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Excuse me, but... why do you hate when straight woman go to a gay bar? I'm a straight woman and I live in Madrid, and here lot of straight people like going out around the gay area (Chueca). I sometimes go with my boyfriend, with my friends, and sometimes with my gay friends, who are very happy I go out with them in Chueca. For me, going to a gay bar is like going to any other bar. Wouldn't be homophobe if I said, no way I am gonna go to a gay bar/gay area? Sorry for my english.

Hi love. Your English is fine! 

This is a complicated issue, and I will try and speak about it to the best of my ability. First off: if I said I hate when straight women go to gay bars, I was speaking hyperbolically and being reactionary, which is totally my right as a lesbian who seeks safe space the same way any gay man does. But the truth is,  that I don’t SIMPLY hate it, every time, always. I hate the way it changes how gay bars feel to me, and I hate the culture it creates and lends itself to. It’s something I have nuanced and complex feelings about. 

Like, I understand why straight women enjoy going to gay bars. I know often times straight women just want to have a good time and get away from straight men, and as someone who ALSO wants desperately to get away from straight men,  I get how gay bars can provide that space. 

However, many straight women can be super disrespectful to that space because they don’t understand the historical significance of gay bars for gay people. Here are some of the things that are really damaging that I see on the regular. Not all of them are specific things all straight women do at gay bars, but they ARE inevitable affects of the PRESENCE of straight women and straight culture within an LGBTQ space: 

1. straight women sometimes get offended when lesbians hit on them at gay bars, which is absurd because….it’s a gay bar. You’re in our space. I also regularly witness straight women acting particularly disparaging or even DISGUSTED by butch women in gay bars, which really hurts and is so cruel and disrespectful. The amount of times I’ve seen gay men band together with straight women to mock butch culture/appearances is innumerable. 

2. At least in LA, its become such a commonplace thing for LOTS of straight women to go to gay bars, that they out number the amount of lesbians/wlw. First off, this just feels awful and isolating for us, but additionally, it makes lots of wlw so uncomfortable that they don’t feel safe cruising/asking women to dance because the probability of the girl being straight is really high. Can you imagine how lonely, scary, and frustrating this would feel for wlw to go to a bar that is supposed to be FOR THEM and feel afraid and outnumbered by straight women? 

3. Lots of straight women treat gay bars like some wild tourist space.  They get to come to the gay part of town and watch the gays interact in their natural habitat, they get to see crazy wild freaky things like boys in make up and butch girls in plaid and go-go dancers and hot guys making out! How titillating and exciting and funny! Now, I’m not saying you do this, personally, but you have to understand that MANY straight women DO. It feels awful and hurtful to just want to go out and dance and be yourself AWAY from the cruelty and scrutiny of straight people, and end up at a bar where you’re getting watched like a sideshow ANYWAY. 

4. Many straight women bring their boyfriends. For numerous wlw and MANY gay men, straight men are traumatizing. They are our abusers. They’re the last thing we want to see in our safe space. NOTHING makes me feel more unsafe and invaded and shitty at a gay bar than the presence of straight men. And if there are straight women, there are likely going to be straight men, at least eventually.  Now, even aside from them making me feel flat out unsafe an horrible, it’s also just disheartening and irritating to see straight couples taking up space in an LGBTQ environment when I’m literally trying to get away from them! I don’t want to see straight people making out. I don’t to see straight people dancing. I don’t want to see straight people standing by the bar pointing at us. If I wanted all that, I wouldn’t be going to a GAY BAR.  

5. Again, at least in LA, it’s so common for straight women to go to gay bars that straight men will actually go to gay bars with the intention of finding straight women, because they KNOW it’s a place where single women congregate. I kid you not, it’s a pick up artist “trick” to go to gay bars. This means, predatory straight men in LGBTQ spaces, trying to hit on women. This INCLUDES WLW because sometimes they can’t tell the difference or literally don’t care!!! I DO NOT WANT to be around straight men, even the ones who are there with their girlfriends, so I ESPECIALLY don’t want to be around the type of straight guy who is looking for a hook up!  I don’t want to be hit on my straight men, I don’t want my bi friends or my femme friends who came to a gay bar looking for solace and to escape unwanted attention to be hit on or checked out by straight men IN THEIR OWN SPACE!!!

