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Who do you think looks better with long hair, Zen or Viktor?

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Can we appreciate Makkachin for a min please? Okay thank you. 


If we are going to evaluate hair, we must keep in mind a couple of factions 

1) Length 

2) Volume 

3) Split Ends 

4) Overall Appearance 

So lets start with Zen 

1) His hair is a beautiful length. You can see how he really takes care of it. Just look how the strands blend in together. Other peoples hair look like a birds nest, but not Zen. The way he has his far fall evenly to the sides of his place gives it the hot boy messy look. 

2) However, if we imagine Zen with his hair loose, it doesn’t seem like it has that much volume :( Perhaps he has tried volumizing shampoo but it probably damaged his hair instead of helped it. We must also come in fact, Zen forehead isn’t that wide so we can make that excuse for him. 


4) His overall appearance with his hair is unique. However, his hair lacks volume and life. I give it a solid B+ 

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Now, the man, the myth, the legend VICTOR NIKIFOROV 

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1) His hair isn’t as long as Zens but you can easily see his hair is an acceptable length. His hair is properly tamed and the lose strands can hide his wide forehead. 


3) Do you think this drama queen will split ends? Just look how beautiful cut the ends of his hair is. It doesn’t look like straws. It looks like a fucking god. 

4) Victors hair is perfect in every way. It has the perfect length and his hair is even all around unlike Zen’s. He knows how to compliment his features and he simply looks stunning. Solid A+ 

To conclude, 

Victor looked better with long hair.

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Jack insisted on the whole team checking out the new bar that had just opened downtown. And everyone knew that he wouldn’t take no for an answer. So reluctantly the team agreed and that’s where you and Mac were headed too now.

The two of you entered the bar, hand in hand of course and scanned the room. “Only Jack would invite us out and in the end show up late. Should we call and see how far away he is?”. Asking Mac, who had a slight smirk on his lips.

“Or we can play a game of pool while we wait?”, he suggested pointing over to the vacant pool table.

Removing your jacket, it was time to finally beat Mac at something. You were the reigning pool champion within your family. “Prepare to lose. I’m an expert when it comes to pool”.

Mac chuckled and handed you a pool stick, the balls were already set up. It was time to play. You were pretty confident and watched as Mac went first.

“Just because were dating don’t expect me to go easy on you”. Winking at Mac.

He licked his lips. “Oh really, is that how were going to play it? I was going to hold back a little to give you a chance, but now it’s definitely game on”. Crouching slightly he hit the white ball, scattering all the other ones across the table.

After 10 minutes the game was still going, although Mac was in the lead by a few points, that didn’t damper your spirits. Aligning the white ball with the purple one near the corner net, you took a shot but effectively missed, letting out a groan.

It was now Mac’s turn again. Taking a couple minutes, you could tell his brain was spinning in thought. Yours however was convinced that there wasn’t anyway he could make the shot. He’d have to perfectly curve the ball in order to hit the black ball into the net.

He concentrated for a few more seconds, got into position and took his shot. The ball fell in meaning that Mac had won.

“Okay, no that’s not fair. You can’t use physics to play pool”.

Mac put down his pool stick and made his way over, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I believe I just did”. He tried to be cute and flashed a smile in the process.

“Well then the least you could do is be a lovely boyfriend and teach me how, so I can kick Jack’s ass in pool when he arrives”. 

Mac didn’t object and centered the balls the way their were before. He stood behind you. Leaning down, you could feel his hot breath tickle the back of your neck. “It’s all in the hand movement and the angle of your body”, he explained setting a hand on your waist to turn your body a tad to the right.

Right about now you weren’t focusing on a single word he was saying, but where his touch was instead. “Now all you do is shoot”. It was no surprise that you missed. Mac although had surprise written all over his face.

“That should of worked, let’s try again”. He reached over but you pulled his arm back. In the process of turning fully around the pool stick fell to the floor, you grabbed Mac by his leather jacket collar and kissed him.

“I don’t care about pool anymore, besides I can think of a game that involves both of us winning”, giving him a suggestive wink.

He cleared his throat and grabbed your hand while your other one was holding your jacket, both making a dash towards the door.

