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Bangtan Boys

Rap Monster- ISTP

“I just want to say that I’m like this right now, I’m this kind of person and I’ve lived like this, but I’m having these kinds of thoughts right now. And in the future, I’ll be like this… People want to have assurance towards their existence to no end. I think the reason I do music is that while speaking of my stories through music, I’m able to confirm the reason to my existence. I don’t want to be a petty person, but someone who remains in history. Because it’s a life that you only get one chance with, I want to influence people endlessly, give hopes, and become someone who can become a dream. Until then, I plan to continue on forth. Because that will become something that confirms the worth to my existence to the world and something that can personally confirm myself as to who I am.” (Se-Ni)

Okay so I had the most trouble when typing Rap Monster because he is just so unlike the traditional descriptions of his type; or maybe I was just over analyzing everything he was saying. ISTPs are described as being very in-tune with their environment and noticing the details of their surroundings. He does have that Se look in his eyes, but due to his lack of motor coordination and how the other members say that he needs to pay more attention to his surroundings, I was a little confused.

He is constantly trying to make sense of what kind of role he plays in the world and vice versa (Ti). Saying that “youth” defines itself as being the most beautiful moment in life, writing poems about the relationship between his self-conscious and the world, etc. is his Ti shining through. 

Then it was just a matter of debating between ISTP and INTP. His thoughts are very deep and theoretical which is a typical INTP trait BUT he has no Ne. Despite the fact that he’s always lost in his own world, he does have Se in how he finds the most relaxation being out and about in nature (a typical ISxP trait), and how he gives answers questions straight-forwardly without branching out into several different ideas. 

The reason why I typed him as ISTP rather than ESTP is simply due to the fact that he describes himself as being “careful” and “timid.” The fact that he spends more time inside his head rather than out doing things and craving more sensual experiences justifies him being a Ti-dom. He also says that while he knows how to do certain things in his head, his actions don’t always follow. 

Overall I have determined that Rap Monster has developed his Ni to a good extent. You can see how much effort he has to put in order for his answers to be deep compared to Suga who’s a Ni-dom and therefore he does it effortlessly. Also he seems like a very healthy ISTP compared to his age because his inferior Fe also comes into play from time to time such as how he’s courteous and knows how to respond in given situations.


“My first child will be a daughter, and my second child will be a son. I really want my son to have an older sister. I have an ideal image of having an older sister. Most guys with an older sister told me this- that the older sister puts allowance in her little brother’s wallet. My older brother took money out of my wallet! And a long time ago, I was traumatized when my friend told me that his girlfriend went home to make her little brother food. I never realized that an older sibling could cook for their younger sibling. I will name my son Yoosun, with the common family syllable. I took the name of Yoobi’s son. I was sad when I found out that my name didn’t have the common family syllable.” (Fi-Ni)

Now I have a feeling that many people are going to disagree with me on his type simply because he’s extremely organized and a neat freak. Well being a perceiver doesn’t mean that someone can’t be organized. Those are mere stereotypes (I should know because I’m the most disorganized person out there).

The thing with Jin is that he’s always kind of just been in the background. Any interview or variety show BTS goes on, he gets the least amount of screen time (which is totally unfair btw) partly due to the fact that while the other members are goofing around to get attention, he’s just sitting there. He doesn’t necessarily look uncomfortable but it’s more due to the fact that he probably just doesn’t want to do something because other people are doing it. If he wants to answer a question or do something crazy, it’ll be because he wants to and not because it is expected of him (Fi).

He’s always said that his personality is the kind to not mind what others think of him and to do what he wants to do. He has a strong sense of personal values; you can clearly see how much his values mean to him. Everything he talks about will have some sort of meaning to him even when he’s answering questions that are supposed to be objective, he somehow brings it back to himself (”Oh so that means I’m like this” or “Yes that happened to me too”). He LOVES cooking and you can tell because his eyes just seem to light up and become animated (the way Fi users do) whenever he talks about something meaningful to him.

His Se isn’t really that hard to notice and it’s most apparent in his cooking. His attention to detail comes from his Se in that he’s focusing all of his energy externally by focusing on his five senses. This is why he seems like a perfectionist when it comes to food. The reason he’s good at cleaning is also because he’s so good at noticing his surroundings and taking in all the details.

He’s calm and relaxed and a trait that I’ve noticed in most ISFPs is that he so desperately wants to be free. J-Hope once said that when Jin gets mad he can’t see anything in front of him, this is his inferior Te coming into play.

Suga- INTJ

“I was an underground rapper for a long time. I have a goal. I want to be the bridge between main stream music and underground Hip Hop. They’re so busy slandering each other. It’s probably too soon to say I want to unite the two; I’d sound pretty bombastic, won’t I ? As long as I can make good music, it doesn’t matter if I’m an idol or an underground rapper ” (Ni)

His introversion is due to the fact that he doesn’t like loud places with lots of people and that, in his opinion, everyone deserves a time and place for them to be refreshed (for him it’s being alone).

