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Cold As Ice

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Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After discovering their powers and wanting to save a troubled citizen, the Reader is left to dealt with the consequences, but ends up finding out a certain secret from a certain spiderling instead.

Word Count: 3,180 (omg)

Warnings: Language, cuteness, discovery of powers, fluff, fight scene, shy!Reader, *slight* assault scene, suck-ass ending (bc I’m trash and I suck at writing), (Please let me know if I missed anything).

A/N: For some reason, I had such a hard time making a summary for this ?? Hopefully the anon that requested this thinks it’s okay. :// I’m slowly moving through all my requests (I have a lot lol). Anyway, let me know what you think as always and enjoy reading!

Walking into Midtown High, you cautiously grudge towards your locker in order to get your books for today’s classes.

These past few days have been strange, to say the least.

Despite it being almost the end of the school year and the hot weather finally arriving, you somehow felt cold to your bones.

Instead of wearing short sleeves and shorts, you started dressing in sweatshirts and pants.

Maybe I’m getting sick…?

Maybe it’s just the chills…?

You kept making excuses like that, but the coldness never seemed to go away.

It’s been happening for a couple weeks now, but you didn’t know what to do.

You didn’t know what this was.

Well, not until today.

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Peter Parker - Its Not An Internship

this was not requested but i loved writing it, it is a peter parker x stark! reader imagine!! i hope you enjoy it and there will be a definite part two!!

part 2

requests are open:))

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i smiled as i heard the door chime ring. the usual nerdy boy who usually sported science puns on his clothing walked in. his friend was quick behind him trying to speak quietly but it obviously wasn’t working out for him.

“peter this is amazing, we have to tell everyone” the friend of the brown hair’d boy attempted to whisper but it was loud enough for me to hear. his hands were flailing in the air excitedly while peter just looked annoyed.

“ned shut up!” peter snapped at his friend ned. he looked back at him he sent a glare his way as they both pulled out their books from their bag.

“okay the teacher was making no sense tod-” peters friend began rambling on and on about something but my eyes were focused on him, the way his eyes scanned through the text, the way his smile starts at the far corners of his mouth.

i was starring from the counter pretending to be at the cash register but no one was paying. someone bumped my hip, i looked up to see my co-worker olivia nod her head toward the table. i blushed while grabbing a note pad and a pen.

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protective or possessive | jughead x reader

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: You’ve been spending more time with your friend Archie lately which makes your other best friend Jughead jealous.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,305

A/N: hello this is the first imagine i’ve ever really wrote? i want to start writing again and im so in love with riverdale and decided to just go for it. this is also based off a prompt and a part two could easily be wrote so !!! let me know your feels <3

Ever since you could remember, you’d been best friends with Jughead, Archie and Betty. Sure, over the year’s things might have happened that caused some of you to grow distant from each other even resulting in branching off into two different groups – you and Jughead, Betty and Archie – but when it came down to it, you were all still best friends. You knew if you needed someone when Jughead was being his usual anti-social self, you could go to Archie or Betty. And, lately you’d really needed someone. Not for any huge reason, just little things that seemed to be going wrong here and there. First it had been a bad date and you’d originally wanted to go to Jughead but – of course – he was too busy writing that novel of his and the last thing you wanted to do was bother him so you turned to Archie. Then there was the time on the way to school where your shoes broke and a car went speeding through a puddle splashing all over your clothes. Betty had been first on your mind that time but when you stepped into school soaking wet, shoes in hand about to step in the Blue & Gold office, you saw her and Jughead working on the paper so decided once again to turn to Archie.

It always seemed to be Archie lately and that didn’t bother you. He was a sweet guy always willing to help you out. It was nice to feel so close to him again – it had been something you’d lost over the years even if you still classed each other as a best friend.

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Raphael x Reader

Author: Morgan 


Note: This takes place in an alternate universe where the turtles took the offer to have normal lives and started going to high school. More to come?

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 1539

Against all of his expectations, Raphael liked high school. He liked getting up every morning to go to class and staying after every day for football practice. He liked everything about it. Even the homework. It made him feel…almost normal. Kind of. He still needed help with his math homework, but even when Donnie was too busy, one of the girls in his class was more than willing to help him out.

“I’m telling you, Raph. She likes you.” Leo told him at lunch, just after you walked by. You had waved at the boys, smiling. Sure, some of the kids were still a little afraid of their large green classmates, but you certainly were not one of them.

“I don’t think so.” Raph shook his head and took a bite of the burger in his large green hand.

“Did you see the shirt she was wearing today?” Mikey asked. “It had us on it!”

“Plenty of shirts have us on them, Mikey.” Donnie interjected. “Ever since…you know.”

“Right, but-”

“Right, but she’s a cheerleader and I’m a big green freak.” Raph smirked and rolled his eyes. “Just because most of them pretend to accept us now doesn’t mean anything.”

“Well, here she comes anyway, Raphael.” Leo looked too smug for the red-clad brother’s liking.

“Hey Red, I have a question.” You walked over to Raphael and tilted your head in the way that made him weak in the knees. He smirked and leaned on his large green elbow.

“Fire away, princess.”

Leonardo rolled his eyes at his brother. And Raph claimed they didn’t like each other. As if.

“Okay, so the homecoming game is tomorrow night and all of the football players are giving their uniforms to one of the cheerleaders to wear for the day.”

“I’m aware.”

“And I was just wondering if you had given yours to anyone yet.”

“I have not.” Raph raised an eyebrow. He tried to ignore his heart hammering away in his chest. “Would you maybe wanna wear mine?”

“Only if you wear my bow.” You winked.

“I think I can do that, shorty.” Raph reached into his backpack and handed you the large jersey sporting the school colors. You pulled the bow, decorated with your name and cheer number, onto his wrist and then kissed his cheek before returning to your seat at the table with your cheer friends.

“What was that about her not liking you because you’re a freak?”

“Oh, shut up, Honor boy.”


The next day was the best day ever. Raph caught sight of you in the hallway before Algebra, practically swimming in his jersey. It was huge on you, but it didn’t bother you in the slightest. You were standing at your locker snapping selfies with your cheer friends. He was about to go into the classroom five whole minutes early before you caught sight of him.

“Raph come take pictures with us.” You motioned him over.

He looked around before pointing a large green finger at his chest. “Me?”

“Yes, you!”

He hesitated before tossing his backpack into his chair by the door and then walking over to you and your friends. He had to basically crouch to get into the shot, but he didn’t mind being closer to you.

When the bell rang, you all scattered to class, you and Raphael both going to the same Algebra class. Your seat was right next to his. It was part of the reason you met in the first place, helping him with the math he didn’t understand.

“I’d ask ya to send me those pictures, but I don’t have your number.” Raph leaned over. You held out your hand and he raised an eyebrow.

“Give me your phone, Red.”

Raph reached into his pocket and pulled out his shell-shaped phone. You smiled at it a little bit. Cute, you decided. He unlocked it for you and then set the large thing in your tiny hands. You punched in your name, followed by a heart, and then your number. Then, you sent yourself a text. Your phone pinged on the desk. You gave Raph his phone back.

“Well, now you do.”

He was sort of dumbstruck at how quick you were to send all of the pictures to him. And he couldn’t help but grin when you tagged him in an Instagram post captioned ‘getting ready for game night with the girls when a wild hunk appears <3 thanks for the jersey, Red. I owe ya one. *kissy face emoji*’

“I think my jersey looks better on you than me.” Raph grinned, resting his chin on a large green hand.

“I think you look great in whatever you wear.” You winked. Your words sent Raph’s heart into a frenzy. He sort of laughed it off and pretended to be cool, but he couldn’t shake this feeling. There was something about you. Something he couldn’t help but fall in love with.


All throughout the game, Raph couldn’t help but let his eyes be drawn to you on the sidelines. You were there, cheering with the other girls, prepping for the halftime show and getting the crowd hyped. Raphael had his jersey back, and he and Leo were on the field while Mikey was playing mascot in the crowd (The school’s mascot was a turtle, so he didn’t even need the costume.) And Donnie was working the scoreboard.

Splinter had found a seat in the parents’ section, chatting with the other parents and whatnot. He liked finally being able to talk to someone about parenting and his sons. He could not have been more proud of them. After all of these years in secret, they were finally able to live on the surface.

During halftime, after a brief break in the locker room, the coach brought the boys back out to the sidelines. The cheer captain had reached out to the football coach and explained to them what they had planned. Raph and Leo needed to see this routine. So did Mikey and Donnie. You had a feeling they would like it.

“Hello, can everyone hear me?” Raph bolted upright when he heard your voice over the loudspeakers. His eyes found you immediately, and you flashed him a warm smile. The crowd cheered in response. “So, I’m sure you all know about the new guys that started school this year, right? If you don’t, they’re pretty easy to spot. I know that in high school, every day sort of blurs together and things that used to seem odd or different just sort of seem normal. All of us on the cheer squad hope you remember something about the new guys. Because just over a year ago, they saved all of our lives.”

Raph’s heart raced. He could barely keep the smile off of his face. Your eyes stopped roaming the crowd and found his instead.

“We didn’t forget. So, here’s our thank you.”

You winked at him and then got in your place, tossing the microphone to the techie on the sidelines.

The music started, and immediately, Raph and the others recognized it as the one rap song that was written about them that had gotten really popular. The squad had been divided, each of the girls sporting a bandana somewhere on their bodies in one of their four colors, and Raph couldn’t stop his heart from soaring when he saw the bright red bandana tied around your eyes. You were one of the four girls in the front, a shell-shaped backpack strapped to your back.

He had never seen you move like that before. You were way better than he thought you would be. He watched you go through all of the moves and then end in a team pose. The crowd was on their feet by the end of it, and all four of the boys had found their way to the sidelines.

Raph walked over to you, doing everything in his power to stop himself from running to you and scooping you up in his arms.

“So?” You tilted your head to the side, still wearing the red bandana around your eyes. “Did you like it, Red?”

“I…you had me grinnin’ like an idiot, princess.” Raph smiled and leaned down closer to you. You reached up and gave the ends of his bandana a tug, pulling him closer yet. His face was inches away. You could feel his warm breath against your skin. “It was amazing.”

“It was my idea.”

“Well, I coulda guessed that.” He chuckled. “Do you maybe wanna…meet up after the game to talk about it?”

“Yes. Absolutely.” And then, finally, your lips met his.


Later that night, Raph was scrolling through Instagram when he got a notification for a comment on his post. He had put up a picture of the two of you while you were wearing the red bandana and the turtle shell. The cutest look he had seen you pull off so far. It was captioned: ‘Thanks to the amazing @yourusername for being the Beauty to my Beast <3’

You had commented: ‘Oh, please. You’re my prince charming <3 *kissy face emoji*’

Raph was sure he was gonna have sweet dreams from now on.

Little Talks (Justin Foley)

Title: Little talks.

Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: Yes. And I hope you like how I turned your request into something lovely. Hope you like it.

Word Count: 693 words

Reader Gender:  Female

Warnings: It’s too lovely for me.

Summary: Justin comes over his girlfriend’s house to get some comfort after dealing with Seth.

Author’s Note: Thank you for all the feedback I got in my first imagine. I love you all. Continue requesting please.

Math was stressing me out. Normally I’ll already had finished it, but instead of starting it at my homework time, I came to see Justin on his practice. He said he liked when I came because he felt nice having me around, and he needed me.

“Sweetie, we’re almost leaving are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Mom asked coming to my bedroom putting her pearl rings on.

“No, thank you. I still have to finish my work and also is your anniversary’s dinner, just go and enjoy yourselves.” I said calmly and she smiled.

