see how steve and tony are on the cake

Happy Birthday Tony

Tonys birthday was never anything special. He was pretty sure that he had a few good ones when he was a kid. But he remembers not getting any presents, because he already had everything. Or so his father always told him when he asked for a present, once.

But he had Jarvis and sometimes even Peggy there. So that was good.

After his parents died, Tony didn’t want to celebrate his birthday anyway. So he wasn’t mad when Rhodey didn’t plan a party for him. It was enough for him to cuddle with Rhodey and eat cold pizza.

When he was in a relationship with Pepper, she asked if he wanted to do something special on his birthday. Tony wasn’t sure what you would want to do on a birthday, so he told her he would just …work. Like always.

He can’t help the pain around his heart. It would be nice if someone would do something for him anyway.

He knows that he has no right to be this bitter. He could say something and Pepper and Rhodey would buy him the world. He loves them and he knows they love him, too.

Then came the Avengers in his tower and Tony secretly hopes they would throw a party for him. He had spent months of works for their birthday presents, so he was excited to see what he would get.

His last birthday with the avengers were unimportant. There was always an ultron, civil war or Loki. But now they had peace for almost two months. So he cant wait to see his friends.

The civil war was hard the first month but now he is glad that the team is back. He also met the guardians a few months ago and liked them as well. So yeah he was pretty happy.

Maybe this would be his first birthday that he actually liked!

Or not….

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In Sickness

IMAGINE: Making something special for your sick boyfriend. 

[gif is not mine. creds to the author. first time in a very long time using second pov, i might be a little bit rusty so forgive me.] 

warning: none

words: 957

You screwed your nose up in disgust as you mixed the carrot cake batter, you turned to Sam still mixing the bowl in your hand, “Are you sure this is right?” You scooped up some on your wooden spoon and watched it as it fell down to the bowl. “This consistency doesn’t look right.”

Sam chuckled as he watched you scoop it up and watch it fall down. “I’m sure. According to Tony and his sources.” He watched as you continued stirring the batter, “Alright. I think that’s enough.”

You placed down the bowl on the counter, and grabbing the tray you began pouring the batter in. “Let’s just hope that this one’s the right one.” You bit your lip as you hesitantly placed the tray in the oven.

“Well you do you know what they say -twelfth time’s the charm,” Sam winked as he placed a walnut in his mouth. You groaned and reached across to hit him in the arm. “That hurt, woman!”

“That is the foulest smelling thing,” you spoke as you closed the oven door. “Oh god, what happens if I accidentally kill him?” You turned around and looked at Sam with wide eyes.

Sam shrugged, “You could always try it on Bucky.”

“Okay, icing is on and it looks good if I do say so myself,” you grinned as you placed the finishing touches on the cake. “And it looks edible!”

Sam gave you two thumbs up, “Are you sure you don’t want to try it on Bucky first?”

A deadpan look came across your face, “Can you not for one second bring your obsessive nature on Bucky into my life?”

You gave a chuckle as Sam gasped, “I do not obsess!” You picked up the tray and walked out the kitchen, all the while ignoring Sam’s protests.

Gentle knocks rapped the door and you waited patiently until a weak, “Come in,” was heard. You turned the knob, carefully balancing the tray with one hand. As you entered you saw bits of crumpled up tissues on the floor, you scrunched your nose until you saw the figure on the bed.

Steve was there, a warm towel -you assume- placed on his head, blankets wrapped around him and boxes of tissues scattered around everywhere. “Hey Capsickle,” you emphasised the word sick and laughed silently as you heard him groan. Steve removed the towel and sat up smiling all the while. “You feeling better?”

“A bit, I still have a migraine and I can feel myself still running a fever,” he rubbed his eyes, then moved over so you could sit next to him. “What do you have there?”

You sat down gently next to him and placed the tray on your lap, “I may or may not have made you some of your favourite carrot cake.”

“From Poppa’s?” His eyes opened and looked down on the cake placed in your lap. Steve then gazed at you, tilting his head you can see the questions forming before he asked them. “But they closed down 10 years ago, no one knows their secret recipe.”

“I asked Tony to ask someone about it,” you picked a piece of icing with your finger and licked it.