His dreams are big (despite being unsure of whether he’ll be able to reach them or not) and elaborate (Ni). He has a clear goal of what he wants to do and where he wants to go in life (without having thought about the technicalities and the specifics). He hates repetition and sees no point in thinking about the past because “the past is the past and it’s not like I can change anything about it.”  He doesn’t linger on things and really likes what he likes and hates what he dislikes–there is no in-between.

He is willful, confident, and independent (the fact that he went up the PD to complain about the endless repetitive dance practices proves this). Not to mention his supreme title of the sassy queen of BTS.  He doesn’t worry about what others think about him and is stubborn in defending what he believes in (Te-Fi). He has a straightforward personality in which he says what he means and means what he says without sugarcoating anything for anyone (Te). Confronts people about his problems instead of talking about them behind their backs. 

According to Jin he has a variety of knowledge about various things and he has no idea where he gets it all from (typical INTJ trait). He pretends not to care when he actually does (Fi). He finds pleasure in being organized externally (Te) because it aids him in knowing which direction to go in the future (Ni). His biggest regret/weakness shows up in the form of his inferior Se in which he says that “I didn’t have time to look at my surroundings and was too focused on what was in front of me. I think I should take some time to look around me and try things that aren’t just work-related, whether it’s hobbies or sports.“

J-Hope- ENFJ

It {the set} was warm and the flowers were blooming so I thought it would be really cozy, but to be honest it was cold. I had to climb up in a tree to film and I was kind of scared. It seemed really scary so I was afraid and got tense. Something came from that solitude and fear. (Ni-Se)

I came to the conclusion that he was ENFJ because, for starters, he was given his name because he gives ope to those around him. He’s bright, kind,gentle, treas others well, and is pretty loyal. He’s sociable and has a lot of love to give to those around him.

He loves thinking about complicated things (a strong indicator of Ni). He has no Si and instead thinks about the future and remembers the past as facts rather than memories (product of having Se). The way he’s able to be spontaneous and act in the moment are his tertiary Se kicking in.

He likes to be introspective but then dark thoughts kick in (this happens a lot to xNFJs as we are naturally attracted to dark themes). His way of looking to the past and creating universal themes from them are strong indicators of Ni. 

His Fe is more obvious than Suga’s sass. No but seriously he is always smiling and reflecting the emotions of those around him. One moment that really stood out for me though, (just to make my point), is that when he cried when the members threw him a surprise birthday party, he unconsciously hugged all the members as a sign of gratitude. He was obviously very emotionally shaken up (he was choking on his tears for goodness sake) and so his thoughts must have been in a huge mess but seeing as how he hugged them as if it were the natural thing to do just shows that it is the natural thing for him to do. Only a Fe-dom would think about thanking everyone individually so that no one got their feelings hurt and felt excluded even in a time like that.

Jimin- ESFP

“My aim is frankly to be the first. This has many meanings but i want to get the first place in music program and i also want to get really important award at some award ceremony.” (Se-Ni)

Jimin was one of the easiest for me to type. I did think he had Fe for a while because he is just so thoughtful and the members described him as being the one who listens to all their problems the best which didn’t really strike me as an ESFP trait (no offense to all the ESFPs out there). 

He’s always living in the moment whether it’s on or off stage. He has a good sense of aesthetic taste which is why he’s so good at picking his clothes and knowing what would look good with what (Se-Ni). He tends to be alert to what’s going on around him and thus he’s so good at performing. On camera you can always see him making random hand motions and making exaggerated facial expressions which is a common habit of ESxPs. He also uses his whole body to describe how he’s feeling.

He went through a lot of hardships because he was the last one to be added to BTS but you wouldn’t notice it ever, because of his Fi. His emotions are kept quiet but you can tell they play a large part in how he makes his decisions. He shows his affections readily especially when it’s physical. He makes his likes and dislikes less noticeable than Jin because as an extrovert his first instinct is to keep harmony with those around him but when he does he becomes extremely stubborn. 

He loves to be the center of attention (that’s why he tries so hard on stage and unintentionally steals the other members spotlight even when it’s not his turn). He says that he has a desire to constantly be moving around and he hates being bored. 


"I have a motto that came from my father: “What is that that’s so important.” It has a lot of meaning. I have moments where I’m tired, annoyed, and don’t want to do things. But whenever I think of these words, those things become nothing. If you endure through it, good things will come your way. My father ingrained this into my head so whenever I’m at hardship, I think of these words so I hope we never forget this.” (Ne-Si)

V is friendly, self-centered (not in a bad way), independent, and eccentric–typical ENTP traits. Honestly, his 4D personality gives it away despite how “mysterious” people say he is. ;)

His Ne is so obvious that you can literally see it in his eyes. They’re always shifting from place to place as if sorting through all of the multiple things going on his head. He also gets off-topic in interviews pretty fast like in one interview he was asked about composing and he ended his answer with something about how Rap Monster should just write notes on his hands.  He’s an inventor of new ideas to the extent that Suga has said that V comes up with really good ideas that equal out his quirkiness.

