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“Heirs: Family Bonding”  (Chapter 3)  - [A Jeremy Irons/Tom Hiddleston/Sebastian Stan  story].

Written by: A.Wölf.

Previous chapter(s): 1: “Heirs: The Scent of Revenge”.  // 2: “Tiptoed love”.

Notes: NSFW  //  Let this be another one of those repetitive reminders. No disrespect to any of these actors, they are just portraying these crazy characters of mine.


The morning sun filtered through the curtains, awakening Tom.

The balcony door had stayed ajar the whole night and the ocean breeze had grazed his wife’s naked back. Tom stared at her and it was impossible for him not to let a warm smile spread across his face, invaded by an optimistic feeling for the first time in months. He felt strong and better than ever, having finally slept by her side after making up and making love. He got up carefully for her slumber to remain undisturbed and walked into the bathroom.

He looked at himself in the mirror, and his beard reminded him of the pain he had endured in the last weeks, and his self-destructive behavior. He opened the mirrored cabinet and grabbed his razor; it was time to shave.

“Good morning”, said Jeremy at the sound of Sebastian joining him in the dining room.

Jeremy didn’t even glance up from the newspaper he held in front of him, and his son could only see the cigarette smoke floating above it. His father, as usual, was sitting at the head of the table, so he sat to his left. The maid walked in to put a plate in front of Jeremy; eggs, sausage, and two pancakes. This at last, made the businessman put down the paper and put out the cigarette to take a sip of his black coffee.

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anonymous asked:

If you could pick a Marvel Affiliated Artist on an Iron Man title, who would it be?

Olivier Coipel, 

Clay Mann who I personally love for Magneto not a Hero but he drew somme nice Steve and Tony (I think he worked on Cap for a while)

Lineil Yu (he’s currently doing Secret Empire which is a major bummer bc it…kinda sucks but HIS ART IS SO PRETTY) He worked on ultimates and Secret Invasion(he drew a very sweaty and sick tony. he was beautiful) and he is NOT SHY of a nice bootay or beautiful eyelashes.

David Aja would be pretty cool just to see what he could do with him. But I think his style seems to work for quirky grungy boys like Iron Fist or Hawkeye bc of how clean the backgrounds/designs are

Annie Wu. Also worked on Hawkeye and did some work for the Venture Bros. Its another case where I’m not sure if its her bag exactly but it would be really cool to see what she could do with Tony. Especially if it was like a One Night in Madripoor kinda story

Anyway I love Annie Wu a lot lot lot lot so she could draw a turd dancing around and I’d be pretty happy about it

She did an Alternate cover for Superior Iron Man <3

Chris Samnee would be pretty cool. He’s going to be working on the newest Cap story (hopefully they’ve done away with that dumb nazi storyline by then) I keep forgetting that Chris Samnee isn’t in the same age group as Don Heck or Kriby bc his art is SOOOOOO Classic Marvel. 

Phil Noto would be pretty cool. He’s best as a pinup artist or cover artist in my opinion but I love what he’s doing with the Poe Dameron comic and I like how soft he made the Black Widow comic so it’d be cool to see. Plus he does 60s 

Millionaire Playboy Industrialist Tony to a T

or Kris Anka but especially if everyone just sorta lost all their shirts and hit the gym alot or did fashionable shopping covers by Kevin Wada OBVS.

(BTW Whoever got this commission from Kevin Wada god bless you)

Sara Pichelli, David Marquez, the artist that did 1872 and the artist that worked on the Bunn Magneto story (where he was inexplicably bald????) just….this is a huge sausage fest right now but that’s more the fault of major comic companies hiring the same old group of neckbeards instead of tapping into the VAST RESOURCES of artists (especially female artists, ESPECIALLY POC FEMALE ARTISTS, ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY BLACK FEMALE ARTISTS)  that love these characters and have the skills.

The other issue is that a lot of these artists ARE in demand and they can only do so much work for the unfortunately low pay that they get at a time. A lot of these artists are already working on other titles and I don’t think??? Iron man is currently running right now??? If it is its swept up in yet another event story which honestly is crushing a lot of readers interest in picking up comics/single hero titles. But even with events taking hold of a lot of titles there’s always the issue that authors can write a lot faster than artists can draw. Which is why its not that common to see artists do the coloring AND the penciling/inking.

There’s another problem and its much more noticeable in older artists, especially the artists that DUUUUUDES really like because they draaw BEEEWWBBBBBSS, is kind of a general laziness to their work. I’m not sure if its a “We’re over it” kind of attitude or they just don’t understand when “THESE SJW KEEP COMING AFTER ME FOR DRAWING VAGINAS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE SUPER SUITS! “ but because they’re Old School they still have that draw to them and the demand to see their work .

yknow. Bc boobs.

The OTHER OTHER problem with Tony Artists is that there seems to be this ….comic book…..thing?…to make him as generically macho as say…Cap or Thor. Its weird when you see them all lined up and they all look like a bunch of sausages shoved into a Glad Bag. Its one reason I like Olviier Coipel’s Tony so much bc of how slight he is. He’s not skinny. But he’s not beef either.

The Bros + Cor comforting their S/O on their first day of work | Headcanons |

So I had my first day of work today and I was rather nervous and all it’s normal for me first two weeks I’m a anxious ball of angsty fluff. I get sick and such it’s just the way it is. \\٩( ‘ω’ )و ///

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Noctis: He totally will totally try to make breakfast because you normally do it but you are really nervous about work. He lets you sleep in a little waking you up with instant coffee he made that was heavy on the cream, he made toast, along with several pieces of bacon. (He tried eggs but they got burned, he tries.) He will tell them that they will do great no matter what and that if something happens they should just drop his name as their boyfriend. Noctis will promise them a nice dinner after work and listen to their day he will text through the day to see if they are okay. Noctis will be there early to pick them up and give them a big hug greeting them.

