see all that red

exordium dot attendance

Chanyeols lovely mom  and  his pretty sister 

Red Velvet’s beautiful members joy and wendy 

NCT the sweet babies 

Kun and lucas the cute SM rookies

  Amazing actress Oh Yeonso 

The creator and proud father of exo Lee soo man 

And most important our facinating family the exo-l fandom 

also leetuk super junior’s leader attended

Tell me if there is any one I missed!

me: *see my bias and start talking how much i love her and how beautiful she is just sounds gay af*
friend: stop it, if i wasn’t your friend i would though that you’re gay
me: …
me: but i’m gay?

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Heyyyy, how you doing boo? :) can I have a blurb? E, 13 with Sirius Black pls. (include some jealousy, if u can?)

“What the hell happened here?!” and “It’s magic!”

Red. All you could see? Red. All ou could hear? Red. You had never understood that saying, ‘seeing red’. How could you see red? But right now, in this moment, you finally understood it. You were angry, so angry, and you didn’t know how to stop it. You wanted to walk over to her and slap her, but even in your livid state, you knew that was a bad idea. You decided to walk over to her anyways, and let whatever was going to happen, happen.

“Hey, what are we talking about?” You asked the girls standing in the corner of The Common Room who all turned to glare at you. You knew what they were talking about, but you needed them to admit it. The girls opened up their circle to include you in it. 

“We were just saying how we think Sirius would be a good fuck.” One girl said looking directly in your eyes. You had been dating Sirius for over a year now and some people still didn’t understand what that meant.

“Oh really?” You asked smiling cocking your head to the side in amusement. “It’s a shame you’ll never know.” You shrugged looking up innocently at her.

“Trust me, I’m sure Sirius would gladly show me when he realises I’m better than you.” She shrugged, glaring at you.

“Yeah, and when is that going to happen?” You asked, a little too quickly.

“What’s wrong? Scared that it’s true?” She teased as you stepped towards her a bit. 

“Not at all.” You replied as she stepped towards you. You were jealous that other girls were thinking of Sirius that way. Sirius was your boyfriend and you were the only one who should be thinking about doing dirty things with him. You hated the thought of other people doing the same, no matter how selfish it sounded. Before you could pull your wand out, the girl had already hexed you.

Steleus.” You started sneezing and couldn’t stop, making it hard to hex her back. She stood back and smirked, watching you struggle.

Flipendo“ You managed to get out causing her to fall over making her squeal. You were still sneezing as someone entered The Common Room.

“What the hell happened here?!” A familiar voice yelled coming over to help the girl up. You opened your eyes in between sneezes to see Sirius helping her up. Once she was up he immediately did the counter curse to your hex, apologised to the girl and dragged you up to his room. 

“Sirius, you probably think I’m a bitch, but let me explain.” You said as you walked up to his dorm. He sat on his bed and you sat next to him as he stared at you, waiting for you to talk.

“So?” He crossed his arms over his chest. 

“She was talking about you, in ways only I should be talking about you.” You explained, sighing when you realised that sounded stupid. He raised an eyebrow at you. “She was saying she wanted to fuck you and stuff and said you would leave me for her and I got jealous and I guess I overreacted.” You sighed playing with your hands in your lap.

“You get jealous of other girls?” Sirius asked, you looked up to see him smiling. 

“Yeah.” You mumbled sheepishly making Sirius chuckle.

“You have nothing to worry about, I love you and only you.” Sirius smiled kissing your face in between words and holding onto your hands. 

“How did I ever get so lucky to have you in my life?” You asked, kissing him softly. 

“I don’t know love.” He shrugged cheekily as you rolled your eyes.

“When you’re around me, it’s magic.” You giggled as Sirius rolled his eyes at you.

“You’re such a loser.” He tackled you as you fell on the bed and giggled s he attacked you with kisses. 


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Okay, but how did Blue and Red become a couple?? Did Red have to impress Blue?? Did Red one day just saw Blue and thought, "that's them. That's my future mate." Or did Blue saw Red and though "that dragon is a hot mess without me, imma be their mate."

for red it was like

ALL JOKES ASIDE red fell for blue after seeing how devoted and loyal blue is!blue is strong and protective but also fun and silly and red loves that

blue fell for red cause red was just so fucking cool and bad ass and hot ;)

these two were always attracted to each other and p much just clicked!

dragon au

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Is there a story behind the blue jacket?

kind of. 

besides me being a fashion bombshell, even in the midst of wwii, the jacket was nice and warm and full of pockets. which is always a nice thing when you have to literally carry everything you need with you everywhere you go.

but on top of that, i grew up with tiny pre-human-lab-rat steve. among a very long list of medical issues which fueled his must-punch-everything attitude, steve was colorblind. (in a very typically steve move, he decided to become an artist, despite not being able to see half the colors out there.) 

 the modern term for what he was is ‘protanopia’ which is a type of red-green colorblindness which meant his ability to see the color red was not so great. pretty much everything in the red spectrum got toned down to taupes and greys, and yellows and greens were kinda muted. but his ability to see the color blue was basically unimpaired, so blue things stood out in his field of vision. back in the day, i wore a lot of blue because it was easier for steve to spot, and somewhere along the line it just kinda became my favorite color, and i tended to pick blue clothes out of habit. 

these days steve’s favorite color is red, just for the novelty of being able to see it.  

  • Valjean: read any good books late-
  • Students de l'ABC: red? 😂 All I see is red & black ❤️🖤 every man will be a king 😈👑👑 drumbeat heartbeat grind don't stop 🥁🥁❤️💯no one cares ab ur lonely soul 🙁🙄😂RIP LaMarque 😢☝️🙏bottles down 🍻❌ suns out guns out ☀️🔫💪 vive la France‼️🇫🇷🇫🇷

Favorite moments from Drunk History with Impractical Jokers Q and Sal.


supergirl season 1 appreciation week
day 5 : best episode (1x16, falling)

Brazen. That’s a new color on you. I don’t mind it.

So more on Dexter Grif (season 15 episode 6 spoilers)

Remember back in season 10 when Doc was giving his speech on the good stuff that happened to everyone thanks to Project Freelancer and all adventures of the Reds and Blues? The only two people he hadn’t addressed had been Caboose – who lost Church, and Grif. It might have been because Grif got the, well, Grifshot. Or maybe because he never got what he truly wanted and… After now I think about that a lot.

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Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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