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Brooklyn Nine Nine High School AU

I while ago I made headcanons of an au where the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine are teachers at a high school, Jake is the English teacher, Amy is the math teacher, etc, which you can read here  if you want, and see the aesthetic of that au I made here. Then I started thinking, what if the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine were STUDENTS in high school? So here’s headcanons of them as students.

• Holt is the principal. Cheddar is the school mascot. Terry is a student teacher who is working towards an art education degree and helps teach the art class and also subs for the gym teacher.

• Jake is a massive prankster. Setting cats loose in the cafeteria on Fish Stick Friday, whoopee cushions on teachers’ chairs, drawing dicks on chalkboards, those kinda things. He’s always saying inappropriate jokes during the lesoons. He’s a pain in the ass to teachers but his classmates love him, he’s the class clown. He sits in the back of the class, throws spit balls. He’s failing math and needs a tutor.

• Amy always sits at the front of the class. Always raises her hand, always gets every question right. Amy overhears Principal Holt complaining to vice principal Kevin how every single tutor in the school quit tutoring Jake Peralta. The boy is simply un-tutorable.

• Amy jumps at this chance. If she can tutor an un-tutorable delinquent, Principal Holt will surely remember her! She offers to tutor Jake, despite the fact that she’s still picking spit balls out of her hair because of him.

• Gina and Jake were best friends since kindergarten. Gina’s the most popular girl in school, but don’t be fooled, she’s not the mean-cheerleader-Regina-George type. She acts like she’s better than everyone else (and to be fair, she kinda is) but she still has a big heart. She was voted class president and got the teachers to allow drinks in class.

• Rosa and Jake met in middle school. They made a plan to flood the bathrooms to avoid taking a huge test. They’ve been friends ever since. In high school, Rosa noticed some kids picking on this nerd named Amy. Rosa put Amy under her protection. “You mess with Amy, you mess with me” and trust me, nobody wants to have a problem with Rosa. Amy does Rosa’s homework to pay her back.

• In freshman year of high school, the school hosted a Halloween school dance. Charles showed up in a cat costume. This big kid started calling Charles homophobic slurs. Jake didn’t like that, and punched him in the face. Principal Holt didn’t suspend Jake for punching a student. Nobody stood up for Charles before. Charles saw Jake as his hero and followed him around all the time. Gina convinced the school that cat outfits were the next trend so everyone would stop picking on Charles.

• Jake and Amy meet at the school library during their lunch period to study. Jake obviously brings a three-course meal with him into the library. They both get kicked out for bringing food into a library. Amy’s super pissed off. They go to the cafeteria and study there. Jake can’t focus. His friends keep talking to him and distracting him. Amy just walks away. She’s frustrated that he won’t study.

• Jake see’s Amy walking away. He runs after her and notices the back of her head. “What’s those things in your hair?” Amy turns around and glares at him. “You should know, you’re the one that does this to me, every single day.” Jake’s heart sinks. He just wanted to have fun and throw spitballs. He didn’t think that about where the spitballs were landing. He didn’t think about the consequences to his actions. “I’m sorry Amy. I won’t do it again.” Amy’s still pissed but accepts his apology. The period’s almost over, but Jake invites Amy to come to his house after school so they can study.

• Gina got caught texting during class so she got detention. Rosa’s in detention, as usual. She’s surprised to see Gina there. She knew Gina was the class president so she assumed Gina was some boring goody-two shoes. “What’re ya in for?” Rosa asked. “My math teacher tried to confiscate my phone and I told him to go shove a ruler up his ass.” Rosa starts cackling. She’s impressed. “Damn, you’re way different than I thought you were.”

• Rosa tells Gina that she’s in detention for the rest of the month for irresponsibly mixing random chemicals in chemistry class and starting a huge fire. Gina only has detention for a week. She spent that week with Rosa, talking trash about their annoying classmates. Gina convinced Rosa to make a Twitter account. After than week is up, Gina pulls the fire alarm to get back into detention with Rosa.

• “Why’d you pull the fire alarm?” “So I can see you again.” Gina and Rosa both excuse themselves to go to the bathroom. They hook up in the bathroom stall. They’re girlfriends now and they’re unstoppable. More kids at school start coming out as gay/bi/pan/etc because they saw that the most popular girl in school, Gina Linetti, isn’t afraid to be herself. That gave them the strength to come out.

• Amy arrives at Jake’s house. She looks around and sees pictures of Jake and his mom, but no dad. Jake tells Amy that his dad left him when he was young. Amy puts her hand on Jake’s shoulders. “Oh, Jake, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that.” Jake tells her that it’s fine, it happened a long time ago, he’s over it now.

• Amy spread her books and worksheets on Jake’s bed. Jake climbs on the bed and sits next to her. Amy shows Jake an equation and instructs “Show me how to solve for x” then Jake bursts into tears. “HOW CAN I FIND X WHEN I CAN’T EVEN FIND MY DAD?!?!” Amy doesn’t know what to do except pat him on the head. Jake calms down. “I’m sorry you had to see that.” Amy gives him an understanding nod.

• They try to study but Jake can’t seem to focus. He keeps getting distracted. “I’m sorry. I’m trying hard. I really am. People think I don’t try, but I do.” Amy’s heart sinks. She always thought Jake was just lazy. But he was reading the material and trying to solve the equation as hard as he could. He just couldn’t seem to pay attention. Amy has an idea. She orders Sal’s pizza. Every time Jake gets an answer correct, he gets a bite of pizza. Jake perked up. He loved pizza. He wanted his reward. It took some time but he finally got an answer correct and gobbled up his bite. “Are you proud of me?” Jake asked, his eyes widened. Amy gave him a high five. “So proud!” It made Jake so happy to finally hear that.

• Jake tries to solve another equation and the answer he gets is only a decimal point away from the correct answer. He asks Amy to still give him a bite of pizza. Amy shakes her head. “Nope. You didn’t get the correct answer. You didn’t earn this pizza.” She pushes the box out of his way. Jake grabs a slice out of the box anyways. “Hey!” Amy grabs the slice out of Jake’s hand. Jake bounces on top of Amy and tries to grab the pizza out of her hand. They both wrestle around the bed for a few seconds and start laughing. Jake’s literally ON TOP of Amy right now.

• They stop wrestling and just look into each other’s eyes. They’re both panting from all that wrestling. Jake drops the pizza out of his hand. He leans down and presses his lips against Amy’s. Amy closes her eyes and kisses him back. Jake pulls back. Amy says “That was great and all, but you’re still not getting your pizza.” Jake groans. “Damnit!” Amy laughs. They keep studying. Jake’s starting to get the hang of this. He’s getting more questions correct, which means more bites of pizza.

