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A concept: Yuuri and Viktor slow dancing, whenever they're alone as an old, married couple. Even without music 🎶 Opinions/thoughts? Idk, I couldn't get it out of my head, so I decided to consult my Senpai, Braveten/Maddie. Love your work! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this ❤️

Oh my gosh yes!!!! (And tysm <3 <3)

They’re retired and living in Saint Petersburg, and they take long walks to the park and everybody in their apartment building knows & loves them. They’re both still very fit for their ages, albeit a few joint problems.

In the park, there’s a young street artist playing the violin and Victor takes Yuuri’s hands, swaying them gently back and forth. Yuuri starts laughing because Victor manages to surprise him even now, as he always has, and dances with him, no longer drowned by anxious thoughts or reservations. Now, he’s just happy and in love, and that’s all that matters.

A few people gather to watch as they dance – the movements are rehearsed, surprisingly tactile for men of their age. Yuuri dips Victor and he laughs, leaning forward to kiss him and cupping his cheek. Long after the music has stopped, they’re still dancing, even as the sun falls, they’re still dancing.

“It feels like our wedding again,” Yuuri tells him, and Victor’s heart clenches as he nods, tears stinging at his eyes at the memory of their first slow dance, Yuuri’s head on his shoulder and hand on his hip.

“I’m so glad I met you,” Victor responds, and he touches the ring on Yuuri’s finger, the ring that still fits.

Yuuri laughs at that, and when he reaches up his hand to swipe at his cheeks Victor realizes that he’s crying, too. “And I’m glad that I met you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

I was binge watching Junes Gakuen just because of Kosaka Ryoutarou, Tsukki’s stageplay actor, and then suddenly!!! HE!! IS!! SINGING!! *screams*

Of course I had to record it and share it with you guys.

There was one part of the show called “Muscle Appeal” and I was screaming at 4 AM because I thought he was gonna take his top off lmao

Calling artists who have the dragon within them

Hello all, since I got back into Tumblr and began posting again I’ve seen an outrageous number of support from you all. I came back with only like 700 follows and now I’m about 70 away from 3000. This is absolutely insane to me and I seriously can’t thank you all enough. So since I’m hitting a milestone I’d like to ask any artists who enjoys my page to make me a piece of art. A piece that shows what “the dragon within” means to you. How would you draw the dragon within yourself? With permission I’ll post any/all that are submitted by mail/messager with credit given to each artist. I’ll choose one that will be my cover art at the top of my page for everyone to see and also one to become my profile thumbnail pic. I hope to see some amazing pieces and good luck to all!

P.S. No matter what your drawing skill is, or how good you think you are/are not just know that you ARE amazing to me. We all have a dragon within us and I want you all to let it shine!