I remember the first time a straight man hit on me at a gay bar, I started dancing with him, close and kind of sexy, because it’s not uncommon for lesbians to dance with gay men like that in a playful way. Then, he started touching me, and I thought it was a little weird but was like “whatever he’s probably gay” and THEN HE KISSED ME and it was like my fucking world came crashing down. I felt so terrified and unsafe and dirty, and when I tried to scramble away and was like “Oh my god I’m gay stop” he literally said, and I will never forget this, “I don’t care. You didn’t a minute ago.” 

Whether or not you realize it, the presence of straight women in LGBTQ spaces leads to the eventual normalization of this type of behavior. Straight people and particularly straight men are ALWAYS coopting space that doesn’t belong to them and making it unsafe for LGBTQ people, who are ostracized outsiders who live in danger everywhere else. If I can’t go to a gay bar to get away from these types of men, where can I go? If my friends can’t go to a gay bar to pick up women, where can they go? 

NOW, you mentioned you were from Spain. I have never been to Spain and have relatively no idea what the gay scene/bar scene is like there. Some of this might not be relevant to you personally, and I’m sensitive to the fact I’m speaking from the experience of someone who grew up clubbing in West Hollywood/LA, so this might not apply to you. It might be different in Spain, and I get that you want to support your gay friend when you go out with him. That makes sense to me, and I know there are ways straight women can be respectful in LGBTQ spaces. 

But please, consider all of this. Also, you said something that really stuck out to me: “ For me, going to a gay bar is like going to any other bar.”

That stings, because for us, going to a gay bar is NOT like going to any other bar. Going to a gay bar is like going home, or it should be. You have to understand we don’t get to feel safe or supported most of the time when we exist in the world. We have to seek out those safe spaces, so when those safe spaces get infiltrated by the people who make the rest of the world unsafe for us, IT HURTS. We don’t want gay bars to be like any other bar, they need to be treated as the very specific, historically significant, cultural phenomenon that they are. It’s not just a rainbow on the wall that makes a gay bar a gay bar. I hope that makes sense. 

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Be More Chill Headcanons 3

- After the SQUIP incident Jeremy instantly assumed that Rich wasn’t his friend any more and would go back to bullying him.

- Rich felt the opposite and assumed they’d be even closer friends so one day Rich slapped Jeremy’s back and yelled “Hello Jeremy Queer!!”

- Jeremy was instantly afraid of being bullied over that but no Rich Just Knew The Truth

- Everyone assumes that Jake gives the piggy backs but then Rich shows up out of no where and sweeps him off his feet
- The entire crew makes “don’t move to New Jersey” jokes a lot

- For one of their first dates boyf riends thought they had to do something big and special because Dating God says so. So they went to Wild Woods board walks

- It wasn’t terrible, they walked around, went on rides, bought matching t-shirts, and Jeremy screamed when he dipped his toe into the ocean cuz it was so fucking cold

- But it was pricy, both boys were broke at the end, so now they have simple dates with big ones far between

- “No way, not in my good Christian home.” “Your Jewish, Jeremy”

- Christine sees flowers growing in cracks and get so excited she always stops and takes a picture

- Christine has a photo album on her phone of just things that look nice, she’s very proud of it

- After a while the gang starts using jokes to cope with the SQUIP incident, whenever they fuck something up they said “sorry my SQUIP told me to” “oh did your SQUIP say to do that huh?”

- Michael is very concerned

- Mr Rayes’ SQUIP looked like a giant hot pocket with a mouth

- Rich is the kinda guy who will bite in a fight

- Christine literally snorted in the middle of very quiet homeroom when she heard the line “everything is legal in New Jersey” from Hamilton for the first time

- Jeremy sucks at keeping secrets

- This led to him, after mending their friendship, telling Brooke that Chloe was jealous of her

- Brooke confronted her about it, because “wth Chloe you’re beautiful bby I’m jealous of you” and Chloe ended up confessing “ok so maybe like? I like you? In a not straight way”

- Even before they were dating, anytime someone called Chloe and Brooke the cutest bffs Rich would lean over and say “they’re lesbians Harold”

- One time Michael and Jeremy cried in a Dave and Busters because they saw a giant Rock Em Sock Em and a game for Luigi’s mansion

- Chloe is the friend who drives up to your house unexpected and keeps beeping the horn until you come downstairs.

