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Hey you should write one about the cup that Chloe brings in the trailer? Maybe beca later goes to her and asks “you still remember that” idk you’re the writer you can whip up something better xx

“Are you en-route?” Chloe heard Beca ask her down the phone.

The redhead’s heart was racing as she sat in the back of the Über dressed in her old ‘Bellas uniform’ from college. It had been two years since they’d all graduated and two years since she’d seen Beca: her co-captain of their college acapella group, one of her best friends, her ‘aca-wife’ as the Bellas had always called them…the woman she’d been madly crushing on since she’d met her in Beca’s freshman year (not that Beca could ever know that)…

“Yep! Only a couple of minutes away!” Chloe said brightly. They had been invited by Emily, the current captain of the Barden Bellas, to perform at Georgia Aquarium this evening. One big reunion. Chloe had only seen Aubrey a couple of times since graduating. The other Bellas she’d not seen since winning Worlds. She had, however, kept in contact with them via WhatsApp.

“Um…are you wearing your uniform already?” She heard Beca ask awkwardly and Chloe smiled. She’d missed the sound of Beca’s voice so much.

“Of course!”

“Ah…right…good…um…me too…”

Chloe closed her eyes, her smile broadening as she remembered exactly how Beca had looked in her Bellas uniform back in the day. It had hugged her petite figure perfectly. Back then Chloe had had to stop herself from staring at Beca full-stop, her adoration for the younger woman having overtaken her common sense one too many times.

“Are you nearly here? Because I look like an idiot!” Beca said nervously down the phone and Chloe opened her eyes. It seemed that Beca’s anxiety of walking into crowded places alone hadn’t waned the older she got. Apparently the brunette was currently stood outside the venue waiting for Chloe, who was always early for any gathering. Except this time Chloe had relied too heavily on this Über and unfortunately hadn’t got to the venue before Beca like she’d intended. They were still early though.

“I thought you’d gone with Fat Amy?” Chloe asked but she heard Beca sigh.

“Yeah I did but she ditched me, like, ten minutes ago when she heard there was a free buffet inside…that’s why I called you.”

Chloe smiled softly, looking down into her lap. It didn’t matter how old she got, she still loved hearing things like that from Beca. She was going to try really hard not to crush on her during this long weekend they and The Bellas had here in Georgia.

“Oh I’m here Becs! Hold on…” Chloe said and she looked nervously out the window as the Über pulled up to the front of the aquarium. She couldn’t see Beca…

Chloe stepped out of the car, swinging her handbag over her shoulder, and froze. Her heart began to race as she looked ahead of her and there, stood at the bottom of the steps was Beca. The woman was dressed in heels and her Bellas outfit, a large leather jacket wrapped around her body while she held her uniform jacket neatly over one arm, and her handbag over her shoulder. But what Chloe couldn’t get over was how long Beca’s hair had got.

Chloe let out a heavy sigh, her smile wiping onto her face as Beca grinned back at her and the two women dashed towards one another and hugged tightly.

“I missed you so much Beca!” Chloe said, trying not to breathe-in the woman’s shampoo. Trying not to reignite her feelings once again.

“Missed you too Chlo” Beca said before stepping back from the redhead.

Beca was nervous. Like, really nervous. And it wasn’t because they were about to walking into a room full of people. It was because of the person she was about to walk into the room with.

Chloe had been her co-captain all through college and in all honesty, Beca knew she never would have made it through without her. Chloe had been the organiser. Chloe had been the socialiser. Chloe had been the driver behind each of their successes. And over the years they’d been in college Beca had grown fond of the redhead. It hadn’t been until their final six weeks left at Barden, when the reality that they may never see each other again - or at least, not every day like they’d been used to - that Beca had realised maybe she felt something more for Chloe.