“Thank you. Have fun with Math.” She said and went downstairs to meet dad who already was in the car waiting for her.

I put some music and continued dancing while doing my homework. It was weird but not having anyone at home and loud music helped a lot. Usually music helped me on everything. Sometimes I listened to music while I studied for my exams and information got stuck on me. Justin said it was a gift. He helped me with Math sometimes but he never liked to come to study for an important exam because he knew I listened loud music and that wasn’t he’s method.

After half an hour, I finished. But I wasn’t the only one at home. Some footsteps were coming upstairs and I silenced the music and ran to close the door of my bedroom. I tried to put all my weight on the door, and just when I thought someone would open, someone knocked the door slowly.

“Y/n” Justin’s voice cracked. And I opened the door.

He looked terrible. He had tears still on his cheeks and he was sad. When I finally got to see him he immediately hugged me tighter than other times.

“Baby, what happened?” I asked and he continued crying on my neck. “It was Seth again, right?” And he slowly nodded.

He stepped away from me. And I touched his cheeks calmly. Then I dragged him to sit on my bed closing the bedroom door.

“Sorry I entered this way. I saw your parents car wasn’t parked and I just came by the front door. I should have climbed and-” I shushed him and touched​ his cheek again.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to climb anything, you’re part of my life and you deserve to enter by the door like the boyfriend you are.” He smiled a little.  “I’m here now, and everything will be alright, okay?” He nodded.

And he got me closer and he kissed me. Just like he did when he was mad, when someone flirted with me in a party and he had to show I was his girlfriend. Just like he did when he fought with someone, with Seth especially.

“Stay tonight, I’ll make sure you feel better.” I said and he kissed my hand.

“If I stay tonight, don’t you think your parents will find out?”

“They’ll arrive late and I bet the won’t even notice you, don’t worry.”

“But I’ll leave early before they wake, okay?”

“Are you sure you want to do that? I think is better if we just tell them in the morning why you stayed.”

“I’ll leave. Promise me you’ll agree with it.” He was serious and I nodded.

“We’ll do this your way. I won’t pressure you to anything, yeah?” I whispered closer to him and he kissed me.

“I don’t deserve you as my girlfriend.” He said tired.

“I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. A popular pretty boy on the basketball team-” And he laughed a little.

“But you are smarter and beautiful and everything to me.” He continued and I give him a little kiss. “You’re the only person that matters to me. I promise-” He stopped talking and just continued observing me. “You look beautiful with the light from outside.”

I smiled and he kissed me again. Small lovely kisses fill with love. Just love. Justin touched my neck carefully.

“You make everything​ worth it at the end, my love.”

He said with a whisper while cuddling in bed with me until we both fall asleep.


16.9.17 // Day 1 of 100

It was finally cold enough to bring out my mermaid blanket for the first time this year, it’s so cosy and warm, perfect for snuggling with a cup of tea and some work. ☕
Today was very productive - I finished the maths homework for all three of my teachers, and I even had time to watch this film I’ve been wanting to see for ages. It was simply beautiful, I definitely recommend it! 💖

“Change, gentlemen, is a wonderful thing. Embrace it!”
- G. H. Hardy, ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ (2015)

Sodapop Curtis X Reader: Horror Movies

Summary: Soda and the reader are best friends, the two secretly like each other. Soda, Pony, Johnny and the reader watch a horror movie marathon, which ends up with a very scared reader.

Warnings: None?

Word Count:2031

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Soda, (Y/n) and Steve had been best friends since they had meet. But lately Soda had been noticing things that he shouldn’t as a friend. He noticed how her hair sparkled in the sun, they way she concentrated when she was reading a book or doing her homework. He noticed that (Y/n) would play with the hair that would fall out of her braided hair, twirling it around her finger while she was in deep thought or something. This time (Y/n) was sitting on the porch watching the guys play football. She would normally play but she was tired and didn’t feel like playing. (Y/n) laughed as the guys fumbled the ball and started yelling at each other. When they saw she was laughing they all started laughing as well. (Y/n) was kind of like a peace keeper in the house, when they were fighting she would straighten things out and everyone got along again. Secretly she liked Soda, she had for a long time. They had always been friends but when she started to feel more for him she just pushed the feelings away. She didn’t want Soda to know because he had Sandy. He had been ditched by Sandy and he was really sad. (Y/n) and Steve were there for him but the whole time (Y/n) was jealous of Sandy. She always wanted it to be her not Sandy as Soda’s girlfriend. (Y/n) kept quiet not wanting Soda to know but inside she was angry and sad. (Y/n) was a very pretty girl, every guy in the school noticed that. The Socs hit on her even though she was a greaser. She never paid any attention to them though.  She always sat with Two-Bit, Johnny, and Ponyboy at school. She influenced some of the Socs to not beat up Johnny and Ponyboy. She knew that Darry was always worried about them especially when Two-Bit decided to ditch school. Darry knew if Two-Bit wasn’t there to protect them that they would most likely get beat up. Two-Bit tried to go to school as much as possible but he got drunk a lot. (Y/n) smiled to herself as she sat on the porch remembering all the football games she participated in. In one game Dally had tackled her and she had gotten a broken leg. Soda and Steve told her not to play any more football but (Y/n) didn’t listen. She kept playing and kept getting hurt. She always laughed it off and joined in another time. Soda and Steve were always on the same team with (Y/n), sometimes they would have Darry but most of the time it was Pony. The teams were pretty even, with Dally, Two-Bit, Johnny and Darry on one team and (Y/n), Steve, Soda, and Pony on the other. (Y/n) was a surprisingly good football player against everybody’s thoughts. She was fast and good at catching the football. Only Pony could catch her but since they were normally on the same team (Y/n) didn’t need to worry about him. She was very evasive as well, she was very good at dodging and weaving through the defense. Most games they won. Today (Y/n) and Johnny were sitting out watching Soda, Steve and Pony play against Darry, Dally, and Two-Bit. Soda’s team was winning but Darry tied them with a touchdown pass to Dally. (Y/n) cheered for both teams as they played, she liked to support all of her friends. After the game was over she went inside and sat on the couch, she liked to sit right in the middle, it was sort of her spot. She leaned back and closed her eyes. She felt the couch dip on both sides. She smelled hair grease and car oil. She concluded that it was Soda and Steve. She opened her eyes to see her two best friends staring at her. She smiled at them.
“So… (Y/n) do we get a reward for winning the game without you? It was a pretty tough game”
What Steve meant by a reward was a kiss on the cheek. (Y/n) was used to giving everyone in the gang kisses. She leaned over and gave Steve a kiss on the cheek. Then turned to the other side and gave one to Soda. Soda blushed a little and smiled at (Y/n). Only Steve and Pony knew that Soda liked (Y/n). Nobody knew that (Y/n) liked Soda. (Y/n) leaned back yet again and closed her eyes, a smile tugging on her lips. Soda noticed that and started staring at her, noticing every little thing she did. (Y/n) felt that eyes were on her and she opened hers to look around the room. She saw Soda staring at her, when she looked at him he looked down. (Y/n) watched Soda’s strange reaction but ignored it. She got up and went to her room down the hall. Soda watched her go wondering why he liked a girl that would never like him back.

In (Y/n)’s room
(Y/n) laid down on her bed, she was thinking about Soda. She smiled when she thought about his smile, his laugh, the way he teases Darry and gets away with it. She wondered why she likes somebody who could never like her back… He was still sad about Sandy right? (Y/n) stayed in her room thinking for so long that before she knew it Darry was calling her to dinner.
“(Y/n)! Dinner is ready!”
(Y/n) left her room and went to the table. She saw that only Johnny was still at the house.
“Hey Johnnycakes”
“Hi (Y/n)”
“Are you staying here tonight?”
“I think so…”
Johnny looked at Darry like he was asking for permission.
“Johnny you know that you don’t have to ask, you can stay here any time you want”
“Thanks (Y/n)… It doesn’t feel right not asking”
“She’s right Johnny”
“Thanks Darry”
“No problem kiddo”
They had a nice peaceful dinner. Afterward it was (Y/n) and Soda’s turn to do the dishes, since Darry and Pony made dinner. Soda and (Y/n) got to work on the dishes, (Y/n) was washing and Soda was drying and putting them away. (Y/n) almost dropped a plate when Soda’s hand brushed hers. Luckily Soda caught the plate.
“Sorry Soda, I thought you had it”
“Its okay”
Soda smiled at her, taking in her blushing face. He had brushed her had on purpose to see her reaction. She reacted and he decided. He decided that he was going to tell her that night. The rest of the dish washing went without problem. (Y/n) sat on the floor in the living room and started doing her homework. It was a Saturday and Darry thought that she had already did all of it.
“Hey (Y/n), I thought you finished all of your homework”
“I forgot about this one assignment for math”
“Oh. Did you need some help?”
“Umm… I think I can do it”
“Just ask if you need help”
(Y/n) started on her math. Soda watched as she did the math problems in her head, every once and a while she would have a problem and have to do the math on the paper. When some of her calculations didn’t add up she would make a face then redo her math. After a few minutes she had finished. (Y/n) had never been the best at math but she always asked for help when she needed it. Pony always helped her as well. She put away her homework and looked at Pony. He smiled back and asked,
“Have any problems (Y/n)?”
“Nope, that math was pretty easy”
“Cool… Do you want to watch the horror movie marathon that is on tonight?”
“Umm… I guess”
(Y/n) had never been a fan of horror movies.
“Soda, you in?”
“Sorry guys not tonight, I’m pretty tired. You guys have fun”
“I’m in”
Darry went off to bed and Pony turned on the t.v. (Y/n) sat in between Soda and Pony on the couch, while Johnny sat in the armchair. All three boys knew (Y/n) wasn’t a fan of horror movies. Normally when they watched horror movies (Y/n) clung onto Soda or Steve. That reaction was what Soda was hoping for. (Y/n) started to get scared from the very first scene in the movie. She was holding Soda’s hand and clinging to his shirt. Soda had his arm around her and was rubbing her arm soothingly. At the first murder scene (Y/n) buried her face into Soda’s shoulder. Soda smiled at her reaction. He pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her. (Y/n) wasn’t concerned in this action. As best friends they did that all the time, especially during horror movies. (Y/n) kept her head buried in Soda’s shoulder the rest of the movie. She was the same way during the second and third movie. At the start of the fourth movie both Johnny and Pony had fallen asleep. (Y/n) got up off of Soda’s lap and turned off the t.v. She turned to Soda and motioned to Pony. She wanted him to cover him with a blanket. She would do the same thing to Johnny. Soda nodded and went to the closet. He came back with two blankets. He handed one to (Y/n) and draped the other one over Pony. (Y/n) walked over to Johnny and wrapped the blanket around him. She smiled at him and looked at Soda. They both started walking down the hall. They stopped in front of Soda and Pony’s room.
“Good night Soda”
“(Y/n)… Can I tell you something?”
“Of course”
“I… I-I really l-like you”
“Yes… If you don’t feel the same-”
“I like you too  Soda”
Soda leaned down and kissed (Y/n). She put her hand on his cheek. They pulled away and (Y/n) looked down.
“What’s wrong?”
“I… I thought you were sad about Sandy”
“I was… Then I realized how much you really meant to me and the more I thought about it the more I liked you and before I knew it I wasn’t sad about Sandy anymore”
“Oh… All this time I thought you would never like me because you loved Sandy”
“Its okay… I’m glad that you like me too… I’m also glad that I decided to ‘watch’ that movie marathon”
“Why? You were terrified the entire time”
“It led to this”
(Y/n) stood on her tiptoes and pecked Soda’s lips. She took a few steps back and Soda gave her a look of confusion. She smiled at him and kept backing up. He realized what she was doing and smiled back. He started stepping towards her. When (Y/n)’s back hit her bedroom door she opened it and went inside. Soda came in and closed the door. (Y/n) sat down on the bed and smiled at Soda.
“Why didn’t you say anything sooner?”
“I didn’t think you liked me back”
“That should be my line”
“You were really sad about Sandy and you could have any girl in Tulsa… So why choose me?”
“You were the only girl that stayed with me no matter what. You were there for me when I was sad. Your always here for me”
(Y/n) lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. She moved on the bed so that she was laying correctly and there was enough room for Soda to lie down. Soda seemed to get the message and lay down next to (Y/n). She leaned into his shoulder and fell asleep. Soda wrapped his arm around her and fell asleep a few moments later.

