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one of my pet peeves is when people use dumb arguments for issues they care about when there are clearly better options? like with the trans bathroom rights being removed currently in the US so many of the arguments I’m seeing are people captioning photos of gigi gorgeous and laverne cox with “you want THESE people to use the men’s room” because they look stereotypically feminine like it’s such a dumb argument… should women with flat chests or butch lesbians use the men’s room now because they aren’t gender conforming??? it’s so backwards, like when you have the opportunity to make valid points but you just say stupid shit that makes you look like a dumbass so everyone ends up siding against you….


Stephen and Wanda Tinker were thrilled when their adoption request finally went through. They got a bit of a surprise on the day their new daughter Cadence arrived, though - Wanda is pregnant!  The Tinkers have always wanted a big family, so they’re very excited about the new baby (or babies) on the way.  Meanwhile, their oldest daughter Melody is making friends and trying to build up her skills for university. 

The rules for the Tinkers’ Ten Kids Challenge can be found here if you want to read them again. 

Remember, the Tinkers’ story is pictures only, so I’d love to see your captions for some of the things that happen! :)

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What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

#it’s not like they literally jump into each other’s arms #letting go what they’ve been holding back for so long #the way she wraps her arms around him kills me everytime #this was so hot and cute and passionate and adorable at the same time #outer space puppies in love


Local Cowboy in Training Accidentally Adopts Smol Orphaned Aussie

while on a mission in Australia, Blackwatch’s newest recruit finds tiny Jamie in a warehouse they were set to destroy, filled with illegal goods. the last thing Gabe expects Jesse to bring back from doing a last sweep of the place is a starved Aussie barely old enough for grade school. spoiler alert: he does not kill Jesse and instead accepts “yet another stray” under his wing.

(as a Junkrat main, I just wanted to draw my beloved Aussie and it kinda… spiraled out of control……)

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