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‘To unpathed waters, undreamed shores’

William Shakespeare

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  • Theater kids the week before the show: This whole damn show is going to shit. The leads don't show up to rehearsal, nobody knows their lines, not one person has bothered to listen to the soundtrack at home. Don't even bother coming to the show it'll be a waste of your money it'll be a major fucking disaster
  • Theater kids the week of the show: It's coming along really great! This show is so much fun, and we can't wait to finally reveal all of our hard work to everyone! I can't wait to see you there I'm sure you're gonna love it :)

regardless of whether or not she is able to regenerate, it’s gotta be a little traumatic to see your bird mom get stabbed through the chest. He canonically had flashbacks about it. I know this is way back in the beginning of season one but I can’t stop thinking about it I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT BIRD MOM

(Psst also Square Mom and Purple Mom)

I don’t really know if it’ll go anywhere yet because I’m definitely still busy for the next few months, but I finally started a Savitar/Len fic tonight and it feels good to get back to writing, even just a little :)

And apparently I was in the mood to write nightmares? It has barely any structure and almost no words on the page but somehow I already wrote two nightmares that’ll go into it.

It’s called “After Hours with Sorrow” and I hope I figure out what I’m doing with it enough to finish it :) 

Fandom fighting…

Me: Have you guys listened to Get Low by Zedd ft Liam Payne? No? Here you go…


That 70′s Show + Instagram || Because they totally had Instagram in the 70′s.

That voiceover by Hubby #2 gave me goosebumps, so quick reminders

- Michael never manipulated anyone into doing anything they didn’t want to do. What he manipulated was the outcome of what they did. 

- Michael never pretended to like anyone he abhorred, no matter what he needed from them. Not for one second did he pretend to have a pinch of respect for T-Bag or Bellick or Abbruzzi or Tweener. 

- Michael cared deeply – for people, not about winning. When he cried over Westmoreland dying, that wasn’t manipulation (in fact he almost put his own escape in jeopardy). When he tried to save that guard’s life, he wasn’t manipulating anyone (again, in fact, putting their escape in jeopardy). When he let Tweener into their escape plan, it wasn’t because it would benefit him (it actually harmed the escape), it was because he felt guilty. When he saved Sara’s life during the riot and almost got himself killed, it was because he cared for her.

- Michael struggled to or straight up refused to manipulate those he cared for deeply. He gave Westmoreland the cat with no strings attached except hope (Westmoreland ultimately decided to help because of his daughter). He could’ve taken the keys from Sara when he kissed her but he didn’t because he couldn’t. He couldn’t disguise a real kiss as manipulation.

- When Michael asked her to leave that door open, it was out of desperation. It wasn’t manipulation because he knew she liked him enough to do so – his real manipulation had already failed and this was all he had left.

What the show is trying to do is very clever – trying to make us believe that Michael is a genius sociopath, really – but let’s not forget that we know better. There is no one who feels more deeply; no one whose motivations and intentions are purer. He was not cold, he was not two-faced; he was not obsessed with winning

He may have changed in the meantime but back then, when Sarah knew him, he was nothing like the man Jacob was describing.

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Hi Wrex! I'm just transitioning from short stories into long form fiction (fanfic), and I keep getting stuck on my draft because I don't feel like it's any good, especially compared with the beautiful stories I see others write. I know I'm supposed to just let go of that, trust that it'll get better with editing, and most importantly, that I will get better with practice. The reason it's difficult is that I'm not sure that's true: I know practice works for art, since it's a physical skill, 1/2

2/2 but with writing it just seems different. Like, what are some concrete ways in which you–or any followers–have been able to improve their writing by practising? A lot of people I see just starting out, often younger than me, are just so good. I’m also more a thinker than a feeler, and maybe to be a good writer, you need to be the latter? Emotion and atmosphere are really hard for me. Anyway, this is like ten questions in one, sorry about that :) Thanks for your inspiring blog!

This is a very good question! First of all, I don’t actually think that’s true about art - I literally just saw a post about the problem with telling young artists to “just practice” without any hint of how to practice. So it’s an issue for both art and writing. Art might have a larger kinesthetic component than writing, but both skills fundamentally involve your perception and judgment, each of which need experience and training to develop.