Suga once said that “he’s immature and isn’t able to become serious. It seems like he doesn’t care what others think,” and this really made me think of Ti. Since Fe is a tertiary function in ENTPs, and because he’s so young, it can be hard to adjust to other people’s feelings. But he find it super easy to make friends with people (especially with his father Daehyun), and often mentions how he has a  lot of friends because he isn’t picky or judgmental and people are drawn to hat about him (a typical ENTP trait).  He has this extra childishness that comes with being young and that’s why his Ti isn’t that prominent unless you really devour everything he says like I did. 

Some other things that helped me included how he said that it’s super hard for him to cry even when he’s deeply moved. He’s not afraid to do embarrassing things and he seems really out of it most of the time. 

Jungkook- ISFJ

“Looking back at my audition, I was shy and i had no self confidence. I couldn’t control my feelings properly. I had a chance to stay in the US for a month before the debut. So many things changed. I gained confidence. Also i was awakened to expressing my feelings or dancing.” (Si)

Jungkook was a little harder for me to type and that was mostly because he’s so shy and all his talk about how he doesn’t care about what others think of him (we’ll see how much of that is true…)

He’s described as being kind, innocent, and bad at expressing his feelings. He’s also super bad at refusing requests. I definitely think that he has Fe rather than Te but it’s harder to notice because of how withdrawn he is. Hes always said how uncomfortable he is speaking in front of people and in interviews so that is definitely an indicator that his Fe isn’t as developed as it should be because he is so closed off. But his manners are still first class like how he he’s aware of social norms. I can definitely relate to how his Fe doesn’t immediately show. Whenever I’m put in the spot or in a social situation, sometimes it’s extremely hard for me to unconsciously use my Fe but rather I have to remind myself to or else I become too closed off.

He’s reluctant in being put on the spot like when J-Hope was trying to have a conversation with him in English, you could tell how he was alarmed and totally not prepared. 

He answers questions based on his past experiences relating to the matter at hand (Si). The actions he takes reflect what he’s done in the past depending on what has and hasn’t worked for him. For example when he’s reading he thinks “If I read, then I’ll become better at speaking then I am now, right?” He often mentions how he’s changed compared to his trainee days. The words he lives by are that passion is imperative in order to grow and that passion is fueled by accumulated experiences. 

In all honesty seeing J*nsa shippers wanting this whole “UndercoverJon” theory to happen is disturbing. Like why are so many of them ok with Jon using Daenerys for sex?. Just how messed up are you to be ok with someone emotionally and physically abusing somebody else just so your ship can be canon?. Sansa would never be ok with Jon using a woman like that since she spent most of her life being used by men for their own personal gains. And you know what else bothers me about this ugly theory? I haven’t seen any of the shippers speak against it.

They’re just like “Yeah it totally makes sense that Jon would use Daenerys and once he’s done he’ll get with Sansa blah blah blah”. Now I’m all for ship and let ship but I’m disappointed with the J*nsa fandom for wanting this. I just can’t wrap my head around why the shippers are agreeing with this theory. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be with a man who used a woman for her body just so he could be with me I don’t care if he did it because he loves me it’s disgusting and awful. I don’t care how much you hate Daenerys but wanting her to be used like that makes you a sick person end of story.

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I sometimes engage in the totally unscientific theory of pet typing.

IF such a thing were possible, I think I could prove given his recent antics that my latest acquired cat is an ISTP.

Why do I think this?

Well, the other day he got so mad that I went out onto the porch without him that he made a truly valiant death-defying attempt to open the door – and it almost worked. I can never come home without finding him on top of some high shelf, and last week he climbed all the way to the top of a high window in search of… what? A perch? Yes, I can see how that quarter of an inch space looks like a shelf. He learns impossibly fast / picks things up with no necessary prior knowledge needed and was literally home 5 minutes before he left the ‘safe space’ and explored the entire house, other cats be damned. He also spends a good deal of time pestering / emotionally messing with my older, more settled and quite intolerant cat. He is rather too smart for my good sometimes.

Older cat I think would be a Fi-dom of some sort; extremely selective in who she likes, somewhat reclusive / and so sensitive she will attack me (literally, this is not a joke) if she thinks I’m laughing at her. Which I do, because the idea of a cat being indignant at being laughed at and attacking me is so funny, it just makes me laugh harder. I’m sorry, beloved. I really am. But you’re hilarious.

Pretty sure if pets had a type, our dog would be an SFJ. He seems to ‘tailor make’ his behavior to whomever family member has walking duty that day and his little rituals and routines crack me up. But the cake-topper of pets was my dad’s ESTP Maine Coone cat. He was THE BEST THING EVER.

You know.

If pets had a type. ;)

- ENFP Mod

FFXV: Gladiolus Amicitia x Fem Reader "Control "

Summary: Gladio over the years has mastered the art of control. But controlling his emotions and what he feels….well nobody can hold it in forever..

Tagging coolio peeps: @itshaejinju @gladixlusamicitia @warnjai-17 @waifuthewhite @chocobropuffs @lady-asuka @alicemoonwonderland

If you wamt to be tagged in future writings lemme know.