• There’s one question left, the short answer question. The hardest question on the worksheet. Jake asks “If I get this question correct, will I get a whole slice of pizza?” Amy has a mischievous smile. “Oh you’ll get something better than a slice of pizza.” Jake gets excited. “TWO slices of pizza?!” Amy rolls her eyes and tells him to just solve the equation.

• Jake finishes solving the problem, Amy looks over his work to see how he did. Amy glances over his paper, then suddenly knocks all the textbooks and papers off of the bed. She pushes Jake onto his back and climbs on top of him. She runs her fingers through his hair and kisses him. Jake wraps his arms around her back and kisses her back. After a minute of making out, Amy pulls away. Jake asks her, “So I got the question right?” Amy winked. “Nope.”

Something Like That pt. 3

Here I am. Back at it with the Klance Spider-Man AU. 

(Part 1 here!) (Part 2 here!)

Word Count: 2220

“Isn’t that Keith’s older brother?”

Lance looks up from his locker and follows Hunk’s pointing finger to spot Shiro frantically talking with the school principal. He tilts his head with a ghost of a frown as he watches Shiro wave his hands about, doctor’s coat shifting about from where it hangs just to his knees.

“He seems upset,” Lance comments as he closes his locker and starts forward to see if he can sneakily listen in on the conversation. He and Hunk cross the hall and move toward a set of lockers closer to the two men and discreetly lean over to get a listen.

“All I’m asking is if you can contact any of his friends to see if they know where he is!”

Lance turns toward Hunk with furrowed brows before the two go back to listening.

“I wish I could help you, Mr. Shirogane, I really do, but I never see Keith talking with any of the other students.”

“You mean to tell me my brother is missing and there is not a single person here you can ask?”

Lance and Hunk slowly back away and cross the hall back toward Lance’s locker. Lance folds his arms over his chest and frowns deeply at Hunk. “Keith’s… missing?”

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New ‘Do Pennywise x Reader

Pennywise  x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Can you make a fanfic where it’s the first few weeks of the relationship and Pennwyise sees the reader with unflattened/natural hair and think she’s a different person breaking into her house? Like her hair is curly now and it wasn’t before whaaa???

Warning: None

Note: So I actually sort of went through something like this. Without my friends knowing I got at least 10 inches of hair cut off and dyed it red so everyone at schook wass so confused when I tried talking to them who I was! Even my own boyfriend XD! Enjoy!

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You groaned as you woke up to the sound of your alarm clock blaring yelling at you to get up. You groaned and slammed your palm down on the stupid thing silencing it for a little.

Just as you were dozing off again the stupid alarm blared again and this time you slammed your fist down on the snooze button to get it to shut up. You decided it was useless to go back to sleep and sat up your hair all over the place.

You groaned and stretched before slumping forward and idly scratching your face like a zombie. You cracked an eye open before opening both allowing them to adjust to the sunshine coming through the window.

You focused your attention to the clock and jumped when you noticed that it read 6:00.

You were supposed to be leaving the house at 6.

You cursed instantly awake as you ripped the sheets off of you and rushed around the house slipping your pants on, changing your shirt, and of course your hair. Everyday you used a straightener to straighten your hair but not today.

You only had time to brush your hair before you were rushing out the door wrapping some toast in paper towel. Sure enough when you arrived to your work at a local bakery your fellow employees were looking at you strangely like they thought you were another person.

Even regulars thought you were new!

Was not straightening your hair for one day really that much of a change?

Thankfully the bakery was slow so you had time to reminisce about your new boyfriend Pennywise. Yeah I know what your thinking. Pennywise is such an odd name for a guy. Well, Penny is actually not a guy.

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Succeeding in Math... When You’re Bad at Math

Disclaimer: This post is targeted towards people who are working towards earning math credits to graduate and will never again have to use math after they finish that one, last class. 

  • Figure out what math courses you need to graduate and be accepted to post-secondary. This ties into what I said in my disclaimer! I’m guaranteeing that there are some math courses you need to take to graduate, so get them out of the way first. Also, research the program you want to do in university and college and make sure there isn’t any required math courses that you have to do! You don’t want to lose out on your top choice of program because you didn’t get the prereqs. 
  • Try and get really good at simple questions. I personally find that the easiest way to get marks on tests is to ace the easy, one or two step problems at the beginning of the test. Being good at these simpler questions will make up for the marks you might lose on word problems or more intense questions. 
  • Don’t skip anything on a test. Most teachers will give part marks for trying, especially if you show that you at least vaguely know how to do the question. Even if you know you can’t get the right answer, just write something! 
  • Figure out the steps for longer problems. This technique was literally my saviour last year when I was bombing math. I couldn’t figure out how to do word problems easily, so as soon as I figured one out, I would write down the steps I used. Memorizing that made it so much easier for me to solve a problem without having to really spend a ton of time thinking about it first. There is an example of this here: (x).
  • Remember definitions and formulas. For those of us who are more language based, memorizing definitions can be a great way to earn easy marks on tests. Also, depending on the level you are at, just stating the formula can sometimes be worth a mark. If you can get 5 marks from definitions and formulas, you’ve basically just earned marks without doing any math at all… and that is fantastic. Also, memorizing formulas is pretty much mandatory anyways, so it will help on more than one level. 
  • Do all of your homework. The more practise you have, the easier it is! I know homework for math can be really tedious, but it helps so much. It will help you get really good at the simpler problems and also help you show your teacher that you actually care about the class. 
  • Prove to your teacher that you’re trying. This is so crucial for those of us who are not going to succeed in math no matter how hard we try. Ask your teacher questions from the homework, and they’ll see that you are doing the homework. Ask questions in class to show that you’re paying attention and want to understand. This is how I scraped a 70 in math last year even though I probably deserved a 60… My teacher knew I was trying and helped me out. 
  • Come in for extra help. This connects to my last point, because it shows that teacher that you care. Its also a lot easier to understand the material when you can have one on one time and go a lot slower than in class. Also, you can ask specific questions from the homework that you might not have had time to ask for help with in class. 
  • Get a tutor, if needed. Last year, I refused to get a tutor because I thought it meant I was stupid and couldn’t do it on my own… which is a huge regret!! Getting a tutor doesn’t mean you’re stupid and will help you so much. 
  • Consider switching classes if you can. This is another regret of mine. Last year, I didn’t need to be in the highest level of math because I intend to study arts, but I stayed in the class anyways (again, because of my weird sense of pride). Switching down to a lower level or switching to a different teacher is a great option for success if the course isn’t mandatory. 
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Request: an anonymous:A Derek Hale imagine with him and pregnant reader? Him being super over protective

Paring: Derek • Reader

Summary: Y/N is 6 months pregnant and Derek has Liam and Mason watch her while she’s at school. When she’s home Derek is right by her side not leaving it.

A/N: I hope you enjoy the imagine and I changed the set up of my imagines. ENJOY!

