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Up, up and away, away from me
Well, it’s all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy
Or anything

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connor brown has 17 goals on the year don’t ever tell me that this boy hasn’t made a difference this year or that he’s somehow less than the other more notable rookies because he’s not out here smashing records left and right or getting media coverage out the ass. he’s a damn good player, he’s a consistent player, and he has absolutely made a difference for the team this season 

so i was watching the untie the league trailer thinking this is kinda cool but i’m not gunna get majorly invested bcos dumbass fan rivalries keep ruining the dceu for me


dceu firefly confirmed???

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"Hi! Nice to see another Ampharos around. My name's Fugue, what's yours?" Fugue asks, grinning. He's holding a deck of cards and wondering if this other Ampharos wants to play with him! @sometimesampharos


Hey! Men with penises!

If someone mocks you or makes you feel badly for having trouble with getting an erection or being unable to achieve an erection when you want one, you need to run.

People have problems with erections for such a wild variety of reasons and you should never be made to feel badly because your body isn’t cooperating. It has zero impact on your masculinity and anyone who shames you for an extremely normal thing doesn’t deserve you in their life.

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I tried to read wolf guy but I rlly didn't like it? Idk there was so much rape in it it made me so uncomfortable and idk I feel like it was only for deepen Akira's Man Feelings and the overall plot was pretty meh

We all have, my friend, different tastes and preferences. While the rape scene was indeed a way too long (I’ve got all the volumes in Japanese and the scene starts in 7th volume and ends in 11th volume so…) otherwise I enjoyed Wolf Guy tremendously. I know such a dark story which contains such “easy” themes as kidnappings, mass murders, gang rape (also a rape towards a man), murders and partly also cannibalism because Haguro eats Akira’s cut off fingers in his twisted extacy isn’t really… how can I say it… eh… “general audience’s” thing. 

I must say I don’t know how the original story from 1970′s is and I definitely need to read it someday and see how much the plot has been adjusted. Is the original plot as dark and twisted as the version I have read I wonder? I do know Haguro kidnaps Aoshika in the 1970′s version and she gets abused.

But, I have always loved dark, twisted stories which are well told (and well drawn). And Wolf Guy is definitely my kind of a series, hands down. I fell in love with it the first glance and I followed it from the very beginning when it started 10 years ago. Haguro is the best villain I have seen in any medium if you ask me haha.

I also love Oyasumi Punpun to death and Nozoki Ana is great, too! Oyasumi Punpun is a very heavy story, but still in a different way than Wolf Guy. It contains themes as domestic violence, mental health issues, hallucinations, murders, suicides, violence in relationships, child abuse, insane religious cults, cult suicides ect. Nozoki Ana it’s just an erotic story with very lovable main characters, but it has some twisted kinky elements.

You don’t have to like it. Absolutely not. Yet, no one’s dislike for something I love won’t make me love that thing any less or deem it as “bad”. I’m a way too old for such group pressure or need for validation to my likes and dislikes from others  haha :’DD

I hope you have found some manga which you enjoy as much as I enjoy of Wolf Guy! Let me know if you have any recommendations; I’m honestly always open for suggestions as there’s zillions of different manga series and it’s easier if someone points out “I liked this, you should try it, too.”

I saw Ariana live and it was so amazing. She has such a beautiful voice live, like you watch videos of her singing live and it’s pretty but watching her live is so different and incredible. You hear her voice so purely and it’s so amazing, like I can’t explain it. I will never be able to get over tonight or Ariana’s talent.

Killian in the here and now

While I cannot say I love the “what from his past is going to bite Killian on the ass this episode?” thing the writers have going on, I do love watching him reconcile who he is becoming in this time and this world with the parts of him from another time and another world (and I’m not talking about the vengeful parts necessarily). 

I find that struggle of just the day-to-day changes and adjustments he has to make to fit a completely different lifestyle far more compelling than who he may have killed 50 years ago. The complexity I would love to see is that even though he generally adapts very well, there will be times he struggles, times he stumbles. Show how moving into a home, on land, makes him feel boxed in sometimes. Let us see him figuring out how to be a contributing member of this new society he belongs to outside of Emma. 

I don’t know. The closer we get to the end of the road for this series, the less I want to see flashbacks and the more I want to see of him working for his whole future—not just his and Emma’s together. He is an individual after all. Give me something new! 

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Would you draw something? :0 I would like to see your art! ^^

I have some of my drawings in my art tag, which is in my description… but they’re super dated and I don’t like posting art as much anymore since?? I’m scared?? I don’t like making my own posts I feel sort of dumb doing that

but umm I drew this in my notes during class… it’s taako from tv the adventure zone!!

The problem with writing historical AUs about BBC Sherlock is that wHeN THE FUCK WOULD YOU FIND NORMAL THE NAME “SHERLOCK”. WHEN.