The next morning
Darry opened (Y/n)’s door to see his 16 year old brother laying with his arms around (Y/n), sleeping soundly. He smiled, closed the door and walked out to the living room. He saw his youngest brother sitting on the couch asleep with a blanket draped over his shoulders. He looked over at Johnny, he was sitting in the armchair with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. Darry laughed to himself and went into the kitchen. He made some coffee and started reading the newspaper. This was going to be an interesting day.

Two Trips are for the Weak

I haven’t written anything in ages but I somehow manage to write something for a book series I read ages ago in an afternoon. Thanks brain. This is a Modern Ranger’s Apprentice AU. @recon419.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Will climbed out of the car and opened the trunk to grab a few bags. He was about to start toward the house when Gilan stopped him.

“What are you doing?” Gilan asked with a frown.

Will stared at him, then down at the four bags he had grabbed. He lifted one arm, “Carrying groceries inside?”

“But why do you only have four bags.”

“Because that’s all I can carry?”

Gilan was already shaking his head. “No no no no. Here let me demonstrate.”

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Always Here

Summary: baby sisteriplier x teamiplier, reader basically doesn’t want to sleep because of homework but they come and save the day!

Note: IM SO SORRY THAT THIS IS SO LONG! But I really hope you all enjoy! Also, please give me feedback, I would really appreciate it!

School for you was hell, you thought that maybe if you looked in a dictionary for the word hell you would actually SEE a picture of all the homework you had to do on a daily and nightly basis; but of course, your too stubborn to ask for help from the gang or mark so you suffer in silence
For some reason it’s hard for you to ask for help on things, especially homework
You were currently in the kitchen at the dining room table and looking through the math problems you had to do, you tried to focus but your brain wanted to do it’s own thing and make you extremely sleepy but you knew you couldn’t let that happen so you tried even harder, you haven’t slept for days because of this and it was catching up to you
You looked at your phone to see the time and it was 2:30 AM you started to mentally curse yourself out for staying up so late but you couldn’t help it, you were too stressed
All of a sudden your mind started to race - ‘if I don’t pass I’ll be a disappointment, I can’t be a disappointment, I have to stay up, I have to stay up, I can’t let everyone down, oh god why are there so many fucking problems fuck fuck fuck’
Soon before you know it, you were crying and you felt everything around you was sinking, including yourself and you didn’t know what to do

Later that night, the gang came back to the house from the office Tyler, Ethan, and Kathryn were offered to stay the night at the house instead of driving all the way back home from Mark, so they did. Everyone is currently in there own rooms sleeping, but Tyler was waking up to go to the bathroom
He walked down stairs on his way to the bathroom, but before he could reach the bathroom he noticed that the kitchen light was on and heard muffled crying
He slowly walked into the entrance of the kitchen and saw you curled up in a chair, with stacked papers in front of you
He was confused at first, but soon became extremely worried, he didn’t know what to do, he wanted to ask you what’s wrong but he felt like you needed Mark more than anything
So he proceeded to head back to the stairs to go get Mark, he knocks on the door, trying not to wake anyone else up by his knocking
Soon he heard footsteps coming to the door and when it opens he sees a sleepy Amy
“Tyler, it’s almost three in the morning, why are you up?” she saids while yawning
“It’s (Y/N), I went down stairs to go to the bathroom and I see the kitchen light on, so I walked in and saw her crying and I wanted to get Mark” he saids in a worried tone
Then suddenly, from the bed they hear Mark get up
“Guys, what’s going on? It’s almost three in morning, did you not see the time?” Mark saids half asleep
“Mark, get up, it’s (Y/N), Tyler found her crying in the kitchen and he wanted to get you” Amy said looking at Mark
“Okay I’m up” he got up immediately, but before they went down stairs they heard Kathryn and Ethan open there doors at the same time
“Guys be quiet, it’s LITERALLY three in the morning” coming from a annoyed Kathryn and followed up from a yawning Ethan
“What’s even going on” Ethan said
“I found (y/n) crying the kitchen, we’re going to see what’s wrong”
Mark was the first one to head down the steps, Kathryn and Ethan followed with concerned expressions down the stairs like everyone else
As they got down the stairs they headed to the kitchen quietly and peaked there heads in, they saw you crying, curled up in your chair with your arms wrapped around your legs and then your head in your knees with so many papers in front of you
They looked at each other with concern
“..let’s go talk to her” as Mark said walking towards (Y/N), everyone followed and sat down at the table

You were still in the same position, and your mind was still racing but you looked up and saw the gang at the table with looks of pure concern
You looked over to your right at Mark who was getting a chair right next to you
“What’s going on bub? Why are you still up? And why are you crying?”
You looked down, wanting to say something but you felt like your throat was on fire and you couldn’t breathe
Everyone was becoming a little more worried
“..I-I’m sorry” you spoke
You sounded like a small child getting in trouble
“Hun, don’t be sorry, tell us why are you up?” Amy looked at you with worried eyes when you finally looked up
“I’m up b-because I have to do homework, if I don’t I’ll fail and I can’t fail, I can’t be a disappointment, I don’t wanna let you guys down and I don’t wanna let Mark down and I’m so stressed but I can’t take a break and I haven’t slept in days, I’m so unbelievably tired and there’s too many problems to work on for this paper and then I have five more assignments to do, it’s too much, it’s all too much and I can’t-” you were talking so fast it seems like you were going a hundred miles per hour but Mark put his hand on your shoulder and spoke “Woah, hey, hey, hey, calm down kiddo, it’s okay, it’s okay. Why didn’t you come to me for help (Y/N)? Or Kathryn, Tyler, Amy or Ethan? We would’ve helped you, you shouldn’t be staying up this late to do homework, you should be sleeping bub” he was comforting you and softly rubbing your shoulder to help calm down, everyone was less worried but still worried because they hate seeing you like this, they all want you to be okay
“I don’t know.. I just didn’t wanna bother you guys, you guys seem so busy and I wouldn’t want to be a burden on you guys..” you spoke quietly and calm
“(Y/N), you can always come to us if you need help, you would never be a burden, we want to help you, that’s what we’re here for” Kathryn spoke with a comforting smile from across the table
“Also another thing too, (Y/N), we’ve all been through this before, we’ve all been in your shoes a bunch of times before, but you should never be over working yourself to the point where you don’t sleep at night. If you need a break, take break. If you need help, ask for help! We’re always here, we’re basically a small goofy family!” Ethan said with a laugh at the end which made you and everyone else smile and have a giggle
“Hey there’s that smile that we like to see!” Tyler said which made you smile and laugh a little more
Everyone sat at the table for a minute after that making sure that you felt better before actually going to bed and Mark sitting by you talking about some jokes that he heard before which making you and everyone laughing and smile, soon everyone settled down again and was ready to go back to bed but you were slowly falling asleep in your chair, the gang watched you and laughed a bit but at the same time kinda happy you were sleeping
“Should we wake her?” Amy said standing up and questioning Mark
Make spoke and said “Nah, I’ll carry her”
“For the love of god please don’t drop her” Tyler said, everyone broke out into laughter once more
“Hey now! I wouldn’t do that” Mark started to laugh also a bit
Soon he scooped you up and headed up stairs while making sure not to hit your head on anything and everyone followed up the stairs too, Tyler opened the door for your room, Mark said thank you and laid you down on your bed and pulled a blanket over you
“Goodnight, (Y/N)” he whispered and left the room and Tyler closed the door behind him
Everyone said there 'good nights’ to each other and went back to bed and had a great nights sleep

Surprise..? - Stan Uris Imagine

“hiiiii I love your writing SM:) Can I request a Stanley x Reader prompt? 50 Dialogue Prompts 25) “I want an answer, goddammit!”” 

A Stan Uris Imagine in which Stan’s girlfriend gets together with Losers’ Club to try and plan a surprise party for Stan’s birthday. Things do not go as planned.

This was the eighth time you had lied to Stan about what you were doing after school.

 To be fair, it was for a good reason. You had decided to throw a surprise party for Stan’s upcoming birthday and enlisted in the help of the rest of the Loser’s Club. So for the past week all of you had lied to Stan about your whereabouts so you could plan the perfect party. Today was the last day you had to lie to him, but guilt still flooded your every pore when you told him your mother had grounded you for not doing the dishes again. Especially when he gave you his pouty face and told you that he missed being able to see you. But as you were looking at birthday cakes with the rest of the Losers’ Club, you kept reminding yourself that it was because you loved Stan and you wanted to do something nice for him, even if it was hurting his feelings.

“How about this cake? Stan likes chocolate right?” Richie asks eyeing a sheet cake.

“Yeah, it’s his favorite,” You say. 

Once you had bought the cake and gave it to Ben to tie onto his bike, all of you hopped on your bikes and started towards Bill’s house. The whole way there, you felt the guilt eating at you, especially when you passed the turn you usually went down to get to your boyfriend’s house.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” Mike had noticed your moping and slowed down his pedaling to make sure you were doing okay.

“I’m okay. I just feel really guilty for lying to Stan so much. He looked really upset when I told him I couldn’t hang out again today.” You admit. Stan’s pouty face popped up in your mind again and another pang of guilt hit you.

“Just think of how happy he’ll be when he sees how much work you put into his birthday party,” Eddie chimed in from in front of you.

“Yeah, Stan’s ruh-really lucky to have such a gruh-great girlfriend like you,” Bill added. All of their words made you feel a little bit better, but you still felt guilty for lying to him.

“Even if he is mad, I’m sure he’ll forgive you. You should be worried about what he’ll do to us, (Y/N).” Beverly joked as she threw her bike down in Bill’s yard. Her comment made you chuckle as you helped Ben with the cake and entered the house. Ben split off to go put the cake in the kitchen and the rest of you began discussing your plan for bringing Stan over later today after everything was set up.

“I can’t go and get him, I told him I was grounded,” You tell Richie, who suggested that you go and get the birthday boy.

“Well I can’t go get him either, I told him that I was gonna be busy all night with a project,” Richie shot back.

“You told him you were gonna be doing a project? You would have been better off saying you were gonna be jerking off all night! That’s more believable for you!” Eddie groaned.

“Ew, don’t be a freak Eddie,” Beverly grimaced. “Anyway, it would be more reasonable for Bill to get him, since we’re having the party at his house,” 

“That actually makes a lot of sense,” Ben had reemerged from the kitchen with the party supplies you guys had gotten a couple of days prior. All of you went to work putting up the party decorations. Within a couple of minutes, you guys had everything but the Happy Birthday sign put into place.

“Hey, I’m guh-gonna head out to go get S-Stan,” Bill called out to you guys. He walked over to the front door and opened it with the intent of going out of it, only to be stopped by the birthday boy himself standing on Bill’s porch. He did not look happy.