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Sense8: Avengers Edition- Chapter One

Avengers x Reader


Summary: You were one of eight. The eight of you are one. There was T’Challa, the Prince of Wakanda. Tony Stark, heir to a billion dollar company.  Bruce Banner, boy genius. Natasha Romanoff, a girl from Russia who went to a really weird school. Thor, who was a prince of another realm called Asgard. Clint Barton, a boy who ran away to the circus-a circus that wasn’t really a circus. Steve Rogers, a man who was frozen in the Artic.  And then there was you- a girl who only had to think of a place and then they would be there. All eight of you hadn’t met in person- but that was all about to change.

Message- Here’s chapter one! This is about the reader meeting all of the other characters! Sorry if it sucks!!

Word Count- 994

Warning- child abuse- towards the reader and bruce banner

The first time it happened was when you were 11. You were in your room and then you felt a sharp pain in your stomach. So you closed your eyes and then you were in another place. That wasn’t unusual for you-since you could teleport but you hadn’t been trying to. That’s when you see the boy- he’s probably about 15 years old and he’s getting kicked in the stomach.

“STOP, STOP doing that!” you scream and the boy looks up at you with a shocked look on his face. But the man keeps kicking him, as if he can’t hear you. Eventually the man gets tired and stumbles away to what you assume is his bedroom. You run over to the boy. “A-are you okay? I’m sorry I didn’t know what to do! He wouldn’t stop when I screamed, it’s like he didn’t even hear me!”

“‘So-kay. Who are you?” The boy slurs out.

“I’m Y/n. Who are you?”

“Bruce.” The two of you sit in silence as Bruce tries to catch his breath. Eventually he does. “How did you get here?” Bruce asks. But before you can answer you are back in your bedroom.

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it might not really seem like having only male teachers or lecturers in STEM subjects can be that big a deal, but it’s like when you finally get that one woman, like maybe once a year, it’s honestly so inspiring. this year i had one female physics lecturer out of 10 throughout the year (none for maths) and every lecture of hers i went to it honestly felt so good just to see another woman being passionate about a subject i care about

it just makes such a difference. i can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the fact that i had a female physics teacher in school i wouldn’t be doing my degree in physics. and men just don’t get that. they can’t see how it’s a disadvantage because they have no comprehension of what the world is like for us.

I have a learning disability known as dyscalculia, it’s a form of dyslexia, except rather with it being with reading and writing, it’s with numbers. 

This doesn’t mean that I am awful at maths and that this is an ‘excuse’, this is an actual learning disability that quite a lot of people suffer with. Most of the time, I suffer really badly from this, leading me to completely not comprehend what has been taught, and even with the simplest method possible, I will not be able to understand how to do simple arithmetic - so a lot of the time I have breakdowns at school, mostly in class, and at home.

From my time here on the studyblr-verse, I have seen zero posts on how to study with dyscalculia, and I know for certain that I am not the only person who stuffers from it here on the studyblr community. So here’s a handy post to help you guys study if you suffer from dyscalculia, or if you’re generally finding it hard to study maths. 

Use colours

Without a doubt, using colourful pens (and my Mindliners, too) help me get through my revision. I tend to stick to two colours when writing out my methods and keywords (blue for methods, pink for keywords), and if I know for certain that I am going to forget something majorly important I highlight it. For me, colour helps me remember and understand - say if I was in a maths test and I came across direct proportion, in my studies I would have written down that the formula is y=kx and I would highlight it in blue (every subject has a specific highlighter, it’s just helpful for me in exams), so when it came to the exam and a question said “what is the formula for direct proportion?” instantaneously I would nknow what it is because ‘direct proportion’ would have been written in pink, and following that would be the formula, which would have been highlighted in blue. 

Basically, my entire maths notes looks like a rainbow has thrown up on it, including parts of my chemistry, and physics notes. And because you have used colour, it will allow you to think back at that specific key term/method/etc. This really helps me understand what’s going on with my revision, and it lets me keep up with the class. 


Flashcards are my bestriends when it comes to revision. It can quickly let me flick over the methods that I may not fully understand. Flashcards can let me revise whenever and wherever I can, therefore optimizing my revision, and it saves me from lugging my mahoosive folder around. Flashcards are awesome for helping me understand maths, and it has helped me get a semi-decent grade in maths. 

Past papers/getting extra work

 I am determined to get a good grade in maths, so I am always asking my maths teacher for extra work, past papers, etc, so that I can get used to the style of questions and the level of difficulty. I also get my maths teacher to mark all of my extra work to see my progress through the various weeks leading up to topic tests, etc. It also helps me for when I do mock exams, and the real GCSE as I won’t freeze up in the middle of the test not doing anything because I would have an understanding of most of the topics. 

I understand that some of my methods may not suit everyone’s needs, but these are just some of the ways that help me cope with my dyscalculia - but these are some ways also to study maths which may be useful. :) 

If you suffer with dyscalculia, or you struggle with maths generally, and you found this useful, do let me know! 

The Failure of Perfect Education

Today I realised that math education is an even worse/harder problem than I’d first anticipated.

So, for background, my brother is in the local equivalent of 8th grade. He’s brilliant and came first in the country for the pre-high school standardised tests. He now goes to one of the quartet of The Best Schools* in my country. His teacher was a friend of mine in college who majored in math and is quite good at explaining things. Basically, everything possible is in my brother’s favour.

My brother was home today, so my mother asked me to teach him some math, so that he can n̴̠̈͘é̸̲v̷̢̛̻̓e̵̪̔͗r̷̪̽͜͠ ̵͚̀͝e̶̪̻͒̕s̷̞͇͒̕č̶͓̚a̸͉̬͑̌p̸͉͈͂ẹ̷̇ education. To see where he was, in order to teach him from there, I decided to gradually give him progressively harder problems, starting with what I thought would be the absolute most basic thing possible.

I gave him 60 + x = 2x + 4x

He looked startled and asked how to do that. I asked if he knew how transposition worked. He said yes, but that he didn’t see what he could do there. I said to transpose the lone x…

…And he told me that you can only move terms from the right side of the equal sign to the left side.

I am told my “what the serious fuck” face was priceless but, alas, there was no one on sight to record it for posterity.

Anyway, after talking it through a little, it came to light that he had simply never realised transposition was symmetric. He had thought that “transposition” was basically a magic spell you cast to move a number from one place to another.

He didn’t know why this worked. He’d never seen someone transpose from left to right before, because all his example problems so far had been in the same format. He didn’t know why the sign of the number changed. He didn’t know what it meant for an equation to “balance”.

So I showed him the behind the scenes of transposition. I showed him that the actual process happening was:
60 + x = 2x + 4x
60 + x = 6x
60 + x [-x] = 6x [-x]
60 = 6x - x
60 = 5x
12 = x

That bold step? He didn’t know that was a thing. He didn’t realise subtraction was happening at all and just conceptualised transposition as picking something up from the right side and plopping it down on the left side. After I explained the “balance” of equations to him (including wtf “=“ meant), he had a look as if a dozen gears had clicked into place all at once. He was Enlightened.

