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I loved how you analized Sangwoo! it was just so, well done? lol I don't understand how people hate Sangwoo (I mean obviously bc he is a murderer, ok I get it), BUT I think the main reason why he is so hated by the fandom is bc he is actually a VERY WELL WRITTEN CHARACTER!? Koogi knows how to portray him as a pscychopath/sociopath that can even hurt us emotionally and have his own haters club, tho he's not even real, and that amazes me. That's why I really like/love Sangwoo as a character :)

I’m glad you liked it 😍 thanks.
Well said 👏 Koogi is amazing. Both as a writer and as an artist.
Tbh I’ve always liked and preferred villains (they’re more interesting). But also I think what people usually overlook when they see a ‘bad guy’ is that no matter how messed up he is, he’s human. People think ‘wow this guy is a monster. I hate him. He needs to die! Jail! Take him to jail!’ but what I think when I look at a villain is ‘What happened to you?’. You know they say villains are broken heroes and there’s a story behind that broken person. I’m always more interested in that story and what made that person what he is rather than focusing on hating him for what he does.
So, yeah I agree. I love Sangwoo, I really feel bad about what happened to him and as for the story I’m actually rooting for him to get away with everything he did because that’s more interesting. It’s fiction, sue me!

As bad as I’m craving more Richonne scenes, I desperately want more of Carl and Michonne being together. Those two together reminds me of the relationship my nephew and I have and it’s just wonderful.

Also,Carl not crying in front of Negan is cool and all but I don’t want him to be just some tough kid. I want to see that the LVs have emotionally messed him up and instead of bottling it up, he seeks comfort in Michonne. I want hugs, crying on shoulders, and even another scene where he refuses to leave her side and all four of them (Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Judith) spends the whole night in bed together. Showing how even though their sad about what happened, they’re also thankful to still have each other.

You know what gets me about that last scene with Barry and Iris? It’s that they were mature enough to realize that he wasn’t emotionally stable or ready for their relationship and proved how strong their bond is.

Think about it, if Barry hadn’t have went back in time and mess up the timeline and they got together, he would’ve been miserable. Seeing him miserable would’ve made Iris miserable too and they probably would’ve had problems right out of the gate and probably would’ve broken up(that’s what I’m inferring, I’ve seen this happen to many relationships). But Barry knew that he needed to take time to make himself whole again. 

“If I’m ever going to be worth anything to you, I’m to need to fix what’s wrong with me. I need to find some peace.” 

He was already thinking of them and their relationship.

And Iris telling him that she’s going to wait for him just solidified how strong of relationship they have. They support one another and that’ll never change, no matter how many times Barry messes up their timeline.