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regardless of whether or not she is able to regenerate, it’s gotta be a little traumatic to see your bird mom get stabbed through the chest. He canonically had flashbacks about it. I know this is way back in the beginning of season one but I can’t stop thinking about it I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT BIRD MOM

(Psst also Square Mom and Purple Mom)

  • Theater kids the week before the show: This whole damn show is going to shit. The leads don't show up to rehearsal, nobody knows their lines, not one person has bothered to listen to the soundtrack at home. Don't even bother coming to the show it'll be a waste of your money it'll be a major fucking disaster
  • Theater kids the week of the show: It's coming along really great! This show is so much fun, and we can't wait to finally reveal all of our hard work to everyone! I can't wait to see you there I'm sure you're gonna love it :)

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So I just started dating this amazing girl. We've only been together a month or two now but I have fallen more in love with her than I ever have with anyone. Trouble is she lives 8 hours away. I'm working on seeing her soon but both our home situations are rough right now and I don't know if it'll actually happen. I want to tell her because we both want and need to see each other so badly but I don't want her to be sad when it likely doesn't happen. Help out your local young LDR lesbian??

I’d look into buses or trains depending on where you live. I didn’t even realize that was a thing. But they’re cheaper than flights and you save wear and tear on your car. Might be something worth looking into! It really allowed me to see my gf more frequently!

That voiceover by Hubby #2 gave me goosebumps, so quick reminders

- Michael never manipulated anyone into doing anything they didn’t want to do. What he manipulated was the outcome of what they did. 

- Michael never pretended to like anyone he abhorred, no matter what he needed from them. Not for one second did he pretend to have a pinch of respect for T-Bag or Bellick or Abbruzzi or Tweener. 

- Michael cared deeply – for people, not about winning. When he cried over Westmoreland dying, that wasn’t manipulation (in fact he almost put his own escape in jeopardy). When he tried to save that guard’s life, he wasn’t manipulating anyone (again, in fact, putting their escape in jeopardy). When he let Tweener into their escape plan, it wasn’t because it would benefit him (it actually harmed the escape), it was because he felt guilty. When he saved Sara’s life during the riot and almost got himself killed, it was because he cared for her.

- Michael struggled to or straight up refused to manipulate those he cared for deeply. He gave Westmoreland the cat with no strings attached except hope (Westmoreland ultimately decided to help because of his daughter). He could’ve taken the keys from Sara when he kissed her but he didn’t because he couldn’t. He couldn’t disguise a real kiss as manipulation.

- When Michael asked her to leave that door open, it was out of desperation. It wasn’t manipulation because he knew she liked him enough to do so – his real manipulation had already failed and this was all he had left.

What the show is trying to do is very clever – trying to make us believe that Michael is a genius sociopath, really – but let’s not forget that we know better. There is no one who feels more deeply; no one whose motivations and intentions are purer. He was not cold, he was not two-faced; he was not obsessed with winning

He may have changed in the meantime but back then, when Sarah knew him, he was nothing like the man Jacob was describing.


That 70′s Show + Instagram || Because they totally had Instagram in the 70′s.

It’s 8 AM and Mello has been awake since 5:30, as usual. He’s been busy around the apartment, tidying and such, and is currently filling a basket with dirty clothes. Why Matt feels he can undress anywhere in the home is a mystery to Mello but the fact that Matt leaves the clothes there is just aggravating. But as Matt slumps into the hall, his bare feet dragging on the carpet, Mello can’t help the smile that tugs at his lips.

He passes by him with the basket balanced on his hip and presses a kiss to the freckled cheek. And just like every morning, without fail, Matt says one of Mello’s most favorite things.

“Why don’t you kiss someone your own pretty?”

His voice rumbles with sleep and his eyes are still partially closed; he doesn’t see the grin on Mello’s face or the tinge of red on his cheeks.