Now, I’ve tutored kids before, so I knew all sorts of weird ideas could pop up. However, they’d never been the best students in their class, and they’d had lousy teachers, and they went to poor schools, etc. So it always made sense to me that they’d have wound up with misconceptions.

Today I learned that, even if you have the literal best student being taught by someone who fully understands what they’re teaching while in the one of the best schools -
- That, even then, sometimes learning just straight-up doesn’t happen. That, sometimes, that perfect student doesn’t know wtf an equals sign really means.

I don’t know what happened to lead here, to be honest. It wasn’t too much for him to understand - he completely got it under two minutes. He isn’t being taught by someone who can’t explain things, because his teacher did an excellent job of explaining physics stuff to me when we were both in college. His peers are some of the brightest kids in the country, because our school system rations students to schools by test score.

Maybe the classroom environment is just bad for learning? Maybe it’s too noisy for focus? Maybe the teacher can’t go into enough depth for everyone to fully get it? Maybe the students don’t ask enough questions when they’re missing something? Maybe no one quite realises that they don’t know something when it’s not being worked through one-on-one?

I don’t know! Learning is failing to occur under the best possible schooling conditions and I don’t know why! What I do know is that that is terrifying.

* They’re a quartet because they’re every intersection of [Catholic | Anglican]*[for boys | for girls] My brother goes to the Catholic boys’ school, my father went to the Anglican boys’ school, etc.

(The other place I’ve expressed concern about our schools)

Highschool! AU

I hope you enjoy, Anon! -Emma

Also, I hope this is what you meant my peer tutor. I apologize if it isn’t! 

(Also sorry for the tad bit of angst, it’s one of those days. I may add a part two to this.)

- In a school with Mr. Muscle Pants! Tyler and Mr. Smol Smarty! Ethan

- Like, Ethan could sit on Tyler’s back while he does push ups and there’d be no impact

- Well Tyler struggles with math 

- He’s has quiet a way with words (see his poems on twitter)

- But if you put numbers in front of him, he shuts down

- Ethan, on the other hand, is a human calculator 

- He is amazing at all every type of math 

- So well that he can teach class for a teacher if need be

- Well one day he’s pulled aside and asked if he’d tutor an athlete during lunch (to not mess with his practice time)

- He agreed, thinking  “Oh god why did I do this jocks are jerks and this is going to be unbearable just let me shoot myself in the foot and it would be more enjoyable than this.”

- So they meet for the first time during lunch and inTErNaL pAnIC™

- “This is the Stoneface Tyler, the Apocalypse, the man, the myth, the legend. He can crush me?? And he isn’t with his really obnoxious friend Mark?? I’ve always seen them together??”

- Tyler is just sick of this already 

- “When am I ever going to use this in my life? I just want to go to lunch with my friends. I miss Mark. We’ve played the system so we could have every class together and hang, but now Mrs. Robinson’s injustice to the world has snatched us apart.”

- Screw Mrs. Robinson. 

- So they very awkwardly go through tutoring during lunch together 

- Ethan is obviously nervous and keeps stumbling over his words

- Tyler is annoyed because he hates math and “Does this guy even know what he’s saying? He’s stumbling a lot, jeez. Mrs. Robinson could’ve chosen a better tutor. Like Satan. He’d be more enjoyable. I shouldn’t complain. He may save my grade.”

- Their lunches go like this until Tyler brings pizza for the both of them

- Mark was sick of hearing Tyler go on and on about how he hated lunch tutoring and how it was hella awkward so he suggested that to break the ice

- Tyler’s made a good amount of progress, so they take a break that day and get to know each other 

- Surprisingly enough, Ethan learns that Tyler isn’t some dumb jock that doesn’t want to beat him up for his lunch money. He’s the artsy jock that would be the main character in an early 2000s disney original film 

- I’m looking at you, Chad Michael Murray from A Cinderella Story. Like hello 

- And Ethan stops stumbling so much (which Tyler is hella happy about)

- Tyler learns that Ethan is a massive dork 

- Mark soon learns about this in great detail

- Life is all fine and dandy until

- Tyler actually learns math and is able to get his grades up

- So no more lunch tutoring

- Well, neither of them ever swapped numbers, and they don’t have classes together 

- Nothing ever happened between the two after that

- Much to Mark’s dismay because Tyler still talks about him sometime and he has no guts to try and find him on Facebook or anything and it’s pitiful

- Unless Mark does some best friend trickery… 

The Nice Parents // A Phan One-Shot

For the ficlet challenge

Genre: parent!phan

Words: .8k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Winnie’s been failing his math class, and Dan and Phil are called in to speak with his teacher.

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DexNursey high school teacher AU

(Okay how about a high school teacher AU where Dex is the computer lab tech who teaches the 9th graders how to use Microsoft Office and such, and Nursey is the 11th grade English Lit professor all the kids love?)

Dex would be, like, really patient with the kids, encouraging them to learn as much as they wanted about computer science and hosting lunchtime workshops to teach this group of girls coding. He knows a lot of the kids don’t care for his class and have to take it as an elective or whatever, so he tries his best to make it interesting for them in really creative ways. Other teachers don’t really get him, like they think he’s cold and doesn’t care for their socials, but he’s just not that great at expressing his interest. They know he’s an amazing teacher though.

Nursey would be so fun in class, always bringing up news topics that the kids care about to get them to talk for participation points (idk if that would happen in English classes that aren’t second language level, but roll with me), and it gets the class super pumped about their writing topics. He probably brings them candy and stuff on the last day before breaks. He opens his classroom for lunches most days and a lot of kids come to read or chat or do homework cause it’s a very *chill* environement. He’s definitely the teacher a few queer kids feel comfortable coming out to through crytic poetry he deciphers in a second because he’s been there, and they know that. Out At Work and Well Liked Derek Nurse. He makes his students read novels and poems about racism and about a bunch of different intersections of identities so that they can see themselves in literature and love it like he does.

How do they meet, though? Maybe Derek needs a poster done for the poetry reading he’s organized with his students for end of term and he asks around the staff room and Cailtyn Farmer, the 7th grade math teacher tells him “Ask Bill Pointdexter, I think he’s done graphic design. He’s teaches computer sci?” And so Dex meets Nursey and those nicknames were given to them a long time ago when they did hockey (Dex stopped after high school, Nursey until college) and neither will tell the other for a long time, so it’s Derek and William who meet over coffee in the staff room they share (“How come I never see you around here?” Derek asks. “I’m mostly always in the lab. I give workshops on most days? I’ve never seen you here either” Dex answers “Yeah, I’m in my classroom most lunches, just chilling with the kids”)

So they work on this poster together briefly and at one point, Dex comes by Nursey’s classroom at lunchtime to show him the final version (and the web banner is did too, cause he’s a nerd). He sees 2 of his students there and they’re all “Mr Pointdexter! Hi! Look at this cool thing we’re working on!” Dex takes the time to look over their project, even if he doesn’t really understand their English Lit homework and says “good job, girls! I’ll see you in class later” and Derek is kind of smitten.

