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Hi! I love your art so much and your redbubble is really awesome so I was wondering if you could give me a few tips if you have time on how to make a good redbubble account?

thank you!

ok, so to start off, if you’d like to check out my redbubble, you can see it HERE!

and these are things i keep in mind when working with my redbubble:

  • something that i find appealing is colors! COLORS!!!

not only that, but my header is an example of The Goods To Come. i like to make my headers tricked-out/flashier versions of what might be on sale. it can also show the design up close so customers know what they can expect!

  • folders! aesthetically pleasing ones! when i looked at other rb shops, i noticed that this was something that really turned me on to some stores as opposed to others. it’s just that little extra bit of tlc that goes such a long way. you can’t really create themes and aesthetics with rb, but you can create the illusion of one:

  • keeping all of the products in mind! from a giant graphic t-shirt, down to a phone case. the designs on products can be the same, but you can pretty drastically change things as simple as background color to help create a more cohesive product.

that’s all i got on that topic! not much, but i do hope it helps! ♥

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You have a very distinctive style when it comes to the Stans! I see your art and I immediately think "that's julientel's!" I love your art so much, don't get down on yourself!

Thank you! I don’t have (or know, eh) enough words to say how happy I am. For me it’s really important to know that people can recognize my art just by looking at it. I’ve always thought that I’m lost among other GF artists (cool artists like you), that no one knows me or remembers my nickname. So, sincerely, thank you! And I’m really glad that you like my art, because you’re a great artist and it means a lot :)


15 000 000. How much is this? I can’t even imagine this amount of people in one place. But we are. And this place starts with TOP OF DA MORNIN’

If we all could hold hands we could hug the Earth!

Thank you so much for what you are doing. You are not just playing games. With your thoughts, ideas, enthusiasm you inspire me, you make my day brighter. My life now is a mess and I can’t find my place anywhere. But every time I feel bad and in need for a helping hand, I know that you are there for me. Even if you don’t know who I am. And your positivity, honesty, thoughts you share with us can really cheer me up. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here.

I was too shy to express my feelings for a long time. But now I just need to let the words out. I know it’s the right time. And I know that one day they will reach you. And so will my love, respect and support for you. And a couple of pictures :’) 

Your way is in front of you. And before the next step you can just turn around to see how much people support you, how much people can have your back if you need. 

And I hope you’ll see me there. As a voice from the crowd. As a friend.

The Community loves you, @therealjacksepticeye.💚


The Stardust crew!

I made my first JoJo fanart at the end of January and didn’t post most of it here because I meant to make a little Stardust bundle post like this some day but then I kept putting it off because I wasn’t sure if my “I’m trying to figure out how to draw these muscly men after three years of nothing but robots”-phase was interesting to see? But I personally find art practice a fun thing to look at (especially for later comparison) and figured fuck it, I’ll throw them in, so here’s old and new doodles of the boys! 

They all love each other so much ;w;


I’m good enough. And so are all of you. No one else determines your worth. 


this little thing @thatsthat24 said really resonated with me, so I wanted to draw something for it! 

for anyone who’s learning how to love themselves, keep at it!! you’re worth so much more than you know and I hope that one day you can see that <3

@pansexualroman @ace-anxiety-sanders


Something bitter is felt in the atmosphere… it’s hard to tell with such a smiling face.


Part 2 is here!

After a long wait, with the help of my buddy @sparksparta, I finally bring you the first part of the comic ‘Bendy in Disney!’ Thank you everyone for your support in this comic, I have been reading your tags and they really warmed my heart! <3

- Mun’s note under cut.

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Hogwarts queens ~ 

Not super happy with how this one turned out, but I’m still proud that this is the third piece I’ve posted in two days?? go me ! 

smash that like for trans paladins

[*commissions info*]


Steven Universe the moms fanart! I love them so much, just had to paint them! Whose your fav mom? Mines the G squad haha. (Update, Peridot is done!) Peridot<-clickhere

If you’ld like to see the gif process of how i painted these, go over to my instagram, Artromeow same way spelled here.(its there somewhere trust me)

-painted in photoshop cs6

Thanks for looking and reading! this would be my first post on tumblr, support me if you’ld like to see more.



Like, legit, if you look above you’ll see how many followers I had back in November

As thanks I’ll be setting up  a giveaway very soon! :D
(Within the next week or so)
Please keep an eye out for it ^w^
You will be able to participate if you are a legal adult in the USA :3


i love these two so much

please dont be mean to my gremlin daughter she does not deserve this hate

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I love your art so much! And I have question. How did Benny and Usnavi meet?

in my headcanons when theyre like 7 benny was the new kid in school and usnavi was charged with showing him around 

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Hey! I love ur art (LIKE I CAN SEE ALL MY FANDOMS) May I see some Lancelot?(Lance x Lotor)

Thank you so much !! C:

You know I am not really a Lancelot shipper… BUT I LOVE THEM. Like I love them as best bros. That Lotor is like the other dude Lance hangs out beside Hunk. Or that Lotor is always flirting with Lance and Lance is: “Noooooo”

So sorry.
But here you have them as best bros chilling and having sleep overs xD

“Come on Boys! Make Mommy proud”!

For the Mother Day, Bud and Lou takes their mum on tour! (In France, it’s today)

I should totally work on my school diploma, but I just really needed to animate some cute Harley Quinn!

Btw, I just download a new tumblr functionality who helps me to see the tags that you guys put on my work, and I never realized  how many cute messages were hidden there! So much love and funny jokes that I can see now! <3

You can look hella hot AND slay on the court - Allison proofs it to you.

Honestly, I’d love to read a little something in Allison POV. We would finally get better descriptions of how people around her actually look. Plus I still don’t know much about her and I would looove to find out how she sees the world.