see baby mine is bad :

Guys,, I jus gotta say,, I love my puppy,, I’m filled with a lot of love right now,,, later tonight I’ll be answering some asks so if y'all wanna tell me about your day or something nice or whatever you want that’d be lovely,
And heads up, ima be making an “ask guidelines,” so it’s easier for me to answer more serious asks and so that my answers will be better.
Anyways,, love you guys!!

So one thing that has sustained me and given me consistent warm fuzzies this past month has been owlet’s Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail, so… here’s a random imagined scene.

Mostly I was vaguely remembering being 5 years old in China and given my first handkerchief and being told that I had to wash it every night so that it’d be clean and dry the next morning.   (And being not very good at that task at all.  And being secretly happy when we moved to the US soon thereafter that I didn’t have to have handkerchiefs anymore.)  So I really wanted our favorite grandpas to be diligent about their handkerchief washing.

Also I wanted to draw Bucky with braids (kind of how I imagined his hair during the motorcycle ride in Advanced Happiness Skills.)  Yay Hair Club!

Was also thinking about this.


danny and riley in the promo for baby daddy’s summer finale