Furrowing his brows, “You don’t bake. You hate baking, I’ve heard you say that multiple times. And you don’t know how to bake.”

You gasped at him, faking hurt, “I do know how to bake, thank you very much I just don’t want to. I mean I never needed to, either I had someone bake for me or I just bought one.” You shrugged, this time taking a piece and biting it. “Goddamn, I should bake more.”

Steve watched intently as you finished the piece off by licking the excess icing on your finger. As you picked up the next piece he grabbed your hand stilling it and moving it towards him. He opened his mouth as your hand guided by him moved closer. Finally, he placed the piece in his mouth, moaning as he did so.

You knew that he was trying to be sexy, but being surrounded by tissues, and your boyfriend looking like he came back from the dead wasn’t doing anything for you. “Steve, usually when you do that it’s hot, but I’m sorry darling it’s not doing anything for me.” You snickered at the look on his face, “Don’t worry I still find you sexy but I really don’t want to get with this when you’re sick.” You gestured at his blanket and jacket covered body.

Steve snuggled down into the pillows once again closing his eyes, “I don’t care. You baked for me because you looooove me,” you looked at him and there it was the shit-eating grin he often wore whenever you did uncharacteristically nice. You grabbed a pillow and lightly hit him in the chest, “It’s not nice to hit sickened!” You hit him once again, Steve opened one eye and looked at you, “Put those cakes on the table and come cuddle with me, I promise if you get sick I’ll make get you a cherry pie.”

“From Djornes?”

He scoffed, “No, I’ll make it. I’ll make it with love.”

“Ew no,” you burrowed into the covers with him, relishing in the way his arms felt around your waist. “If you’ll make it from that I might just throw up.” You heard him chuckle and felt the vibrations.

“Even if you don’t like it, you’ll still eat it because you love me, and that’s what people in love do, they do sickly sweet things for the people that they love.” Steve mumbled into your back. “But if you do get sick, I promise to make you one and get one from Djornes.”

Workout for two

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: Tony loves to eat and Steve helps him to burn the additional calories in the best way they both can imagine.

length: 2 912 words

warnings: body acceptance fic with chubby!Tony, light bondage, a lot of belly and belly button tickling.

a/n: if you know me, you know that I love chubby!Tony and belly tickling, and you also should know that I love the sitcom ‘Friends’! the opening scene of this fic is inspired by one of the iconic scenes from that show. the rest is my thoughts. hope you like it, remember to leave a like and send me an ask if you enjoyed this fic and want more chubby!Tony and Steve loving him!


Workout for two

“Mhhhmmm… Mmmm…”

It was a thing of beauty. Decadent, rich and glossy, dripping with chocolate. Every bite was pure heaven. And it was all his.

“Uhmm… This cake is amaaziiing,” Tony sighed blissfully, before taking another forkful, another indulgent bite that made his eyelids flutter in delight. After a good meal, there was nothing like an even better dessert.

“Dear God,” Clint scowled from his spot on the rug in front of TV. He turned the sound louder, trying to ignore the pleased moans behind his back. “Get a room.”

“I would get a room with this cake. I would fly with it to France, book a room in a five-star hotel. I would show this cake a good time,” Tony answered, chocolate covered lips opening a bit more when he took another slow bite of the amazing pastry.

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I’ll Come Back

Request: Can you do a story of stevexreader where they are together and she gets kidnapped brainwashed by hydra. She’s so powerful and attacks Steve n the avengers when they try to stop her. After much fight she snaps out of it. And realises that she has hurt the avengers especially Steve so she runs away to a farmhouse. Nat n Wanda visits her ask her to come back. After much thinking she comes back on Christmas where stark has a party with everyone and Gets back with Steve.Tons of feels pls.Thx.

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 3450 

A/N: This was a lot of fun to write, I hope I did your request justice! Let me know if there are any errors or awkward sentences ^3^ (also I’m so sorry about that ending)

The mission sounded easy enough; kill a resented diplomat in front of millions of people and get out before you were caught. It would have gone smoothly if someone only informed you of the eight bodyguards said diplomat had.

