see how few vids i work on haha

@kurou-kiryuu is the natsuki one the one w her neck..? i heard abt it in one of the comments on one of manly’s vids but i.. dont want paranoia to come to me so! i’ll wait a bit until after i wake up when i go to bed eventually or just here soon… speaking of natsuki, i’ve heard abt a few lines of dialogue from or abt her that i didnt see… guess i’ll hav to find em? n haha yea i understand not wanting to play bc of jumpscares ^w^;; But you should try nad get rest, beclaws mew dont kno when ur school thingy will b repaired! i dunno how online school works, but shorely ya cant just hav forever off classes, so! rest!!

edit: im going thru the “scares” video on pause w no sound (just clicking thru) and oh.. i hadnt seen one of natsuki’s poems! huh, i dont kno too much abt natsuki in regards to act 2 tbh..