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Based on that one scene from Iron Man 2.

I can’t wait to see Tony being responsible for a reckless hero. I mean, after everything he put Pepper through, it was time for him to get a taste of his own medicine!

Happy April fools birthday~

Hello everyone! I’m sure it’s no secret that Zen’s birthday is coming very soon! As president of one of Zen’s fan clubs it’s my pleasure to announce that we’ll be doing something special for him! An actor as talented and wonderful as he needs an equally amazing birthday!   

(quietly controls fangirling)

The fact that his birthday is on April Fools day isn’t going to be overlooked by the RFA members. Even though I’d prefer not to, the other members would enjoy pranking him for his birthday. You can take a guess who those members might be.

So I’m leaving this to you, the guests and loyal fans of true actors like Zen to make the choice of what you’d like to give him for his birthday. The ask box submissions will be opened for this event to receive gifts or pranks for Zen.  Let’s hope this will be a good day for him!


Send your presents or pranks to us or tag us in a post with the tag ‘ask team rfa bday prank’  or ‘ask team rfa bday gift’. You decide the fate of Zen’s day!

The event will close on April 2nd.

Feel free to be as creative as you like~ gift art, prank art, drabbles, anything! Have fun!  Whatever happens to him on this day he’ll probably still be fabulous.




mol323 submitted:

It’s much easier to draw a face when you aren’t working on a 5mm x 5mm square like last time! A4, pencils and colored pencils

It looks pretty much like it does IRL, other than the slightly yellower skin but oh well it’s as good as I could get it. 7 hours! Hope you like it!


A Year in Review [2016]: Favorite Characters

1. AoY Girls - Jeong Ye Eun, Song Ji Won, Yoon Jin Myeong, Yoo Eun Jae, Kang Yi Na (Age of Youth)

Tumblr aesthetics are cool and all, but there’s nothing quite like making your town as you as possible. 

If you like balloon furniture, decorate with it! If you like to have non-matching PWPs, build ‘em! If you like your villagers’ houses to be helter skelter and all over the place, let ‘em be!

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

okay but, maggie finally has someone who will fight for her?? alex literally went and tracked down her ex to stand up for maggie. and then she learned that maggie lied and she wasn’t upset. alex knows maggie so well that she knew she kept the truth from her out of fear. maggie is so used to having people she loves reject her, having them tell her she’s not good enough, that there’s something wrong with her. so she keeps them at a distance. and alex absolutely will not allow that. she wants every single part of maggie, she wants to truly know her, and show her that she’s worthy of love. in the beginning, alex was the scared one in the relationship. but now that things are serious, maggie is the one who is going to need reassurance, and alex is going to be there every step of the way making sure she feels safe and loved.