They were hardly a match for you in your determined fury, especially since they seemed to hesitate just before their punches landed. The man within the red and gold suit might’ve taken you out with a good blast from him palm, but instead he raised his mask and stared incredulously as you picked bits of rubble off your black clothing. His brown eyes clouded with sympathy and it looked as if his heart had cracked. After that, the so called Avengers practically handed themselves over. The silver haired man tried talking to you, pleading for you to “snap out of it”. Then a woman with brown hair and killer lipstick pulled off her red jacket and started messing with your head. She sent snip-its of her team with you, except it wasn’t you. This person looked just like you, except she laughed and she was free. You didn’t have any of that, you weren’t allowed free will.

Wanda - which was the name you gathered from the fake memories - was giving you pause. From the looks of it, you had take down her brother, her closest friend, and a man she seemed to both loathe and respect at the same time. Now she was looking at you like you were her biggest regret.

“Do you remember?” She asked carefully, hope burning past her brown irises.

“Remember what?” You spit, trying to hide the growing doubt in your voice. That couldn’t have been you, surely if you had that life, you wouldn’t be working for Hydra. You would still be in that endless skyscraper with this ragtag family. But if that were the case, why did it feel so familiar? It had made you swell with warmth, something you couldn’t remember ever feeling before.

She was confusing you, and you didn’t like being confused. There was no room in your head for questions regarding Hydra, and if you showed up with even the slightest suspicion in them, they wouldn’t hesitate in putting you on lockdown again. You couldn’t have that, so you pushed past her pleasant lies and threw her against a wall. She wasn’t dead, but she wouldn’t be getting up any time soon.

Your mission was to kill the diplomat, not any of these protectors. Daringly, you stepped over the litter of unconscious bodies you had laid out and continued to your target.

That was until your path was blocked yet again. This one was different though, you looked over him and your heart stuttered. You could see it in him too, you took his breath away.

You knew this man, didn’t you? Those very same determined blue eyes haunted you, not just in your dreams but lingering behind your own (E/C) eyes and judging every move you had made for the last year. You were sure you had seen his -frankly - perfect jawline before. Then your eyes met and something sparked in him. Your ears were ringing with the memory of a painfully familiar laugh.

There was you and then there was this ghost that had haunted you from the beginning, and somehow without even knowing who this man was, you knew it was his laugh. And the feeling that stirred within you was damning.

“(Y/N)?” He asked breathlessly. You could see something close to regret and grief swirling across his face and for some reason it broke your heart.

It was the way he said your name that really got to you. Vaguely, you remembered that (Y/N) was in fact your name, and the way it rolled off his tongue made your heart swell. It sounded so right, like listening to a song that used to mean the world to you. It was nostalgic and sweet, but left a prickle of sadness behind.

“S-steve,” You muttered, before you really knew what you were saying. Steve. Steve Rogers. You knew him; your ghost, your boyfriend.

Then like a flood everything came back to you.

Steve’s hands tracing your own, tangling his fingers with yours and kissing the knuckles while you waited for your tea to steep.

Steve’s lips, carefully meeting yours for the sweetest kiss of your life, fingers raising your jaw, breath hot on your cheeks.

Steve’s arms pulling you close and holding you like a teddy bear. Warmth pressing past your clothes and a smell like home drifting through your senses.  

How could you have forgotten?

You knew the answer was Hydra. They may have wiped the memories of the life you had, but you’d always remember who you worked for; who you breathed for. Your life had stopped being your own after they attacked your team in the dead of night.

“Promise me you’ll be safe out there.” Steve whispered softly, arms encasing you in a hug.

“I will, don’t worry.” You laugh, but it’s just to keep the edge out of your voice. You know this’ll be the most dangerous mission you’ve been on, and it would be a complete lie to say you weren’t a little nervous about it.

Steve took one last moment to soak you in; the way you smelled, how your fingers played with the hem of his shirt, how your eyes shone with nervous excitement because finally, SHIELD was putting you to use. Then with a grin and a small kiss to his nose, you turned around and got into the quinjet. This Hydra base wouldn’t be so bad, you could definitely make it back before April Fools. Then you could pull pranks with Pietro all day and annoy the living daylights out of Bucky and Steve. Maybe you’d even be able to one up Tony this year.