Prompto: Prompto totally wakes them up with kisses and breakfast he bought at the bakery down the road. He was going to try to make it but it felt like he would do well and he didn’t want to make you feel sick on your first day. Prompto totally would tell you jokes to make you not worry about any of it, silly little things like his first day of Kingsguard training how he tripped over the shoelaces of his shoes. He would make sure all your make up was ready to put on when you got out of the shower all of it ready for you to get looking gorgeous. The whole time taking pictures, be prepared for the “bae’s first day of work” scrapbooks, it’s super cute. He will totally stop by your lunch break so he could go eat with you and talk about your day easing your tension.

Ignis:  Ignis sees that his s/o is nervous about their first day of work, he makes sure to get up before them and make a nutritious breakfast. He would have make sure they had their clothes out and ready before bed the night before. Waking them up with a fresh cup of Ebony (after he’s had his first cup!) giving them reassuring words. He will start the shower for them and by the time they are ready he will have breakfast completely finished, he would even feed them because he know they really like that (even if he doesn’t). Ignis will give them a excellent cheer up speech telling them that they will be able get through the day without problem that his s/o is a genius surpassing his intellect. Ignis will text them during their breaks and talk with them on lunch to calm them down if they are needing it.

Gladiolus: The big teddy bear will start you up early with a little morning work out that will get them pumped for the day. The whole time he will tell them funny stories that will ease their nerves, all the while kisses and hugs. After a shower (together as he gives a “good luck quickie”) the both of them will enjoy a breakfast high in proteins. Gladiolus will drive them to work giving them a sweet kiss right before they walk in watching they walk in, he’s totally admiring that ass. He will call them on lunch to see if they are okay telling they a little joke just to hear them laugh. When you get out of from work he will totally take you out to eat, expect cup of noodles. If your job requires them on their feet all day he will definitely carry them around and be ready for massages!

Cor: Cor will definitely wake them up early with coffee, toast, eggs, sausage, and oatmeal he made himself it’s done well he’s had to take care of himself for quite sometime so he knows how to cook well. He will make sure all of their clothes are ready for them and their paperwork. Reciting things to do when they confront a crowd of people. He will drop them off to work visit them on lunch making, taking them out to eat nearby. Cor will take his s/o home after work and give them massages and run a hot bath for them while he orders take out. Then end up cuddled on the couch watching t.v.

BONUS: RAVUS (Just a gif reaction) “There, there, there, dear.”

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Sugar Plum Fairy

Originally posted by oursisthefvry

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word count: 1,768
Request: @feelmyroarrrr Oh could I request Bucky x reader, she is the personal chef for the avengers as no one could take vision cooking any more. He doesn’t want to bother her with requests so she talks to Steve and starts making things Bucky might like and making sure he gets some left outside his door. (Maybe plum crumble?) he falls for her and she already liked him. Etc etc, happy ending, smut if you want 😍 thank you

Being hired on as the personal chef for the Avengers was an amazing opportunity. You couldn’t say it was your dream job, because it wasn’t something you’d even considered. It was always interesting, however.

Over time, you got a grasp on their individual tastes, and tried to come up with new recipes for them. The only one that you couldn’t ever figure out was Bucky. He was the one that never asked for anything special, and never complained.

It would be a lie to say you didn’t have a slight crush on him, but you’d never really spoken beyond pleasantries. You’d been there just over four months, and decided to do something for him. However, not knowing what the man liked made that a touch difficult.

Standing in the kitchen, you tried to think of something. Steve. Afterall, he knew Bucky best of all. You moved to the intercom and pressed the button. “Steve, can you come to the kitchen, please?” It wasn’t unusual for you to page a member of the team. You’d ask them what they’d like you to add to the shopping list, for birthdays coming up, things like that.

“How may I help you today?” He smiled, sitting down. “If it’s about dinner, my vote is for ham.” Steve told you. “It is the holiday season.”

Laughing, you shook your head. “Dinner is already planned, but I’ll make note that Captain America wants ham.” You smiled. “No, uh, this is about Bucky.” Your cheeks tinted pink, amusing him. Licking your lips, you went on. “He’s the only one that doesn’t ever request anything. Ever. No dinners, no lunches, no snack foods…nothing.” He nodded, knowing that he probably didn’t want to bother you or give you more work. “I feel bad.” You shrugged. “I have no idea what he likes, so I called you up here.”

Steve smiled. “You want to get an idea for what Bucky likes to eat? So…what? You can surprise him?” He teased you, making you roll your eyes playfully.

“Something like that.” You told him. “Besides, like you said- it’s the holiday season. Everyone deserves something.”

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silver lining

*request (cont. from previous anon) —> [Anonymous said: will you write a scenario for taeyong where you play the peppero game……] if not, then just some really soft and fluffy taeyong

Originally posted by ty0701

author’s note: 1,029 words. I had to write the second part of the request too because soft and fluffy Taeyong is what I live for. 

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Valentine’s Day.

February 14th would be yours and Sebastian’s first Valentine’s Day together. And also your one year anniversary. The past couple of days, he had been very secretive, hanging up the phone when you walked into the room, completely leaving the room if it was apparently an ‘important’ call, and talking in hushed voices. Thoughts began running through your head, wondering if, for some odd reason, he had found interest in someone else.

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The Anatomy of A Stunt Pap Set Up: Elounor 2.0, Coachella 2017 Edition

1. Louis is seen happily hanging out with his friends sans beard.

2. Then, Eleanor arrives and it’s game on. In the video version of this pic, Louis finishes his drink quickly and puts the cup down. Get ready to pose for your stunt pics!

Funnily enough, someone sees this going down.