“Whoa, where are you two going? Sorry were late, but the whole team is here now so let’s have some fun”. Jack announced as he and Mac collided in the middle of the doorway.

Biting your lip, you saw how anxious Mac was to get out of this bar. No-one knowing the reason why but you.

“Mac and I just decided that we want a nice quiet night in, but we promise the next get together we’ll be there”. You replied inching closer to the exit.

Hurrying Mac out of the door to avoid anymore discussions on the topic, leaving Jack, Bozer and Riley in a state of utter confusion.


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Just a quick clarification. When you say "cosplay", are you referring to dressing up and Role Playing as a character, or dressing up as a character and wearing that costume to cons/halloween/etc, or both?

D) All of the above.

Race/culture isn’t a costume and needs to be respectful. 

Also in regards to your reply about the parking spots,

But unlike a parking lot, where there is a limit to how many car can be parked, there’s no limit to how many people can cosplay the same character. So while there are far fewer handicapped spots to able-bodied ones, in this cosplay parking lot multiple cars can park in a spot at the same time. I just don’t see how a person cosplaying a character in any way “takes away” that character from anyone else.

You’re missing the point. Long story short… don’t take the handicap spots. Just because you don’t understand the “why” as of yet, doesn’t mean that other don’t as well. Especially the ones asking you to not.

The Signs As Songs From Disney’s Moana

Shiny | Well, Tamatoa hasn’t always been this glam, I was a drab little crab once. Now I know I can be happy as a clam, because I’m beautiful, baby. Did your granny say listen to your heart; “be who you are on the inside”. Your granny lied! I’d rather be shiny. | Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra

How Far I’ll GoEvery turn I take, every trail I track, every path I make, every road leads back to the place I know, where I cannot go, where I long to be. See the light where the sky meets the sea? It calls me, no one knows how far it goes. If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me, one day I’ll know, If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go. | Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

You’re WelcomeI see what’s happening here, you’re face to face with greatness, and it’s strange. You don’t even know how you feel, it’s adorable!
Well, it’s nice to see that humans never change. Yes, it’s really me, it’s Maui: breathe it in! I know it’s a lot: the hair, the bod, when you’re staring at a demi-god. What can I say except you’re welcome! | Aries
Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn

I’m looking forward to being a parent, and allowing my child to live freely with no intentions of clipping their wings. I can’t wait to encourage their creativity, even if that means us taking regular trips to the arts and crafts store for our weekly supply of paint brushes and paper, or laughing hysterically at their “jokes” or paying full attention to their stories whilst asking questions just to see how far their imagination can stretch, or staying up late until they perfect their skills on their favourite instrument on the weekends. Being able to sit back and watch someone you created create must truly be such an amazing feeling.
—  MR
some yoi fans are going to get on my nerves

Okay but there’s a part of me that’s very frustrated with yuri on ice fans.
After episode 7 came out today I’ve seen some fan girls say “if they don’t have sex now I’m going to be so mad!” and “sex is the next step!! They need to include it!!”

Like no??? I mean what makes yoi so amazing is how different it is from the stereotypical yaoi or bl that I see so often.

The relationship that yoi staff has portrayed in this show thus far is revolutionary to anime!!!
You can clearly see that yuri loves victor and that victor cares right back without throwing them into a forced and awkward sex pool. They have gentle touches, intimate moments and challenges that come with real relationships.

Unlike yaoi relationships, real relationships take time, effort and patience. It is NOT just sex!! And it may not lead to sex!!It makes me very annoyed to see that many people just expect it to automatically go to that level.

Not only that but yuri has a very accurate panic attack like moment before his performance??? That affects victor and yuri’s relationship? I MEAN HOLY SHIT!! Neither of them know what to do when it involves someone they care about and to see this is breathtaking!!

It makes me frustrated that a good portion of the fans are just watching it for the love development into sex??

I hate to break it to some of you, but real life doesn’t have those “shut the person I like up with a kiss” moments. There is insecurity, hesitance, understanding and very clear fondness for each other in the development of victuuri and I wish more people viewed this show in that perspective.


Look at how fast David Tennant throws himself down those stairs.