That dream never came true, sadly. You hadn’t handled all of the Hydra agents before April 1st, and once they invaded your camp you never returned.

They crept into the camp like shadows while most of your team was asleep. Anyone lucky enough to be awake was taken by surprise, knocked out, and abducted. The sleeping agents never woke up while the captured ones opened their eyes to cold metal walls and tightly tied restraints. You weren’t sure if you should count yourself fortunate for being captured, but you knew one thing very clearly. When you got out of those itchy ropes, Hydra would be very very sorry.

But then it had been a month and your hope of escaping was slimming exponentially. Every day was the same, and you had soon learned to dread the heavy footsteps as they approached your cell. They tortured you, experimented on you, played with your memories. For a while you held onto the thoughts of The Avengers, your crazy friends. Tony’s dumb jokes and extravagant parties, Bruce’s small and bordering nervous chuckles, Clint’s witty comebacks. Natasha’s right hook, which was a very weird thing to recall, but since it was just that good how could you let yourself forget? Then, of course, Pietro’s not-so-steady climb to cockiness after joining the Team, and Bucky’s rare but sweet smiles when he was feeling like Bucky again.

You remembered holding onto your memories of Steve the hardest. Your captors still got them eventually, pulling each image away one by one like rotten teeth at the dentist. Steve went from being your boyfriend, warm and kind and goofy and loved, to a vague picture of blonde hair and blue eyes. Someone you saw in the corner of your eye but never thought to look for in a crowd.

You never imagined you’d see him again, or ever remember him, and yet here he was, and there you were. It suddenly occurred to you how much damage you had caused. Wanda, Pietro, Tony, even Natasha was knocked out, and you were the source of it all. You looked down at your hands, dirty and caked in blood, it was hard to believe they could do so much damage. This was what you had become, what you let Hydra make you, and you couldn’t bare to see the disappointed and heartbroken look Steve was undoubtably looking down at you with.

You knew he would take you back, but this time you weren’t sure you deserved it. You had caused so much pain that it just didn’t feel right to allow yourself something good. That’s why you ran. So far and so fast that you were utterly lost by the time you looked up from the cracking sidewalk.

“I’m so sorry Stevie.” You whispered over your shoulder. He wouldn’t be able to hear you but it gave you comfort saying it anyways. Maybe one day you’d be able to face those cobalt eyes and feel worthy of their trust, but that day wouldn’t be coming any time soon.


It had been months since your last encounter with the Avengers. Every now and again a few Hydra agents would show up and try to coax you back to their base, but you fought better than all of them. You were able to take down half of the strongest people on Earth, with all of your latest training you were not a force to be reckoned with.

That didn’t stop either side from trying though. When you ran you were running from Natasha and Wanda. When you fought it was against Hydra agents determined to bring you back, conscious or not. Both teams were surprisingly adamant in having you on their side, though you knew each had different motivations.

You hadn’t run fast enough or far enough this time, your old friends had you cornered in the very street all your memories returned to you in. The irony was enough to make you huff in amusement.

“(Y/N) please, we just want to help.” Wanda coaxed, stepping further into the alleyway. To say you were anxious was an understatement; recently you had been able to control yourself so much better, but you remembered all the things you had done to Wanda and Nat last time you had met, and the nightmares of drowning in their pain never let you forget. How could they trust you after you threw them into a wall? You could have killed them so easily but they kept coming back.

“How? Everything I’ve done to this city, to you, to Steve, there’s no going back. I did this to myself, and now I’m paying for it.”

“This wasn’t you (Y/N). This was never on you.” Natasha reached out to place a hand on your shoulder. You almost let her, almost let them convince you to come back.

But you flinched away.

“But it was me. I’m responsible, I remember all their voices, every single scream or cry, I watched the life die out of them all. Every time I look at my hands all I can see is blood. Your blood, everything I once protected and I just need to fix it. On my own.” You choked on a sob, they had no idea how badly you wanted to believe them. They looked at you with such pure sadness that it seemed to dim the sun. As a last ditch effort, they brought up the one thing they knew you didn’t want to hear.

“Steve isn’t taking it well.” Natasha said with cold eyes and a slight frown. It was easy to see she didn’t like being caught in the middle of this - having to hurt one friend in order to help the other.