3. The tweet then makes sense, because THIS pic shows what was going on at that moment. How amazing that a pap was there to document it all.

4. Et voila, we get an Elounor stunt feature! Using the one pic where they’re face to face and actually talking! The money shot!

And THAT is how the sausage gets made, folks! 

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How bad is Filmation back in the 80's? Like I used to remember hear cartoonist like John K, Sam Simon, Paul Dini and Eddie Fitzgerald said that Filmation is the worst animation studio of all time. Like I know the shows bad but why?

TL;DR version: everything about FILMATION was CHEAP

  • animation
  • storytelling
  • editing
  • production

It was so cheap it took over and forced everybody else down for a very, very long time.

Let me back up a sec, growing up I didn’t have a lot of cartoons, what I got was either old crap from the 60s/70s or 80s toy cartoons. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of affection for old crap because it was my childhood, watching G.I. Joe, Transformers, He-Man, SuperFriends and Scooby Doo is built into my being, I have a soft spot for the fucking WONDER TWINS so like, I get that a lot of people outright love these old shows. But time marched on and good cartoons were just on the horizon and they changed our perception of what cartoons could be on TV forever…

Originally posted by nothingislinear

That’s not to say my childhood wasn’t devoid of good cartoons; Yogi Bear, Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Flintstones and Jetsons all 1960s vintage, but otherwise there was just so much crap SO MUCH CRAP being pumped out to fill Saturday morning advertising spots and I just can’t forgive abhorrent turds like Gilligan’s Planet, not now, not ever

So what made FILMATION suck? It was CHEAP with a capital ¢

Limited animation, boring interchangeable stories, lazy, lazy editing. Even as a kid you knew you were watching 2nd rate crapola but it was either that or the Farm Report so you watched it anyway (any port in a storm right?) You can always tell a FILMATION cartoon because not only is the animation limited BUT that animation going to be shown again and again and again and again (and again). Sometimes even in reverse. Star Trek was at least blessed with some decent writing to distract you from the crumby everything-else (thank you DC Fontana) but it was virtually a slide show. When a show has less animation per episode than Rocket Robin Hood or Spider-Man ‘67 my face kind of scrunches up in amazement that we ate it up like we did (but then again there weren’t as many controls regarding sugar to food value ratios in breakfast cereals back in those days, so maybe my sugar fits added frames of animation where there were none)

Originally posted by welele

Most shows only assembled mouth animation for each episode and if you were lucky the eyes, otherwise everything else was recycled. All the shows were written first and then animated after with these interchangeable factory parts. Even Synchro Vox stuff like Space Angel and Clutch Cargo had new art from time to time but with Fat Albert you saw one episode you saw them all blah-blah-blah all talk, no moving around. You might as well dust off your storybook 45″ and listen to that, at least there’d be voice acting in those

Originally posted by napsmear

What sometimes confused me though was after they escaped the 70s they got ambitious in the 80s with stuff like He-Man and She-Ra (and maybe BraveStarr much later as they fought to survive actual cartoons) the problem with it was you’ve got some realistic bodies to animate with complex shapes and a company that is notorious for moving characters the least amount possible; the result was twitchy and weird and recycled beyond belief. SIDE NOTE: I challenge anybody not on the 80s nostalgia wagon to marathon She-Ra episodes and not fall asleep, watch 10 episodes in a row and then tell me what each one was about. People take it for granted these days that even with serial cartoons like Steven Universe each episode gives you something, whether its story or some new character detail or just something really fun happenin’ (Star vs The Forces of Evil) cartoons of yore were made like sausage links on an assembly line. If I wasn’t a horny little kid there’d be no reason AT ALL to watch garbage like The Archies or She-Ra

Anyway, sometimes you can’t see how big a circus is until you escape it and look back at the size of the tent. In the late 80s something started happening to cartoons, they were getting better, more interesting, more … animated. There are a lot of theories as to why this was. Some people claimed ownership over the movement that happened, I just think it was the zeitgeist at the time, Disney wasn’t the king of animation anymore and that meant there was a gap to fill and more stuff going on at the theatre where REAL money was being made with things like Heavy Metal and The Secret of NiMH, home grown animators were giving a shit about what they made. Then on TV when old timey cartoons with more than 24 frames of animation per second were shown to us by the geniuses at Pee Wee’s Playhouse we got woke real quick, most people hadn’t seen that stuff in decades. And then surprise! Roughly the same time that was happening The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse came about, and man, what a cartoon! That was the first cartoon I remember my parents watching with us kids. It was funny and interesting and WEIRD. It was also animated differently from other shows. It wasn’t as janky as He-Man and yet it wasn’t as somehow as slick-yet-boring as 80s Hanna-Barbara, it was fluid and interesting and weird and funny….

…and then it got yanked off the air because the 80s was a strange, strange time and place BUT the fire was lit and so many other more zany cartoons came out shortly after, Tiny Toons is pretty dated now but back then it was like WHAT! they can do that on TELEVISION? It was animated fairly well and it was funny and it wasn’t that episode of The Flintsones or Looney Tunes you’d seen for the billionth time it was fresh and interesting.

Disney started making a comeback as well what with Family Channel; new original works like Gummi Bears and DuckTales was a big departure from other stuff that was on TV at the time, it was fresh and interesting. Game changers!

