see he's asian okay

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Unpopular opinion on Danny in the defenders; he should have been cast Asian, right? Isn't his character asian in like EVERY OTHER cartoon/comic? I was so confused the first time I watched it, I could be wrong tho idk,, ((I love Jessica, Matt, and Luke tho, they are my children I would die for lmao))

I agree with you that they should have cast him as an Asian man and stop being afraid/too stupid to cast people of color in movies/shows.  

But in any cartoon/comic I have seen/read he is a rich, white, blond, man, so I mean they didn’t cast him wrong (persay), but I find the whole concept of Danny Rand being the Iron Fist dumb in the first place. The comic writers should have made him Asian from the get-go.

That being said, it doesn’t excuse these people for being unwilling to make changes. Starfire from DC comics was originally white (an alien really but whatever) and they just cast a Black woman to play her, and I think that is wonderful, people need to pull the candy-corn outta their butts and realize that the majority of people are not white, and those people all deserve to be represented in entertainment too. 

Anyway, I am getting off topic, yes Anon I think they should have made a change to the character and had him played by an Asian man, but I am not a fan of Iron Fist in the first place (kinda because of this reason) so I can’t speak as one of his comic readers/lovers. 

Anydoodles, I am in love with Matt and Jessica, I couldn’t help myself and I just finished watching Daredevil and I am now into Jessica Jones, and after that, I will probably be watching Luke Cage (I have an addiction) those characters they did a great job on.