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Possible unpopular opinion?

I did NOT see the Stella/Reed scenes as queerbaiting at all.

Maybe this is just me, but trust me you guys, I have seen the worst kinds of queerbaiting and this did not register at all to me as queerbaiting. I believe it is possible they have been considering a possible Stella/Reed hook up since day one, I just chose to ignore it because I didn’t want to get my little queer hopes up. The way they executed the scenes in this episode were very clear that this conversation is not over at all. Both Stella and Reed wanted to take things further, but Reed chickened out at the last minute. That was a normal, in character response to have. It wasn’t the writers chickening out, it was Reed. Besides if Reed HAD in fact gone through with it, Paul would’ve been creepily waiting in Stella’s room, watching them. Personally I’m glad that didn’t happen.

I believe the show established a bisexual Stella Gibson which is HUGE and left the door open for more scenes to come. And if you don’t think Stella was established as bisexual then I would suggest reading a tweet from Gillian Anderson replying to someone asking if Stella was bisexual. She basically said “wait and see.” We waited and we saw. Gillian clearly knows that because of these scenes that she shot Stella can be identified as bisexual, not straight. It’s not queerbaiting if a show is actually following through and showing canon queer characters and/or relationships. Now I don’t know if things will continue romantically for Stella and Reed, but Stella IS NOT straight and to me that’s all that matters.