Originally posted by ducktales88

At the box office we had stuff like Who Framed Roger Rabbit breathing life back into so many cartoons at once, what happened through the 80s really sparked what would lead to the animation explosion of the 90s

For me looking back at the first half of the 80s (and most of the 70s) you could clearly see how cheap and uninspired the cartoons from that era really were, and then later as an adult learning about other TV cartoons that struggled to pit entertainment vs cost was equally eye opening. The problem with TV animation has always been the expense, TV has always been the “cheap” medium. When it started they used to show old crappy cowboy serials because that was the cheapest stuff they could show to fill airtime. Early cartoons tried very hard to be economical AND funny (Tom Terrific, Rocky & Bullwinkle!) a lot of these shows benefited from a simplistic style and a bunch of animators who’d been plying their craft for years. When they started retiring in the later 60s you could see the impact it had on everything. To my mind Hanna-Barbara was the only shop that was still producing decent cartoons through the mid-60s to the mid-70s, and even then Scooby Do was cearly made in haste to combat newcomers like FILMATION but luckily for HB it caught on in a major way. But by then it was like there was a race to the bottom. Who could make the cheapest crap to get away with and then land syndication rights YIKES (I’m sure somewhere Scooby-Doo, Where are you! is still playing right now)

Originally posted by witchywoman22

Now I’ve seen cartoon trends wax and wane between creator-driven and merch-driven, cheap as dirt / actual care and attention over the last 30+ years, to me its cyclical. We have been blessed with a lot of great shows for a few years which means we’re in for a bust cycle of cash-in dreck, I feel that this time around its main cause is television as a format is shrinking and producers are scared to death that their ad revenue isn’t as fat as it was over the last 30 odd years so they’re rapidly trying to make bank on easy-to-sell crap (remakes, toy tie-ins, all the stuff that make cartoons BAD).

Who knows maybe direct to web / streaming services are the next step for quality cartoons and help us avoid another dank age of animation, but for now I feel that we’re already seeing cheap, rushed out the door stuff seep in between our good cartoons.

Originally posted by jwblogofrandomness

Time will tell… time will tell…

The Secret Girlfriend Theory

Before anyone chortles at the title of this, please bear with me.  It’s something that, I think in the ending of the Sherlock series, actually makes sense if I had to dissect his relationships with women (romantically speaking).

Since so many people have enjoyed the “I Love You: A Man’s Perspective” post,  I also had a great talk with my hub about this new theory of mine, and again, his interpretation from a man’s perspective is really interesting.  We also had a very personal talk, which opened my eyes to something I didn’t know about him before.  I’ve asked if I can include it here and he’s totally cool with. He’s also completely amazed that people like our banter, but mostly he likes that it’s opened up new avenues of discussion in the fanbase.  I’ll denote in the post between our views for clarity.

A small disclaimer: this is merely my (and some of my dude’s) own personal view, coming from our own worldviews and experiences. In no way am I writing any meta, thoughts, or opinions that are meant to invalidate anyone else’s reading of the show or characters.  Everyone can have their view and their story, and it’s ok.  These are just ours.  Art and media is open to everyone’s interpretations.

This is another long one folks, so take a potty break now!

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apparently sausage party is out today and not only has it already made over $3 million it’s generally got about a 70/100 on various review sites and I wanna give a heads up to anyone thinking about going to see it. I read the script and it is exactly what has been produced. If you read the script you already know how garbage this movie is, but if you haven’t (don’t), here’s a few key points for you:

-all of the food items are racist stereotypes. all of them. the movie opens up with a song specifically pointing out these stereotypes. half of the “jokes” in the movie are based on these stereotypes.

-the other half of the jokes are sexual. not even in a clever or nuanced way, more like middle school level “lol sex” type jokes.

-every other word is fuck I s2g

-there’s literally a point in the movie/script where the only females in the movie are abused so badly by another character that the script doctor literally had to go in and be like “woah hey maybe tone down that violence towards women there friend”

-the above mentioned character is actually the movies Mexican stereotype (a container of guac) who literally says out of his mouth that his whole thing is abusing women. that’s it. that’s his whole character.

-the food has sex. and not just for 30 seconds. for like 5 whole minutes. it’s graphic. a whole montage of disgusting food orgy.

-there’s also a lot of body horror, gore, and vore(? if it’s food being eaten does that count? I’m putting it on the list anyway bc it’s still pretty fucked up) and when I say gore I don’t just mean the food. human beings are also graphically murdered in this movie.

-there’s a rape scene. also beastiality. it’s the same scene. the main villain rapes a rat. (and it gets worse from there somehow)

-the whole thing is a thinly veiled commentary on the “futility” of religion and any people who are religious or believing of God are spineless sheeple living in ignorance.

I could honestly make a point for every minute of this movie, but I think this is more than enough to convince anyone thinking of going to see the movie otherwise. one last comment I would like to make is that I noticed a lot of the people actively supporting the movie are white men, and I believe that’s why it’s getting relatively good reviews. but don’t be misled, the movie is shit.

so if yall could please spread this around so people know what the fuck is up and hopefully don’t waste their time and money on this fucking shitstorm of a movie that would be gr8 👌

tl;dr dont go see sausage party. trust me, you don’t want to see this movie. it’s disgusting (more so than Seth Rogans other movies)

Lewis Puppet v2.0

Heya everyone, it’s report time!

So first off, me and the crew are still tinkering away at the next project.

As we rapidly approach the 10 million(!) mark on the original Ghost video, we are hoping to get more information out to you guys soon, though I can’t really give out any real specifics until we feel like we have something worthy of showing all of you.

Ghost was always designed to be a one off video, given that no one would have predicted how popular it would have gotten.  Many of the assets created for Ghost were designed with that in mind, with not much consideration for reusing things in the future.  Character puppets in particular were light on features, mostly there to serve as a base to build on top of and graft on random, chunky assets as things progressed.

In order to better future proof the characters, we had artsyfeathersartsyblog go in to refine the design slightly while professional puppet creator chloepoisonhearts worked on a pro-grade rigged puppet.

We’ve finally got Lewis’s puppet where we wanted it and can now show everyone, though I wanted to sort of talk through the changes to give everyone a behind the scenes look into the thought process of what exact has been adjusted with Lewis v2.0.