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Hiii I was wondering if you knew when Dunkirk promo was gonna be? I'm hopefully planning to take time off work so I don't miss it (I've been waiting like a year to see Harry give film interviews and joke with his castmates)

i’m not sure what’s typical, tbh. sorry

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Could I have some positivity for a widow who's never gonna find her canonmates?

Amélie, my dear. I’m certain your canonmates are out there somewhere! I know sometimes it can be discouraging when you send out call after call with no response, but there’s many different blogs, and I’m sure at some point someone who remembers you will see one! I waited a good month and some for some of mine, and it was well worth it. Keep your head up, dear, I promise it will all work out in the end.

独り占めシリーズvol.4 『閉ざされたエレベーターの中で…
独り占めシリーズvol.4 『閉ざされたエレベーターの中で…

 独り占めシリーズvol.4 『閉ざされたエレベーターの中で……
Hitorijime series vol.4 Tozasareta Elevator no Naka de…..

CV: Tsuda Kenjirou

This CD was recorded with a dummy head mic. Headphones on!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Ichijou Touji is the chief director of a lingerie department. One day, he personally invites you to join his team to become his main lingerie designer. Ichijou hopes to sell the lingerie on an international market with your designs because he believes that you will exceed his expectations. Also, he prefers a young, cute designer rather than a scary looking veteran designer (LOL). And so, you say yes to his offer, thus, making him your boss (^_−)☆

After deciding that you’ll work with him, he invites you for dinner. He takes you to his favourite restaurant, and watches you eat while he drinks & smokes. You take this opportunity to get to know him. You ask him why he chose to work in the lingerie department and he replies “It’s simple. I like women’s bodies.” You’re quite disappointed with his answer and so he explains a little bit more. I’m not going to translate word for word because orz, this will turn into a novel again, but basically he’s saying that like in Christmas time, you get excited about opening your presents and seeing what’s inside. And so for him, a lingerie is like that. Taking off a woman’s clothes and seeing the kind of lingerie she is wearing, is sensual and beautiful. Also, something about the kind of lingerie a woman is wearing also affects how she presents herself (eg. boosts confidence, posture, etc). He tells you that you may not fully understand with just words and should experience it with your heart and body ಥ‿ಥ . Then he proceeds to flirt with you by moving in closer and takes a look at your face and says you’re cute. \(//∇//)\ You tell him to stop teasing you and he replies “Im not playing with you. Im always serious. I don’t just say it to anybody. I just really think you’re cute. Right now, you’re the only girl I think who is cute”. Then he wraps up the evening and says that you both should go home, “Otherwise, I might kiss you and take you somewhere else. Or did you want me to really take you with me?” [askdkalgfgjsdkjg he’s only teasing but jfc dummy head mic \(//∇//)\]

Moving on to next scene. You finished making rough sketches and was about to show it to him but he kept getting work-related phone calls in a no-phones-allowed room so he suggests to move to an empty meeting room. You go with him, bringing your rough sketches but he doesn’t bring his phone saying, it will just disturb the two of you, so voice mail will pick up any message. You both ride the elevator, he talks about how lately, the elevators seem to malfunction. Apparently, someone was trapped inside the elevator for 1 hour the other day. Then you hear this loud sound, stops, then the elevator resumes. He teasingly says if he’s alone, he would certainly get off and switch to another elevator. But since he’s with you, he’s more than willing to be trapped in the elevator ( ̄▽ ̄) You get out of the elevator without problems this time.

