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Dating Sirius Black would involve...

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Okay so the dude has issues

But those issues don’t seem as bad with you by his side

When all the kids are back at Hogwarts, you stay in Grimmauld Place with him

You make sure he’s never alone for too long, because that’s when all the memories and aftereffects from Azkaban creep up on him and try to smother him

Harry looks up to you; partly because you were his parents’ friend, and partly because he sees how happy you make Sirius

The two of you are always telling the kids stories from your time at Hogwarts

You and him are always trying to get Remus and Tonks together

As Voldemort gains power again, the two of you slowly lose your optimism because you’ve been through this before and it ended with the deaths of your best friends

You try to stop him doing anything reckless, and a lot of arguments come as a result of him sneaking out to try and see Harry

When word comes that Harry and the other kids are at the Ministry, Sirius promises he’ll come home to you

“That’s very romantic of you, but you can fuck off if you think I’m not coming with you. He’s my godson too, y’know.”

The pair of you are almost laughing during the battle, because this is what you remember from when you were young; death eaters in front of you, wand in your hand, and the person you love at your side

Your laughter stops as soon as the curse leaves Bellatrix’s lips

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Well, y’see, it wasn’t really an “event” so much as an odd childhood fixation. See, my brother and I had this weird interest in like, the triangle on the back’f the bill? Y’know, the one-eyed guy?  Creepy, sure, but hey, we were kids!  It was a time of, y’know, eatin’ glue and gettin’ fixated on pyramids and whatnot. Nonsense stuff.

I mean, of course I eventually grew outta it!  But due to, uh, certain circumstances I’m not itchin’ t’discuss, I still feel real spooked by that triangle creep.  Sure, ask any Tom, Dick or Harry and they’ll say it’s just a random decoration for th’ back’f our legal tender.

But y’know what I think?  Listen close, I’ve got a few choice words for you.

It’s called


-NATE how attractive I was for everyone, won’t ya???  Tell all your friends, ‘cause I never get that kind’f recognition these days! And trust me, there’re quite a few specific people I’d like t’spread that word to.

Heh, anyone around here know a Carla “Hot Pants” McCorkle?


“You’re bein’ a right creep.” Harry hissed, Niall snorting as he pulled his phone out. They were in the middle of a conference, sure – but that didn’t mean Niall couldn’t tease Harry about his little crush on you. “I swear to god if you pull that phone out I’ll.. I’ll do something bad to you!” 

“Didn’t you see Y/N’s cute little outfit today? She’s got legs that go for miles, I tell ya. And that little lacy crop top? Here, I’ll take a picture for you!” Niall said lowly, nodding towards the back of the room where you were aimlessly tapping away at your phone. 

“Niall, stop it!” Harry warned, watching as Niall zoomed in on you on his camera. “Oh, you little-” He reached forward, his fingers tickling Niall’s stomach as Niall began to giggle, setting his phone down. 

“I’m only tryin’ t’ help you, mate. S’not my fault you’re too scared t’ make a move on Y/N.” Niall had leaned forward during Harry’s relentless tickling, accidentally saying it into the microphone and broadcasting it to the entire room.

“Oh, shit.” 


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#267 - Baths

Harry: He picked up some more water and let it drop over your shoulders. Your eyes were closed and you were enjoying the silence throughout the whole house. The warm water was relaxing you completely, and it was only minutes that had to pass for you to be asleep. Harry slid his arms around your waist and let his hands rest on your stomach. As you melted back into him, sleep started to creep up quickly, soon winning and dragging you into peace.

Liam: The sticky notes that scattered the wall were covered in cute little messages. For the first time today, you were actually able to smile, reading Liam’s handwriting over and over again. When you got to the bathroom, Liam greeted you in the doorway. You bit your lip and slowly wrapped your arms around him. You could see over his shoulder, a candlelit bath waiting. You pulled your head back and placed a slow soft kiss to his lips. “Thank you…”

Niall: You sat across from him, the extreme amount of bubbles making it seem like you two were wearing clothes. You let out a giggle and took a handful, reaching forwards to put it on his chin. “When did Santa become a blonde?” you teased and Niall chuckled grabbing some himself and putting it on your head. “There, you look good with a Mohawk!” he laughed and you rolled your eyes playfully. Wiping his makeshift beard away, you kissed him playfully. “Goof…”

Louis: The warm water was soothing your muscles, the stress of the day wearing off. As you were hunched forwards, Louis worked his fingers into your lower back. You gasped slightly as he hit a particularly tight muscle. “Sorry,” he murmured, easing up slightly. You shook your head and let out a sigh, closing your eyes. “No, no it feels good I promise…” you whispered and Louis pressed a gentle kiss to your shoulder blade. “Good baby girl.”

Zayn: You sat behind him, your arms draped around his shoulders as he leaned back against your chest. “Thank you for doing this for me…” he murmured softly, turning his head to the side slightly and pressed a kiss to the inside of your arm. “You would do the same for me babe, it’s the least I could do…” you smiled softly, kissing the back of his head gently. He relaxed even more and let his head fall back onto your shoulder. “Love you.”