Here’s some side by sides of New (Left) and Old (Right) Lewis.

The changes aren’t terribly dramatic but there are certainly key differences.

-The legs are now slightly longer.  The top heavy design was definitely meant to be there from the start, though looking at it now he reads a bit stumpy.  We evened up his proportions to make him a bit sleeker. 

-The feet also got thickened a touch with some slight hints of depth in the toes to make them read a bit stronger.

-The ribs got a overhaul.  My original version of the ribs were a bit… bulbous, as I was trying to account for their functionality as they turned.  They’ve been given a more clearly defined shape and depth to them so that they are a bit more threatening looking (as opposed to the sausages that were the original ribs.

-His arms are a bit more beefy now.  It’s weird looking back on the old one and seeing exactly how friggin’ tiny I made the upper part of the arms.  The plates on his gloves got a bit more depth to them as well.  Also, somehow his hands got slightly BIGGER from the old version(???).  Oh, also sleeve buttons, because hey, there was a lot of empty space in this arms so why not?

-The glow on the hair has been reformatted into a graphics symbol based Softened Fill Edge from what was once a Movie Clip based glow filter.  Long story short, this is to make his hair way, way, WAY more stable in Flash, because Movie Clip effects can introduce a lot of shenanigans, especially if you are doing a lot of zooming in or resizing.

Here is what the wire-frames look like (again New (Left) and Old (Right)).

Under the hood, the new puppets have been given some proper joints for the limbs, where before they were just straight up stiff, single shapes.  The lines of the old version were converted to fills, hence why the new outlines are more chunky looking.

Oh… and due to popular demand….

Actual back poses!

The mystery of what his ribs look like from behind is now officially solved!

And that just about covers things.

At some point, we will be revisiting Arthur and Vivi’s puppets to give them similar tweaks and adjustments and we will show them off when they are ready as well.

In the meantime though, I leave ya’ll with something that’s been a long time coming.

A fully spinning Lewis~


For those of you keeping track, his height is exactly the same as before.  That has not changed.


The heart is still a thing, but for the sake of this display we don’t have it on him yet.


Reworked the preview images because I forgot how bloody tiny Tumblr makes images that are a certain sizes. Blurgh.

anonymous asked:

Mpreg!germanyxitaly as nations could you do? I don't have prompt so you can decide. Maybe like each paragraph could be a month or something.??

I hope you meant/don’t mind for Germany to be the pregnant one

Pairing: GerIta (Germany x North Italy/Veneziano)

  • North Italy/Veneziano as himself
  • Germany as the pregnant one
  • Ft. The rest of the nations

It was a miracle that was only seen once in a lifetime for many. Nations can’t simply have children like humans do, especially two nations together. Even if a nation were to impregnate a human, it would end in a miscarriage. The only known ways of nations to be born would be as it was always done…a group of people formed a nation, and among them, a child will appear unlike the others, representing its people.

However there were special circumstances that blessed nations with a chance of natural parenthood, and this moment was one of those. Veneziano and Germany had reached to a point in their relationship where their love was pure and strong enough for the miracle to happen. Germany had become pregnant, and within a few months, he would give birth to a child, a new nation, created out of the union of Germany and Northern Italy, a nation where two cultures mixed into one. They didn’t know where on the world would the nation’s home will appear, or how big it will become. But it was assured that a nation would be formed regardless.

The fact that it was Germany that was pregnant wasn’t hard to figure out. He had started to have nausea and morning sickness, hurrying up from bed earlier than usual just to puke and getting tired much easier. The defining fact was when he smelled a bowl potatoes and for once in his life, turned it down, claiming it was turning his stomach. They quickly went to a doctor appointed by their governments who made the discovery that Germany was in fact, pregnant.

Once they found out, Germany and Veneziano realized it was a miracle and agreed to keep it secret just a little bit longer until the next world meeting. But that night Veneziano told Romano and Seborgia, who then told Spain and Sealand and Wy, who then told France and Prussia and Belgium and Netherlands, who then told Seychelles and Austria and Hungary…and so on.
Needless to say the next meeting around the second month, it wasn’t even about the world problems anymore, but over the miracle of a new child and nation that would soon join them.

“Dude, I can’t believe it! We’re going to have a new little dude with us I can’t wait!” America squealed, overall excited.

“How wonderful! Veneziano, Germany, congratulations!” Hungary smiled.

“I have to admit. Never in my years have I ever seen it happen…this could possibly be the first time since the beginning of time.” England added.

“Why of course! You underestimate the power of love! These two have simply outdone it, even outdone me!” France boasted.

“West, does this mean I’m going to be an uncle?!” Prussia asked as he shook Germany around.

“Oh great. If the child falls under your influence then we’re all doomed.” Austria added dramatically.

“As if I’m letting you potato loving bastards influence my brother’s kid! Vene, we have to make sure it doesn’t end up having such terrible taste like your potato loving husband.” Romano insisted, not like he tried to hide that last statement.

“I can hear you!” Germany groaned.

“I bet the kid would LOVE churros!” Spain cooed.

“If he’s going to be a tiny nation like us then it should totally join our Micronations club!” Sealand cheered.

“You don’t know how big the kid will get yet. He could end up being a small as you or as big as Mister Russia!” Australia reminded.

“As big as me? I don’t even really care. A new nation, how joyful! I wonder if he will like sunflowers or snow. I can show him how to knit scarves too!” Russia chuckled.

“We need to also remember that we don’t know its initial sex! It could be a girl for all we know!” Ukraine smiled.

“Maybe he’ll be like one of us and can end up joining the Nordics!” Denmark smirked.

“Or the Baltic Trio!” Latvia smiled.

“I don’t mean to cut the mood short but I feel that we are suffocating the expecting parents.” Japan finally added.

