet when she heard him talking.

“Do you think I should do something more elaborate?” She heard him say.

“I am Groot!” The little tree wasn’t exactly quiet either.  

“Yeah, you’re right. She’d prefer straightforward.”

She paused with her fist poised to knock, curiosity getting the better of her.

“I am Groot.”

“Okay, how’s this? Gamora, will you go on a date with me?”

“I am Groot.”

“It’s too formal? How else am I supposed to say it?”

“I am Groot.”

“What do you mean, what if she says no? She’s not gonna say no… do you think she’s gonna say no?!”

She’d heard enough. She retreated as quietly as she could, feeling puzzled. Why would Peter be stressed about asking her on a date? True, they’d never been on one before, but they’d already kissed - a lot. She’d more or less admitted that she loved him. What could he possibly be worried about?

She pulled out her holo; time to do some research.

Some time later, with a new understanding of Terran culture and a handful of the reddest flowers she could find, she found Peter messing with some wires in the cargo hold.

“Hey, Gamora!” He said, standing up when he noticed her. His eyes went to the flowers. “What are those for?”

“For you.” She thrust them towards him and he took them, though with a very confused look on his face – did he not understand his own culture’s customs?

She pushed on. “Would you like to go somewhere to eat and then see a movie in public?”

“Like… a date?”

“Yes,” she said, relieved that he got it. “I’ve done some research, and apparently first dates are very significant on Terra. One person is supposed to present flowers to the other, and then they go eat at an upscale restaurant and watch a movie.”

Peter’s lips had been twitching during her entire speech, and he finally broke out into a grin. “Yeah, we don’t get a lot of information about Terra out here. For one thing, I’m pretty sure it’s the girl who’s supposed to receive the flowers.”

“Fine, I’ll take them back –“

“No!” He clutched them to his chest, crushing half of them in the process. “That’s a stupid custom. I’m keeping them forever.”

She tried not to look too satisfied; she’d known he would like those. “So?”

“Oh, yeah. Of course, let’s go on a date!” He looked ecstatic, and Gamora was pleased that she’d taken the pressure off of him. As cute as Peter was when he was nervous, she didn’t want him to stress about something as simple as asking her a question.

But then he frowned. “Wait. Do you even really want to go on a date, or do you just think it’s something we’re supposed to do?”

“I… want to spend time with you,” she said honestly.

“But not at a fancy restaurant, right?”

“Is that not a requirement for it to be a date?” She asked. Maybe she should have checked more than one website for information.

Peter laughed. “Hell, no! I mean, I don’t know if Earth customs have changed, but a date can be anything.”


“Yeah!” He grabbed one of her hands with his free one. “Wanna go watch a holo movie and make out?”

“That sounds like a much better idea.”

I would like to apologize for not drawing enough of this tol cinnabon Libra man

So here’s a Pride!Mario 8D


alright guys my queue is now empty, content on here from now on is gonna be the following!!

  • stuff i make (themes, fics, graphics, headcanons/meta, photography)
  • resources (coding, writing help, wallpapers, icons, etc.)
  • d.gray-man (graphics, fanart, fics, general content)

it’s gonna be quieter here for the most part (especially since dgm hasn’t updated properly.. in nearly a year.. i cry..) but in particular the next few days while i make a new theme for my blog + clean things up a bit.

if you’re sad the multifandom personal mess on here is gone, you’re more than welcome to ask for my new personal blog (which is where all of that nonsense can now be found) !! i’m gonna be reasonably selective about who follows me over there for the moment, but may be less strict about it in the future depending on how i feel.

i hope you can continue supporting me here, and thank you for being understanding while i try and figure out what the heck i’m doing with myself


Relax Inoue , This Time I’m Still Me 

I’m so happy about this because we are finally able to get some kind of closure of the lust arc . I think the lust arc was the worst time ichigo and orihime ever had to live . Ichigo because he completely lost control of himself and his powers and went as far as to kill one of his ennemies and to hurt Ishida and Orihime because she saw the man she loves turn into ‘ a monster’ all while believing it was her own weakness and inability to fight that provoked it all . 

And look at them now . Ichigo is smiling like that to reassure Orihime but there is also a little bit of pride in himself in this smile . I think Ichigo is finally happy that he was able to fully control and understand his powers . He believed for such a long time that the hollow inside him was a beast that he would have to control all his life and here he is proud that it is not the case . Proud of his powers , proud of his heritage and the mixed powers he got from his mom and dad . Ichigo is proud of himself because he understood that there was no monster inside him that could one day hurt his friends . He is proud because he was strong enough to accept his nature and the entirety of his powers . 

And Orihime who always believed herself to be weak and a burden and who is so sure Ichigo’s transformation on the dome was because she was unable to fight . She is fighting beside Ichigo just now . She is helping , protecting him . And she understands Ichigo is not losing himself ever again . She understands that in the dome she did not wake up the monster in Ichigo but a part of his very soul . A power she thought he couldn’t control . But now he is strong enough to control it . He is strong enough to fight with it and protect his friends with it and not hurt them because of it like before . 

So yes this smile is there to reassure Orihime but also to tell her “Hey Inoue , look how strong I got  . Now I’m finally strong enough to protect all those I care about . I’m strong enough to control my powers and not lose myself ever again and hurt one of my friends”


when you really thought you two had a thing going on


A collection of signs from the Women’s March on Washington - Toronto today… it was an amazing turnout, the organizers reported approximately 60,000 people came out! I love this city. I hope this energy continues as the world deals with whatever the hell is going to happen over the next four years. 

(Also, Margaret Atwood was actually at the Toronto march…I didn’t see her, but I hope the person holding The Handmaid’s Tale sign did.)

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hellooo this isn't really a prompt or anything but i recently took that five love languages test for fun and then i started thinking "huh i wonder what jungkook would be." that naturally made me wonder if you knew about the five love languages and what order fits jungkook best :)

hello there ;u; oh, this was very interesting for me! i didn’t know about it until i googled it and did the test myself – the categories are quite specific! (quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service and receiving gifts – if i googled the right thing, keke) thank you for throwing this at me and seeing what my opinion was, my dearest~

after reading through the little blurbs about each category, personally my judgment of what jk would get is a high score on either ‘quality time’ or ‘physical touch’ (or both having the same, highest score~). from what anyone can take from his character, he’s really to himself when he’s committed to something and wants to complete it or indulge in it for a while. whether it is with a significant other or a good friend/family member, he’d totally be down to go somewhere that has a bunch of people (i.e. amusement park, arcade, shopping mall) but he’d really prefer quality time back at home, at a restaurant maybe, at a park perhaps? intimacy, i think, is valued highly in his nature. 

and that brings me to reason with physical touch as a close second/tied for first! this cute little star is always fiddling around, smacking the other members out of laughter or joy, poking and prodding, clinging onto anyone if he so chooses – and i think he really likes receiving these touches in return! (we all know the others dote on him a bunch by ruffling his hair, clinging onto him too, just to name a few~) i think the action of feeling someone he likes intertwine fingers with him or give him a hug or a kiss would send him soaring~ 

and the act of giving and receiving such gestures is quite… vulnerable, in a way? since you’re physically showing it and executing such actions, rather than saying the words and throwing them out there (although, don’t get him wrong, praise and words of affirmation are so important too!)… i don’t know, as someone that is action oriented, i think it would make him feel really special to know someone would go out of their way to show them they cared & loved him through a soft touch that brings a smile to his face, too ♡

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I'm so curious regarding your love for tianshan, how do you feel right know after seeing the update? I swear I had short term tremor.