Inside the meeting room, he looks at your rough sketches and says ‘they’re not bad but it’s the same as your other works’ ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ He steps out for a minute and when he came back, brought a set of lingerie from the warehouse. He shows it to you and explains why he likes this certain product. It’s quite a daring kind of lingerie and the size seems just perfect for you. He can tell your size even with clothes on! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) He hands it over to you and tells you to change into them in the meeting room. He says this is work-related and since you said you want to break out of your own comfort zone, you have to do this. If you don’t, he wont help you anymore and just let you submit roughs until he gets satisfied with the design. And so, you decide to let him help you. He tells you “You better change into those lingerie fast because this meeting room will be used by another chief director in 30 minutes” (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

And so you change. He comments on how your body is perfect, you don’t need to go on a diet because model-like bodies aren’t comfortable to hug [aslkafkalhfaf]. Then he says “Even though you’re a lingerie designer, you don’t seem to know how to put on a brassiere properly?” then…he moves closer and helps you with fitting the bra. He notices that you have marks from the previous bra you were wearing and comments that it probably didn’t fit your body well. He’s making arrangements on the bra you’re wearing [if you’ve ever had a bra fitted on you by a professional, you’ll understand that some touching is involved lol]. You’re starting to breathe hard while he explains things to you [Oh god, who wouldnt..TsudaKen is talking very close to the mic and in a low tone AAAHHHHH]. He teasingly asks whether you’re nervous or aroused \(//∇//)\ [whew…fanning myself at the moment], and you can’t stay still lol. “Don’t tell me, you’re feeling something just by being touched by me?” [He’s really teasing you, whispering in a low voice close to your ear at this point] “Your skin is beautiful, it’s smooth and clear, if I leave a hickey, it’ll definitely stand out…” Then he continues to calmly explain how to wear the bra properly as if none of that teasing happened…he explains that while your designs are good, there’s something missing, and you know it too. So he compares it to the one he just made you wear, pointing out that this lingerie is quite daring. If a woman wears this, she’d somehow feel daring too. And that’s what’s missing from your designs. Adding ribbon/lace on the lingerie, you have to think about who’s gonna see it when the clothes come off, to bring out your partner’s desire/lust when he sees you in that lingerie. He uses you as an example. You’re wearing a nice and proper suit on the outside, but a daring lingerie inside…that’s very beautiful for him, seductive. He’s talking in a sensual manner then goes back to normal talking, making you snap back to reality ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)  Meeting is finished, he tells you to wear the lingerie for the rest of the day.

Going to towards the elevator. He comments on the change that the lingerie made on you. You looked cute before but now you seem more matured, even the way you walk is different. He whispers in a low voice that you look sexy and it’s seducing him. Elevator arrives and you both go inside.

-This is the audio sample track-
While he continues to whisper in your ear, the elevator suddenly stops.

“Oops. *sigh*..this again. It doesnt seem like it’s going to move….but on the other hand, this might be a good thing. In this narrow elevator, it’s just the two of us. Wont you feel the thrill of being like this here?” *small laugh*

“Even if you give me that 'Please stop it’ expression, I dont feel like stopping. Rather, I feel like Im being invited even more..Am I wrong? Hmmm? But then if you really mean it, your face should be pale by now…your’s turning red, you know. The nape of your neck too…because your skin is so clear, you easily turn red when you’re aroused…I wonder about your chest…is it turning red too…why don’t we take a look. If you really don’t like it, you should resist more or else, I’ll start unbuttoning your blouse…’ *unbuttons*

'Now I see it…you’re half-heartedly covering it…maybe I’ll unbutton everything….your body is getting hotter…hey..why? It’s your body…it’s not like you don’t know, right? The truth is, you’re feeling aroused by being touched while inside this elevator…furthermore, it’s in the middle of the day…your co-workers are still working…Do you want me to stop? Then maybe I should stop…it’ll take a while before help comes though…the emergency button is connected to the control centre too, doesn’t that put you at ease? Hmmm? What’s wrong? Weren’t you the one who wanted to stop? Or did you change your mind? You have that 'I dont care anymore’ look on your face…You want to step into an unknown world, but you’re scared. But if you go back now…you’d still want to know what would’ve been in store for you, right?…You’re’s’s not scary…nobody knows..not even you…try showing it to’re the only one who can make a choice…you can press that (emergency) button and we’ll go as if nothing happened…or you want me to teach you various things you don’t know..Is that so? Good girl…the more you get embarrassed, the more it will feel good…’ [THEN IMPLIED SMEX HAPPENS. ಥ‿ಥ]