This man is kind of gruff and rough at the edges, but with the kids, he’s a sweetheart, and Derek wants to get to know him better so he catches up with Dex in the hallway and “Hey! Um, I was wondering if you’d wanna come to our reading? You know, since you put so much time into the poster and all-”
“Yeah, of course I was gonna come. Some of my best students are on the roster. And I’m kinda curious to see you on a stage too”

And, is that flirting? Derek can’t tell, but he hopes so.

And then after that, they start dropping by in each other’s classrooms at lunch when they don’t have too much work to do, and they bring each other coffee (they know the other’s preferences by the 2nd time, memorized easily) and have correction dates together during the end of term (Nursey’s calling them dates in his mind, but he isn’t really sure where they stand).

And it isn’t until the reading has passed (it went great, only one students forgot some lines and freaked out), and the winter holiday break is just around the corner that Derek realizes he’ll have to make a move before this settles into cute camaraderie (though he loves that too). So he awkwardly invites Dex to a friend’s holiday party (it’s non-denominational because most of the people attending are either Muslim or Jewish) and Dex is like “Are you sure??? I mean I have nothing better to do and I would love to, but isn’t this the type of thing where you bring, like, a date?” and Nursey is kind of afraid for a minute that he’s gotten everything wrong, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t at least try, so

“It is, and I’d like that to be you if you’re okay with that”.

And Dex. Blushes. He has this incredulous look on his face and he’s kind of speechless for a second, but then he smiles and looks brightly at Derek and says “that’s great, yes. I’d really be okay with that”

And maybe, while they’re sitting next to each other at a staff meeting right before break, Dex’s little finger grabs Nursey’s under the table and Nursey feels warm and comfortable and wow, he hopes he’s not getting ahead of himself, but this man. Dex is surprisingly sweet and caring and it becomes less and less surprising, but it keeps coming in waves and it makes Derek so happy.

They have a good break together.

neechollayy  asked:

Your sunset embroideries are amazing!! I'm new to embroidery and have some personal photographs I'd love to do something like that with, and I was wondering if you have any tips? (I understand if you don't want to share secrets though, since you sell them. I only mean to compliment!)

hey, thank you! I totally get why other artists might want to keep their techniques to themselves, but not me! I get so much personal enjoyment out of embroidery that I honestly love sharing the hobby with others. I’m so happy to help out.

I’ve got a link for my other how-to asks, Helpful Tips, where you can read what I’ve answered so far about my style and techniques, but I haven’t ever talked specifically about the sunsets and copying realism, so yeah! let’s talk sunsets!

I’d recommend that you should try to choose a picture that is relatively simple. I don’t think it’s impossible to do a complex photo, but my specific style works really well for sunsets because sunsets are already just smears of color - I can lack on a lot of the detail and yet you can still see the view. I’ve attempted more complex scenes, but they don’t work the same way - or at least, I haven’t figured out how to successfully stitch them ;) 

Other than a few tree trunks and telephone poles, all of my sunset stitches are flat / left-right / slope = 0 (that’s right, I’m a math teacher). I vary the length of the stitch, of course, but not the slope. In embroidery, the direction of your stitches creates texture, so keeping them all in one direction keeps the focus on the image rather than the thread. 

Purposeful randomness to blend floss color takes a little practice. You gotta Bob Ross it. Just put your little stitches where they need to be. Happy little stitches. Blendin into their neighbor. Randomness doesn’t mean evenly spaced, randomness means sometimes they’re far, sometimes right next to each other. This is one I’m working on now - you can see how I’ve set it up, how the stitches are going, and also some of that random thread action:

Oh, and most important of all, buy a ton of embroidery floss colors. Don’t just buy the color you need, buy the shades around it too. You never know when you need a sliiiiiiightly different color. (And you can’t really just add a little white to lighten it, you know?)

btw, that’s 7 of 14 colors that I will use to finish that sunset. here’s all 14 laid out before I started:

In summary - keep it simple, even the stitching, but use a lot of colors. 

How To Be A Great Teacher, From 12 Great Teachers

Are you a great Teacher? Let’s look at the thoughts of 12 great Teachers. 

Source: NPR

Great teachers have two things in common: an exceptional level of devotion to their students, and the drive to inspire each one to learn and succeed.

At NPR Ed we’re just about halfway through our 50 Great Teachers project.

We’ve profiled teachers at all levels, in all subjects, from all over the country and overseas too. The series has taken us from rural Drumright, Okla., to a mountaintop in Israel. From a jazz class in New Orleans to a Boy Scout troop in South Central LA to the lost world of ancient Greece.

And so we’ve taken a moment here to pull from those stories some of the thoughts and lessons from those teachers that have stuck with us.

Together, they almost make a mini-guide for teachers.

1. Realize Teaching Is A Learned Skill

“I’m really trying hard to dispel this idea that teaching is this thing you’re born to do and it’s somehow natural to everyday life. I don’t think either of those things is true.”

Deborah Ball, dean of the School of Education at the University of Michigan.

2. Get To The Truth

“I’ll tell you the truth, you tell me the truth. The rest is commentary.”

Molly Pollak, 40-year veteran middle and high school English teacher, New York City

For 20 years, Conrad Cooper has been teaching children in Los Angeles to swim by earning his young students’ unwavering trust.

Elissa Nadworny/NPR

3. Build Trust

“Swimming is the easy part. It’s the trust part that’s the most difficult for them.”

Conrad Cooper, swim teacher, Los Angeles

4. Assume a Secret Identity

“Giving myself a name, Mr. Spider, gave me an out. It gave me a way to express a side of me I musta had but never took out.”

Mathias Schergen, “Mr. Spider,” elementary school art teacher, Chicago

5. Be A Sparring Partner

“All these students around me, they can easily come, and they can challenge me. They can reject me. They can oppose me. They can laugh with me. Sometimes they can even laugh at me. They can!”

Aziz Royesh, teacher, Afghanistan

6. Be Someone To Watch Over Them

“I want them to say, ‘At least one person, Miss Begay, is there every day for me. Miss Begay is going to wonder where I am if I go missing. There will be one person looking out for me, and it’s Miss Begay.’ ”

Tia Tsosie Begay, a 4th grade teacher in Arizona.

7. Be A Teacher, Not A Friend

Coach Nick Haley talks with a student during crew practice in Portland, Or. He stresses teaching over friendship.