This is from the Doctor Who Confidential episode “Stage Fright” (which accompanied The Shakespeare Code)

You can see that the three of them (the Doctor, Martha, and Shakespeare) start together at the top of the stairs.  David runs down at breakneck speed - taking the steps at least two at a time - leaving Martha and Shakespeare far behind (Freema and Dean are running more like normal people - being careful to not to kill themselves on the old and probably rather uneven steps).  

I don’t think he can even stand up straight on those stairs - he’s crouching down because the ceiling/covering is too low for him.  He somehow even manages to make it look graceful.  Amazing!


an assortment of different movie quotes.

  • “i won’t fuck up my life, so you can find yourself.”
  • “the fact that you’re here means everything to me.”
  • “life moves pretty fast. if you don’t stop & look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
  • “i always meet the person first, to see if we understand each other.”
  • “as long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. you breathe. keep breathing.”
  • “smart & pretty. that right there is a deadly combination.”
  • “the more you care, the more the world finds ways to hurt you for it.”
  • “no matter how far, run for all you’re worth.”
  • “it takes a lot of courage to try & change your life.”
  • “you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”
  • “yeah, it was worth a shot.”
  • “don’t you want to take a leap of faith?
  • "hope is a dangerous thing.”
  • “you’ve got a secret. something you can’t tell anyone, because you don’t trust anyone.”
  • “you will never be lovelier than you are now. we will never be here again.”
  • “we’re not meant to save the world.”
  • “you can’t just make somebody something they’re not.”
  • “you are allowed to feel messed up. it doesn’t mean you’re defective – it just means you’re human.”
  • “you couldn’t ignore me if you tried.”
  • “i’ve only really liked a handful of people in my life.”
  • “today it seems to me that my whole life was nothing but a string of failures.”
  • “i’m just tired, you know? i’m just fucking tired.”
  • “which would be worse - to live as a monster? or die a good man?
  • “on one hand, so what; & in the other hand, who cares?
  • “you got to stop taking yourself so seriously.”
  • “you do care. you care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death from the pain of it.”
  • “you sleep well because you know that you’re loved. i’ve never slept that well.”
  • “by the time we learn to live it is already too late.”
  • “have i told you how divinely happy i am?
  • “i can imagine anything, anybody, anywhere.”
  • "if we didn’t have any of the bad stuff, then how could we recognize the good?
  • “can you just hold me, please? you don’t understand. i just need you to hold me.”
  • “we get out now, or we die trying.”
  • “if you died right now, how would you feel about your life?
  • “the world’s either great or wretched, isn’t it?
  • “maybe i’m just being paranoid, but i gotta find out for sure.”
  • “you can only push someone so far, before they break.”
  • “you’re the closest thing i know to a superhero.”
  • “act like a bitch, get slapped like a bitch.”
  • “i think you severely overestimate your ability to break hearts.”
  • “i don’t want to win. i just want to make the world a better place.”
  • “i needed you in this life.”
  • “i knew this was going to be a bad day.”
About Mark Lee

You guys don’t understand how much respect I have for Mark Lee. I’m so serious about this. It’s such a hard thing to just move to a different country and learn the language. THEN you train and train and train for years in order to do what you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

He’s kind of a role model for me because I want to be like him. Not necessarily a Kpop star or whatever, but I’d want to have that same passion for something that I love and just run with it as far as I can go.
Another thing is that he can take criticism when people want to help him improve. It’s very difficult to take something that someone has said to you like “you need to work on this more” or “this isn’t very good but let me tell you how to make it better” and turn that into something great with a positive attitude. I still struggle with that but just seeing Mark work with it makes me want to be more open to constructive criticism. People that succeed are people that allow others to teach them and help.

Mark may be my bias but I feel the same way about Johnny, Winwin, Kun, Yuta, Ten, Chenle, and Renjun. They had the courage to move to Korea and actually get through their training. I’m very proud to be a fan of NCT and I’m so happy that we have such a supportive fan base that loves each other.

Sometimes it can feel like a huge burden to be autistic.

Sometimes social difficulties can feel insurmountable.

Sometimes sensory sensitivities are so painful we want to tear our own skin off or do anything to make it stop.

Sometimes relationships feel impossible or too hard to mange.

Sometimes meltdowns and shutdowns take over our lives and make each day a challenge.