-end of audio sample track-

Then the elevator finally opens. He tells the elevator staff that he’s fine, but he’s rather worried about you but it’s not something worth calling the ambulance for [LOL bad Ichijou xD] And so he takes care of you while getting out of the elevator. He tells the staff to fix the elevator. "How are you feeling? You really went through something in there, eh ( ̄▽ ̄). I’ll tell the bosses that it’s ok for you to go home today. Here, give me your bag..because you’re embarrassed, you unconsciously turn away from me…I can see the hickey on the nape of your neck…it cant be helped if it’s somewhat uncomfortable..a woman’s beauty shows when she is tensed…bear with it until you get in the shower, ok? Well, can you walk? Grab on to my arm. I hope your next design will be something that would make me happy…one that will fit your cute bodyline…when that is finished, I’ll give you some love once more ಥ‿ಥ.  Next time, where and how do you want it? Think about it while you’re working on your designs.”

Free talk. TsudaKen says that while his character is a cruel guy, he has fascinating side too, like his passion for his work and he’s probably popular at work. He’s never worked at a company before so he wonders if things like that really happen. And if it does..he thinks it’s erotic! (LOL) Doing it in the elevator….lol. Using the dummy head mic, he can act to the fullest and it was easier to do the recording. Then he teasingly whispers again lol. He thanks the fans for listening to the CD. He’ll be happy if this CD tickles your ear (as in eargasm www).

Thoughts on this CD: To be honest, something in my head was screaming 'Umm this is workplace sexual harrassment, right?’ but at some point, TsudaKen made me forget that. The 'you’ in the CD seems to like him, so I understand that they tried to create this tensed environment and at the same time, you’ll feel that the there is already a mutual sexual attraction right from the first meeting. I like that Ichijou didn’t just leave you after that elevator adventure and really took care of you. Tsuda Kenjirou really pulls off his character effortlessly. It’s obvious that these kind of seductive lines are his forte. What’s amazing in this CD is, there are no kissing sounds, no moaning. It’s just pure teasing lines and yet, this sounds soooo sensual! Probably one of the sexiest drama CDs I’ve ever heard. If this was r18, it might’ve been too much for me to handle because LOL, TsudaKen’s voice acting was soooo good in this! The script was quite good too and I enjoyed the sexual tension that Ichijou creates when he speaks then suddenly goes back to talking about work, like it snaps you back to reality! This might be my favourite TsudaKen drama CD for now ( ´ ▽ ` )b

Recommend or not? I absolutely recommend this CD!! But since there are no kissing or moaning sounds, those who can understand Japanese are more likely to fully enjoy it because all that teasing comes from the script and the way TsudaKen says it!


‘I was slightly intimidated bcos [Alex’s] a DW veteran; but everyone kept saying ‘you’ll love her’ and that proved to be the case.’ - Peter

'I was nervous [about working with Peter]… I looved Peter Capaldi’ - Alex

“Seeing Peter, who is very held, start to go [emotional], and then I was [telling myself] you can’t go, you can’t go” [THoRS]”

“Fuck you, Peter”

Lmao yeah sure, only yaoi fangirls ship mikayuu, keep telling yourself that, obviously brothers, I’ll let you cling to the hope