“Y-Yeah, give us a break.” Germany chuckled. Veneziano clasped his hands together.

“I don’t know how the child will be, or if it will be a boy or a girl, or what kind of nation it will become…I’m too happy to really think about all of that!” Veneziano finally spoke, holding Germany’s hand. Suddenly Germany’s face turned pale as he clasped his hands over his mouth.

“V-Vene…!” Germany gasped. Veneziano’s eyes widened in realization.

“A-A bucket, something!!” Veneziano called.

“HERE!” China yelled, suddenly throwing a small trashcan across the room, having it bounce off Canada’s head before Germany caught it, puking right into it. It would be the longest nine months of their eternal lives.

By the third month everyone important in the world knew. World leaders, politicians and all.  Besides such everything continued as normal, everyone working and so on. Germany’s nausea had decreased enough to be able to work without carrying a barf bag around. But the cravings had begun to kick in, and it was the strangest thing Veneziano had ever encountered, yet intriguing regardless. He regained his appetite for potatoes…and other ‘snacks’. For whatever reason he always wanted pickles. On break, at dinner, at midnight. Anything and everything needed to have pickles. Veneziano would wake up in the middle of the night to find his husband missing from bed, only to find him in the kitchen eating potatoes stuff with pickles and sausages.

By the fourth month his baby bump had started to show, and Germany was even more excited than Veneziano about it. He would feel it gently, murmur in his native tongue of how happy and anxious he was for the baby’s arrival. Every time he had the chance, he would show it off. Not that Veneziano minded. It was rare to see him this excited, and made him extremely happy. But with the bump came another change of hormones. Which meant that Germany began to become much more moody than usual. Germany was a man with little expressions, but of course the pregnancy forced his body to show otherwise, which was a bit scary. Veneziano took notice of this when Germany asked if they had any pickles. Veneziano explained that they had ran out, but that he would get some in the morning. Of course he expected his husband to pout, but he didn’t expect him to cry. But he did. Out of nowhere, Germany began to cry, tears falling down his cheek, much to Veneziano’s worry. After a long explanation from Germany about how nice pickles were and that he was just sad that he had ate them all, Veneziano didn’t hesitate to buy an entire box of the beloved pickles while asking Hungary for advice.

The fifth month was rather normal. His tummy increased of size, and so did his appetite. At times he would day dream or casually forget a thing or two, but overall everything was normal. One thing that both of them noticed was the fact that Germany’s bellybutton had popped out, which Veneziano thought was the cutest thing he had ever seen.  Lots of pictures were taken, needless to say.

The sixth month was rough on Germany. He had started to experience fatigue, and lots of leg cramps and back aches, making it hard on the work dutiful man. Veneziano was more than happy to keep him comfortable, however, always making sure he got rest and giving him small massages here and there.

The seventh month was extremely exciting. The nations were starting to send over toys and clothing for the child, everything they received being so different and unique and lovely that the baby was sure to love. The child nation was also starting to make its presence known. It happened at night, Germany waking up a sleeping Veneziano and getting his hand on his stomach. There the two felt the baby move, its small limbs pressing against the skin before calming back down. The two barely slept that night, just holding each other excitedly while feeling for every possible movement. It was absolutely magical.

Eight months in went rather slow. Germany’s appetite continued, though by this point he had relieved himself from the pickles. However Braxton Hicks began to kick in, causing panic every once in a while. The pains were almost unbearable, but Veneziano was always there to assure him that he had gone through worse, and that it was only one more step closer for it all to be over, and to start a new life as parents of a new nation.

By the ninth month everything and everyone was virtually ready for the child’s arrival. A room, clothing and any toys, and so on, everyone was anxious of the upcoming miracle. No one was more anxious than Germany and Veneziano. They were worried about how the delivery would go, and Germany especially felt unable to sleep at all worried that the baby could decide to come out into the world at any moment. Never had the parents felt happier nor scared of their upcoming parenthood. It seemed that everything was simply going to go on as normal as usual…and then it happened. In the middle of a world meeting, no less. They were discussing about global warming again, when suddenly a sharp pain shot straight up Germany’s body, and instantly, every bone in his body screamed at him, and he knew. It was time.

“…Vene…!” Germany murmured, trying not to cause panic despite the pain. Veneziano was ever so slightly distracted with his brothers. Germany’s patience wore thin already. “EVERYONE!!!” He screamed, his voice booming across the room, causing everyone to stop and turn to him. He had panic in his eyes, his skin rather pale. “T-The baby.” He whispered. Everyone simply stared for a minute to analyze his words…and then everybody panicked.

“THE BABY!” America, Britain and Australia yelled, a nearby France fainting.

“EL BAMBINO?!” The Vargas brothers yelled before screaming.

“Oh el bebe!” Spain cheered, much to everyone else’s dismay.

“Don’t just stand there! We have to go go GO!” China reminded everyone, quickly creating order within the chaos. It was a wild ride. Russia and Bulgaria helped Germany. Prussia and Spain were stuck with carrying France until he woke up. The Italians kept praying in their native tongue out of habit, Hungary doing her best to keep the calm as Austria drove. What seemed forever was mere minutes as they reached to the nearest hospital, government officials trying to explain the staff how this was even possible and that they would forget about it anyway, Germany being taken away as the staff stopped everyone there from going any further.

“Only family members!” The nurse warned. Quickly Veneziano and Prussia stepped up, being husband and brother as they were ushered in. Whatever happened in there sounded like bloody murder. Veneziano and Prussia freaking out while Germany yelling back for them to calm down. In the waiting room speculations were going rampant. It seemed to last forever.