Sometimes positivity posts may seem ludicrous and far fetched because all you can see are the bad parts of being autistic.

Sometimes being autistic is really hard and we wish we could do something to “fix” ourselves.

For some of you this may be all the time or most of the time.

For others it may only be occasionally.

But no matter how often you feel you are a burden or defective, no matter how hard it gets, please remember that you are loved.

You are so special and all of your traits, including your autistic traits, make you who you are.

There is a whole community of beautiful autistic souls here to support you and care about you and remind you that you matter.

okay my dude I gotta say, given by your last message that apologizes for offending me via rudeness or being mean in any sense despite the fact that you were so far from personally offending me you might have well as been from another planet entirely - I’m going to assume you’ve somehow been taught (wrongly)  by past unhealthy relationships that you are not allowed to have feelings or objections or standards of your own. 

you haven’t offended me. you haven’t been mean. and can I please emphasize here; you are allowed to take up space, you are entitled to your feelings, you are allowed to feel negatively without being persecuted for it. 

can you see how ridiculous this sounds if I repeat it from my own personal perspective? my boyfriend did/said something hurtful so I expressed my discomfort with it; his reaction was to ignore my hurt feelings by turning himself into the victim and acting sad about it: but it wasnt remorse because he refused to then accept my apology. so it wasnt about resolution, it was about him wanting to feel victimized and wanting me to feel like a piece of shit. 

my dude you are ALLOWED to be upset or hurt by something said or done by anyone in your life. these are defined by your standards and expectations which you’re ALLOWED TO HAVE. and you are more than allowed to confront someone who makes you feel like you shit, even your boyfriend. 

if they then act like the victim and guilt-trip you for expressing your discomfort for their words or actions to the point where you’re apologizing for it, then that’s red flag number one. you’re entitled to your standards and expectations. but if it goes that one step further where you end up having to apologize for your feelings, then its not a healthy relationship. 

I could go into the fine details of what you told me about your boyfriend but its unnecessary; the basic points are what you need to realize;

- your romantic partner should be like your best friend; they should love you. support you, understand you

- when you have a disagreement they should be able to disagree with you WHILE listening to your perspective, acknowledging it, understanding it and respecting it enough to try to compromise enough to make sure you also feel good and happy and comfortable with the resolution.

- no matter the resolution in an argument or disagreement with your bae/best friend, it should never end with you feeling like you’re a piece of shit, like you’re a villain, like you’ve been short-changed, like you’re sacrificing your feelings and your well-being for them.


dont fucking apologize to me like you’ve offended me or been mean when all you’ve done is expressed an opinion. ditch this fucking guy if all he does is turn your feelings and expectations into  some villainous fucking plot to discredit and hurt him. because someone like that only wants power and control in a relationship; they put themselves in position of “victim” which entitles them to make all the rules, and generally those rules mean robbing you of any form of autonomy you have in the relationship. they’re afraid of someone who has their own opinions, expectations or standards because they’re so fucking weak they will feel wronged by having to meet you half way on anything. 

date someone strong enough to compromise for you and who respects your own fucken standards in a relationship. 

you arent annoying, you arent offensive, you arent mean. YOU CAN FUCKEN FEEL AND EXPECT ANYTHING YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP. for fuckssake. dont take this victimized bullshit from assholes who cant comprehend that a Bae is not their mother who serves them unconditionally.

nirvana (m)

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summary: the need for something that isn’t yours, yet all jungkook wanted to do was take and you willingly gave him everything and anything.

rated m for mature themes. word count: 959 (preview)

It began how it often did a soft brush of lips and suddenly he has you on your back dazed with a lust lidded gaze. Always eager yet the firm grip he has on your thighs shows he is calm and controlled. Above all Jungkook enjoys to take his time, skimming his hands over your subtle flesh with the occasional squeeze and scrape of his nails just to see how far he can have you arching up off the bed.

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ok i just listened to (Just Like) Starting Over and i was like ?????? how can a song be so romantic??? if you see John and Paul’s history it’s like THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG EVER.