Warnings: its gladio, like what could go wrong. 😂 Okay, maybe slight NSFW maybe. Prob not

Word count: 1333

Gladio had just gotten home from work. Body tired, clothes ripped and shoulders heavy as he opened the door to your room.

You burried yourself deeper under the covers as you heard your shield arrive. Peaking from under the covers you saw him standing over the bed with his back turned. You saw every muscle in his back move as he took off his shirt. A sight that never would or has gotten old. Though today he seemed more beaten down as Gladio whispered to himself,

“Shit i took more of a beating then i thought..”

Your heart sunk seeing the scars on his back that were hidden by his shirt . You jumped from under the blakets then wrapped your arms around him.

Gladio jumped,

“Sorry babe did i wake you?”

Burrying your face into his back you replied,

“No not really, i was waiting for you to get back..”

Gladio chuckled, as he turned giving that smile that could melt mountains.

“Babe are you trying to get me back for beating you in the tickle fight?”

Letting go of gladio, you turned your head away to pout.

“No…But mark my words Amicitia i will get you back..”

“Love, your just mad cause i made you confess to me winning.”

Your face went beat red remembering the “tickle fight”.

“Are we talking about the same tickle fight?”

“Yes love, you kissed me while i was sleeping then preceded to run away. And i grabbed you by the waist then pinned you down kissing you all over. Thus began the tickle fight…”

“What happened after that hmmm?”

“Lets see i dragged you to the shower…then tickled you till you gave in. And i did x and y. Buut its not like you wanna get me back for it anyway. You love me too much..”

“Gladio…you are impossible”

Gladio wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him. Despite how banged up he looked he still stood tall as if nothing was wrong. And gad the energy to flirt with you. But was that an act so you wouldn’t worry? Or was he really fine?

Looking up into Gladiolus eyes you said,

“No matter what happens you don’t have to act strong in front of me. Its not possible to stay strong please”

Gladio looked at you confused then let go of your waist, the shield stood there for a moment as if to take everything in. Then he spoke,

“Your right….its impossible to stay strong forever…”

Without giving you a moment to speak or even blink. He pulled you close to him then tilted your chin up as he kissed you. Nearly taking your breath away as he kissed you so pationitally yet lustfuly. Your body locked up on you as he took control. Leaving your mind in a blurr of emotions and caught in his grasp . He broke away briefly then began kissing your collar bone. If it wasn’t for the fact you knew that he was human you’d think he was a vampire. The way he kissed your neck and collarbone. He pulled away long enough to speak a few words,

“I’m sorry….”

Though this wasn’t enough time for you to recollect yourself as his fingers trailed the sides of your stomach and his lips were on you again.

You tried to call his name to catch his attention, but everything came out as mumbled words. Gladio walked the both of you over to towards bed. You squirmed as he kissed all over you and tugged at the collar of your shirt. Caught in the moment he made you and him crash onto the bed. Which killed the mood as he began chuckle burrying his face into your chest.

“Gla-Gladio you dork! Like..”

Gladio looked up at you alittle ashamed and nervous,

“I’m sorry babe… I kinda took that out of contents. But honestly better now then later right?”

Gladio gave a fake smile, and rubbed the back of his hand down the side of your face.

Your face steaming red from shock and pure pleasure of being tangled up in gladio was written all over your face. No man had ever touched you that way, or rather you would never let them. Gladio was just..different..

“Gladio, your just a dork through and through. What am i gonna do with you?”

With that you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him closer to you. Your lips met as he wrapped his arms around your waist. Gladio kept pulling you closer to him until you were literally an inch away from him. His lips left yours as he rubbed his nose against yours.

“Babe, not funny what you do to me and make me feel. Man should never be pushed like this, especially not a beast.. ”

At this point you were out of smart remarks and honestly out of your zone of what to do. Gladio watched your chest rise and fall as his thoughts stumbled around in his head. In those seconds his eyes never left your body, just as your eyes never left his. Until gladio smiled and tugged at a button on your shirt then said,

“I’m gonna make you mine..”

Your heart jumped as he dove into your neck and kissed you down to your collarbone. Then stopped at the opening of your shirt.

“Your always stealing my shirts.. Babe.”

You managed to get out a sentence, which came to a shock to you. Considering Your brain was mush, your body was numb and throbbing with everything he did to you.

“ Your the one who leaves them around the house.. I think thats a fair trade”

Gladio looked up at you and shook his head

“My shirt is not a fair trade for you giving me your heart..”

“Then what is?”

“You having me..”

Gladio began kissing you opening the buttons of your shirt and trailing down your chest. He paused then said,

“My shirt can’t kiss you, it can’t love you like i can and it can’t make you feel like this. Thats why i want you to have me..”

You turned your head trying to keep control of your body as it flinched. Your heart screamed as Gladio began kissing down your chest. Once he got your naval your body jurked back as you called gladios name. Gladio smiled as he wrapped his arms around your hips.

