see how i see

My dogs are all having some sort of club meeting under my bed and I wasn’t invited. Noodle keeps happy scream barking so clearly is a lot of fucking fun and Hubble brought his grunting hedgehog so its an actual party.

Thanks guys.

I’ll just sit on the top of the bed…



Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. 

“…They use each other. 

They enjoy each other. 

They’re onto each other.” (x)

Now, one of the many things I’m dying to see in s7 is how these two battle it out with each other in a game of wits. I love these two together yes, but I also want to see a Sansa vs. Petyr showdown – apprentice vs. the master. 

No but for real I don’t understand how Americans who support Obama, who killed upwards of 117 civilians through drone strikes, can condemn Gal Gadot because she wished well on her fellow citizens in a “support our troops” message (in which she advocated for peace/coexistence in the same message) while they were facing HAMAS, a group wildly considered by world leaders to be a terrorist organization due to their tactics of using violence/murder against civilians.

I really do believe that you can wish well on your fellow citizens who are in the army (especially since the IDF has a mandatory conscription) without outright supporting everything the military has ever done. That Americans can say “support our troops” while understanding that our governmental run tactics, usually decided by people who will never see combat, are inherently flawed. That issues of military and war are not always black and white. That Gal can support her citizens on the front lines of the IDF and wish them safety while still believing that coexistence is the answer.

my writing procees

She lies there across the seats, her shoulders hanging [outside the car], and her underwear still around her knees. A laughter fills the new silence created by the break between two songs, but the sound might as well be music. She stretches her legs out and wiggles back inside her bikini bottom (I cannot take this seriously omfg i think of spongebob and that meme abt shawn) before sitting in front of his kneeling figure.

“Hi,” she smiles, still in bliss from her orgasm.

“Hey there, beautiful,” he compliments, regarding the faint flush on her face and her swollen lips.