There was a tense silence filling the space between you and the women you had once known. The steady rift that had broken out between you seemed impossible to fix, and you wondered if coming back would help Steve at all. He had already been through so much with Bucky and Peggy, were you really worth all of this?

“Then stop trying to save me and help him.” The words stung even as they left your mouth. You didn’t want to think you were beyond saving, and you didn’t want to give up this last fragmented connection between your old life, but Steve was the one who needed his friends now. Steve was the one who deserved his friends.

Wanda had taken to pursing her lips and giving you a look of pity. She probably wanted to tell you that no, you deserved help as much as any of them, but she knew how much you hated her reading your thoughts.

“We’re trying to help him by bringing you back! Stop trying to make yourself feel better by thinking this is better for everyone, we want you back (Y/N). It’s not the same without you.” It’s not home without you.

“I’m sorry. I’ll come back, but not until I’ve fixed this.” You watched their eyes turn into broken mugs, draining hope through the cracks; you knew they’d leave you alone. When you walked past them all they could do was watch your back get farther and farther away until you disappeared one last time.


It was late December, almost Christmas, and you were tired of running. You missed your family; the oddly-matched and conflict-prone group of heroes you had detached yourself from. None of them had given up on you, and you felt confident enough now to control yourself. Hydra had turned you into an animal, but you had worked hard to cage and train that beast. It felt like finally, you were ready to be okay again. After nearly a year apart, you could accept help from the Avengers.

That’s why you were standing in front of the excruciatingly (and very unnecessarily) tall Stark Towers in the nicest clothes you could get your hands on. Your raggedy runaway look wouldn’t very well match this new optimism you were feeding in your stomach.

With nerves bouncing in your head like shooting stars you stepped forward and pressed the intercom. Jarvis kindly answered your ringing by patching you straight to Tony.

“Yup?” His voice made your heart rise in comfort. You could only imagine what he was doing now, probably fiddling with his suit with his feet planted on his desk. You could tell he didn’t look up, because if he had, he would have recognized you.

“Hey Tony,” You said softly, quickly doubting whether this was a good idea or not. You might have thought he hadn’t heard you, but there was a loud clatter of metal hitting ground and then Tony was talking very seriously.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?”

“And here I thought you’d be happy to see me.” You could imagine that playboy smirk of his growing, and your endearing sarcasm must’ve convinced him you were really you and not whoever had tried to kill them months ago. With a click and a laugh from the receiver, you stepped into the building and rode the elevator until you reached Tony’s floor. The second the doors dinged open you were completely engorged in a hug. The sudden contact felt strange after being isolated for so long, but you quickly warmed up to the human leech and even laughed a little. One minute in this place you called home and you were already halfway back to normal.

Tony quickly got the rest of the gang onto his floor using Jarvis as an intermediary. The only one missing from the reunion was Steve, who didn’t know you were back and didn’t feel like leaving his room for anything. A fresh pang of guilt washed over you, but it didn’t last very long. You were back, and everything would be okay very very soon.

There was a lot of laughter and noise as you all got reacquainted. In the time since you had been gone Pietro got torn off his high horse, Clint had had his latest kid, Tony had made at least twenty new prototype suits, Bruce had come back from his little ocean vacation, and Bucky was slowly learning the ways of Facebook (because Tumblr would’ve been too much for him at this point).

Tony threw a huge party, which he was probably already planning on throwing, so that everyone knew you were back. Somehow, he even convinced Steve to get his patriotic ass over to the venue.

You tried - without any luck - to see Steve before the party was over. You would catch a glimpse of his hair or hear his voice over the constant buzz of Tony’s friends, but every time you got close someone would hoist you away and Steve would move farther into the crowd. After the party had died down a little you tried scouting again, but he must’ve slipped out earlier in the night because you couldn’t find him for the life of you.

“So much for that plan.” You muttered before thinking that in some ways, this might be better. You weren’t quite sure how Steve would react to seeing you again, and however he felt about it, he wouldn’t like that being public. You were sure you could set up a more intimate reunion, and a plan was quickly forming in your head.