David P Gilkey/NPR

“It’s important to support them. It’s important to respect them. It’s important to nurture them. But, a friend? No.”

Nick Haley, rowing coach in Portland, Ore.

8. Believe In Their Success

“The same tools the schools use to show they cannot succeed, we use them in opposite way.”

Ali Shalalha, principal, Beit Jann Comprehensive School, Israel

9. Recognize It Takes Vulnerability To Learn

“It takes a lot for any student, especially for a student who is learning English as their new language, to feel confident enough to say, 'I don’t know, but I want to know.’ ”

Thomas Whaley, 2nd grade teacher, Patchogue, N.Y.

10. Look For The Success Stories

“I know that you cannot save everybody. But if one of them could just go along, complete his education, go to college, and I see him in the future doing something positive with his life, that makes me think that what I was doing is all worthwhile.”

Rodney Carey, high school equivalency teacher, New Orleans

11. Blow Off Steam, But Remember Why You’re Here

“Yeah, there’s days where I complain. And the people I complain to think I’m insane because I haven’t left this place. But these kids deserve better.”

Sarah Hagan, high school math teacher, Drumright, Okla.

12. Be Grateful To Your Own Teachers

“I am the product of great teachers. They can show you something that you have never seen before. And awaken that little something inside of you that you’ve never seen before.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you take a lot of notes majoring in Graphic Design? I always assumed you didn't really have to do a lot of note taking for some reason

I like to write a lot of things down, but I guess it’s not the typical “note taking” you think of like if you were writing notes from a textbook or lecture about math, haha. Not everyone writes stuff down as much as I do, though, so you’re already kind of right! It just depends on a person works I suppose, and I have a horrible memory so I write almost everything.

Here are things I usually write down:

  1. References / examples / recommendations from the professor 
    Let’s say you’re working on a magazine. If your professor says “Oh, one designer/studio that I really like that does magazines is ____” you bet I’m writing down that studio’s name and looking it up later for inspiration. Also, if they mention a specific publication or show an example spread from one, I’ll write down where it’s from too so I can look at it later. If I have time I might even sketch out some ideas based on the example or copy the example down and point out the parts she liked in particular (”I love how they did the heading like ____” means I’m going to circle the heading part of the sketch).
  2. Anything about the project that they mention or some key objectives we’re trying to reach.
    If for the magazine they say “I really want you guys to be able to use a dynamic layout” then I know I’m not going to be doing the same layout for each article. Anything that gives hints to direction should be written down so you know you’re on the right path when referring to your notes later on. If they also say something about the project that’s not in the project outline definitely write that down.
  3. Any technical things about techniques or programs.
    Sometimes the lecture can be about how to specifically do something, either traditional or digital. If they’re showing you step by step how to use a tool, it might be good to write down the tool’s name, how you can use it, and maybe which tool bar section it’s under and some basic instructions. Otherwise, I’m usually doing it with the teacher and learning/practicing at the same time.
  4. Anything about homework.
    We’re a little different… it’s not always “Do 15 math problems” sort of homework (although I have been told to do a # of sketches before). Sometimes it’s “Expand on your work to at least 3 variations next class” and that needs a little more explaining in my notes. For example: If they see your work this session and say “I like the composition but not the colors” then I know for next class to try different color schemes and have at least 3-4 color variations and possibly change up the composition anyway if I feel it needs it. I’ll write down most of that information for my own personal homework because only the professor and I will remember it, nobody else in the class probably will remember that feedback.
  5. If there’s assigned reading, I will take textbook notes.
    Sometimes we read books about design, and for those books sometimes I’ll take notes. If the book mentions a specific technique, term, composition, etc then I’ll make note of it in a notebook to help me remember. To be honest, most graphic design books are not that heavy text-wise (unless it’s business of design then I’m definitely taking a lot of notes) so it usually has a lot of sketches as well.
  6. 75% of my note taking comes from critiques, though.
    When your work is up on the wall and people are saying stuff about it, I usually write down three headers: “good”, “needs work”, and “notes”. If someone says “OH I LIKE THE BLUE COLOR” then in the good column I write “blue is good” or something to that effect haha. If someone else is being told to not do something, then I’ll put in my notes “don’t ___” or “look out for ___”. Also, of course, if they say they don’t like something about my piece I’ll write that in the “needs work” section.

So yes and no. You still take notes, they’re just usually a little less organized, more visual, and are based on whatever the professor is saying at that moment. (sometimes the homework isn’t even in a course outline or syllabus, it just kind of depends on the pace your class is going and your professor. The professor might not post it anywhere online so write it down as soon as they say “for next class-”).

Hope this helps/answered your question! :)

(sorry for the long post lol)

Let’s not fall in love - Jaebum scenario

Jaebum x reader
word count: 2582
genre: angst, kind of fluff?
warning: language, mentions of blood.
author: sammy

AN: This scenario was inspired by the anime Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, so it follows the asian schools pattern (kinda) I hope you all enjoy it. 

P.S.: This is my (Sammy) first scenario in english, sorry if there’s any mistake

After climbing a lot of stairs, I finally found the apartment number 502.

I knocked twice and wait, holding the anxiety in my belly.

“Act like the student council president, not like a little girl in love”, I mentally repeated to myself.

No one opened the door, I knocked again, harder.

“Guess he’s not there”, a random guy smoking said.

“You’re his friend?”

The stranger seemed to think.

“You can say so”

“I need to talk to him, do you know when he will come back?” I asked the guy, he looked somewhere and release smoke through the nose.

“In two seconds maybe”

Seconds? Nice, crazy people.

“Can you move away from my door?”

I turned and saw him, he was wearing and black hoodie and smelled lightly cigarette.

“Im Jaebum”

“y/n l/n”

“To you is President l/n”

He looked away discontent.

“What you want with me? Came to a private visit?”

He haven’t change.

“You don’t come to the school its been two months. The tests will begin next week, you still have the chance to not repeat for absence. If you don’t go, your name will be no longer in the school register”, I opened my backpack and took the folder “Those are the subjects”.

“No, thanks. Can you move away now?”

I took a large breath.

“That’s what you want for your life? Seriously? Just because of–“

“Yah! Do you think you have the right to say something?” He stared deeply at me.

“As the president of the school that you supposed to be at, I think I do.  You have one week to come back, or you’ll be expelled”

“Not that you care, but the last time I was there, I punch half of the basketball team. Is that someone that you want in your school?”

“I don’t care about what you did. By the way, if you come back I will erase this episode off you record” he raised an eyebrown.

“You seemed to care a lot when that happened” he said with a serious tone “I’ll think about it. Now move”

I smiled and moved away, going to the stairs, but feeling his stare at my back.

“Morning” I said the next day, sitting behind my table.

“Good morning president” the other council members answered.