“Babe, i don’t think your gonna be able to get me back for this…”

You panted and squirmed as gladio began going up your chest kissing you. His hands holding onto your hips. He pulled away once he’d reached your neck. You burried your face into his chest. If you hadn’t did that he would have moved into round 2.


“Gla-Gladio you win, and no I’m not moving so neither are you..”

“I can’t see my babies face?”

“My face is a gushing, flustered, emotionally wrecked mess. No you can’t see it..”

“Trust me, my face was worst when i was kissing you..”

“No it wasn’t…”

“Really? The way you were acting i don’t see how you could have seen my face..”

You pushed away from gladio and jumped out of the bed.

“So I’m sleeping on the couch…you can take the bed.”

“What nope, your not leaving me.. I need you. Not just for emotional outlet because work gets stressful. No i need you because your my strength and your the shield for my heart. ”

You stopped at the door to your room, holding your shirt closed. And stood there, gladio jumped out of the bed then wrapped his hands around your waist.

“Plus..I’m not done loving all over you. I think your body can handle alittle more of me..”

“ my heart sure as hell can’t…”

Gladio planted a kiss on the back of your neck.

“Then you know how to make me stop, but you were the one who said nobody can keep control forever..”

Amonkhet was sweet

There’s a ton of cool stuff from Amonkhet. Not only cardwise but the worldbuilding and flavor of the set was awesome.

We get a world made by Bolas where white zombies walk around, bringing zombies to a color they’ve never had before. You’re taking trials by these awe inspiring gods that end up ruining you because Bolas is an evil bastard. Holy priests wear his horns and display them proudly. It was always such a trip to see white holy creatures wielding them as a holy symbol or hung from great obelisks.

The ticking time bomb feel is also super great. The constant image of the sun moving between the horns present in the full art lands and a bunch of other cards is so ominous, and the brick counter tech adds to the building feel. It also works to that idea the trials have of improving yourself. By adding brick counters its ominous for your opponent and improving yourself like the trials, it changes based on what side of the board you’re on.

A lot of posts have talked about how terrible they feel after watching crop mates murder each other in the trials. YES. Devastate me. Nicol Bolas Funland should be emotionally grueling, yes give me more of that please. We just had a breather with Kaladesh mess me up.

I’ve also heard R&D couldn’t decide between a flourishing Egypt or destroyed Egypt and Hour of Devastation lets them do both. Seeing the prophecy come in so backhandedly is so cruel and for Bolas its awesome. He should be feared for things like this.

Amonkhet was a wild ride 10/10 would go through again

Cancer decides to watch Tokyo Ghoul...
  • Cancer: Hey Capricorn, I'm going to watch Tokyo Ghoul have you seen it? Gemini said It's really good.
  • Capricorn: ...
  • Capricorn: Yeah I've seen it.
  • Cancer: Oh nice! BUT DON'T GIVE SPOILERS OK?
  • Capricorn: Well, I don't care. I have a lot of stuff to take care of anyway.
  • Cancer: That's... Kinda rude you know?
  • Capricorn: I'll order pizza for you.
  • Cancer: Omg you're the best I love you so much an-
  • Capricorn: You should probably start watching.
  • Cancer: Oh right! *puts on headphones*
  • Capricorn: *calls Gemini*
  • Gemini: *picks up the phone* Sup, Cappy! Or should I say Capricorn-on-the-cob~
  • Capricorn: Cut out the bullshit and tell me why the the fuck did you tell Cancer to watch Tokyo Ghoul.
  • Gemini: Oooh, a little savage aren't we? Relax, I just wanted to see how much she'll cry when Hide di-
  • Capricorn: First of all, Hide did NOT die. He's sleeping. And secondly, you are a fucking irresponsible bastard who messes with peoples lives without thinking about the consequences. Get your shit together or I'll have to do it for you. Now never. NEVER. Tell Cancer to do something emotionally draining again or I'll have to end up slicing your tongue and stitching your lips together using your hair. Got it?
  • Gemini: Yikes! Have you been spending too much time with Scorpio lately? Besides when did you start caring for her anyway? Didn't you say that she was annoying, moody and manipulative earlier?? You're like polar opposites as well. Hehee so you DO have emotions don't you~?
  • Capricorn: I will make you drink bleach if you keep on talking.
  • Gemini: Awww how cuuute, Miss Caps Lock is tryna look badass and tough to hide her inner marshmallow~
  • Capricorn: *hears loud crying from the other room*
  • Gemini: Lol there she goes...
  • Capricorn: Asshole.
  • Capricorn: *hungs up*
  • Gemini: I am a total match-maker. Case closed.

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Is it weird to feel sorry for Laineybot? I feel like there is this cognitive dissonance in her: she doesn't want to be treated like a victim but Greg victimises her, and she can't help but feel sad. The only thing is: imagine if you had been groomed by your idol and grew up in this moral vacuum without others. She had Greg and his family, because he kinda isolated her. Then she was a mom. It's really sad. I don't feel she'll ever stand up for herself.