“I thought you guys were too busy to hang out,” Stan’s tone was laced with venom and his puffy eyes and red nose were indicators that he had been crying prior to storming over here.

“Oh, hey Stan. What are you doing here?” Richie asked awkwardly.

“I came over here to ask Bill for some help with our math homework, but I didn’t expect the whole lot to be here without telling me,” Stan had pushed past Bill now but had only gotten to the entrance hallway. The rest of the Losers’ Club were blocking the doorway to the living room so he couldn’t see the party decorations.

“It’s not what you think-” Eddie had started to explain but Stan cut him off.

“Oh really, because it looks like all of you guys decided to ditch me for no reason and hang out with each other instead,” Stan’s voice was getting louder by the second, and his anger frightened you.

“Please calm down, Stan.” You tried to put your hand on his arm reassuringly but he shoved it off.

“I’m not gonna calm down! You lied to me (Y/N)! Is the the first time you lied to me? And you better tell the truth!” Stan had a look of betrayal in his eyes.

“This isn’t the first time I lied to you, but it’s for a good reason, I promise,” You were pleading with him. You had never seen Stan look so upset and defensive before. 

“A good reason? What the hell would that be? Because I can’t think of one good reason you would ever lie to your boyfriend! Are you even being serious right now (Y/N)?” Stan had tears in his eyes that were threatening to spill over. This day was not going the way you wanted it to at all.

“Dude, chill. It actually is a good reason,” Mike stepped in between you and Stan.

“Well then what the fuck is it?!” Stan screamed. Everyone was quiet. Stan had never been this angry before. “Well? I want an answer, goddammit!” His hands were clenched by his sides and he had tears streaming freely down his red face. He had really thought all of his friends had abandoned him. You should’ve known this would happen. Stan had told you once before that one of his biggest fears was that the Losers’ Club would drop him with no explanation.

“Buh-because, we’ve been pl-planning a surprise party for you,” Bill spoke up.

“Your birthday is like three days away and we just wanted to do something nice for you,” Richie added.

“Yeah. We didn’t mean for you to think we we’re ignoring you or trying to kick you out of the Losers’ Club. Once a Loser, always a Loser.” Eddie jokingly punched Stan’s shoulder.

“Oh,” Stan looked down at the ground. “I feel like an idiot. I’m so sorry guys, I didn’t mean to blow up on you like that,” He immediately apologized and pulled everyone close to him in a hug.

“It’s okay. I know it sucked to have be alone for a whole week. If it makes you feel any better, I felt guilty every time I lied to you,” You smiled weakly at him and Stan pulled you exclusively in for a hug. 

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you. I know it’s scary when I yell,” Stan kissed your head and squeezed you even tighter before releasing you.

“Like I said, it’s fine. I just wanted to do something to make you happy but it didn’t work out so well,” You smile at him.

“Well, since, everyone’s on the same page now, let’s go celebrate this not so surprise party anymore!” Ben clapped his hands together, dissipating any awkwardness that may have been left. The rest of the Losers cheered and raced into the kitchen for cake. You and Stan were left together in the entrance hallway.

“You know I did this because I love you right?” You asked Stan.

“Yeah, and I love you too, (Y/N).” Stan smiled before kissing you. In the kiss, you could feel how much he missed you. You pulled away and grabbed his hand.

“Let’s go get some cake, birthday boy,”

Bam! Another imagine done! This is the first time I’ve done one of these dialogue prompts, so I hope you liked the story line I put along with it. Hopefully I’ll get better with these as I keep writing. I actually quite like how this imagine turned out. I think this is the last one for the night, though, as I’m exhausted and just want to watch Youtube. 

Dimples and Ladders

Group: BTS

Pairing: Namjoon/RapMonster x Short! Reader

Summary: Maybe you might see a benefit to your miniscule height, & maybe you might have to thank your math teacher for that incomprehensible packet after you running into the dimpled librarian assistant.


“It had to be on the top shelf.”

“I don’t think that a ladder is quite necessary. Need a hand, I assume?”

Genre: Fluff.

Word Count:

Gif Credit: @jitonic

Y/N I’m sorry, whenever I try to use a gif unless I specifically upload it, it doesn’t show. So full gif credit to @jitonic !

You sat anxiously, the end of your pen tapping your desk. You binder was stacked neatly on the edge of your desk, the marble composition notebook lay abandoned in front of you.

Finally, the shrill alarm sounded, signaling your release from your least favorite class. You nearly skipped in joy, realizing the teacher hadn’t handed out a homework assignment. Math was a subject you detested, and the sheer amount of all-nighters you had pulled in the past just to complete worksheets should have spoken for itself.

Personally, you were much more inclined to language skills, history, even gym. Just, math was something you could never understand.

Your joy to receiving no homework was short lived, standing in the doorway was your strict, salt and pepper haired math teacher. Bundled in his arms was a thick stack of papers.

“I expect to see this packet done by the time I see you all again. Collect yours on the way out, class is dismissed.”

Your eyes widened, your breathing quickening.

All you wanted was to be able to go home, catch up on the Running Man episodes that you had missed, and maybe enjoy some ice cream.

However, now your afternoon plans were much more mentally involved, as well as nowhere close to your ideal. The only positive you could even imagine was the fact that you’d be allowed to have coffee to keep yourself up.

Seeing as math was your last class, you warily texted your mother.

Hey Mom. Going to library, big math assignment due soon. Don’t wait up. Love you.

Shouldering your bag, you begin the short trip to the local library. Truthfully, you didn’t mind the library. It was a calming environment to be in, also it was a place of solitude. Everyone else that you knew seemed to avoid the place as if it were the plague. Maybe it was due to the stereotype that only nerds went to the library. Whatever the reason, you didn’t care. It contained a homey environment, with friendly smiles, the aroma of aging books, and not to mention the overwhelming silence.

However, this isn’t to say, that you wouldn’t have rather being at your home, curled up with a fluffy blanket.

As you pushed the glass door open, you were greeted by the same clerk as always.

“Hello Y/N,” she greeted, looking at you over the rims of her purple glasses’ frame. You gave a smile in return.

“Hi ahjumma! How was your day?” You asked, ruffling through your bag for your library card.

“Easy, my assistant is here.”

You nodded, knowing that the ahjumma let one boy volunteer at the book haven.

“I’m assuming you’re here for math guidebooks?” the elderly woman asked, a teasing undertone clear her voice.

“Of course, my math grade may not be perfect but if I don’t even attempt this work,” you paused to gesture towards your loaded math folder, “I won’t even get a 60.”

The lady shot her a sympathetic smile, knowing that aside from your math grade your grades were some of the highest in your level.

“Math guidebooks are still in the West Wing, right?” You asked, not wanting to leave and risk coming off as rude.

“We moved them to the East Wing,”

“Alright, thanks! I’ll be stuck here till late, so have a good night!” You nodded your head, turning around to attempt to find your coach books.

You slung your bag into a desk that was close to the back; stuffing your pencil into your ponytail you walked over to find the books.


“It had to be on the top shelf.” You grumbled, pushing your baby hairs to the side.

You stood there, looking up at the towering bookshelf, the title “Radians for Beginners” jeering at you. To you, you felt like the book knew how short you were and how desperately you needed the said object.

“I’ll probably need a ladder. Lovely.”

You exhaled forcefully, letting your shoulders slump down. In all essence, making yourself even smaller than you already were.

Closing your eyes, you crinkled your nose.

“I don’t think that a ladder is quite necessary. Need a hand, I assume?” You heard a voice chime, jarring you from your mental complaints. Upon seeing the man behind the voice, your eyes widened. You had to look up at him as he stood a good head taller than yourself.

He was fine, to say the least. The man looked only a bit older than yourself, but he had killer dimples. He wore glasses and sweater vest, a combination that should’ve looked nerdy and dumb.

But man, it worked for him.

“oh—uh, yeah-I mean. Yes, please.” You stuttered, clearing your voice.

“Radians for Beginners?” he confirmed, glancing back at you.

You gave a small nod in response, watching as he reached upwards for the book.

It was hardly even a struggle for him.

Dipping your head in gratitude, you took the heavy book. “Thank you…” you trailed off.

“Namjoon,” He supplied, before quickly continuing, “I’m a Librarian Assistant here.”

“Thank you, Namjoon.”

“Just call me over if you need any help, I’m pretty good at math.”

At your confounded and blank face he rambled, “You typically stay here pretty late from what I’ve seen. And the ahjumma here told me to make sure you found the math coach books…”

Deciding to swallow your awkward nature, you stretched a small grin.

“Must be nice to be good at math, huh?”

“It’s not that hard, you just need to find a way to make math work for you. Like take linear functions—“He cut himself off.

“I’ll stop ranting about math, but the offer for help still stands.”

You glanced towards the desk where you stashed your bag, thinking of the thick packet.

You looked back towards the waiting boy, “It can’t hurt. I’d love for some help, just don’t judge me.” You laughed a bit.



Surprisingly, the work breezed by a lot faster with Namjoon. Perhaps it was because he could capture your attention, unlike your school teacher. He explained things differently, relating math concepts to bizarre things like boybands, spiders, even satellites.

And then he’d prove how the math was relevant throughout it all, showing a real purpose for concepts you originally found useless.

About an hour prior, he had left. He still had to reshelf books and such for the library. Gritting your teeth, you finished your last problem. It took a lot of personal willpower, but you had done it.

Glancing at the hanging clock, it was only 9pm. On a typical day, you would have still been working at 12am. You quickly cleaned your things up, deciding if you hurried you could still watch a Running Man episode.

But on your way out, you paused. His figure was slouched at a desk, going through late books and labels. You knew, you had to thank him.

You knocked at the office door, anxiously adjusting your school bag. You heard a bit of shuffling, and soon the door opened. It revealed a frazzled looking Namjoon.

Seeing you, he instantly smiled.

“I finished my packet, I wanted to say thank you.”

He waved his hand dismissively, “It’s really nothing, now it’s late. You should go home.”

Peering around him, you saw the massive stacks of papers you knew you prevented him from sorting earlier. And right then, and there you decided that missing another episode wouldn’t kill you.

You stuck your book bag on the floor, grabbing a few bundles and beginning to rearrange and sort them. Looking up, Namjoon hadn’t moved. Seeing his incredulous expression, you shrugged.

“You helped me, now let me help you.”

He smiled, before sitting down to join you. It was tedious, but the two of you managed to finish about an hour later. Throughout working you had maintained a light conversation.

“Thanks Y/N.” He cleared his throat, making you look up at him.

“Don’t thank me, I should be thanking you! I won’t fail math now!”

“Er—Y/N?” he called out once you were pushing the glass lobby door open.

Your head cocked, signaling for him to ask his question.

“Would you maybe like to see each other again? But maybe not at the library?” He spoke, a hopeful glaze in his eyes.

You smiled, “Friday at 9? It’s after your volunteer work here.”

“I’ll pick you up.”

A/N- I hope you liked this one! Check out my masterlist for more! And requests are OPEN!

buckle up folks because I can already feel this is going to be a long one.

i think i was very lucky because i was able to experience both community college and university. I was accepted as a Spring Admit at my current university so that means I would enter as an incoming freshman in the Spring Semester instead of the Fall like a typically freshman. Therefore, in the fall, I decided to enroll in my local community college to get a head start on some credits.

Here is my opinion on the pros and cons of both.