“President, the month is about to end, should I remove the name of Im Jaebum off the students system?”

“Not yet, Sato. I gave him one week to come back”

“Y-you talked to him?” my friend, the vice president, asked.

“Yes, I got his address at the system” I opened my math book.

“You shouldn’t do that anymore, he’s dangerous, he could hurt you”

No one at the council knew about the two of us before the basketball episode happened, not even my best friend Yui.

“Stop the drama, Yui. He’s not a bad guy”

“He’s here” someone said looking through the window, I stood to see as well.

Jaebum was wearing the same black hoodie under the school’s uniform. His backpack was hanging in the shoulder. Some girls that talked over there backed away quickly.

“You can go now, warn the 3C teacher that Im Jaebum will be there”

“Okay, see you later president”

“Bye, Y/n” Yui said.

As soon as everyone left, he entered and sit across my table.

“So…I’m here” he said.

I grabbed a bubblegum package in my pocked and gave to him.

“You haven’t quit the cigarette, huh?” he took the pack and eat one.

“You’ll remove that suspension off my record or not?”

“I removed yesterday”

“What? Why?”

“I knew that you would come if I asked” I smiled at him. He laughed ironically with that beautiful smile I used love to see.

“How cocky” he took his backpack and moved to the door, I followed him.

“Do you still remember where’s your looker?”

“I remember everything” his eyes stared at me and I knew what he was talking about.

“Why didn’t you come back?” I looked down “You were suspended for only two weeks, Jaebum”

“Maybe I didn’t want to come back. Who could blame me?” I held his stare for less then ten seconds “What happened to the moron basketball team captain?”

“His father took him out of school”


We left the room and I locked it.

“Hey, you” I called the kid that was walking by the corridor “Where’s your pass?”

He keep walking pretend he didn’t listened, but Jaebum grabbed him by the collar.

“She asked ‘where’s your pass’” Jaebum said intimidating the boy. He got nervous and grabbed the pass out his pocket. Jaebum let him go and the boy ran to the bathroom.

“That was unnecessary” I said.

“I though funny, he got pale”

“Go to your class, and don’t disturb anyone”

“President?” he called, soon his arms were in the wall behind me, his face got close and whispered “You won’t get rid of me easily now”

“I know”

The last class was physical education. Yui and I changed in the locker room, ready to play volleyball. But before going to the court I saw a familiar face sitting on the bleacher with a cheerleaders pompom and a sarcastic face.

“Why Im Jaebum is cheering for us?” Yui asked.

“Pick a team, Yui” I told her and went to Jaebum “What you’re doing here? You’re supposed to be on the basketball team”

“My back hurts” he said with a fake pout. I knew that this was only an excuse.

“Go the nursery room then”

“I wanted to see you play” he smiled  “You still wear this shorts after what happened?” he pointed to my short shorts.

“That’s the physical education uniform, all the girls wear”

“You could use a large one” I sense the jealous in his voice.

“I’ll take you to the nursery myself after the game”

“President you’re at my team!” Hana raised her hand.

I loved the volleyball classes, boys stayed away and I could calm down around the girls.

The school boys messed up a lot, always intimidating the girls and the weakest ones. When I became the council president I had to fix their behavior, and… well, I hasn’t the most loved one because of this.

“Hey, Jaebum wasn’t expelled after that fight? What’s he doing here?” a girl at my team asked.

“He was just suspended” Yui said.

“He’s hot” another girl said looking at him and missing a ball.

“Attention” I said.

They keep quiet until the subject returned.

“Is it true that he knocked the basketball team because of a girl?”

I freeze.

“Jaebum! What are you doing?!”
He was on top of the team captain, Jaebum’s fist was covered in blood and it keep hitting the captain’s face.


Before I could raise my hands to defend the ball it was already in my face, and I was at the ground.

My nose burned and I could barely breath.

When I opened my eyes all the girls were around me and blood ran through my nose violently.

“Move!” a hand pushed away the girls and I saw Jaebum’s worried face “Who needs to go to the nursery now?” he said in a low voice.

Yui was terrified, asking if she should call someone or and ambulance.

“I’m okay! Enough drama” I covered my nose wishing that it didn’t break.

“Keep the game, I’ll take her to the nursery” Jaebum took my free hand helping me stand and put the other hand on my waist giving support. But soon as I stood everything started to swirl, my feet didn’t seem to be on the ground.

“The ball hit you hard, it must had hurt your internal ear” I felt something behind my knee and I when I realized, Jaebum was carrying me.

“J-Jaebum put me on the ground, if someone see me like that–”

“Shh, stay quiet, okay?”

I was dizzy and with too much blood on my face and mouth. Jaebum carried me slow, I placed my head on his shoulder so the world stop spinning.

For a moment the memories came back.

“We shouldn’t be here. My class will come to the volley and yours to basket” I whispered feeling his lips at the sweet spot on my neck, his hand caressed my thigh.

“I don’t wanna play today” his voice tickle my neck.

“But I have to, sorry” I lightly pushed his shoulders. He sighed with the forehead on my shoulder.

“Fine, but seriously, think about using a larger shorts”

“Why? Boys hate me anyways”

“I don’t hate you” he pouted cutely. I couldn’t resist and I pecked him before moving away from his lap. I quickly ran my hands through my hair.

Some voices echoed in the locker room when the basket team entered.

“I’m not saying this again, Im Jaebum, keep your stuff inside your locker. This is a school not your house” I threw the jacket that was on the ground at him. I turned to leave and the team was quietly listening my fake fight.

Before I leave someone said “Dude, what’s her problem with you? You guys looks like Tom and Jerry…” 

That was the only way we could spend some time together so no one get suspicious.

“The first day I’m back and already have to rescue you. How did you survived two months without me?”

I didn’t answered. Soon I saw the white nursery room. Jaebum slowly put me on the bed there.

“Don’t lay down, stay sit” he left for seconds and came back with a damp fabric. He took my hand off my face and cleaned the blood “Hold this. Is your nose hurting? Don’t seem broken” he searched for something in the first aid box and took a large band aid.

“A little” I finished cleaning the blood off my face and lips, not feeling dizzy anymore. Jaebum put the band aid on the top of my nose.

“There’s still blood on my face?” I lifted my chin at him.

“Yes, over here” his face was already close to mine, now there was no distance between us when his lips touched mine. I tried to pushed him away because of the blood taste, but he hold me close and deepened the kiss. His hand ran up my exposed thigh and squeeze it hard.

“y/n?” I heard Yui’s voice at distance. Jaebum backed away slowly.

“I’m here, Yui”

After long minutes trying to convince her that I was fine she finally gave up the idea of taking me to the hospital when the bell ranged.

“This is so embarrassing” I lowered my head ashamed of the band aid on my nose. Some people looked at me worried, other ones looked disgusted, to those Jaebum stared a threatening look. I stopped at my locker to pick my stuff and check my face at mirror.