Not weird at all! Even though Lainey has done some horrible things, I think almost all of us sympathize with her in varying degrees, for exactly the reason that you outlined in your comment: she was snatched up by her idol, a man that she looked up to in reverence, at the young age of 17, and then groomed into his ideal victim. It’s plain to see how emotionally messed up she is and I think most people would have a difficult time NOT being able to empathize with her in some way. So I don’t think your feelings are weird at all. C: I feel bad for her too, but being a victim herself does not excuse her actions - it took me a long time to figure this out, but somebody can be both a victim and an abuser at the same time.

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I personally hate cheating fics but I don’t really see how people wanting to write about it is weird. Like. It’s just angst. The people love angst.

For me, writing about it normalizes it and makes it seem like something that happens all the time and that we should accept it. Which like,,,,,we should not accept it bc cheating is super shitty and can absolutely destroy the person being cheated on emotionally and mentally. So I just feel like writing about something that can really mess someone up isn’t cool, but that’s just how I feel. People can do what they want of course, but I just don’t see anything good in writing about it.

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I'm starting to recognize that I've developed subconscious patterns of abuse in relationships because of my psychopath emotionally abusive father who played power games with me his daughter. How do I begin to unpack and unlearn these bad habits. It's effecting every intimate relationship I've had, especially with men

I’m so glad that you are understanding the relationship betw the two, it usually takes women , if never, to see the correlation.  Going thru these steps prevents you from passing them onto your own children. 

You have the first step.  

NEXT you have to write essentially the “messed-up” instruction manual he taught you.  You need to look at the messages he gave to you & deconstruct them so that you finally understand the real complete harm of it.  Label & understand it and it’s power goes away like “puff”

Then you need to write your “ideal” instruction manual of how you want it.  

One side is identification and analysis which frees you from the past, the other side is where you want to go.  

We often say, we don’t want to copy our parent’s mistakes, but then, how many actually repeat it, because they don’t know how to be different.  

Again, if you identify where you want to go, you won’t make it 100% but it sure steers the ship in the right direction.  It gives you a destination and guideline.

So, lots of writing & self-analysis

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I hate the V/////////tron fandom toooo, I'm glad I'm not alone smh

((The reason why i hate V///oltron was because it was literally EVERYWHERE and it came to the point that it annoyed the shit out of me.

Not only that but people both IRL and Online associated with the fandom broke me emotionally, and it came to the point where I even had to go through THERAPY and the mere MENTION of the fandom brings me into a total breakdown. I was an emotionally unstable piece of shit for 7 FUCKING MONTHS because of those people.

I am STILL trying to find some tolerance for the fandom without finding myself shaking at the stress I got into. but no. SOME people decide to use it as a way to tease me to annoy me just to see my reaction to something that reminds me of how much my fucking life is a mess. Now, I get PISSED when it gets mentioned.

so dont FUCKING EVER bring that shit back up



Summary: Not everyone is what they seem. That’s especially true for Hayato’s little sister.

Notes: Blame @sentochoryu for this. Shinokira (sorta) one-shot kidfic for the masses. The same fic, now proofread.

She’d been acting strangely for several days. Being quiet at meals was nothing new, but her general behavior had changed. Normally, she would pipe up on the occasions she had something to add, listen to what he and mother said, and take her time eating. Now, she barely said anything, didn’t seem to listen, and got out as fast as she could. She didn’t leave the house aside from school and spent the bulk of her time in her room.

Their mother was obviously worried, yet clearly didn’t know what to do about it. He was worried as well. He was worried that his younger sister was getting bullied or feeling especially self-conscious. She wasn’t exactly an average eight-year-old. Even adults could have trouble understanding obsessive behaviors and odd hobbies. Children? Children could be downright cruel when one of their own went against the norm.

Yes, he worried for his little sister, but there was another, treacherous little part of him that was worried about his little sister. It was that same part of him that had been whispering distrust ever since she was born in the Spring of 2000. A baby girl born with blonde hair that didn’t fit her mother or fa- Kosaku Kawajiri. A child born to a newly widowed woman who had barely acknowledged her husband until a short time ago. There was no way she could be anything but what she was.

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So, I’ve had a bit of a rough couple of weeks. You know what that means I need to feel better? Fluff and feels and porn. And that is what I goddamned made sure I got and now I do feel better. Here, read them with me and you too shall feel better!

Build Walls for Miles Around by Lise, thor/loki, truth spell, 5k

Amora and Loki’s brief flirtations tend to end poorly. This time it’s ended poorly for Loki. And he’s really, really not happy about what she’s making him do.

The Cradle of the Storm by mysticmjolnir [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, fluff, 1.7k

Thor carries his brother directly to the healing rooms, and then refuses to leave until Eir threatens to summon the Queen.

Here is The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows by milky_haven, thor/loki, nsfw, inception fic (sort of), mind travel, 6.3k

Thor travels into Loki’s subconscious mind to seek his downfall. But what he finds is Loki’s deepest desire.