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9.10.17 // Day 4 of 100

I went to see my brother at his uni today, and we had a lovely meal out as a family. I worked on maths homework during the car journeys, I’m really loving C3 and C4! ❤

“The rest of the day was quite easy.
I did all the jobs on my list
And enjoyed them and had some time over.
I love you. I’m glad I exist.”

- ‘The Orange’ by Wendy Cope

timcanpy-the-golem  asked:

Rarepair Johnny/Allen for the prompt~ "Can i borrow a pencil, and your homework?" (This ship is so pure pls join me in shipping hell)

The sound of the rain from outside calmed him. Mr. Wenhamm had some students at the board, trying to solve the math problem.

 However, Johnny Gill’s mind wasn’t on the lecture. Instead it was on a white haired kid that was running at the school entrance, drenched from head to toe, a piece of toast in his mouth. The unknown boy almost slipped on the wet floor and Johnny stood up slightly from his chair to see if he was alright. He didn’t see Mr. Wenhamm standing in front of his desk.

“-Gill…Johnny Gill!”

Johnny let out a startled gasp as he whirled around to face the stern face of his teacher. “Yes?” He asked in a quite voice. Busted.

“Is the view outside the window more interesting than what we’re talking about in class?” Mr. Wenhamm crossed his arms and waited for his student’s reply.

Johnny stuttered, but before he could answer the classroom door burst open. Every head in the room turned to see a boy they’ve never seen before.

Mr. Wehamm forgot about Johnny and went to stand in front of the board, adressing the whole class.

“Everyone, we have a new student,” he turned to the boy and said, “introductions first, explanations later.”

The boy mumbled something and blushed, but went to stand in front of his new classmates all the same. “My name is Allen Walker, I’m a transfer student and I missed my bus, sorry.” The last part was directed at the teacher.

Wenhamm smiled warmly at his new student and nodded, “you cant go sit behind Johnny. Oi, Gill, raise your hand.”

Once Allen sat in the chair the lecture continued. Johnny turned around, trying not to be obvious, and stole glances at him. Unfortunately, Allen caught him. He smiled and gave him a small wave.

Johnny wave too and turned back around. The way Allen’s wet clothes cling to him made butterflies dance around his stomach and blood to rush in his cheeks. Johnny cleared his throat and tried to concentrate on the lesson. The shuffling caused by the boy behind him didn’t help at all.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the bell rung, but before he could collect his belongings and leave, he felt a tap on his shoulders.

Allen was, once again smiling, but this time it almost seemed like a shy one. “Can I borrown a pencil, and your homework?”

Johnny’s mouth went dry and his almost melted right then and there. His voice was smooth and soft.

Abso-freaking-lutely, he thought. But…

“I didn’t do it either.”


Their next lesson, history, was with Mr. Lvellie. They were screwed. Allen grimaced. He was already familiar with him it seemed.

“At least we’ll both have some company at detention, right?”

“I guess so…”

Detention didn’t bother Johnny. It gave him an excuse to get to know Allen Walker better and from the way Allen was smiling, so carefree, it seemed like he wasn’t bothered by it either.

Are You Jealous?

Originally posted by claracivry

Pairing: Warren Worthington III x Reader

Request: “ omg pleaseeee make 1 and 5 for warren <3 btw love your blog! thankyouuuuu have a nice day!”

1: “Come over here and make me.”

5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Warnings: I guess some flirting, kinda suggestive?

A/N: So… apparently (spoilers) Barb did die in Stranger Things??? Ugh I loved her so much #BarbDeservedBetter2k16 omg

You had your homework balanced on your knees, your pencil out and ready to work through some math problems. Your boyfriend, Warren, was lounging next to you, lazily spinning a basketball on his finger as you worked.

“Hey, do you know the answer to problem 12?” you asked, sighing frustratedly as you got the wrong answer again.

Warren chuckled, letting the ball fall into his hands. “I am not good at math. I have no idea.”

“Maybe Jean would know,” you murmured, twisting your pencil between your fingers in thought.

“Trouble with math?”

You looked up to see Peter standing over your shoulder, his usual cocky grin on his face.

“Maybe. I just don’t understand how to solve this problem. Do you know?” you gave Peter a hopeful look. Peter shrugged.

“I got out of school a long time ago. I forgot all about math as soon as I left, sweetheart,” Peter quipped, grinning. You heard a huff from Warren at the nickname, rolling your eyes at the young blonde mutant.

“Very helpful, Peter,” you said, blowing out a frustrated breath. You wrote down the beginning of the problem for the like hundredth time, but no matter how you looked at it, it just didn’t make sense.

“I swear to God,” you muttered, erasing the problem viciously.

“Hey, you’ll get it,” Peter said. “You’re smart.”

You quirked up an eyebrow at him. “Am I?”

“Yes. And rather beautiful, may I add.”

You shook your head at his antics, Peter running off in a silver streak soon after.

“I can’t believe him,” Warren muttered.

“What?” you spun around to face him, biting your lip at the scowl on Warren’s face.

Wait a minute, are you jealous?” you asked incredulously.

“No,” Warren said, refusing to meet your eyes.

“Come on… You know I wouldn’t leave you for Peter, right? He’s like ten years older than me, it’d be weird,” you said. Warren shrugged, his wings ruffling at your words.

“You can tell me,” you said, resting your chin in your hand. “Are you jealous he was flirting with me?”

Warren didn’t answer, but a blush slowly crept up his cheeks, betraying him.

“You know you are,” you grinned, noticing his red cheeks. “Just tell me.”

“Come over here and make me,” Warren said, his voice growing rougher as he spoke, sending a thrill of tingles down your spine.

“If I must.” You got up, walking over to your boyfriend with slow, deliberate steps. You put your hands on the arms of his chair, leaning in close. Your nose bumped his, his breaths becoming uneven as you looked him right in the eye.

“Are you jealous?” you asked again. Warren sighed. “Maybe. He always flirts with you, I don’t know…”

“That’s just Peter. He flirts with everybody.” You leaned in, letting your lips brush his lightly. “I only flirt with you.”

“Really?” Warren gave you a quick kiss, you pulling away quickly. Warren pulled a disgruntled face as you did.

“I’ve gotta finish my math,” you apologized.

“Well, hurry up. I’ll be in my room,” Warren said, flashing you his trademark smirk. You felt your cheeks heat up. God, did you love him.

You turned back to your homework, that one problem staring right at you menacingly. And man, did math suck.  

Calvin X Reader - Distraction - Chapter 2

A/N Hey guys! This took me forever to write so I hope you enjoy! Requested by anon.

Chapter 1

The bell sounded, causing you to look up, having been laying your head in your arms, eyes shut, and trying your best to nap. You stood, watching as the students around you began to pack up their bags and walk out of the classroom, chatting up a storm.

Being new to this school, you didn’t know near enough to take this first test, so Mr. Myers gave you the option to take the test if you were confident, or stay quiet. You chose the latter, having little to know knowledge on the subject, especially since you and Calvin’s last study session didn’t go quite as planned, since you spent hours talking about yourselves rather than world history.

Though you were glad that you had the entire period to sleep, you felt groggy as you stood, slinging your backpack over your shoulder, and looking back at the desk behind you, a lanky boy passed out in the space.

Rolling your eyes you put your hand on his shoulder and shook him lightly but got no response, just a small murmur from his sleepy lips. Looking at the boy laying there, face wrapped in his arms, you wondered if he had gotten any sleep the night before, seeing he was out cold.

You shook him a few more times to no avail, before finally banging your fist on his desk and calling his name in a final attempt to wake him up, “Calvin! Wake the fuck up. It’s time to go!”

Quickly, the boys head shot up, looking from you to the empty desks around him. At the realization that the school wasn’t under attack, and the world wasn’t ending the boy calmed, letting his body relax, and flashing a glare in your direction.

“What the fuck, [Y/N]? I was sleeping good.” Calvin whined, reaching his arms behind him to stretch out his aching limbs.

You rolled your eyes, and flashed a sly smile, “Well I’m glad you slept good, but its time to go. Did you even finish your test?” you asked, realizing  how the boy had been sleeping much like you, though he had a test to take while you didn’t.

Calvin shrugged, looking done at the paper that had been smashed under his face, the test slightly wrinkled.

“I mean I took it, but I didn’t know anything.” Calvin confessed, standing up, and slinging his book bag over his shoulder.

You gawked at the boy, watching as he picked up his test and walking over to the teachers desk, where he set his paper on top of the stack, you trailing not far behind him.

“You didn’t know anything?” you repeated, shocked by the fact that Calvin didn’t know a single thing about the topic he had been studying for weeks.

Not a week prior, the messy haired boy had taken you to the library to study, and though not much studying got done, you were still surprised to hear that he actually knew nothing about the topic he was supposed to be helping you with.

Following right by his side, Calvin lifted his shoulders in a shrug, walking out of the classroom and into the busy hall, students walking in every direction.

“I thought you were supposed to be helping me that day in the library. How could you help me if you didn’t know anything?” you asked, still perplexed by the situation.

Calvin looked from the hallway in front of him to his side, anchoring his attention on you as you spoke.

“I don’t know. I thought you were cute and you looked confused. Thought I could get to know you or something, I guess.” the boy explained, his face slowly drifting into a light smirk.

You face became hot and you looked to your shoes as the two of you walked towards the building exit, Calvin pushing open the door for the two of you. Though you had some idea of how Calvin felt, it caused your stomach to spin hearing it from his own mouth. You hadn’t known the boy for very long but still even after the first day you knew the brown eyed boy and you clicked.

The two of you walked in silence for a few moments before Calvin stopped in his tracks, causing you to walk forward a bit before looking back at him, in confusion.

“What’s up, Cal?” you asked curious as to why the boy had stopped.

“Do you want to go get some ice cream?” the boy asked, seemingly out of the blue, “There is an ice cream shop no to far down the road.”

Calvin, looked at you with a hopefully look, a smile plastered on his face, overly excited about spontaneous ice cream.

Though you wanted to spend time with Calvin, you thought about the homework you had for your math and health class, face dropping at the thought.

Calvin noticed your shifted in mood and frowned as well, grabbing your hand and swaying your arm in a desperate attempt to swayed your decision.

You took your free hand and pushed a stray piece of hair behind your ear, looking away from the boy now in thought, “I don’t know, Cal. I have a lot of homework, and I just don’t think I have the time.”

“Common, [Y/N]. It’s hot and ice cream sounds so good.” Calvin whined, puckering his lip in a pout, acting as if we was a child trying to persuade his mother into buying him a toy.

You sighed, knowing that Calvin knew you couldn’t say no to him when he acted this way, and though you did have homework, you decided it could wait, just as long as you didn’t stay out too long. Your homework would just have to wait till later.

You sighed having given into the boys begging, mumbling a barely audible “fine”, causing Calvin to physically jump in excitement, his mouth curling into a wide smile.

“Let’s go!” Calvin cheered, pulling you by your hand down the long sidewalk outside of your school.

While you walked, you looked at Calvin, the smile never leaving his face, your hand wrapped in his. Though you had only know the brown eyes boy for a short period you already felt as if he was one of your better friends at this new school. When you had first transferred you were worried you wouldn’t make any new friends, it being in the middle of the year and everyone having already established there friend groups. But Calvin made that fear disappear when he had begun to talk to you, taking you to study, and continuing to pursue a friendship even after. You were just flattered that he even took the time to get to know you, seeing as little to no one else had even bothered.

“So what kind of homework do you even have?” Calvin asked, drawing your attention back to him.

You looked from the sidewalk in front of you, to the boys eyes that starred back at you questioningly.