- She doesn’t give a shit if you’re half naked, “get in loser we’re going shopping”

- Christine has a lazy eye that she can control, sometimes she moves her eye away during photos

- Jenna goes around and does everyone’s nails with colors she thinks suits them, she’ll even do them in the middle of class

- Jenna once painted everyone’s nails in their pride colors and it was amazing

- “Ok so I need to tell you all something but it’s a secret so-” “don’t tell Jenna, got it”

- They all fight over Android vs Apple, it becomes a bloody war, friendships are ruined

- Rich will do any dare you tell him to and it’s scary

- Jake and rich leave really gay notes and presents in each other’s locker

- Jeremy’s locker is literally just a garbage stash, he carries his backpack

- Michael once left weed in his locker by accident (he didn’t mean to bring it to school, he’s a good egg) and it fell out when he opened it and the heart attack he had nearly killed him

- Christine has the decked out locker that has decorations and is overly neat and constantly smells like perfume

- Jenna has stacks of magazines, money, and ten make up bags in her locker, she has all her heavy text books in there

- Rich’s locker is a fucking mess don’t go in there unless you want to be taken to the forsaken school maze of papers from freshman year and moldy snacks

- Jake has so much sports shit in there that everyone tells him he needs a second locker

- Brooke never locks her locker, and she leaves valuable stuff in there sometimes but nope she just lets it all be free for the taking. Yet no one takes

- No one takes because Chloe is right next to her locker, and there’s a rumor Chloe has a knife in hers.

- The rumor is a lie of course, but Chloe doesn’t mind it, so she opens her locker very suspiciously

A small collection of high school aus! There’s so many wonderful ones out there that has yet to be read!

And Then There Is No Mystery Left (Baby, I’m Sweet On You) -  Swing Set in December - 1k - Teen

Stiles has no idea why Derek is sitting at his lunch table.

As Good As The Real Thing - literaryoblivion - 5k - Mature

He’s maybe had a crush on Stiles for going on two years now, but there’s no way he’s ever going to act on it or say anything. But, he’s memorized all of Stiles’s quirks and habits because he and Stiles have been in the same history class for two years now, and he always ends up sitting by him. However, he and Stiles have had limited interaction with one another, which is fine. Derek can subside on his daydreams of Stiles. He can live the rest of his high school career on his fantasies alone.

That is until their teacher assigns them to be partners for a project.

Awful, Wonderful You -  stilinskisparkles - 16k - Mature

Truth be told, Derek was suffering from the mild delusion he lived in all summer wherein he actually thought this year might be different, and he might, perhaps, be able to bury the hatchet with Stiles and start over.

The superglue that’s destroyed a ninety dollar pair of pants, however, says otherwise. Derek knows how this play goes down; eventually, he’s going to have to climb out of the pants and trudge back to his dorm half naked. Stiles will gloat for a damn week; Derek will have to put up with constant remarks about Stiles getting him out of his pants… Dammit, he’s actually going to get Derek out of his pants, and it’s not even close to the way he pictured it happening.

Betting On Forever -  mrstotten, veritas_st - 17k - Mature

It’s not like Stiles spends a huge amount of time thinking about it. But when he does it seems strange, good strange, but strange nevertheless, he cant really put a finger on when they decided to become civil to each other let alone friends, best friends even.

Him…and Derek Hale. Can you imagine it?

Binomial Coefficients - DevilDoll - 20k - Teen

In which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love.

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Believer [j.j.]

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just a lil something based on the Serpent scene in the season finale.

You stumbled along the path, following the others as you were pulled along.

“Guys slow down,” you whined. You were met with various chuckles.

You jogged in order to keep up, feeling your feet stop moving when you reached the familiar setting.

You glanced down before being pulled forwards once more, tripping over your feet as you tried to keep your balance.

“He giving you a hard time?”

You looked up to see your newly found friend. No, he’s family now , you hastily reminded yourself.

“Nothing to worry about. Hot Dog is just a bit excited,” you replied, smiling down at the dog. “It’s not every day you get to recruit a new Serpent.”

You kept walking, leaving the rest of the Serpents behind as you approached the trailer. They looked after you worriedly, suddenly wondering if they should have brought you. You turned around, walking backwards as you addressed the rest of your family. “You guys coming or what?”

The Serpents had taken you in as a favor to FP.

“Keep (Y/N) safe. She’s Jughead’s girl,” he had said.