You Will Be Aware of an Absence, Growing Beside You Like a Tree by stella_bella, thor/loki + other asgardians, nsfw, somewhat dub-con elements, 7.9k

After the disastrous attack on New York City, Loki is brought home to Asgard and imprisoned, awaiting judgment by the Allfather. Thor visits, of course. AU after the events of The Avengers.

Waiting for the Moon to Rise by cavaleira, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, king!thor, prostitution/brothel au, 45.6k

As the newly crowned king of Asgard, Thor’s life is filled with stress as he as he navigates political intrigue and struggles to figure out what kind of king he wants to be. Desperately in need of a night of relaxation, he finds himself at a brothel he used to frequent in his youth. It’s there that Thor spends an evening in the arms of beautiful courtesan named Loki, and his whole world changes in ways he never could have imagined.

Envy (Is Unnecessary) by Lise, thor/loki + steve/loki + thor/loki/steve, NSFW, 3.9k

The threesome gets a little Thor/Steve. Loki gets a little concerned. Everyone gets some, one way or another.

Up All Night by The Cat & The Hiddle [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, nsfw, past pregnant!loki, thorki parents, fluff, 1.1k

Thor arrives home on Asgard to find Loki up all night with a cranky baby.

Asguard Legal by Princesszellie, thor/loki, human au, lawyers au, fluff, 1.9k

Loki is a junior lawyer and assistant for the Senior Partner at a prestigious firm, Thor is the playboy son of said Senior Partner. When the ‘heir to the throne’ becomes bewitched with his father’s beautiful secretary things at Laufey, Odinson & Aseir could get interesting.

Haze by Misaya, thor/loki, NSFW, sick fic, references to pregant!loki, 3.3k

Loki didn’t stay in the dining hall to have his favourite raspberry jam and cream cake, and Thor is 100% sure that he’s about to become a father. Of course, Thor’s been wrong before. Loads of times. Even with 100% certainty. But Loki is oh so sensitive during pregnancy, so how could he be anything but? Sickfic, fever sex, etc etc.

Press Any Key to Continue by Misaya, thor/loki + background clint/natasha + avengers + other asgardians, NSFW, fluff, orgasm denial, sex toys, 4.4k

Natasha shows Thor the world of sex toys and assures him Loki will like it, even going so far as to give him a demonstration with Clint. Loki does like it. He likes it a lot, even if his brother is an absolutely horrid tease.

1,000 by Misaya, thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, some fem!loki, crossdressing, 5.3k

For Loki and Thor’s millennial anniversary, the Jotunheimr royal court comes to visit. Laufey is unperturbed by Loki’s choice of gender, Odin is willing to give the frost giants the benefit of the doubt, and Loki wears a corset. Because Darcy said it would be good. And Darcy was right, as it turns out.

something about this coffee… by deconsecrators [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, nsfw, human au, folger’s coffee commercial au, ~1k

Loki shrugs. “You’re my present this year.”

Am I too late for NSFW day? by eatingcroutons [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, human au, skating au, ~1k

The guy is an Asshole. With a capital A, and not just because Loki doesn’t know his actual name. He’s a walking hockey stereotype: built like a mountain, square-jawed, blond-haired, perpetually grinning and joking and laughing far louder than necessary.

full details + recs inside!

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anonymous asked:

* kissed my head, wiped my tears, and was just very affectionate with me so it turned into a weirdly intimate moment, which my gf is very upset about. i dont know what to make out of this. it touches my heart my roommate being so caring with me all the time especially considering how emotionally needy i am but i understand my gf's reaction. shes pissed and barely talking to me since then and i dont know what to do. im not into my roommate like that but im scared i fucked things up with my gf ._.

part two

Hi! I remember you. Well, I’m glad things got better for a while and I’m sorry that they got messy now :( I see that you have new friends and they are very supportive, which is a great thing to you, but on the other side, you’re scared of messing up things with your girlfriend. Personally, I am a jealous person and I understand your girlfriend’s point of view, but there is two problems here: she can’t control your friendships and you have to be careful to don’t cross any limits and become too close of your new friend. Try to analyse your relationship and your new friendship, maybe if your girlfriend is being really possessive, it’s better to break up, but if you feel like she is right to feel jealous, maybe try to stay away from your new friend for a while and try to talk about your crisis to her and not to someone else, she will create more confidence :)

starsteemer  asked:

IMPORTANT I dont know what to do! I'm currently in a relationship with a guy I dont like anymore and I want to break up with him but I dont know how! And Im scared of not being in a relationship, but....I HATE him!! I don't know what to do its a mess

… he’s jealous and emotionally unstable and volatile, and EXTREMELY possessive of me! He tries taking me from my friends but I can’t break up with him because we just resolved a conflict and he’s extremely depressed. But I can’t stand him. 

