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I finally made this decision and I hope you all understand why I did it. I have been in a LOT of fandoms, including the 1d fandom which is full of drama, and I didn’t have the experience I had with this fandom. I always knew tv show fandoms were bad and extreme but GOD, this fandom is another thing. I’m sorry but let’s call things by their name. I have always liked Cole since I was a little girl, I always loved him so when I find out he was back to acting I knew I had to watch his show so I waited months for this show to premier and when it did I liked the pilot so I started stanning the show and believe me, if I knew it was gonna end like this I would haven’t done it. I hated the fandom since the very beginning, I received a lot of death threats and mean comments because I loved Cole and Jughead. I felt like shit but I didn’t want to leave the fandom because I wanted to support Cole, I wanted to be there for him so I stayed but I won’t anymore no matter how much I love Cole because tbh this pain is not worthy. I hate this fandom more than I like it and that sucks. I have met wonderful people here and I even met one of my best friends thanks to this fandom. I know there are people here that are good so you go, people. Keep being awesome. But I also have met the worst types of people here too. I wanted to give my followers a safe space, a blog without hate because I know those blogs barely exist in this fandom. I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore. You want to know the truth about this fandom? There’s no river/dale fandom. There are characters and ships fandoms but not an actual river/dale fandom and that’s sad. The river/dale fandom will send you mean things because you love an actor (in my case Cole) and you love an irl ship. The fandom will hate you because you ship bug/head. The fandom will hate because you DONT ship bug/head. The fandom will make you feel like shit because you like var/chie and because you are getting a shower scene (this was too specific) or prefer them over bug/head. The fandom will HATE you because you don’t like Betty. The fandom will hate you because you don’t like Veronica. The fandom will hate you because you like Archie, or because you only like Jughead (not Betty). The fandom will tell you to kill yourself because you don’t like that actress from the show everyone likes. The fandom will make you feel bad for stanning someone. The fandom will hate you because you DON’T ship two actors. The fandom will hate you because you actually DO ship them. The fandom will shit on other blogs because they LIKE SOMEONE. The fandom will shade an actor because he doesn’t ship the fandom’s favorite ship. The fandom will make you afraid to follow a blog because that blog may hate your fave and harass you. The fandom will make you afraid to check tags cause most of them are filled with hate towards OTHER ships. The fandom will create hurtful nicknames like liceheads because they like a ship you hate. The fandom will hate you if you like a gay ship that isn’t canon and will make fun of you because it “doesn’t exist” (that happened to me with jarchie). The fandom will harass the actors because they think they are cringey. The fandom will bully the cast and the writers so their ship can be canon. The fandom will use the word problematic thinking unproblematic things exist. The fandom will create a tag to recast an actor because they personally dislike him. The fandom will shit on KJ, Camila, and, Cole specifically ALL THE TIME because in their opinion, they can’t act. The fandom will get mad because someone else’s fave is getting recognition for once and not their fave. The fandom will make up a bunch of lies and rumors about how much the cast dislike each other. The fandom will EXCUSE anon hate and cyber bully because it doesn’t affect their fave but someone else’s fave. The fandom will excuse cyber bully because they like the bullies. The fandom will be FRIENDS of the bullies and protect them because omg, we stan the same actress. The fandom will DESTROY you and the thing for you.

This post isn’t meant for you all to feel attacked, I don’t want that. I just wanted to let you all know why I’m going to leave and why you all should change your behavior. Don’t ruin this fandom more than it already is! You ruin the thing for some people. You have made a lot of people unstan the show. Are you happy because of that? This fandom is full of cyber bullies, people who are mean to others because of ships and fave characters. People who create other/fake accounts to harass you and attack others but play the victim/innocent card in their main accounts (you know who you are and i don’t care about you anymore. You win. I don’t care anymore. You harass everyone that doesn’t stan **** but no ones gonna tell you anything so i won’t do it either. YOU WIN! She deserves better stans than you) You all really think just because this a social media and no one sees your face that it’s okay to be mean and bully others?

I didn’t want to leave. I thought I had found a safe place, a space to be myself, to be happy. I still do but now my efforts feel so useless. I will never understand how people can be so CRUEL. I didn’t want to leave but I have to. It’s so hard to be positive, to be yourself, to spread love, to give others a safe space when the only thing you see is HATE. I feel like i failed Cole. I loved this blog a lot and I still do. I loved a lot of things but now I can’t just look at them cause they make me sick. Sorry to my followers specially to the ones that loved my blog for being safe for them. I failed you all too. I hope you find safer places and stronger bloggers.

