see i can do it

Jongin, tearfully ending his wedding speech: and I’m so honoured to spend the rest my life with you, I love you Kyungs-

Chanyeol, in the middle of the room, yelling: hey hey but do you guys remember when he didn’t want to eat with Kyungsoo?


what is something that you want to achieve by this year?

iwannaplayairplains  asked:

Hey Eva, the anon who sent '50' into your askbox yesterday hopeing you'll be posting a selfie without any mess here, how you doing ? 😉 it's really me, you can softblock the anon i sent to see if you don't believe me. Now will you please do all of us a favor and show us your new haircut and your pretty face already ?! I'm dying to see itttt

I can’t believe Im about to do this! :D But promise is a promise so… here you go *hides*

Also tagging the peeps who asked for my selfie in my askbox ;)
@offense-is-the-best-defence@detective-sanvers@calledchaos@elizataylors-lapdancer and of course.. @meafterdeath ;)
I hope y’all happy now, Imma hide and probably never come here again :D It’s been nice to know y’all, bye :D


Marichat May (Akumatized Chat Noir)

feat. Chat Blanc, The Evil Minor Inconvenience

Let’s face it, this is how Chat Noir will really be if he gets “evillized”. Christmas special tells us he is too pure to even be a real vengeful cat of the night.

Late entry, but I did say I’ll catch up to all of Marichat May eventually… c: it’s june soon



Please papa SEGA, let Sonic have more than 2 pairs of slick kicks.


Everybody ~ SMTown 170708 ~ Taemin ditches his jacket mid performance but doesn’t quite get it out the way, but the other member quickly take care of it. Jjong moves it slightly, then Minho tosses it back to Taemin, who throws it off stage…all still while seamlessly performing their choreo. 

Me, going into the SU tag: Wonder what’s going on this time?

SU discourse: Rebecca Sugar is racist! Everyone is racist! Shut down the show! Cancel it because of this one drawing that they literally apologized for but that we totally disregarded! Point fingers at them for their mistakes!

Me, already exhausted: Wow. Of course. Why am I not surprised?


do you know what I’m seeing? // panic! at the disco

so yeah. you asked for it and i had no self control so here i am, with another animatic

Some forest doodles

Painted on PS [2017.07] I am experimenting, we’ll see how it goes!

Have a good day <3 <3