“Some math and a project for health, I think,” you explained, swaying you and Calvin’s conjoined hands, as you ambled along, regret sliding off your tongue, “I really wish I had started that project sooner, honestly. Its due tomorrow and I didn’t start till last night”

Calvin chuckled to himself, looking to his feet as he walked, his headphones beginning to hug up his neck, “Procrastination is my bitch. I know all about that.” he admitted with a smirk.

You laughed lightly, nudging him to the side in a playful manner.

As you continued walking, the two of you finally approached a small building which looked no bigger that a single room with a sign hanging that read, “Izzy’s Ice Cream”

“Is this the place?” you asked hesitantly, releasing your hand from Calvin’s and approaching the ice cream stand.

Calvin nodded confirming your assumption and followed you to a small window in the stand that was just big enough for you to see inside.

When you looked in you saw lines of what seemed like freezers and a few tins that were filled with clean ice cream scoops. As you continued to scan the area your eyes soon fell on a figure standing in the back of the shop in front of a cash register.

Before you could call to grab their attention the figure whipped around to reveal a small woman who looked to be in her late 60’s seeing as her hair was graying and wrinkles were painted across her face. Her attire also screamed old fashioned as she sported a plain printed dress, covered by an apron, spotted with small faded ice cream cones, and short heeled shoes.

As she approached, the sound of her heels clicking as she walked across the tiled stand, you looked outside the shop to see a large poster that named every type of ice cream the shop served, pictures accompanying each name.

“Hey y'all, I’m Izzy. What can I getcha?” the woman sang with a thick southern drawl.

You looked to Calvin, his eyes plastered on the poster. He seemed to be thinking deeply, his finger placed on his face as he thought before smiling and looking towards Izzy.

“Could I get a scoop of birthday cake ice cream on a normal cone?” he requested, teetering on his heels as he stood, looking into the woman’s gleaming eyes.

Izzy nodded before turning towards you a smile still plastered on her face.

“Um, just a scoop of strawberry ice cream please,” you decided before stammering, “Oh! With sprinkles on top please.”

Izzy nodded again before turning her back to the two of you and walked over to a freezer in the back, grabbing a ice cream scoop as she made her way.

As you watched the woman do her job, you felt Calvin nudge you causing you to look at him, a smile spread across his face but his eyes still locked on the shop.

“What?” you questioned, eyebrows narrowing as you chuckled.

Calvin just smiled wider before muttering, “Loser, likes sprinkles.”

Your face dropped before you processed what Calvin had said, causing you to hit him playfully.

“Yeah and you like birthday cake ice cream. Who’s the real loser, here?” you bit back, a smile dangling on the corner of your lips, and your arms crossed across your chest.

Calvin just smiled back, rolling his eyes before turning to see Izzy approaching the counter once again, but this time with two cones in her hands.

“Here, you go love birds. I hope you enjoy.” Izzy chimed, and hands a cone to each of you, in exchange for a handful of money from Calvin.

You grinned back at the woman, a light blush creeping upon your cheeks before turning around and looking out into the road behind you, a small parking lot separating you from the on coming cars.

You brought the ice cream to your lips, sticking out your tongue for a taste test. As your tongue met cold cream the flavor overtook your mouth and you couldn’t help but lick at the dessert a few more times before looking to Calvin, who also had his face engulfed in ice cream.

The sides of Calvin’s tipped up in a smile, licking his lips, removing the remaining ice cream that surrounded his mouth.

“You hear that [Y/N]? We’re love bird.” Calvin teased, putting his mouth back to his ice cream as he chuckled.

You laughed along with him, still blushing from the woman’s statement. Though you and Calvin weren’t together you still felt like there was something there and though you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, ‘love birds’ did have a nice ring to it. You had only known Calvin for a short period of time but still, you felt as if he could be something more than a friend, even if it was just for a short while. You could use a presence like him in your life.

“You wish,” you muttered into your cone, continuing the joke.

Calvin just rolled his eyes once again before taking his hand in yours and beginning to walk back towards the school, occasionally bringing his mouth back to his cone.

As the two of you walked, it was silent but comfortable, and you couldn’t help but take the opportunity to look at Calvin, and notice things you wouldn’t have the chance to on a normal day. You noticed how his hair framed his face perfectly around his hat, how broad his figure was compared to your small frame, and how his nose pointed to the sky as if he were an elf, your eyes scanning him up and down. Taking the time to notice the small things really made you feel things for the boy that you couldn’t say you’d have the ability to feel for anyone else, and you wanted to take full advantage of that.

You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard Calvin say your name, it sounding so much prettier out of his mouth, causing you to look up at him, diverting your attention away from your half eaten cone.

“Do you think we could do this again sometime?” Calvin asked, licking the side of his cone as the ice cream was starting to dribble.

Your heart jumped at the offer and you turned to him, with a toothy smile and exclaimed, “Of course! This was really fun. Maybe one day I don’t have homewo-”

You cut yourself off as you felt a drip of water hit your forehead, causing you take your hand away from Calvin in attempted to rub the moisture from your skin, but moments after another drop replaced the first.

Before you could get a word in inch wise, the drops almost instantly began to fall at a constant rate, catching both you and Calvin off guard. You looked at the boy, a face spewing disbelief, the two of you now standing in the middle of the rain.

“Great.” is all you could mumble, before trying your best to cover yourself from the drizzle, pulling your 15 pound backpack over your head, in a poor attempt to save your hair.

Calvin just laughed as he watched you struggle, putting no ounce of effort into staying dry, just letting the rain fall upon him, a smile spread across his damp face.

Feeling there was no way you could shield yourself, you gave up throwing your backpack over your shoulders and looking at your now mangled cone, having been covered in rain water and previously you mauled by your mouth.

“Fuck it,” you deadpanned, through the ice cream into a near-by trashcan that sat outside a news paper stand.

“Come on. Lighten up, [Y/N]. Don’t let a little rain ruin your day.” the brown eyed boy urged, approaching you slowly.

As he walked up to you, you could feel your breath hitch in your throat, his eyes looking from your eyed to your lips. Only inches from your face, your body becoming stiff. The boy bend down a bit, leaning his head forward towards your ear, a smirk resting between his cheeks as he did so.

“Bench is base. Your it.” Calvin muttered to you, tapping your shoulder before dashing off, dropping his cone as he ran. You stood still for a few seconds, jaw having dropped in disbelief.

Looking in Calvin’s direction you saw him stop running and look towards you, motioning with his hand for you to follow.

You smacked your lips and began to run after him, splashing in new formed puddles, as you ran down the sidewalk towards the boys, looking towards the sky as the ran hit your face.

Watching you catch up, Calvin turned around once again and sprinted back into a full speed run, his backpack hitting his back every time his feet met the pavement.

Though you were still far behind you could feel yourself gaining ground, and this only motivated you to run faster though you could feel your lungs beginning to burn, and your muscles growing tired.

Once your school came into view you noticed you were only a few yards away from Calvin and he noticed as well, seeing as his head was propped on his shoulder, looking back at you, his expression scared.

You could see the benches now, closer to the boy then ever before, your legs burning and close to giving out, but still you pushed on. Just as you felt yourself about to be within arms length of him, Calvin turned, cutting through the court yard towards the benches, leaving your arm extended but now nowhere near him as he touched the first bench and turning around to watch you slow to a stop.

“I’m safe!” Calvin cheered, expelling and inhaling air rapidly.

Both of you now stood in front of the benches, both breathing heavily, and soaked from head to toe. You could feel your hair clinging to your face, and could see it on Calvin’s, his exposed hair drenched, and pressed to his forehead in every direction.

You let out a breathy laugh, before putting your hands in front of you, proclaiming defeat.

“Okay, okay. You win.” you confirmed, blinking a few drops of water from your eyes, a smile never leaning your face.

“What’s my prize then?” the brown eyes boy asked, smirking lightly. You thought for a moment but had little time to think before Calvin continued, “A kiss?”

Your stomach twisted as Calvin spoke, and you could feel yourself burn fire red, watching as Calvin approached you once again, his eyed diverting slowly from your lips to your eyes, his own filled with desire.

Now only inches from your face, he began to lean in, his eyes floating shut, as well as yours. Just as you pushed yourself onto your tippy toes you felt your lips meet Cavlin’s and him kiss you softly, taking a hand and holding one side of your face for support. The word around you became a blur as kiss deepened and the two of you stood in the pouring rain, Calvin moving his lips in rhythm with yours, before you moved your hands to Calvin’s jaw. Your hands resting there, feeling the wet tips of Calvin’s hair brush against them, as the two of you held your lips together.

After a few seconds you felt Calvin pull away and your eyes fluttered open to meet his soft brown ones, a light smile on his face, and a blush across his cheeks. The two of you stared at each other for what felt like hours though only seconds, before you felt a harsh buzz in your back pocket that caused you to jump.

Quickly, you yanked your phone from your back pocket, to see “mom” plastered on the screen. Instantly panicking as you read the name, you slid your finger across the scream and brought the phone to your ear.

“Hey mom… Yes I’m at school… With Calvin…” You spoke slowly, looking down at your shoes and placing your free hand to your lips where Calvin’s had sat just moments ago, “I know… I’m sorry. I’ll get going right now… See you… Bye.”

Once you pressed the large red button on the screen, you looked up at the boy in front of you and shrugged, your mouth now slanted in disappointment.

“Hey, I gotta go. Mom’s order, but I’ll text you tonight.” you explain to Calvin, shifting your book bag on your back.

“Alright. Well see you tomorrow,” Calvin huffed with a slight wave, “I had a really good time.”

You nodded turning your back to the boy, before looking back for just a moment longer, looking at the boy before rushing up to him and placing a light kiss on his lips, lingering for a few seconds before pulling away and looking into Calvin’s soft eyes.

“I did too. Thanks for the ice cream by the way. We should do that again sometime.” you suggested before smiling lightly, and walking away from the boy and towards your parking spot, in the large school parking lot, nothing more than Calvin and how his soft lips fit perfectly together with yours on your mind.

I Can’t Loose You - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Request: Yaaaay thank you💖 So Isaac and the reader are like besties and they spent most of their time together (the reader is a human btw but she is like a genius and she is part of the pack) and she is talking to Isaac about life and stuff and he says “honestly I don’t think I’m ever falling in love” and stuff like that how love is a waste of time and like that haha and the reader is like “sure Lahey, I wanna see you later with somebody” joking but deeply hoping he is lying bc she has a massive crush
Part 2 haha: a massive crush on him (but she plays it cool) and one day they are walking around the woods doing some spy work and being awesome and she saves Isaac from getting stabbed or smt but she gets hurt, like really bad and Isaac takes her to the hospital and stays there with her (she passed out while bleeding) and she wakes up after some time and everything is back to normal but now Isaac as actions all weird in school (I’d love you if the reader says smt like “of course I’m in school…
Part 3: …just bc I almost bleed to dead doesn’t mean I’ll miss school”) and the reader basically kidnaps Isaac before getting to lacrosse practice and they go to a classroom and she starts questioning him for his odd behavior and he is like “you almost die how do you want me to act? You are my anchor and idk what I’d do without you, you are the one who keeps me sane, in that hospital i almost lost you, I’m sorry but I’m in love with you…” And a lot of fluff about how much they are in love

A/N: ok… So this was a MASSIVE REQUEST but it was WORTH IT, so, I took my time to do this the best as possible. Hope you like that!