Are you happy now?


Special thanks to @sprouseharts cause Ella, you are gold! You are one of the few good things this fandom has! Never change

@colelili because trinnie is just amazing! Thank you for being there <3 I hope I’ll talk to you again some day

@dorothytv10 YOU are the best! You made me feel better so many times when i was feeling like shit! You are the best

Thank you for being a friend!

PD: I know a lot of you will unfollow me for this but please, know that my intentions were never hurting anyone. I know I’m not a saint, I don’t pretend to be that but please know also that I needed to say this. You know now. You can make this fandom a better place for others and yourself. Fandoms are meant to be fun, not toxic.

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Now that s7 was made 10x worse, not to mention Cas' I didn't just lose my grace line in 9x06 by 1 little word like longing, I can't stop thinking about the parallels between Dean and Daphne of all things, how they both took him in when he had nothing, be it loss of grace or memory, it was still a loss of identity. Both having to let him go/give him up, in Dean's case, which is much more tragic as we KNOW how much he cares about Cas, having to send him away when Cas was at his most vulnerable &

it kills me that he couldn’t even have the - I can’t say comfort, but at least he would’ve known how it tore Dean up inside to see him go & know that he was still wanted, even human and frail and not able to help in the way he had before. Also, hello parallels between Dean’s heartbroken longing post-purgatory being so strong Cas found him even w/ everything Heaven was doing to him & Cas’ heartbroken longing being so strong Ephraim found him & set out to kill him to make his soul stop screaming.

What strikes me reading this excellent little piece of heart-stabbing meta is how all of these incidents have all been things we’ve wept and tore our hair and gnashed our teeth about already… Honestly nothing *new* new has appeared out of the mists of old canon from this (with the exception perhaps of Cas getting out of Purgatory as that one just plain didn’t make sense until this came along and neatly explained how he found Dean again).

Just that… being given that line about longing has sort of tied a new context and narrative through all the old emotionally heavy moments that’s brought it into a different focus… Honestly it’s mostly just causing us a retrospective of all the best and worst of the ship, with this new filter where we can get a new emotional kick out of it all (which in the end is a really robotic way of trying to work out why we’re invested in fictional characters and their love lives in the first place for any ship). It just gives us a sort of focus point to build the new narrative around as we make a more coherent picture of the story and what it means. All these old moments had sort of faded in emotional intensity as some of them date back four or more years. There’s only so many times you can harp on the pain of raking leaves (she says after consistently tagging it as ‘never over this’ :P)…

I mean this will probably largely remain something that lurks only in headcanon and the language we use as shippers and fans… Even if Destiel does go canon to every degree there’s only so much they could actually cram in, given the show honestly isn’t about that (in that it’s not got its focus as a love story, no matter how important the way Cas and Dean relate to each other has become to the plot over the last few seasons), so this will probably just remain a secret gift to the side of the fandom that’s interested in the exact painful details of how these two dweebs relate to each other, and even if it does go canon and even if the media blows up with this, they’ll be talking about obvious plot stuff: “Omg how did we not realise raking leaves crypt scene all for one human was happening” while we’re many levels deeper with our head start on pouring over what’s already canon, so only people who go back and look again closely will find this gem of a hidden emotional storyline. 

I’m just fascinated by the ability for us to have an enormous canon subtext retcon where we have written ourselves this new story through the entire subtext of their relationship, which remains exactly the same as the old one, but now includes this canon-supported romantic what-the-hell fact you can use to turn any old moment into something painfully emotional to contemplate in ways it never was before, and as a raw fact seems to fill a few plot holes and generally improve average non-shippy comprehension of things like Cas getting out of purgatory… (thinking of Cas showing up without asking, do NOT ask me what woke me up in a cold sweat at 3:30 am this morning thinking about Cas *leaving* at the end of 10x03… I’ll give you a clue, it’s this freakin’ retcon.)

I mean there were always a sort of series of levels of stories going on in the show: all the casual viewer layers, the layers of people who have agendas one way or the other, shippy or non-shippy…

But right now, honestly, every time I see a new post like but what about Emmanuel or stuff like this which links together events from across 3-4 seasons, I’m just thinking about how we’re actually rebuilding Destiel from the ground up, with this new thing which belongs to us. I mean talk about handing fans the story and letting them have the subtext in 10x05. That was nothing compared to this. :P