Suddenly, everyone stopped. A feeling surged across the room, through all of their bodies. It was as if they had felt a warm light suddenly flourish, and just as quickly vanish, filling their bodies with warmth and lightness, all of their hearts skipping a beat. Everyone felt it. Every nation from all around the world. It was the feeling of a lifetime. The sign that a nation had been born. Just as quickly as the silence was created, it was broken by a piercing cry. The same nurse who had restricted everyone from busting in came back out, announcing the birth of a healthy child. Everyone rushed in as soon as they were allowed to.
Inside the room sat Germany on a bed, holding a small bundle covered in white. Veneziano was next to him, tears falling down his face as Prussia was trying his best not to cry as well, but failing.

“Is that…?!” Russia asked, gasping as the bundle moved. Germany and Veneziano nodded, showing off a small child within the white sheets. It had an unnatural glow, ever so light yet barely notable. Eyes closed, bundled up. Everyone began to tear up.

“Oh my goodness…!” Britain whispered, shedding a tear.

“A new nation…never I thought that I would live to see the day…” Ukraine murmured.

“It’s so CUTE!!!” Denmark cried, getting smacked by Norway to hush down.

“What will be their name?” Japan finally asked.

Veneziano and Germany shrugged.

“We don’t know just yet. But we’ll figure it out.” Veneziano smiled, sharing a kiss with Germany as the two held the child in their arms. For a moment, the child could finally understand sound, and as it opened its eyes to witness the world around it, the entire world watched with a smile, welcoming the new nation into the world.

“Welcome to Earth, little one!”


OH MAN NEW PROMO ART! So many interesting things in this alone! Firstly, looks like Raz is wearing his snazzy new Psychonaut turtleneck over his outfit from the first game (how is this child not overheating). Secondly, we can see a variety of new and exciting locales, including a haunted castle and what I would assume is Psychonauts HQ. Thirdly, Sasha and Milla are dressed in some snazzy winter outfits - and it looks like Milla is wielding some sort of psychic harpoon with an arrowhead in place of the blade! We also got Oleander peering into a mysterious cauldron - perhaps being haunted by his Nightmares? And who’s on that horse?

Also, this may have been just a throwaway joke, but the update mentions Gelbwurst, a sausage made of BRAINS and a favorite among German zombies. Is that a hint at a plot point, considering we know a German character with a family member six feet under? WHO KNOWS

Propaganda 2


“Insight into the First Order remains difficult, as its formation was kept hidden from the eyes of the New Republic by distance and inattention.  Although some in the New Republic had, at its start, wished to curtail any spread of Imperial imagery after the Battle of Endor, the new government’s dedication to freedom of speech and expression resisted any such attempts at censorship.  Public opinion frowned on displays that romanticized the Imperial past, driving it underground.  It is in this underground where resentment of the New Republic grew.  The emergent First Order claimed the New Republic to be illegitimate, and propagated the belief that the Empire was put into power by the people of the galaxy.  Much of their imagery reinforces this.”

Ok, well, I do have more to say.

The Empire was put into place by the people of the galaxy.

Palpatine was elected.  The leaders who voted to increase his executive powers were also elected.  In a large part, the officials he ordered a coup against were aristocrats whose power came from a divine and hereditary mandate and WHO WERE NOT ELECTED.  And with certain populations and at certain times, the Imperial regime DID have popular support.

I’m not big on the the idea of “legitimate rule.”  It irks me.  But IF you believe that the legitimacy of government derives from the consent of the governed, and IF you believe that people are capable of expressing ongoing consent in the face of something that much more powerful than they are, THEN you accept that the Empire was, to some degree and for some people, a legitimate state.

This book argues otherwise.  The textual message of this poster is presented as a falsehood by both the in-world narrator AND the poster itself.  I mean, look at the poster.  Does this imagery do anything to convince you that the rule of the First Order is legitimate?  That it is based on anything other than brute force?  Is this an image of the senate, or a statehouse?  Is this an image of an edifice, or an edict?  Is it an image of engaged citizenry?  Is it even an image of an army - poised in gleeful unison, stretching across the surface of the world and into the sky?  NO, because all of those things would be symbols of cooperation and unity and institution and “legitimacy.”  Instead, we have an image that says “legitimate rule” but shows a handful of individual soldiers against a ham-handed shade of red.  Even the one, singular stormtrooper is highlighted.  This is an image that says “this isn’t legitimate rule!  this is rule by THIS GUY!”

Which is honest.  I mean, it’s true to my experience that “legitimate rule” generally comes down to the exertion of force.  But the poster isn’t supposed to be telling you that!  It’s supposed to be pro-First-Order “propaganda” - not “bald-faced truth.”  This just doesn’t make sense as in-universe propoganda, unless you read it as New Republic propaganda.

Moreover, anyone who has any experience looking at a government and seeing how the sausage is made is going to find this poster direct and downright refreshing when contrasted with the images of “government” or “military” that the NR tries to present as their narrative:

I’ll point out something else about the little fable in the “legitimate rule” caption.  The authors of the text chose to present a little morality-story about free speech.  There is an implication that if the officials who wanted to “curtail any spread of Imperial imagery after the Battle of Endor” got their way, then we wouldn’t be in this predicament, now would we?

Ah, yes.  If only the New Republic had been more aggressive about crushing any whisper of dissent, then no one would ever have felt oppressed by them.  (I hope you can hear my sarcasm.)  IF ONLY the New Republic had someone to look at all the art in their kingdom and say which ones romanticize the Empire…to just look at all that art and SAY which ones were supporting the Empire…just SAY it out, or, what’s another word for someone who SAYS things for the good of everyone??…dictate…like some kind of…dictator…

scribbles97  asked:

15 Weirdest/most embarassing thing you’ve drawn?

Over the years I’ve had a few short time jobs to keep money coming in when the journalism thing wasn’t going to plan.

For a while I was a barmaid, and when other staff have holidays you all muck in to cover their job. The cleaner was on holiday, so I was making sure the toilets were clean, had toilet roll filled etc. 