“Tony, do you know where I could find a ribbon?”


And that’s how you wound up here, sitting under Steve’s huge Christmas tree with a bow on your head. It was Christmas morning and you really hoped he would appreciate his gift.

After ages you heard Steve getting out of bed and shuffle into the kitchen. There was a window between the kitchen and the living room where you sat, but you doubted Steve would notice you through it and you were feeling a little awkward and borderline stalkerish just watching his back as he made coffee. You cleared your throat loud enough for him to hear.

He was suddenly wide awake, back rigid and mug slammed against the counter. You were glad he hadn’t found you, because he probably would’ve dropped his coffee and you’d probably be the one cleaning it up.

Steve turned around slowly until his eyes met yours. The ice in his melted in an instant and he took a couple careful steps into the living room.

“Merry Christmas Steve.” You smiled lightly, hoping his silence was a good kind of speechless.

“You’re back.” He said more than airily. His bright blue eyes skimmed over you in an attempt to make sure you were real.

“I am.” You were getting more and more worried that his reaction would be to kick you out. Carefully, you took the bow off your head and played with it in your hands. The shiny red ribbon seemed like a much better place to look than Steve’s wistful eyes.

“You’re back.” He said it lighter this time, almost in a laugh, and then ran right up to you and hugged you. He was squeezing the life out of you, twirling you around because he was so excited to have you back. By the time he put you down you were both laughing and tearing up.

“I missed you so much.” Steve whispered. You were now sitting on the couch, well, Steve was. He had pulled you onto his lap so that both his arms could wrap around your waist and his head could fall on your shoulder. He missed this, the smell of your shampoo and the heat of your skin pressed up against his.

“I missed you too. Thank you for waiting.” You smiled and pressed a kiss to his temple, which was the only part of his you could really reach. His nose was nuzzled against your neck and you never realized how comforting and sweet that gesture was until right this second.

“Just don’t go doing it again.” He looked up at you with pleading eyes and you couldn’t say no, not that you would have in the first place.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” You half laughed, earning yourself a lopsided grin from Steve. If there was one thing you missed more than anything, it was that smile.

“Thank god.” He joked, raising a hand off your hip and placing it on your cheek. His thumb softly traced your cheekbone before bringing you down for a kiss. It was soft and warm and loving, and it reminded you of how perfect your lips fit against his.

Steve was sure that this was the best Christmas present he had ever gotten, and unlike all the other stuff over the years, he wasn’t willing to give you up.

He was never gonna let you go,
Never gonna run around and desert you.
Although he absolutely hate that you got this song stuck in his head.

anonymous asked:

imagine bucky baking when he's upset, and, before he was cleared for combat, all of the avengers are out on a mission and bucky's upset so he starts baking. the avengers come back to around 200 cupcakes or whatever it is he baked and a sleeping, flour-coated bucky.

There’s something very soothing about the smell of fresh-baked pastries. It brings a sense of nostalgia mixed with newly minted memories, like Sharon showing him the ratios for cupcakes versus cake cake.

Everyone’s gone. There’s a thing on the Canadian border, something to do with Project X, and it’s bad. Earlier that evening, Steve set a warm hand on his shoulder while he was trying to load his guns with shaking hands.

“You don’t need to come,” Steve said.

“Want to be useful,” Bucky muttered, but set the gun down with a sigh of relief.

“Stay here, at the Tower,” Steve suggested. “We’ll be back before the week’s up.”

It’s Thursday, and anxiety has been creeping into his psyche for three days now. Housesitting Avengers Tower is uneventful, but he just wishes he could hear from someone at the border. He texts Sharon ‘Are you free?’ and she texts back ‘in France L’. Sighing, he goes to the kitchen, collecting ingredients together for a key lime cupcake he had earlier with Pepper.

Most of the people he bakes with don’t set a mise, preferring to prepare ingredients as they go; Bucky finds there’s something quite soothing about measuring, weighing, and cutting up everything in advance. Matching glass cups of flour, sugar, milk and the like are arranged in front of him, as well as carefully sliced limes no bigger than the near-spherical white eggs he favours.