Beca had spent the final few weeks at Barden falling harder and harder for Chloe. At hurtling speeds. So hard in fact that when they’d said their final goodbyes when they moved out of the Bellas house, Beca had cried. Cried in front of Chloe, who had already been crying. And cried for a good three nights following, once she’d returned home. All those opportunities missed to tell her how she’d felt…

Seeing Chloe now. Here. In the flesh. Well all of those feelings came flooding back, and Beca watched with a soft smile as Chloe reached out and gently held a lock of her hair. Chloe drew her fingertips down the length of it, then let the lock go.

“I can’t believe how long your hair’s got!” Chloe exclaimed with a bright smile, looking from Beca’s hair, back to her face. Beca was grateful for the low light, or she was sure Chloe would see her blush.

“Amazing what happens when you can’t afford a hair cut!” Beca said with a shrug. Chloe giggled and Beca felt her stomach knot at the sound of it. She’d missed the sound of Chloe’s giggle.

The two women began walking into the aquarium together.

“So what do you think Emily will want us to perform?” Chloe asked excitably as they walked through the doors into the main hall.

“Ugh so long as it isn’t 'I Saw The Sign’ then I’m good with whatever…” Beca said with an unenthused tone. This resulted in another giggle from Chloe and a nudge and Beca smiled once again.

“Actually I was thinkinnng…” Chloe said as she began delving into her bag.

“Oh my God if you pull out a cup I’m gonna knock it out of your hand.” Beca said and she watched as Chloe brought her hand back out of her bag awkwardly.

“Come oooooon Beca it’s such a good song!! And we all know it! Lord knows we practiced it enough in your Junior year!” Chloe begged, her hand gently squeezing Beca’s lower-arm. Beca stopped causing Chloe to stop.

“We’re not coming here and performing that 'Cups’ song. End of.” Beca said firmly. She watched Chloe’s thought process as the woman bit her bottom lip. Fortunately for Beca the women heard a loud booming Australian voice call out from over the crowd.


Fat Amy strode up to Beca and Chloe, and wrapped Chloe in a bone-crushing hug. Beca smiled softly at how Chloe smiled but slightly winced at the tightness of the hug. Once Fat Amy had let her go, the blonde smiled at both Beca and Chloe who now stood side-by-side.

“Ahh it’s so good to see you two together again!”

“Oh Amy, we’re not tog-” Beca began nervously, but the Australian had already forgotten what she’d said in the first place, having spotted someone in the distance. Beca and Chloe both smiled as they realised their friend was now striding over to Cynthia-Rose, Lily, Flo, and Stacie…


The reunited Bellas spotted Emily making her way through the crowd with a group of other young women, presumably the rest of the current Barden Bellas. All were dressed in matching gold and sequinned outfits.

“Hey Bellaaaas!” Emily greeted with a big smile on her face, “I’ve missed you all so much!” The young brunette went around each of the Bellas and hugged them.

“Wow you guys look amazing!” Chloe gushed with a big smile and Beca could tell the redhead was excited, “So what did you want us to sing tonight?” Beca noticed out of the corner of her eye Chloe delving into her handbag.

“I brought this just in case-” Chloe began, pulling out a blue plastic solo cup but Beca immediately leant over to her and batted it onto the floor. They were NOT performing 'Cups’!


Unfortunately for Beca, Chloe and the rest of their Bellas they weren’t actually performing at all… they’d been invited to the aquarium to WATCH the new Bellas perform. Not to perform themselves. And so Chloe and Beca had watched them sadly, already missing the good old days.

As the group of snubbed Bellas made their way to a bar down the street, Beca walked alongside Chloe with the rest of their friends. She delved into her handbag and held out the solo cup she’d batted to the floor. Chloe took it with a wistful smile.

“I can’t believe you still remember that song…” Beca mumbled so only Chloe could hear. The redhead smiled softly while looking at the plastic cup in her hand.

“How could I forget it? It’s one of my favourites.” Beca swallowed loudly as she saw Chloe look at her with tears in her eyes. She had no idea what part of the song Chloe loved the most. Whether it was the lyrics, or the melody, or the technique of the cup, or…the fact that it had been the first song she’d ever seen Beca perform…

The Bellas all filed into the bar, ready to drink their sorrows away.