“Dude!” I heard Jackson’s voice. He gave Jaebum one of those ‘men hug’. “I didn’t know that have you returned. You gonna play on the team again?”

“No, I’m trying to stay away from issues” he quickly looked at me through the mirror.

“What happened to you president?” Jackson asked worried.

“Just an accident at volley” I touched my nose and he hissed.

“So… what’s your status now?” he pointed to me and Jaebum. Jackson knew about us, and the basketball episode.

Before I could answered something, Jaebum whispered something to him, Jackson laughed and leave.

“What did you said?” I asked.

“Nothing much” he kissed my cheek and went to his locker.

After I changed back to my uniform clothes, I went to the teachers room and talked to the 3c teacher.

“Don’t worry, y/n. I will keep an eye on him”

“Thank you” I said and leave, ready to go home.

“I need no nanny” Jaebum said soon as I left the room.

“You were listening?” I sighed “It’s not a nanny. Just a guarantee”

We walked slowly outside the school where the sunset colored the streets orange.

“Guarantee that I’ll not punch anyone else?” he asked offended stopping in front of me. I remembered that day again.


I stepped out the locker room and joined the girls at the volleyball game. We took half of the court and the boys the other half. I focused at our game and only realized what was happening on the other side of the court when a girl screamed “President!”

I ran to see what was going on, some boys from the team were lying on the ground. I recognized Jaebum’s black hair.

“Jaebum! What are you doing?!”

He was on top of the team captain, Jaebum’s fist was covered in blood and it keep hitting the captain’s face.


I pulled him by the arm, almost getting hit. His face was red in anger. Some students took the captain to the nursery room and called an teacher. The teachers demanded that I suspend Jaebum.

“What was that?!” I asked him soon as we stayed alone. He didn’t look me in the eye, his hands were shaking. “Answer me!”

“He was talking about you”

“So what? People do talk about me why–”

“He was talking disgusting things about you! About what he would he do with you in that freaking shorts!” his face was red again. I breathed deeply.

“Did anyone else heard this?”

“No, just me”

“I’m sorry Jaebum” he looked at me confused “You are suspended for two weeks for attacking an colleague”

“What?! What about him?!”

“I can’t prove what he said, the other boys told that you attacked him without a reason”

“You must be kidding me…”

“Take your things, you must leave until the next class starts”

He looked pissed, but turned and leave.

“I had to do something. You put me in deep trouble, I thought the three of us were getting expelled that day” I sighed “I don’t wanna see you like that again”

“What was I supposed to do? Listen to that son of a bitch talking those things about you?” we slowly walked toward my house.

“Don’t you think that if I cared about those kind of comments about me I wouldn’t get expelled myself?”

“You don’t understand, y/n. He was looking at you as an animal, and still had the courage to whisper at me what he wanted to do to you. Not even Buda would let a guy say those things and walk away without a punch.


“Listen to me” he stopped in front of me again “I know you’re tough and shit, but I rather get my hands dirty so your name stay away from those assholes mouths” he stepped close, his hands held my face and looked me at the eye “You’re the only one I true care about”

I grabbed him by the tie pushing him to a kiss. He kissed me lightly, carefully to not touch my bruised nose.

“I missed you” I said.

“Be my girlfriend" he whispered. His words shocked me, I looked into his eyes to see if he was serious about it. “Be my girlfriend” he repeated.

I lowered my head resting on his shoulder thinking about us. I mean, I like him, how he made me feel, his protector instinct, his smile, his kiss…

But his temper worried me.

He waited patiently my answer, caressing my back. I lifted my head and pecked his lips

“Only if you promise to control your temper”

“Fine, with the condition that you’ll wear a lager shorts” I laughed and he smiled.


How To Stay Sane Your First Years Of Teaching

In a couple weeks, I’ll officially be a third year teacher.  This is nothing compared to so many fantastic Tumblr teachers, but in my short time in education, I have seen many teachers come and leave the profession.  Apparently, at high-poverty schools, 20% of teachers leave every year.  After working in one of those schools, that statistic doesn’t surprise me at all.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but here’s my advice for staying sane your first few years (and beyond…it’s a good reminder to myself!):

DO NOT go into teaching with a savior mentality.  INSTEAD, keep in mind that you are coming in to a new school (and often a new community).  All teachers want to make a difference.  But remember that the school, teachers, and community have been serving children long before you were hired, and that ignoring this fact will not gain you much respect.  Take time to become a part of your new school community.

DO NOT take misbehavior too personally.  Kids will have rough days/weeks/months.  Many children have diagnosed difficulties or traumatic pasts that even wonderful teaching can’t completely undo.  The fact that Samuel threw a fit does not mean that you have failed as a teacher, and it definitely does not normally mean that he was trying to personally disrespect you.  INSTEAD, stay level-headed and remember that they are children.  Work to improve behavior, but don’t let children’s misbehavior define you.  Even incredibly experienced, teacher-of-the-year types have difficult students.

DO NOT stop learning.  You just completed years of college and student teaching.  Maybe you even got a Masters.  But your study has just begun.  INSTEAD, read books, articles, and attend tons of PD.  Everything you learn is so much more relevant now that you get to apply it to your own classroom in your own way.

DO NOT isolate yourself from your colleagues.  It is difficult to come into a new environment, especially if you (like me) are much younger than everyone else and they are more “traditional.”  Additionally, teaching can be a very lonely profession without collaboration.  INSTEAD, remain respectful and friendly with everyone.  It is ok to do things a little differently, but do not get competitive.  Find a few teachers you really respect and build your own support network.

DO NOT feel like you need to be perfect at everything from the beginning.  INSTEAD, choose a few areas to really focus on every year.  My second year, I focused on reading.  This year, I’m focusing on math.  It takes years to become strong in every area, and that’s ok.

DO NOT see teaching as a sprint.  Every lesson does not need to be perfect.  Your value as a teacher is not dependent on you staying until 11pm every day for a month and functioning on adrenaline and caffeine.  INSTEAD, imagine teaching as a marathon.  As a beginning teacher, you are hardly on the first lap.  While you want to be the best teacher you can be for your current students, you also need to keep your future students in mind and make sure your practices are sustainable.  It’s ok to leave work at 4 some days to see friends and to get 8 hours of sleep.  

And finally, DO NOT forget to enjoy your first years, even with all the newness, stress, and craziness.  INSTEAD, remember that it’s a special and exciting time.  Find those moments where everything is going exactly as planned, step back, watch your very own class in action, and think, “I’m finally really doing this.  This is what I’ve been dreaming of.”

advice for incoming hs freshmen!! (i was just one so i’m just working with what i got) i put it under the cut bc it got kind of long (edit: i added more points now that i just finished soph year)

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