This more than most is a question I’d like to kick to my followers. But I can tell you two things I’ve done to practice:

1) One thing I do a lot is reread writing I like (pro or fanfic) and try to figure out exactly why I like it. The key here is to stay very technical in my observations and not to get swept up in “well it just makes me feel all these things!” and similar judgments that just make me devalue my own work even more. I try to figure out exactly what they’re doing, word to word. If you’re concerned specifically with emotion, look at a story you like and analyze a paragraph with an eye toward emotion. How does the writer convey the character’s emotions? How often do they even mention emotions? Are they using key emotion-related words? Pick that paragraph apart. Then see if you can extract one little technique they’re using that seems really cool and effective to you and try it out in your own work. Don’t worry if it feels wonky at first. And - this is important - don’t think of that other writer’s technique as “the right way to do it.” Think of it just as a tool you can put in your toolbox. Other writers undoubtedly use different tools, which you’re free to borrow as well.

I mean, look - writing may seem magical, but it’s also highly technical. I have often calmed down my inner freakout of “but they’re all just so much better than I am!” by really breaking things down to a technical level and seeing exactly how my favorite writers are making their gears mesh together.

2) Another thing I do is the exact opposite of this: I freewrite, or as close as I can get. This just means I set a timer for 30 minutes and write literally whatever’s in my brain at the moment. If I’ve got a specific project brewing, I might think about that project and spew out the first things that come to mind, no matter how stupid or irrelevant. Or I’ll ask myself “what do I want for this story?” and crank out an incoherent paragraph of unrestrained wishes and ideas that reads like a six-year-old wrote it. This is actually super hard, because of course my impulse is to judge it all. So sometimes I will do something to distract a part of my attention (music with lyrics usually does the trick) so that my brain just does not have the bandwidth to write and judge what I’m writing at the same time. 

Very often, when I’m done, I’ll just throw this writing away. Or I might save it if it turns out to be useful rough notes for the project. The point is, I wasn’t trying to make it good, so I don’t reread it hoping for it to be good. It’s just an exercise. And the point of the exercise is merely to disinhibit myself as a writer, to gain access to that layer of unpasteurized thoughts, phrases and ideas that I usually filter out when I’m trying to write well. Because frankly, that filter can catch what’s good as well as what’s bad. And the more you filter yourself, the more difficult it is to reach that spontaneous, irrational, interesting part of you that’s purely creative instead of just correct.

It might seem kind of weird that I do both of these exercises: one devoted to removing the filter of judgment, and one oriented, in a way, toward strengthening it. I’m not sure why it works for me, but the two exercises seem to operate in a kind of dialectic. I know that writing is a technical skill, and that one way to acquire good technique is to become aware of techniques and employ them consciously. But I also know that writing has an accidental, unconscious, one might say id-driven aspect to it, and if I spend too much time obsessing over technique, I risk overinhibiting myself. So that’s why I do both, I guess.

Followers, weigh in with whatever you’ve got!

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So I just started dating this amazing girl. We've only been together a month or two now but I have fallen more in love with her than I ever have with anyone. Trouble is she lives 8 hours away. I'm working on seeing her soon but both our home situations are rough right now and I don't know if it'll actually happen. I want to tell her because we both want and need to see each other so badly but I don't want her to be sad when it likely doesn't happen. Help out your local young LDR lesbian??

I’d look into buses or trains depending on where you live. I didn’t even realize that was a thing. But they’re cheaper than flights and you save wear and tear on your car. Might be something worth looking into! It really allowed me to see my gf more frequently!

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she's gonna marry nicole and it'll fit with the dream of waverly going to see her at work but emily will be trolling us because they'll wake up and be like lol i don't want to ever get married Know This

riddle me this y is nicole wearing her police uniform when waverly looks like shes just come back from coachella

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I feel like Elain is going to give Lucien a chance but tbh I don't want a novel/la about it. I kinda doubt Azriel is going to just stopping loving Mor for Elain; Elain is working through getting over her fiance; and Lucien has issues of his own to get over. I would love to see Elain and Lucien work through their problems, and slowly fall in love but I still don't want a novel/la about it bc knowing SJM, it'll be a love triangle that completely overlooks the issues that need addressing.

i have a lot of non-converging thoughts about the theoretical Elucien/ Elriel novel(la) and they are:

1) Again, the most important thing to note is that Everything is on the table because SJM does not give a flying fuck about consistency. I agree that it makes no sense for Az to suddenly abandon his 500-year Mor pine-fest to want to bone Elain, but guess what, Mor being a Surprise Lesbian makes no fucking sense either and it’s canon, so we must theorize with this in mind: we are at the mercy of a writer-god who does not give a  f u c k.