WARNINGS: the word “shit” and some ortography fails :)

MASTERLIST (updated)

You are in your room, Isaac laing on your bed with some textbooks and pens. You are sitting on your chair desk while writing some stuff on your planer. Isaac just stares at the ceiling and he doesen’t say anithing. “You okay?” You ask. Since you two were little kids, Isaac and you were besties. Always playing together, laughing,… The thing Isaac don’t knows is that you had a Massive Crush on him since high school. He made a really big change. You never say that to anybody because you were afraid of ruining your friendship with him and also, you didn’t wanted to ask him because, who knows, hecould send you to the friendzone and that would be awkward and sad. “Yeah, everything okay, just, thinking” he says without movng his eyes, that they were staring at the cieling. “Bout’ what?” You say. He is your best friend, probably he had a problem or something, and, we know, Isaac Lahey is really shy when it comes to feelings and confessions… He takes a deep breath and says “I-I don’t know, future things in general I guess” “Like what?” This wasn’t studying, but you wanted to know. “Do you thing you’re going to fall in love and that stuff?” you blush, the thing you wanted to say was ‘of course you idiot! I been falling for you since freshman year!’ But of course, you shuted up and say a simple “I don’t know, do you?” to response.  He looks at you and says “No, I don’t think so.” “Why do you say that?” You ask “Cause honnestly, I don’t think I’m ever falling in love” you wanted to cry and eat ice cream, like he just broke up with you. Now you knewed taht you didn’t have any chance to be with him, since he didn’t love anybody. Before, you thinked that you could have some chances wiht him, since every girl who wanetd to flirt with him, Isaac didn’t wanted to, you thinked that maybe he was waiting for someone special. But now, now you have a clear mind and idea of his love life. you try to play cool and you ask “But why do you think that? Because there’s no cute girl in high school doesen’t mean that you couldn’t fall in love for someone later.” He continues staring at you and he sits correctly, since he was laying on the bed. “I don’t know, I just thing love is a waste of time, you are always thinking about that special person, and valentine’s day? Oh, valentine’s day, all material stuff.” He was talking with a really serious tone, so, you didn’t think for a moment he was lying, but of course, you couldn’t know that since you weren’t any supernatural stuff. “Sure Lahey, I wanna see you later with somebody” you joke and smile at him. He looks at you and moves his eyebrow like he was thinking. Ater some sconds of awkward silence, you decide to cut that off and you say “Anyways, what about if we study for the test of tomorrow? Well, if you study the test since you were doing anything.” He smirks and comes to the desk and you start studying.
You help Isaac for the test that you guys haved tomorrow and when he understands the lesson, he leaves, but, before leaving through the window he waves at you and say a “See ya”. It was tomorrow, test day! Great. (It’s, it’s not great) the only thing that was great, it was the fact that it was friday. You get up et ready eat breakfast,… And you leave. You go to the school inside Stile’s jeep since he is your neighbour and, he had a car. While you two make the way to the school, you decide to talk after some minutes of silence “So, um… You ready for the test?” You make a fake smile “W-what test?” He makes a surprised face looking at you very quick but then looking again to the road “You know, maths test?” His jaw drops and he slaps a hand on its face “Crap.” “You didn’t remembered the test Stiles? It’s really easy, you’ll see, it’s just that homework we had a week ago, but with diferent exercices.” You try to calm him down “the thing is, I also didn’t made that homework…” “Oh,” you didn’t know what to do, so you shut up “By the way, are you and Isaac a couple yet? Cause I see that boy every day leaving out of the windowof your room…” You put a horrified-face and you start to blush. “What? He doesen’t come everyday, he just comes mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, tuesdays and thursdays has lacrosse trainings” you said that like if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Oh, of course, I’m sorry ms.Lahey” he teases and you hit him (jocking) in the arm “Oh c'mon, we’re just friends mr.Martin” you tease “Hey!” “Okay,okay, I’m sorry” you smile and you two make the way to the school. After the last bell rings, you go directly to isaac’s locker to wai for him. Two minutes after, he arries and says a “Hey, rad for the pack meeting?” “Oh, crap, i almost forgot that!” You say. Today was friday, and like every friday you had pack meetings… Cooooool. (It’s, it’s not cool) isaac and you go together walking to scott’s and start the pack meeting. “Okay guys, so, we have to go to the woods. Again.” Scot says like a total true alpha (okay that was a lot srry) “Ok, so, with ho are we going today?” Isaac asks while he puts his scarf “Oh, wait scarf-boy, we still need to make the plan” stiles says with a sarcastic tone and isaac just ignores him, he is used to that. “I found some hunters, and they are killing every werewolf that they found, so we must be carefull.” Scott says with a worried tone. “Perfect. Now, with who are we going?” Isaac asks again “why do you care so much?” Lydia asks him “well, cause last time i needed to go with stiles, and, well, he runs really slow. I needed to be behind him al the time. We arrived the last ones.” Scott starts to think and you decide to interrupt “So, what if I go with you Isaac? I mean, I am in the track team, i run faster than stiles, and stiles can stay with lydia at the car while they wait for us. And you scott, can go see the 'boss’ of that hunters and kic his ass” everone was staring at you with a surprsed face. “Wow, next time can she be the alpha?” Stiles ask but everyone ignores hi and the pack start getting ready. The pairings were: isaac and you, scott alone, and stiles and lydia. You arrive at the woods and everyone starts etting ready. While you and isaac start to walk in the woods, searching for the hunters, an arrow flies and hits a tree that was really close to you and isaac. You two turn around and see two hunters that wanted to kill you two. Isaac’s eyes glow yellow and with a swift movement his claws appear from his hands. You start to fight one, and isaac the other. When you finally kill him, you see isaac that he continues fighting the hunter so you o help him. While you go, you see that the hunter has arrows with wolfsbane so you decide to take his bow. He was really quick and before you could do anything he shots an arrow to isaac. You run as fast as you can for saving him, and you did, but the arrow stabbed your stomach. You start to see everything blurry, the only thing you hear is Isaac yelling at you but you don’t understand what he says cause of the eco that is in your mind. Isaac brings you to the hospital, now unconscious from what happened. After hours of surgery, eerything should be okay. Youa re resting at the hosital bed and isaac is watching you, tears falling from his face while he is sitting with a chair next to you. Next day (it was Saturday), you wake up and the first thing you see is a sleepy isaac lahey sleeping on the chair. You wake him up and you ask with a really soft tone “What happened?” Nothing but one second right after you say that, he opens hs eyes and he puts a surprised face and he doesen’t doubt but hug you “I-I was thnking i was about to loose you Y/N” he says with a broken voice. “Well, you see me here” you smile at him. Next monday you were really successfully healed and evrything was back to normal, well, not everything, Isaac Lahey wasn’t back to normal. When you guys had class together, he never seated with you, at lunch he never was next to you, and stuff like that. He was acting really distant and weird. The last class of the day was economics with coach. Right after you enter in the class coach stops you and he asks you “What are you doing here Y/N Y/L/N?” “I-I’m going to class.” He looks at you with a surprised face and he says “Wait are you in school? Afetr what happened the other day? I heard that from the news or something” “Of course I’m in school, just because I almost died doesen’t me I’m not going to the school…” “Wow, you’re a surviver. It happened the same at me once.” He tells you. The class starts and as always, Isaac doesen’t talk to you.
The class finish, but before leaving, isaac, isaac lahey talks to you for the first time. “Y/N, today we have an extra training at Lacrosse, I’m not going to your house today. Sorry” he wasn’t even loocking at you, he was loocking at the floor like a little kid. “Sure”. Before he could go downstairs to the locker’s room, you take his arm and push him towards the first empty class you see. You close the dorr and you stop him from leaving. He seats on a table and starts playing with his fingers. “We need to talk Isaac” you say while you cross your arms. “About?” He asks ike nothing happened “Look, I just want to know why do you never sit, talk, or be with me because I’m getting tired of this shit” “You almost died, how do you want me to act?” You’re hallucinating “um, i don’t know isaac, like you care?!” You started getting really mad “Are you serious right now Lahey? Cause I swear-” “You almost died there Y/N, you’re my anchor and i don’t know what i’d do without you. You’re the one who keeps me sane. In that hospital I almost lost you, I’m sorry but I love you” he was standing up when he was saying that and you didn’t know how to react. You walk towards him and you kiss him. When you just press his lips against his he throws his lacrosse back at the floor and he puts his hands on your cheeks. You move your hands, one on his neck and the other making the way to his perfect blond (kinda) curls. “Do you really need to go to the freakin’ lacrosse practice?” “Nope” “Good” that was one of your best mondays. At the end of all maybe he was actually waiting for someone 'special’.

-Hope You Liked That! Request Are Open <3-

the problem with calculus

aka heads or tails short #2

summary: It was going to take me a lot more than a few minutes to figure out this problem, wasn’t it?

pairings: ervia brotp, jellalvia brotp, jerza, minor gruvia. mainly brotps.

sidenote: dedicated to hotrodren​ , happy birthday mom!! s-sorry i meant to finish this last night but i saw a picture of chris pratt and got distracted for like four hours forgive me mother for i have sinned. (i wanted to write something way cooler but im a nerd so pls accept this as your birthday pres)

I gave my forehead a much needed kneading. Why were headaches always specifically targeted to parts of my brain? Right now I had a killer migraine, but only right above my right eye. Is this what cancer feels like?

My inner questioning was interrupted by my computer buzzing. Erza was calling.

I clicked answer and her fuzzy (but still beautiful) face appeared on my screen. Her long red hair was tightened into a low ponytail, but she had flyaways mingling outside of the hair tie and she still looked like an absolute queen.

“Help meeee,” she demanded, making an unpleasant face and whining.

“Ugh. With what?” I asked, doodling in my science workbook casually.

“Calculus!” She interjected. Of course. Calculus was something I was surprisingly good at (I mean, as far as being ‘good’ at calculus went, I was no Steven Hawking, but I could bring home the bacon).

I searched for my calculus notebook before my computer buzzed again. Guh. Jell-lame wanted to join our conversation. I hit accept and his face appeared.

“What’s up?” He asked. His hair was matted down and he looked like he had just taken a swan dive into the public pool.

“Please tell me that’s not sweat.” I begged, retrieving my notebook and flipping to the page where my assignment was supposedly written (if I had even done it yet, of course).

“Nah. Just took a shower.” He informed. Gross.

“Hm. What number do you want help on, Erz?” I asked absent-mindedly. My notebook was messier than usual, about half of the problems were done, and towards the end you could tell that I had started to run out of steam and the letters had become garbled and nonsensical.

“32.” She requested, leaning over her computer like she could somehow see my notebook through the screen. It’s a damn good thing she’s hot.

Huh. I hadn’t done that one yet.

“Just give me a second.” I said whipping out my textbook and squinting at the problem.

My mind wasn’t exactly into the calculus either. I’m pretty sure my mind was on permanent vacation on Gray Fullbuster Island. He was literally all I could think about and it made me want to give myself a total frontal lobotomy with my purple correcting pen.

I began writing some stuff down in y notebook from the problem. I heard myself sigh. It had been only a day since I’d spent the night a la casa de Fullbuster and I still couldn’t throw my mind into some other gutter. I mean – geez, one guy can only be so interesting, you know?

I looked down on my paper and realized I had written ‘Gray Fullbuster’ in the area where I usually show my work. Fuck.

“Juvia? Are you done yet?” Erza asked impatiently.

“For god’s sake Erza – I’m doing Calculus, not microwaving  hot pocket. Chill.” I drawled, erasing Gray’s name in a rush and directing my focus back to math. Math. Math. Meth.

See? Already distracted.

“Ugh, Erza, why don’t you get some nerd to do your homework for you?” I moaned, sinking my face into my calc book in defeat. Math had won.

“Because you explain it better.” She said, in a duh tone that made my want to reach through the monitor and strangle her with her long, luxurious ponytail.