While the cupcakes are in the oven, he whips a gentle green icing and licks the spoon with only a hint of guilt. He candies some of the lime peels, ready just as the cupcakes are. He lets them cool before he ices them, something he learned only after the first two batches of icing discandied to glaze as he watched.

“J.A.R.V.I.S, what do you think?” he asks while he painstakingly frosts the cooled cupcakes.

“If I had a mouth or any taste beyond the sartorial, I would be enamoured of them, I’m sure.”

“Sorry, buddy,” Bucky laughs. “Uh, are there any updates from the border?”

“Not yet, Sgt. Barnes. I will make sure you are first to know when I receive word from the Avengers,” J.A.R.V.I.S. promises. Bucky cleans up and gets ready for another batch of cupcakes.

It’s not healthy, but he needs to work hard to rest sometimes. Cupcakes get gradually more complicated, ganache and compotes and less practical garnishes. Finally, he’s done, and curls up in the living room by the kitchen. Sleep comes easier than it has all week.

He wakes up to the sound of people speaking in the next room over, and, still sleep-fuzzy, rolls onto the floor with cat feet.

“Hi?” Bucky says, in the doorway of the kitchen. Natasha looks up first, corner of her mouth smeared with a pinkish frosting from the pink lemonade cupcakes. Steve is surveying the chocolate ones, predictable jerk, and Clint is taking pictures to upload to the official Avengers Instagram.

“These are great,” Sam says to Bucky. “Thank god it’s Friday.”

“Hashtag TGIF,” Clint mutters, “Hashtag don’t you touch the cute blue ones, Thor, I want one.”

“That hashtag is far too long,” Thor scoffs, swiping a few of the cute blue ones.

“Good job holding down the fort, champ,” Tony says to Bucky.

“You’re all alright,” Bucky says.

“Better now, with cupcakes, but yeah,” Sam says. Bucky smiles, and goes to see if Steve hasn’t grabbed all the triple chocolate cupcakes.

“Saw you were sleeping when we came in,” Steve says abashed, mouth full of cake. “Didn’t want to wake you.”

“It’s always chocolate or apple pie with you,” Bucky says. “You’re such a kid. And you have icing all over your nose.”

“I can’t help it,” Steve says. “How was your week? Not too bad?”

“Not too bad,” Bucky says. Truthfully.

Avengers’ 4th of July party

*stuffs his face*

“Tony, could you wait for the rest of the team and not eat everything?!”

“Mho! *swallows* I always have to battle with Clint for the last burger! This time I’m gonna be one step ahead of him!”

“Ahhhh what do my damaged ears have to hear?? Someone said my name and I believe it was a whiny, whiny Tony! ON THE DAY OF HIS FREAKING SUPERSOLDIER’S BIRTHDAY!!! Don’t be whiny, Edward, it is a day of  celebration!! OF DOUBLE CELEBRATION!!! THE FOURTH OF JULYYY!!”

“Gosh these two, we should at best never invite them to the same parties again! Come here, you big puppy dog!! Happy Birthday!! *hugs him*”

“Yeah, happy birthday, Steve!! I wish Clint would have wished you a happy birthday as well, but I could imagine he already wrote you a long heart-wrenching Happy Birthday text message at midnight, didn’t he?”

“Aw, thanks guys! And yeah, I did get Clint’s love message.. Thanks, buddy! In fact, Tony is the only one who didn’t wish me happy birthday yet!”

“Don’t worry, your pretty blond head, you will get your wishes. And more. So, don’t stuff yourself too much, because tonight we will get buseey~!”

“That was so disgusting on so many levels!! You can’t say something like that while you’re stuffing yourself!!”

“Don’t worry, we all know Steve has a thing for Tony’s round little tummy!” 

“Let’s just please drop that and move on to having a fantastic Fourth-Of-July-Birth-Of-Captain-America picnic!” 

“No, I wanna give Stevie our present!!” 

“Later, Clint!” 


“You guys got me a present?! Really?! Ah, that’s soo– um.. Babe, you’re alright?”

*grumbles something about Natasha being the meanest person on earth and never being so insulted in his entire life*

“Aww Tony, don’t be a sissy! You know it’s true!” *smudges a bit of whipped cream on his cheek*

“Nat, don’t rile him up!”