Well… on the inside of one cubical door was a drawing of a winkie. You know the cartoony type made of a bump, a sausage and a bump with a wee line for the “eye” and a couple of “spurts” coming out of the top. So I got the waitress pad from behind the bar and drew an anatomically correct one, and wrote some constructive criticism about how if the original artists winkie looked like the one they had drawn then they should really go and see the doctor.

Funnily enough there was never another winkie graffiti in the rest of the time I worked there 

Imagine wearing one of Bard's coats during a cold winter night and him finding you absolutely irresistible in it

It was the cold unforgiving month of december and the weather was growing increasingly colder as winter settled in. Most days all you thought about was the warmth of the sun on your back and the beautiful vibrant flowers that grew in the spring, oh how you longed for winter to pass. As you were thinking about how you’d dip your toes in the warm lake come summer you walked into a large, grim looking man carrying fishing supplies or at least he was carrying fishing supplies until you bumped into him, they were now rolling across the wooden floor and into the lake. He tried to catch them from falling in but it was too late.

“You wanna watch where you’re going woman!” He growled, getting up and taking a step forwards towering over your small figure.

“I…I’m sorry I didn’t-” you stuttered backing up a little and raising your hands in defence as the man cracked his knuckles, his face set in a menacing scowl.

“Is everything alright over here?” A familiar, warm voice interrupted, making you breathe a sigh of relief as you heard his heavy footsteps approach.

You looked up to see Bard standing beside you with his three children in tow. He was looking furiously at the burly man who stood a foot over him and was twice as wide as Bard but He didn’t seem to care how tall or strong he was.

“This clumsy mare made me drop my fishing supplies.” He spat pointing a large sausage like finger at you.

Bard stood in front of you protectively whilst his children stood at the side watching, scared there would be a fight, they had seen their father fight before and it hadn’t been pretty.

“I’m sure it was an accident.” Bard tried to reason with him, reaching back and placing a reassuring hand on your forearm.

“Those supplies were expensive and now, thanks to her, they’re lying at the bottom of the lake, someone is going to pay.” He shouted looking directly at you.

Bard looked towards his children then at you and sighed. He reached into his pocket quickly and pulled out a small pouch full of golden coins.

“Bard.” You said when you realised what he was doing.

“Will this cover it?” He asked, ignoring your disguised plea, handing the man the leather pouch.

He looked at it suspiciously before taking it and weighing it in his hand. He then looked at bard then you.

“Don’t do it again.” He growled before turning his back on you all and disappearing down a dark alley between two houses. Bard sighed in relief and began walking away in the opposite direction.

“Come on.” He called to his children, leading them home.

You stood there for a second staring at your feet, shivering in the cold and not quite sure what to do with yourself after that little drama.

“Are you coming then or what?”

You looked up to see Bard standing a few metres away facing you, his children had gone on ahead. You looked over your shoulder to see if he was talking to someone behind you which made him laugh and wave you over. You walked quickly to catch up with him, nearly stepping on the hem of your skirts.

“Were you daydreaming again? Is that why you bumped into him?” He asked knowing all too well what you were like.

“I was thinking about the summer, I’ve almost forgotten what the sun feels like.” You sighed.

“Perhaps that’s why you’re shivering.” He said as you came to a stop beside him. “Here.”

He began to remove his thick fur lined coat, leaving him standing in his thin brown tunic, then draped it over your shoulders as you slipped your arms into the long, warm sleeves. The bottom of it dragged along the floor.

“It’s a little big but it’ll do.” He said softly, placing his hands on his hips and looking you up and down.

The sight of you in his coat left him breathless and sent his heart racing, maybe it was because it was so big and you were so small it seemed to almost swallow you up in all it’s fur or maybe it was because it was such a personal item to him and seeing you in it made him realise how much he really trusted you. His thoughts raced wildly as he wondered what you would look like wearing only his coat, he blushed at the idea and started walking with you towards his home.

“Thank you, for sticking up for me,” You said shyly, (Why were you shy? You’d known bard for years!) “but you really shouldn’t have given that brute your money.”

He smiled slightly, “I could have knocked him out but I didn’t think it wise in front of the children.”

“Oh, of course you could have.” You teased, laughing, “but I will pay you back every penny.”

“There’s really no need y/n.” He stopped and smiled as you reached the stairs that led to his front door.

You sighed, a white mist escaping your mouth in the cold air.

“Well I must be able to repay you somehow.” You whispered, looking into his deep brown eyes.

He looked at you a second, running his eyes along your body hidden in his brown coat then leaned forward taking your head in his palm, rubbing his thumb firmly along your cheekbone. His hot breath warmed up your cold cheeks as his face drew closer until his lips were brushing your slightly parted ones.

“I imagine there’s a way.” He moaned against your mouth as your lips pressed together moving in unison.

His facial hair rubbed against your skin pleasantly as the kiss deepened. His soft lips moved desperately against yours as if he couldn’t get enough of you. You brought your hand up to the nape of his neck tugging at the long dark hair and twisting strands around your fingers emitting soft moans from him that vibrated in your chest. His hot tongue lingered over your lips making you sigh in pleasure.

“I knew it!” Came a high, loud voice.

You and bard parted instantly looking up the stairs towards the source of the noise.

“I told you so!” Tilda came running down the stairs towards you both, Sigrid and Bain not far behind.

She ran towards her dad and hugged his middle tightly.

“Can I be bridesmaid Da?” She asked excitedly.

Bard chuckled nervously as he stroked his daughters head and looked towards his other children who were smiling at you and bard happily. Bard looked at you and reached out his hand which you took, entwining your fingers in his. You smiled at him and placed a hand on his rising chest.

“We’ll see.” He said, his face beaming back at you.