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OMG you too??? Please please please don't. I really don't want to unfollow you. I've always loved your blog and I thought that you were cool with Iron Fist and with Finn Jones playing Danny, but that post that you reblogged with the comparison between Lewis Tan and Finn is so anti Finn and honestly I've had enough of the sh*t that people keep throwing against him in the tag Iron Fist. Now I have to see this on my dash too?? Please don't. 😔

ahhh okay so here is the sort of short explanation and it’s the shortest one i can come up with to sum how i feel rn about finn:

iron fist was and still is my fave defender and the show is my fave show from all 4 defender shows we have seen until now. i think finn is a terrific actor and a nerd and i adore him and support him. the only problem i have is that by the end of the show i didn’t believe that he can kick my ass. like i see davos. davos looks like he can beat me to death with a carrot. this is simplest comparison bc davos was the runner up to become iron fist and danny won. 

FOR SOME GOD KNOWN REASon i didn’t buy the kickass part. like i rooted for danny. i loved danny. i felt for danny. his martial skills were good but for some reason i kept picturing charlie cox who also had no experience in martial arts and ruined our lives in daredevil with every single fight scene. this is probably unfair on my part bc daredevil and iron fist are different shows, hell, i enjoyed iron fist way more than daredevil, but that post with lewis tan (who i just met and came to love) and finn jones was passive aggressive af, but for me, lewis tan, in that one scene he had, made me feel so alive and good, and i reblogged that post bc i think he would be a good iron fist as well comparing his skills and finn’s. i know they sort of screwed up bc they dragged finn from one end to another and didn’t have enough time to work out and practice but i solely reblogged that post bc i do believe lewis would be more believable iron fist. finn jones slayed as danny rand. but for me i didn’t buy the kickass iron fist part. SOMETIMES. in some scenes. like his fight with drunken lewis tan. some scenes like that. 

i will never post hate against finn or anyone like i never have, i do support my smol nerd and i wish him all the best, that post was probably only post ever i will reblog of that kind, but i had to vent a bit and it sort of came through that post. again, not hate. i support finn and danny is still my fave defender and i do believe he will be even better in defenders and can’t wait for him to interact with matt, but again, for now, only bone i had to pick was some fighting scenes and me not being convinced he can kick my ass. 

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maybe because you drop plots or never reply to threads without reminding people? you dropped like 3 threads with me lol

kinda wanna tell u to mind ur own goddamn business but i guess i’ll try to answer this properly (:

 okay, first of all, good job for sending me a passive aggressive ask about a post i made ELEVEN HOURS AGO when i was in a very low mood and wasn’t actually about threads/replies at all. in any way. literally wasn’t talking about my thread count!! amazing, right? don’t you worry, i have plenty of threads to work through and i haven’t been low on threads for about two years. but, really, well done for making a post i made when i was feeling shitty about you and your feelings. you do realise how entitled this sounds, don’t you? 

second of all, i can promise you, whoever you are, more of my threads get dropped on the other end than on my end and by an overwhelming amount. i’ve had a lot of threads that have gone nowhere or were dropped early. i’ve written with plenty of people who have dropped multiple threads with me. guess what? i don’t give a shit. it didn’t kill me. i don’t harbour any ill will against those writers. nobody is obliged to give you a reply if they don’t think they can. this is a hobby, not a job. 

anyway, i only drop threads when i get overwhelmed because i have more on my plate than i can handle, i genuinely can’t come up with a decent reply or the blog isn’t active anymore. i don’t often drop threads because i hate doing it. partly because i feel bad but largely because i’m afraid of getting this exact response from people. i genuinely avoid dropping threads as much as i can, always make a post about when i do drop threads and rarely drop more than about two or three at a time. no, i don’t message people personally but that’s because of The Anxiety (and i’ve said this multiple times). even without that, though, sometimes i’m just?? slow with replies?? because i’m human?? wild, i know. also, please, tell me what plots i’ve dropped because, as far as i know, i’ve hardly plotted with anyone outside of my small friend group for a long time.

in conclusion, what the fuck? you’ve clearly got some issue with me so why are you following me? this ask in itself implies you don’t think i’m deserving of attention from people around me so, seriously, why? do you really feel that slated by a few dropped posts (that i’m not even sure i definitely dropped since i have no clue who you are nor any evidence to support that you might have just missed a notif or something)? please go focus your energy on something else. (and i genuinely can’t believe i’m saying this shit again after i already wrote THIS POST back in december)

Oh my gosh, imagine Zelda on the Speed Boost Elixir though.

She already talks a mile a minute when she sees something she likes… she’d ramp up to chimpunk speed and just… be zooming everywhere, poking her nose into ALL of the things, running a million experiments at once…

…she’d probably wear herself out double-time and fall asleep at her desk.

Link just… looking on, like…

What has science wrought.


Since I am self-indulgent as heck I dare you guys to send in anything you think will make me blush - go as smutty or as weird as you want and I’ll let you know if you’ve managed (I need to prove that I don’t blush easily because apparently I’m the easiest to fluster) 

But please go wild guys~ lemme see what you’ve got ;3