*comes to them running and gasping, a present in his hands* “HERE IT I - “ *falls into the grass* “I GOT YOU YOUR PRESENT FROM THE CAR, STEVE!!”

*makes a face at Natasha*

*enjoys the chaos around him* “Aw, thanks buddy! What is it?”

“Round, cute little belly!!” *tickles Tony’s tummy a bit*

“YOU GOTTA OPEN IT!!! I ain’t tellin ya!! But it’ll mean a lot to you! We had some help from Coulson!”

“That’s nice of him to help. Didn’t see him in a while, guess he is busy training his agents.. Okay, let’s see..” *opens his present*

“Nahahahat! Stahp!” *runs and hides behind Bruce*

*sees his old records from the war* “Guuysss.. Thank you! It’s everything here! My team, Bucky.. I didn’t even know it was all saved, that’s really – Oh no.. No, no.. It this commercial of me selling war bonds.. How did that even.. Please, tell me no one had seen it..”

“Hey, we totally should!” *snatches the record from Steve* “Who wants to see Captain America punching Hitler?!”

“Tony, give me that back!!” *start to chase Tony around*

“Yeah Tony, don’t be a dick!!” *picks up a piece of cake and aims at Tony, but catches Steve’s neck* “… Oops!”

The greatest archer that ever lived and he can’t even throw a piece of cake!”

“Right? This is how it’s done!!” *throws cake into Tony’s face*

“HA! Francis throws like a girl! UMPF!!” *gets caked by Natasha*

*grabs the record from Tony* “Guys, stop wasting my cake!”

“Yeah!! Me and Steve planned to use it later on to eat it off each other bodies, so you kinda quickened the process for us. Thank you!”


“Right! Throwing like a girl! How do I throw Tony? Does this seem very unprecise to you?” *smashes the cake in Tony’s face*

“Perfect! Now we can all be part of the fun and eat the cake off Tony’s face!”

“Here is your plate, Steve! This looks like a nice piece for your birthday Captain!” *scraps cake from Tony’s face onto the plate*

“Thanks, Bruce, I can always count on you, my science bro.” *licks the cake off his own face*

“Okay, that’s enough! Another person who throws my cake, will be doing squats for a week!”

“ … “

*bops Steve’s nose with whipped cream on his finger*

“ … “

“Someone’s gonna die!”

*looms over Clint with a pissed of expression and after a while takes a piece of cake and smashes it into Clint’s face*

“YOU SON OF A - IT’S ON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!” *throws himself against Steve*

“We can’t stay out of this, Bruce!!” *pushes Steve’s plate against his face*

“… Thank you so much! … Tony, come over here, let’s hug it out!”

“Suuuure thing, Bruce” *gets closer to Bruce and rubs his face against Bruce’s face, leaving cake on his cheeks*

*pushes Clint to the ground and grabs what was left of the cake and runs with it* “THAT’S IT!! NO CAKE FOR YOU, GUYS!! ONLY SQUATS, YOU ALL WILL BE DOING SQUATS TILL CHRISTMAS!!”

“I was about to panic, but then I realized that we are all caked and probably have more of it here than he has over there!”

“Okay no, we should get after him and sign a peace treaty! It’s his birthday!”

“True! And Tony you better think of something to make him forget about the squats!”

“You guys brought it on yourself! Besides, I bought a spare cake. STEVE, GET BACK HERE, WE HAVE MORE CAAAKE!! You three should behave better! Shame. Shaaame!”

Anonymous said: Hey Steve and Tony, are you guys proud to be each others husbands? I mean, you kind of belong to your other partner now officially-how does it feel? :)

“It feels right. I love seeing the wedding ring on Tony’s finger.”

“I just realized something..”


“Now, seeing that we are married, I don’t have to take care of myself anymore, because no matter what, you’re stuck with me!!”

“It doesn’t work like that, Tony. And I will take care of you now, I want you to be with me the longest possible time.”

“Yhm, good luck with that. For now, we have some leftover wedding cake and I’m not sharing!”

“HEY! Give me a piece, this cake is as much yours as mine!”

“Sorry, I only promised to love and protect and be faithful to you, I never promised to share food with you. Get your own cake.”