I’m also terrified of not having the stability of a relationship… and when we had a falling out I got really sad seeing other couples. But I don’t like him or the way he acts. He even threatened my friend once! (Sorry on mobile)

You don’t have to stand to be in a possessive relationship, or to have your friends be abused by this person. When a partner is unstable, sometimes you have to weigh what you get out of the relationship vs. the pain it inflicts. That is if the relationship is founded on anything close to resembling “love”, which yours is clearly not. The word is actually closer to “subjugation”. You deserve autonomy, and to see your friends; he’s trying to keep your close because he’s scared he’ll lose you and the stability a relationship confers.

A relationship is like a crystal globe; if clutched it too firmly, it will shatter.

If you detest this person as aggressively as you make it seem, you need to break up with this person or risk being unhappy forever. It doesn’t matter if this person is depressed or not, you have to take care of numero uno first.

  • Make a plan of escape: If you need to disappear for a while after dropping the axe on this clod, see if you can stay with some friends or relatives for a while. Use your judgment for how long you think it’ll  take for things to cool down. You’ll need to block this person on social networks, your phone-lines and set e-mail filters. 
  • Break up from afar or in public: A coffee shop is a great place for break-ups for one very good reason; things can’t blow up without being extremely, embarrassingly public and there being lots of people to intervene if things get messy.

    If you don’t feel safe or comfortable seeing this person, write out your feelings in as exhaustive and unequivocal language as possible and send them via email, Skype or text. Don’t hate, just state the plain truths of their character. Also, don’t drag things onto social networks, either; make no word of it to the world-at-large. If you had a visible FB relationship status, make it private, then change it. Also, if you think you’re in physical danger, just break it off. You don’t need any further explanation.
  • Talk to your family and close friends: Let them know what’s happened with your relationship and tell them that they are not communicate with him -or- disclose your whereabouts. In the event he comes to your door, tell your folks to be ready with some sternly-worded wrath. Let your friends know you may need to stay with them on short notice as well; it may not come to it, but if it does, you’ll not be catching them unawares.
  • Be ready to talk to cops: In the event your ex circumvents your social network blocks, tries to get ahold of you from spoofed numbers or starts stalking you otherwise, have your local police division’s number in your phone and ready to go. It may be messy, but there’s a chance you’ll require a restraining order on this person, but hopefully things won’t come to that.
  • Stand Strong: Being in a relationship for the sake of being in one is not a good reason. If you’re still with this person for the stability, how stable can you be feeling when you have no freedom and feeling as crushed as you are?

Wow, that was longer than I expected, but I hope that gives you some insight how to deal with this oafish lout. There are billions of fish out there in the Great Sea, find one that makes you happy!

- Engineer Dave

As bad as I’m craving more Richonne scenes, I desperately want more of Carl and Michonne being together. Those two together reminds me of the relationship my nephew and I have and it’s just wonderful.

Also,Carl not crying in front of Negan is cool and all but I don’t want him to be just some tough kid. I want to see that the LVs have emotionally messed him up and instead of bottling it up, he seeks comfort in Michonne. I want hugs, crying on shoulders, and even another scene where he refuses to leave her side and all four of them (Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Judith) spends the whole night in bed together. Showing how even though their sad about what happened, they’re also thankful to still have each other.

Arrow Review – Draw Back Your Bow

It’s no secret that I’ve been a bit listless with my Arrow viewing for a large portion during season 3.  By far, this episode stood out for me because it brought back to the forefront many of the elements I love about this show.  Particularly the original team arrow interpersonal dynamics seem to be what I’m most invested in. Which is possibly why episodes 3x1, 3x5, and now 3x7 have been such a treat. It seems when Arrow focuses on what made it popular to begin with, they can’t lose. I really hope that message continues to be hammered home to the show runners.

So let’s begin…

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I showed my friend a bunch of crying gifs from Supernatural to mess her up because she has only reached Season 2.

Me: This one is the worst. Prepare yourself

Friend: No, I don’t want to see it

Me: Imagine young sam, cute same, with Jessica, with Dean, smiling happy.


Me: Imagine…then look at this

And that is the story of how I emotionally broke my friend.

The Colony Ch 19: In the Still of the Night

thanks as always to satousei13 for this:

read the whole story on or AO3

Chapter 19: In the Still of the Night

In pausing to reconsidering everything about her life, Delphine had sacrificed more than a little sleep to introspection, and she had found that in the small hours of the night, when the world was grey and even sound was velvet in texture, her thoughts made her bold, even if she felt more than a little exposed. Cosima, on the other hand, who had lain awake more nights than she could count considering the limitations of unrequited affection, found these same small hours made her frightened (or was it timid?).  No matter the case, in the obscure tranquility of the predawn hours, Cosima was always keenly aware of her own fragility.  It was the collision of boldness with fragility that caused Cosima to push Delphine away once the shock of her advances had worn off.

                 “Wait. Wait….” Cosima bowed her head, shaking it slightly against the weight of desire. Her body was flooded with endorphins, caught between to very distinct impulses, impulses that had become inextricably connected in her psyche.  On the one hand, her skin flushed and her mind clouded, heady with want for the woman in whose arms, through such unpredictable circumstance, she lay.  On the other hand, an enormous weight sat in the pit of her stomach, triggering a fear so familiar she couldn’t imagine want without it.

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