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Uesugi Kenshin 1st Night Event CG Preview

His preview:

Then, his hand that strokes my hair, suddenly seizing/arresting/catching my hand. 

Kenshin: “Even from the beginning, I don’t feel like sending you back to Kyoto.”
Kenshin: “I will not allow you to leave my side.”

While whispering, he brings near my body to hug so that we are getting glued and closer. Kenshin-sama sweet breathing could be heard just behind, that startled feeling makes my heart beating fast.

Kenshin: “There are still things I don’t know yet about you, you know?”

As he turns the back of my body to his side, Kenshin-sama peers into my face from above. When his sigh directly almost come into contact, I reflexively pull away/draw back. The lips that is drawing a soft arc, gently fills up my lips…

His letter:

I’m sorry to deceive you.

Although I’m happy you can spend your time in the castle as a girl, but you will surely become more popular than before. …I wonder if I will be a little jealous? To that extent, please give me Mimi’s time from morning to night. Let me monopolize you.

- Uesugi Kenshin

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So Cengil liked a post on insta today that said "now its time for a new season" with a picture of the skam website with Isak and his header.. And I meeaaan.. the post was from the very beginning of the month, so why would he randomly like that now!!! 👀

This is very interesting anon 👀 👀 👀 i think we’re very close now and the fact that he liked this old post , i think it means that he is in s4!! 👀

omg so a week ago i told my parents that when i was a kid i used to have dreams where i found money in cereal boxes and was always really bummed when i woke up and the money was gone

today i was pouring out my cereal and this came with it

parent goals

Yo I was SO sick yesterday I had chills and body aches and the whole shebang and Autumn was sooo patient and kind and got me a brillion blankets and water and meds and she’s great

Anyway I feel a lot better today so yay

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Super serum Tony - wait! How did Rhodey and Pepper notitice???? Or, well. What happens next? Do they start testing the limits? Are they mistaken assuming it is just his muscles he can push to extremes? Is that what happened to Bruce too, with the bastardized serum he had? Only Bruce didn't think his brain changed much, aside from the obvious angry green addition?

The simple solution (with the possibility of comedic scenes) would be that Rhodey and Pepper always missed Tony lifting the things, or wrongly assume the weight of items they do see Tony holding, and since I imagine Tony would be very careful of his machinary he wouldn’t ask them to hold it. 

Rhodey visiting Tony in his labs and workshop and always catching him starting his project drafts. Turns around for a couple of minutes and turns back to see a piece of machine by Tony’s feet that wasn’t there a minute ago. Since there was no trolley in sight and the only obvious conclusion is Tony having carried it himself he assumes the object weights at least 50(22kg) to 70(31kg) pounds or so and not the 175(79kg) that it actually is. A weight that regular untrained and not at all enhanced Tony would be able to carry without help. 

Pepper experiences the same each time she pays Tony a visit for business. She sees Tony standing besides this very large machine and looking it over. Thinks nothing of it because it’s Tony doing his thing. Goes away and comes back some ten minutes later to find that very large machine having been moved to the other side of the room and Tony connecting it with a bunch of wires. Obviously Tony didn’t move it. Far too heavy looking for one man to move. So naturally she assumes Jarvis had a hand in it, using his many robot claws to get it going. 

I imagine as he and Pepper get used to always seeing this they hardly pay attention later on, overlooking it all. 

Getting one of the Avengers to hold something for him is probably the first time Tony had asked anyone them to do so with something very heavy. 

And curiosity happens when it’s finally discovered. Natasha never assumed or spotted any signs that he was capable of this and she hates not knowing things. After testing, Bruce is the one wanting to study what he carries and understand. Perhaps Tony carries the answer to his own failed serum? Tony’s is a recreated attempt that somehow worked in his favor, what was different for him that Bruce hadn’t figure out? Hadn’t considered? Steve would take a step back. Turns out take away the armor and Tony is another experimented serum holder just like Steve. What were his true limits? How far could he go? 


There’s a lot of emotion behind their skating outfits/// ❤️️


Clint: Natasha, we’ve know each other for 3 years.

Natasha: I know what I said.


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