See this:

“Why don’t we take off alone
Take a trip somewhere far, far away
We’ll be together all alone again
Like we used to in the early days
Well, well, well darling” 


How didn’t  a n y o n e  realize this was about Paul?

the sad part is that he wrote this song just before he was killed :(

I did these quick drawings of a cat walking forward to help out a friend figuring out a walk cycle for their animation, but I like the drawings enough and figured you guys might find a visual guide like this helpful so here it is! Here’s some of the critique that went along with it as well:

I stuck to realism so that you could apply this to your own work.

1)First thing I want to point out is that the head is bent low enough that we can see the shoulder take the weight of the feet. I would also do this in your animation. It’ll take a little longer, but showing the shoulders roll as a cat puts their weight onto each foot will really add a lot of realism to your work. You can also see how the leg in front is almost placed right below the cat’s center of gravity. Keep in mind how your character is going to stay balanced, if their leg is too far out, they would tip over, so cross the legs in front. They don’t call it the ‘catwalk’ for nothing! Also notice the chest. Cats have chests that rest behind their shoulders, and it’s a crucial part of makes a cat’s walk look so distinct.

2) Here I laid out the bone structure and I would highly recommend you do a quick pass of your animation to just lay out the bones of your character first, and they don’t have to be as detailed as mine, just little lines and circles to represent bones and joints would help you out a long way! Keep these shapes simple and then you can see if your walk looks good played back to you before you try to put the character on top.

3) These are just some basic pose suggestions and you can see in those drawings how the weight of the cat has shifted so that the leg can support it. If you want more reference, look up the Lion King song “Be Prepared” As Scar has a scene where he moves towards the camera in a similar fashion that I would highly recommend slowing down and looking at frame by frame.  I tried looking up refs on youtube quickly, but didn’t find many good exact results, but youtube has a plethora of cat videos so never be afraid to look up reference! :D

As much as I loved the hand nuzzle scene in 4x3 I’ve gotta admit my favorite scene of s4 so far might actually be the one in 4x1 when Clarke is grieving over l.exa and Kane does a double take after seeing the look on Bellamy’s face.

I mean, Kane had to have already known about Bellamy’s feelings after everything he did to get Clarke back in 3x2, and it couldn’t have just been an accident that he glanced over at Bellamy after hearing Clarke’s words to her mom.

But seeing Bellamy in this moment, openly staring at Clarke while his heart is silently breaking, you can tell how taken aback Kane is by how deep Bellamy’s feelings truly go. He literally sees into Bellamy’s soul with that two second glance and it just kills me every time.


#Alec lightwood proud af to see his sister kicking ass and taking names #just look at his face #he’s like boy you asked for it #stupid mundane thinking you can take my sister in a fight #hahahahahaha #you didn’t even last 10 seconds #that’s how far out of your league she is #and then you look at Izzy #turning with a smile to look at her big brother #and Alec’s smile and subtle head shake of ‘Izzy that was too easy’ #it’s beautiful really #watching them have this moment in between looking for Jace #now I need a scene where Jace and Alec are both present #and smiling all cocky at the sight of their sister kicking ass

Something to help me feel better about transitioning and any other trans and non-binary folks out there on testosterone or not on HRT.

I constantly get frustrated that I’m not transitioning fast enough that I’d like, comparing myself to other trans men who are further along with their transitions than me. Trans guys with full beards and top surgery, and hair on their chests, fading scars and board shoulders. 

I enjoy seeing them, those who feel happy in their own bodies finally and are proud to show how far they’ve come, but I have to keep reminding myself not to focus on them so much, that this is my story as a trans individual and to take it day by day. It’s not going to be instant and I can’t always compare myself to others.

I’ve already changed so much this year alone but sometimes it’s hard.

And for those of you not on HRT yet for whatever reason, and want to be, don’t be discouraged. You’re still the gender you know you are and say you are, and everything will work out, I promise.

I’ve been in those shoes before and I know how much it hurts, not knowing if it’ll happen or when it’ll happen. But you are just as valid, you are just as strong and beautiful as those who been transitioning for years or just got started. You are still you.

And we’re here for you.

This was also inspired by a dream I had a few days ago.