“Yeah, but you could just go up and seduce a nerd. Easy.” I pointed out. Jellal looked momentarily confused.

“And how would I go about doing that, genius?” Erza snarled.

“Oh come on, all you’d have to do is walk right up to some extra-credit snorting asshole, give their arm a touch with your boobs and you’ve got them on a leash for life.” I informed, like an asshole.

“Whoa – people are getting titty-tapped?” Jellal asked, Heh. That’s funny, I’m totally calling it that now…

“Nobody’s getting titty-tapped.” Erza said sourly, ruining the groupchat mood.

“I wanna get titty-tapped,” Jellal volunteered himself, curiously peering at us through the monitor like we were handing them out, free of charge.

“I wish I could just…reach right through the computer…” Erza mocked a strangling motion towards Jellal. He looked less than guilty.

“Oh hey, Juvia, I forgot to ask – why’s Lucy so pissed at you?” Jellal asked, the juicy bit of gossip obviously making its way throughout the school right about now.

“I indirectly sabotaged her relationship with Natsu. No biggie.” I answered. I wasn’t going to lie to them, no good had really ever come from me doing so.

“Ah.” He responded dryly. “I see.”

“Shut up Jellal, I need answers!” Erza screeched, shaking her computer so it looked like San Andreas paradise down at Erza’s place.

“Yeah Juvia, get crackin’. That calculus ain’t gonna do itself.” Jellal took Erza’s side instantly, turning to me to tame his monster of a girlfriend.

“I will shut this computer.” I threatened. Neither of them took me remotely seriously.

“Shut up and work your goddamn nerd brain!” Erza successfully booed. Of course. I love my friends.

“Work it! Work it!” Jellal chanted, proving to distract me even more.

“God, would you two shut the hell up?” I asked, annoyed. They just laughed, god, they are honestly such turdfucks. I can’t believe I actually put up with them.

“Hey, oh! You’re going to state on Friday, right?” Jellal asked, his attention span not nearly big enough to contain a teaspoon of salt.

I felt myself grin nonetheless. “Yeah. My dad got so excited – he went all out, we’re staying at a hotel and everything.”

“Fan-cay.” Erza commented, forgetting about the calculus as well. “I wish  could go, my parents would never let me skip anymore school though,” she said, referring to the fact that gymnastics took up a lot of her school time already.

“I might be able to go, I just gotta convince my dad.” Jellal said. Erza looked slightly horrified.

“What? No! You can’t leave me all alone!” Erza yelled. Jellal smiled a having the upperhand, I imagine that doesn’t happen much when you’re in a relationship with a woman like her.

“Erza, god, you need to stop being so clingy! I know that you need me more than I need you, but-“

“Oh, just shut up, dingus!”

I smiled. I really wished I could have a relationship like them someday, one where you ca aimlessly joke till the cows come home, or just stay home and cuddle all day. Fuck these two idiots. They don’t realize how good they’ve got it.

“Juvia? Did you hear what I just said?”

Huh. Nope. Too busy dreaming of Gray Fullbuster, dripping in chocolate.

“Hm?” I asked, indicating that I had not been listening even in the slightest bit.

“I asked what your prom plans were. I heard Lis was gonna try and have a party at her place, well it’s Elfman’s party technically, but still. Are you gonna go?” Erza repeated.

Oh yeah. I had forgotten all about prom.

“Um…maybe, I don’t know. You?” I cursed myself a second after asking. Of course they were going! Jellal was freaking out about it last week…I wonder if he’d asked her yet…

“Well, yeah, I mean, Jellal’s taking me.” Erza brushed off. Jellal looked a little bit terrified. He must not have asked her yet.

“You still have to ask me, by the way.” She reminded to Jellal. He let out a sigh f relief and nodded. I wonder if he was gonna go with my dirt box idea.

“…Did you figure out the calculus problem yet?” Jellal inquired, probably just to grind on my nerves.

“Wha…of course not, you dingy moron, I’ve been talking the whole time!” I defended.

“Nobody gave you permission to talk!” Erza said hotly.

“Nobody gave you permission to be a bitch, but you seem to be taking to that just fine!” I shot back, rather proudly. I could be hilarious when I wanted to.

“This just in; Erza being a bitch?  The answer may surprise you, tonight at nine.” Jellal reported, holding a comb up to his mouth like it was a microphone.

“Shut up – both of you! If I don’t figure out this problem, I’m gonna rip my own hair out!” Erza moaned.

“Well god forbid – Erza, you’d look terrible as a bald person.” I said as I began actually working on the problem.

“She’s right you know. I’d still love you, though.” Jellal teased. Erza turned redder than her hair and I almost puked my guts out. They weren’t allowed to be cute on my time.

“Ok, I know how to get the answer for this problem, just give me a few minutes to actually get the answer,” I updated, Erza’s face brightened significantly.

“Thank god, Juvia, I was beginning to think you weren’t contributing anything to this friendship circle.” She said. I felt a little bit offended, fake offended of course.

“What? I am the epicenter of this friendship circle, dammit!”

“You wish – obviously I’m the epicenter.”

“Shut up, Jellal, nobody asked for your opinion.”

“Ouch. Rude.” Jellal said to his girlfriend.

It was going to take me a lot more than a few minutes to figure out this problem, wasn’t it?

At least you don't wolf out

Request: 2Don’t you get it? I want you not her!, 14Your Jealous, Liam Dunbar :)

Pairing: Liam x Reader


I had a free period so I waited in the library to pass some time. My boyfriend Liam was supposed to be here but he ditched me again. I was kind of used to it, all though the week he’s been ditching me for Hayden. I had nothing against the girl but it made me upset that he canceled everything we had going on just for her.

As I was reading up on some supernatural things, the bell rang meaning I had to go to my next class. I started heading to my locker. As I opened it and started to switch out my books for my next class, out of the corner of my eye i see Liam leaning against the lockers next to mine.  

“Hey I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the library, I had to help Hayden with some math homework.”

I let out an exhausted sigh, “Of course you did” I said slamming my locker and started heading for my next class. I felt a tug on my wrist making me turn and see Liam, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know Liam, why don’t you ask you new fucking girlfriend” I saw trying to turn away but he puled me back, “Wait, that’s what this is about? Your jealous”He stated smugly.

“You know what? Maybe I am. You would be to if I ditched you all week to hang out with someone” I tried keeping my voice down so I wouldn’t cause a scene.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry about that”

I cross my arms, “So now you say sorry, your a little late Liam”

“Y/N what the hell do you think? Do you think I’m cheating on you or something?” I stayed quiet, but that’s all he needed to get his answer.

“Oh my god! Y/N, Don’t you get it? I want you, not her!”

“Really?” I ask. He nodded. and hugged me tight, “I’m sorry for being jealous, I should just talked to you about it”

“Its fine. At least when your jealous you just yell, unlike me who wolfs out”He said making us both chuckle. “I love you”He whispered in my hair, “I love you too”

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A/N:Sorry its short, I hope you like it. I’m just so tried of doing number 2 prompt.  *Gifs not mine*

Anon prompted: Klaine + “I brought my new kitten to school hold her please while I kick this guys ass.” please and thank you! :) 

 Blaine had found her on the sidewalk. He had been late to school as usual, casually strolling along whilst smoking a cigarette – it was herbal one, but no one needed to know that. He had been thinking of that math homework he hadn’t done, wondering if that nerd kid would let him copy in break again. That kid was such a dork. Came in in the weirdest outfits and always seemed nervous around Blaine. Most people were, but this kid just stuttered whenever Blaine asked him to copy the homework. It was kind of flattering, Blaine decided.

Just as he was trying to remember what nerd kid had worn the last time they spoke, Blaine spotted a kitten, lying down in the heat. She had been meowing at him, almost like she was begging for help. This had happened to him once before, with Cooper. Cooper had found an injured kitten when Blaine was seven. Blaine had been in awe at his brother as he took it home, their mother calling up the animal shelter. Seeing this cat makes Blaine think of that, of how this kitten probably needs help as well. It can’t be good for the animal to be out here in this heat. Blaine is sweltering under his leather jacket, and this kitten has no water. Forgetting his bad boy image, Blaine scoops her up, planning on giving her water once in school. Then he can dump her in the hallway or something, so someone else can ring up the animal shelter for him. He can’t look too caring after all.

The gates are locked once he arrives at school, and going through reception will earn Blaine another detention once they see he’s late. Shrugging, he walks round to the parking lot, jumping over his usual spot in the fence, taking care to bring his kitten with him. Once in school, he sits down on a bench, buying a bottle of water from the vending machine before pouring some out for his cat to lick up. She’s thirsty and Blaine feels like a god person for once, taking care of his cat. Sitting back, he lazily strokes her until the bell rings, signalling recess.

Scooping the kitten back into his arms, Blaine guards her from the other students. They don’t come near him anyway, thank god. If they did Blaine would only tell them to fuck off, like he’s done so many times before. But today’s different. He’s hunched over, stroking Kitty – that’s her name now- when someone approaches him.

‘Um, err, Blaine?’

Blaine recognises the quiver in that voice. Looking up he sees nerd kid- Kurt- he remembers.

‘What do you want?’

His voice is more threatening than he means it to. He tries to give a slight smile, hoping the kid won’t run off. He’s wearing red pants today. The hug him nicely, he notices. They show off his figure.

‘Erm, well. I-I just thought you might want to be reminded we had homework for math class?’

Kurt blurts it out, reddening.

‘Huh? Oh, yeah- can I copy?’ Blaine adds as an afterthought.

Kurt already has his folder in his hands.

‘Here,’ he smiles, handing it to Blaine. ‘Just-just make one or two answers different, yeah? That way no one will know.’

Blaine nods at Kurt in appreciation. He’s about to go back to seeing how Kitty is before someone calls out to him.

‘Hey! Blaine, what you talking to the faggot for, eh?’

Blaine looks up sharply. Seeing it’s Rick, some hockey kid with a crowd of his usual followers behind him, Blaine bolts to his feet.

‘Hold my pussy,’ he orders Kurt, handing the shocked boy his cat.

Leaping over to Rick, he slams Kurt’s math folder down on to him, alternating between whacking him with the folder and throwing sharp, well aimed punches. Kurt’s standing back, half in awe, half in humiliation. Blaine looks so strong, so powerful like this. But there’s a sinking feeling in Kurt’s stomach. The reason Blaine’s doing this is because he’s embarrassed, he thinks. He’s embarrassed to be seen with Kurt.

Eventually, Blaine’s got Rick in a hold on the floor, sat on his stomach whilst roughly pinning him back down every time Rick tries to move.

‘Don’t you ever, ever, say that,’ he spits, taking pleasure at the way his saliva sprays on to Rick’s face, making the boy grimace. ‘Don’t-‘ Blaine throws another punch. ‘Call-‘ and another one. ‘That. Kid. A. Fag.’

Blaine’s definitely not gay. And he definitely doesn’t watch gay porn. He also definitely does not have six gay porn mags stashed under his bed. He just doesn’t have much time for the word ‘fag.’

Adding one last punch in for good measure, Blaine gets to his feet, walking off and trying to hide a smile as the school looks after him in shocked admiration. When Blaine gets back to Kurt, he holds his arms out, cradling back his cat.

‘Thank  you,’ both Kurt and Blaine say to each other in unison. And then Blaine feels a very embarrassing, unwanted flutter in his stomach. Turning away to hide his blush, he has a slight realisation.

Bad boy, leather wearing, fight starting Blaine has a slight crush on nerd kid. On Kurt.