  • Dipper: Fu - what do you want dammit?
  • Dipper: ... What else?
  • Bill: Nothing rEEEEally... JUST uh... *scratches underneath his eye*
  • Dipper: *sits up in bed* What?
  • Bill: It's just that. You know, WATCHING YOU ALL THE TIME and all that but you... you just SEEM KIND OF OUT OF It kid so...
  • Bill: *floats down*
  • Bill: *floats next to his head*
  • Bill: *touches his cheek* What's up kid?
  • Dipper: Wh-What? No, I'm great Bill, I don't... *shifts and continues stuttering*
  • Bill: All-knowing, all-seeing powerful triangle made entirely of power, remember? How about the truth Pine Tree?
  • Dipper: *slumps and mutters* Well, if you're all-knowing, then you should know.
  • Bill: I do, but I think it's best for you to tell me kid.
  • Dipper: ...
  • Dipper: I've always been depressed. Clinical depression, that's what they call it. So... They changed my meds and they just haven't kicked in yet...
  • Bill: Kid, have you seen your thoughts? I think you need something that works, and quick.
  • Dipper: *laughs* It'll work soon Bill, really.
  • Dipper: *smiles* Thanks for caring about me though...
  • Dipper: Hmm... That shouldn't be as reassuring as it feels. *giggles and continues reading*

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cate you know what i would give my soul for a spin off featuring jenny adventuring as a time lady with queerness and a diverse cast (It'll never happen and i don't want moffat near it but a girl can dream.)


rtd could write it since jenny is his character, but i’d like river to feature in it every so often because lady needs a life outside the doctor–moffat does respect rtd so i’m sure they’d be able to work something out

so let’s see

rinko kikuchi as saiko, a soldier-turned-mercenary who meets jenny during a bar fight on new earth and sticks by her side from then on

oded fehr as faris, a 12th century scientist who meets jenny and saiko in baghdad and falls in love with saiko during the adventure

antonia thomas as shareen, who happens to be one of rose tyler’s friends but ends up in jenny’s crew when shareen investigates her friend’s death–at the same time jenny is looking into rose’s history

aldis hodge as lucius, a mechanic who is also a kick-ass violinist

alex kingston as river song, who acts as a mentor to jenny but never tells her that she knows her father

and finally, jessica parker kennedy as persephone, a disgraced princess-turned-space pirate who tries to take jenny’s ship and ends up in her bed (and her crew)

Help Keep Doctor Who Streaming On Netflix!
  • Me: I found out today that Netflix is removing a lot of good BBC series from streaming, starting with Doctor Who. It's one of the reasons I subscribe to your service. What can be done to prevent this?
  • Netflix Brandon : I know, sad day! Well, the content that we stream is all based on being able to get a license from the studios. The licenses that we've had for those programs have recently expired so we're required to remove the content since we don't fully own those shows.
  • Me: So why can't you renew the license?
  • Netflix Brandon: We are always taking feedback. I am happy to let my content team know that we would love to see these programs available again as soon as possible. Trust me, those renewals are always something that we're working on.
  • Me: Yes, please, because there's a big community of subscribers not thrilled at all with this news. 10,000 at last count
  • Netflix Brandon: Trust me, I'm a part of that statistic. With a title so popular, I doubt it'll be away for too long. I just hope we can get that license renewed asap. I've forwarded your input to my team about it as well. :) We appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you feel about the content changes! It honestly really does help!
  • Me: CALL 1-800-585-7265 in the US/ Tweet Netflix @netflix or @netflixhelps / Write on their Facebook page / Sign the Petition:

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It'll never cease to amaze me when ppl come into my work, a DOLLAR STORE, and get upset when I can't break their hundred first thing in the morning and say they don't have anything else. Like? Not my fault you're that stupid to walk in here with nothing but that??? I know they do it bc they can break it without spending hardly anything (I had a lady give me a 100 for a $0.53 purchase once) but they fail to see the flip side of things costing less, which is..... us not having much money

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I just want my art to make people feel as fluffy as I feel when I see your art. Guess I need a little more consistency before that happens but I'll get there eventually and looking at your art really helps keeping me motivated ~ It's so uplifting! \(^//v//^)/

f-fluffy? oh my gosh, thank you, i’m thrilled to know that my art can make you feel that way~ stay motivated, friend, with hard work you can do anything you set your mind to! (just try to have fun while you’re at it haha)