2) That said, SJM clearly does not care for Elain/Lucien/Azriel as a dynamic or even as individuals, at least not even close to the way she cares for Nessian. it makes me worry that if we do get an Elain/Lucien/Azriel centric book, it will be as forced and unedited and joyless as ACOWAR was, whatever the ship-related outcome, and that worries me WAY more than Elriel being canon.

3) THAT said, there is the matter of Lucien’s undiscovered parentage, which is a chekhov’s sperm donor so big that it will be addressed and i really don’t feel it can be in a book where Lucien is not a main character, so I feel that that’s inevitable.

4) THAT said, the only obvious way we might get a lucien-centric novel that is not about the Elain/Lucien/Azriel love triangle would be something concerning Vassa, which, first of all, I hate on principle, and second of all, is totally incongruent with the helion parentage thing– anything with Vassa by default has to spend a huge chunk of time on the continent busying itself with her curse and that wizard who is definitely the weaver and the bone carver’s brother, which i also think is stupid, but now we’re getting off track

5) All of that said, there is really no point in theorizing/worrying about any of this until we get more information. the Nessian book will almost certainly be first, and whatever happens in that will set the stage for whatever Elain/Lucien/Azriel fuckery is to come.

Now that I’m successfully 75% through working on this new story, and as promised

“The 12th Floor” is an upcoming, AU, Emison fic primarily revolving around hardships, choices, friendship, romance, forbiddenness, working relationships, and maturing when you don’t necessarily want to or know how. This work resonates most with “Tattooed Memories & Hidden Stories,” holding true to both genres – drama and romance – with a hint of addiction and depression hidden deep ━ but, unlike TM&HS, Alison is a bit more put together whereas Emily is the character who can’t seem to find herself… and that’ll have to change.

There will be angst and tough calls, crying and yelling, disagreements (even amongst readers), and so forth, but, as always, those hard emotions are opposed by the rewarding chapters, fluffiness, comfort, security, “steaminess,” and silly banter.

We’ll meet up with our favorite on-screen characters including “the core five,” Mona, CeCe, Toby, and some of the parents. Per usual, this fic’s main couple is Emison, whereas Spoby lingers in the background. As far as friendships are concerned, Emily goes hand-in-hand with Hanna and Aria – Toby and Mona being by her side, as well – while Alison is grouped with Spencer and CeCe (and, let me tell you, that’s a trio you don’t want to miss).

If that wasn’t enough of a sum-up for your tastes, here’s the actual summary:

“[AU] Repeatedly, Emily falls into a boring cycle of bar-sitting, hitting on someone new, and waking up to head to Imagi-Vision Ink where she’s worked for years alongside Hanna and Aria. This sequence is broken once she meets Alison at her favorite bar, only to be brushed off. Clouded by their “almost” night together, Emily’s work begins to dwindle - or maybe there’s another reason.”

NOTE: Although I don’t want to give away the ultimate plot, I’ll warn you now… it’s a bit cliché, but so, so worth it. I’m sure quite a few of you can guess as to what it is, but the rest will have to wait and see.

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I feel kinda selfish for wanting to transition because my mom always wanted a daughter (she has 4 boys) and my 3 older brothers wanted a sister and I feel like I'm letting them down but I really want to start transitioning ASAP (like trying to get my doctor to let me on T) but I don't think it'll be possible soon

I understand your feelings and why you’d think that, but don’t you think your parents would rather have another happy son than a n unhappy and uncomfortable (who they think is a) daughter.
I think your parents and brothers will see how important this is. So try not to worry about their reactions until you know you have to 😊

And good luck with working towards getting on T 😊

It’s 8 AM and Mello has been awake since 5:30, as usual. He’s been busy around the apartment, tidying and such, and is currently filling a basket with dirty clothes. Why Matt feels he can undress anywhere in the home is a mystery to Mello but the fact that Matt leaves the clothes there is just aggravating. But as Matt slumps into the hall, his bare feet dragging on the carpet, Mello can’t help the smile that tugs at his lips.

He passes by him with the basket balanced on his hip and presses a kiss to the freckled cheek. And just like every morning, without fail, Matt says one of Mello’s most favorite things.

“Why don’t you kiss someone your own pretty?”

His voice rumbles with sleep and his eyes are still partially closed; he doesn’t see the grin on Mello’s face or the tinge of red on his cheeks.