So personal stuff is going below, don’t click if you don’t want to. ;)

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hey so i’m way too lazy to make a separate twitter for spoilers so i’m dumping my kh 0.2 liveblog here, under a cut! it is RIFE with SPOILERS so this is your fair warning about that. also, since cuts don’t work on mobile, PLEASE SCROLL LIKE THE WIND if you are on your phone and averse to these things

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So This Is Love

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,347
Warnings: Light smut. Fluff. Unprotected sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) If you still take requests can you please do a fic with an OC that is in love with Lucifer, but due to her being human he has so far ignored her, but when seeing how close she is being with Crowley (just friendship) makes him all jealous and possessive, making him admits he is falling for her too. Smut please, if that’s ok :D 

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82, 76 👀👀👀

(15) Jailbreak | Gangster Jooheon drabbles

“I’m not your boss, well then, who is?” and “Daddy!”

ohohoh ok this is nsfw bewARE

It is no secret that you love teasing Jooheon. He is always a patient man, unless it comes to you or the boys getting hurt, so of course you are naturally inclined to see how far you can push him before he snaps. You love drawing him to the edge and watching the flash of his eyes, the tightening of his jaw and the gruff, razor edge that his voice takes when he growls, “Y/n.”

Now, with his lips latched onto your neck, and his warm body pressing yours into the mattress, you feel the urge bubbling up within your chest again, mostly because he’s acting a little more dominant today.

“Y/n,” he whines this time into your neck, fingers fondling one of your breasts. “Say it.”

“Hmm, no,” you smile as he pulls back to look at you with impatience. His cheeks are flushed and eyes narrowed, lust obviously having taking him captive, yet he insisting on you saying the word before he can take you apart completely.

“Come on. Listen to your boss.” His voice becomes rougher this time, one hand reaching down to press against your clit. You gasp and arch slightly against him, pulling his lips into a smile as he gazes darkly at you, but you still do not relent.

“You…aren’t my boss,” you breathe, working on maintaining your sanity as he rubs your clit into tight circles. Every one of your reactions is being absorbed by his obsidian eyes, and you suspect it won’t be much longer until he snaps.

“I’m not your boss? Well then, who is?”

You hold back a whine when he retracts his fingers and force yourself to speak.

“Hmm…maybe Changkyun,” you say, watching how he stiffens considerably, “or Hoseok. They are a lot more intimidating, and I wouldn’t mind obeyi-”

His lips crash onto your before you can finish, expelling a growl from somewhere in the base of his throat as his hips roughly snap against yours. You gasp for air upon feeling his hardened length nearly tear through you, but it is the only thrust he gives before he stills entirely.

“Did I not made it clear to never say any other man’s name in my bed?” He growls, head pulling away from your neck to gaze at you fiercely. You can feel as if his eyes pierce through you to leave you vulnerable underneath him, but you still smile.

“Maybe you can remind me one more time.”

It is all he needed to sink his fingernails into your waist and snap his hips once again. You cry out loudly, hands grabbing at his shoulders and down his back as he doesn’t relent in his thrusts this time. They are sharp and rough and deep, leaving your head spinning and lips gasping for air as his name leaves them between breaths. You arch when he speeds up his pace, and gasp when his hand closes around your throat with darkening eyes.

“Say it, kitten.”

You claw at his back as you gasp for breath, which is slightly more difficult to do when his hand puts pressure on your throat. Your mind is already dizzy with pleasure, so you decide to relent.


That’s enough to have his head burying into your neck and teeth sinking into the skin. His hands hold your waist in a vice grip, keeping your body in place as he pounds into you even faster than before. He is moaning now, although it’s nothing compared to your own shameless sounds of approval, but his voice still vibrates against your skin and has you hurdling towards your own high.

You arch against him when you come, saying the word one more time so that he curses loudly, voice breaking when you clench around him. He gives a final thrust before he spills inside you with a heavy groan. Then, his body is collapsing against yours, beckoning your hands to immediately tangle into his ruffled midnight strands as your chest heaves for air.

It takes a few minutes of strained breaths filling the room before he pulls his head up slightly to look at you with tired eyes and an affectionate smile.

“You’re a little shit, you know that?”

A laugh bubbles from your chest out of your mouth that makes him grin brightly before pressing kisses on either sides of your cheeks.

“I know.”