‘I was slightly intimidated bcos [Alex’s] a DW veteran; but everyone kept saying ‘you’ll love her’ and that proved to be the case.’ - Peter

'I was nervous [about working with Peter]… I looved Peter Capaldi’ - Alex

“Seeing Peter, who is very held, start to go [emotional], and then I was [telling myself] you can’t go, you can’t go” [THoRS]”

“Fuck you, Peter”

  • Dipper: Fu - what do you want dammit?
  • Dipper: ... What else?
  • Bill: Nothing rEEEEally... JUST uh... *scratches underneath his eye*
  • Dipper: *sits up in bed* What?
  • Bill: It's just that. You know, WATCHING YOU ALL THE TIME and all that but you... you just SEEM KIND OF OUT OF It kid so...
  • Bill: *floats down*
  • Bill: *floats next to his head*
  • Bill: *touches his cheek* What's up kid?
  • Dipper: Wh-What? No, I'm great Bill, I don't... *shifts and continues stuttering*
  • Bill: All-knowing, all-seeing powerful triangle made entirely of power, remember? How about the truth Pine Tree?
  • Dipper: *slumps and mutters* Well, if you're all-knowing, then you should know.
  • Bill: I do, but I think it's best for you to tell me kid.
  • Dipper: ...
  • Dipper: I've always been depressed. Clinical depression, that's what they call it. So... They changed my meds and they just haven't kicked in yet...
  • Bill: Kid, have you seen your thoughts? I think you need something that works, and quick.
  • Dipper: *laughs* It'll work soon Bill, really.
  • Dipper: *smiles* Thanks for caring about me though...
  • Dipper: Hmm... That shouldn't be as reassuring as it feels. *giggles and continues reading*

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I just want my art to make people feel as fluffy as I feel when I see your art. Guess I need a little more consistency before that happens but I'll get there eventually and looking at your art really helps keeping me motivated ~ It's so uplifting! \(^//v//^)/

f-fluffy? oh my gosh, thank you, i’m thrilled to know that my art can make you feel that way~ stay motivated, friend, with hard work you can do anything you set your mind to! (just try to have fun while you’re at it haha)

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cate you know what i would give my soul for a spin off featuring jenny adventuring as a time lady with queerness and a diverse cast (It'll never happen and i don't want moffat near it but a girl can dream.)


rtd could write it since jenny is his character, but i’d like river to feature in it every so often because lady needs a life outside the doctor–moffat does respect rtd so i’m sure they’d be able to work something out

so let’s see

rinko kikuchi as saiko, a soldier-turned-mercenary who meets jenny during a bar fight on new earth and sticks by her side from then on

oded fehr as faris, a 12th century scientist who meets jenny and saiko in baghdad and falls in love with saiko during the adventure

antonia thomas as shareen, who happens to be one of rose tyler’s friends but ends up in jenny’s crew when shareen investigates her friend’s death–at the same time jenny is looking into rose’s history

aldis hodge as lucius, a mechanic who is also a kick-ass violinist

alex kingston as river song, who acts as a mentor to jenny but never tells her that she knows her father

and finally, jessica parker kennedy as persephone, a disgraced princess-turned-space pirate who tries to take jenny’s ship and ends up in her bed (and her crew)

Help Keep Doctor Who Streaming On Netflix!
  • Me: I found out today that Netflix is removing a lot of good BBC series from streaming, starting with Doctor Who. It's one of the reasons I subscribe to your service. What can be done to prevent this?
  • Netflix Brandon : I know, sad day! Well, the content that we stream is all based on being able to get a license from the studios. The licenses that we've had for those programs have recently expired so we're required to remove the content since we don't fully own those shows.
  • Me: So why can't you renew the license?
  • Netflix Brandon: We are always taking feedback. I am happy to let my content team know that we would love to see these programs available again as soon as possible. Trust me, those renewals are always something that we're working on.
  • Me: Yes, please, because there's a big community of subscribers not thrilled at all with this news. 10,000 at last count
  • Netflix Brandon: Trust me, I'm a part of that statistic. With a title so popular, I doubt it'll be away for too long. I just hope we can get that license renewed asap. I've forwarded your input to my team about it as well. :) We appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you feel about the content changes! It honestly really does help!
  • Me: CALL 1-800-585-7265 in the US/ Tweet Netflix @netflix or @netflixhelps / Write on their Facebook page / Sign the Petition:

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It'll never cease to amaze me when ppl come into my work, a DOLLAR STORE, and get upset when I can't break their hundred first thing in the morning and say they don't have anything else. Like? Not my fault you're that stupid to walk in here with nothing but that??? I know they do it bc they can break it without spending hardly anything (I had a lady give me a 100 for a $0.53 purchase once) but they fail to see the flip side of things costing less, which is..... us not having much money