“Uh boss,” the Serpents had replied. “You do know he left her for that Cooper girl right?”

FP had merely smirked.

Everyone knew the story of you and Jughead. A beautiful whirlwind of romance that had ended in disaster when he realized just how much better Betty Cooper was compared to you.

Truth is, a few months ago, you wouldn’t have even considered joining the Serpents. You were a good student. Straight A’s and knowledge that was only rivaled by Cheryl herself (that girl was pretty dang smart).

You had a good thing going with Jughead, at least you thought you did. Turns out he wanted more. More excitement, someone who wasn’t as boring and invested in their studies as you were.

He had told you in front of the whole school, told you how selfish and boring you were, only concentrating on school.

“There’s more to life than studying (Y/N),” he had said softly. “But you don’t get that and I can’t keep doing this.”

His words had hurt more that you cared to admit. The hallway was quiet as he spoke his words, everyone waiting for you to burst into tears, knowing that the words he spoke were a lie.

The moment never came. Instead, you swallowed back your sobs, surprising everyone when you flipped Jughead off and strutted out of Riverdale High with your held held high. Thunderous applause had followed you as you left, as Cheryl stepped up to Jughead and clapped for you, flipping him off as she told him the words he had secretly known all along. “That was a dick move Drughead. You just lost the best thing , that will ever happen to you in your pathetic little life, not that you deserved her in the first place.“

Jughead had swallowed harshly as she walked off. “I know.”

You left Riverdale soon after. You went back to your home in the South Side, transferring school districts and quickly integrating yourself with the student population. You became friends with people associated with the Serpents and eventually became one yourself (because of FP unbeknownst to you). Wearing the jacket became like a badge of honor, and everyone wanted to be on your good side.

You had become the opposite of what you were. You were reckless . You were selfish . And you were comfortable in being who you had become, always putting yourself first now.

The only person you kept contact with was Cheryl, surprisingly. You ignored everyone else, including Jughead who flooded your phone with calls and texts when everyone found out you had left Riverdale High.

Then disaster struck and Jughead ended up at South Side. You didn’t know until you bumped into him in the hallway, his eyes widening in shock as he took you in. You were more confident in your skin, he noticed. He couldn’t help the feelings that rushed back to him.

He had been the one to tell you the news: FP had been arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom.

You had been kept in the dark, FP informing the rest of the Serpents that you wouldn’t be informed about his predicament.

Tears welled up in your eyes. FP meant more to you than anyone else. As soon as Jughead reached out to hug you, you turned around and walked out the door.

Jughead could not believe that you had willingly ditched school. You had changed. A lot.

You stayed with Cheryl, having been called in a panic by Archie after her little stunt. When she insisted she was well enough to go back home, you drove her back, making sure that she was safe from herself before hesitantly leaving.

You went home, only to be met with the rest of the gang, which led to you standing in front Jughead’s trailer, nervously tugging on Hot Dog’s collar as you tried to calm him down.

You could hear noises inside the trailer, your throat tightening as you realized what those sounds were. The rest of the Serpents froze slightly, trying to avoid looking at you with their pity-filled stares.

Inside the trailer, Betty was in a state of pure bliss. She was finally happy, her only worry being getting FP out of prison. She had Jughead, she had her friends. She was happy .

Jughead” she couldn’t help the moan that came out of her mouth as the aforementioned boy began trailing kisses down her neck. She trailed her hands down his torso, pulling his shirt up and then off. She then began trailing kisses down his neck as well, biting softly as he writhed beneath her touch.

(Y/N)…” came Jughead’s breathy moan. Betty stopped immediately.

“Jughead, what was that?” she asked quietly.

Jughead opened his mouth to reply but was stopped by a knock, causing him to look at Betty in a panic. “Is that your mom?”

“Who else would it be?” came her sarcastic response.

Back outside, Hot Dog began to bark and struggle against his leash as Jughead opened the door. The leash slipped out of your hand, causing you to go after Hot Dog as he jumped on Jughead.

“Easy Hot Dog,” you grunted as you regained a hold of his leash. “He’s family.”

Jughead’s eyes widened as he saw you, dressed in a tight fitting outfit with your leather jacket (which he had completely missed at school). You were a Serpent . The rest of the Serpents noticed his growing blush and exchanged smirks with each other as his eyes lingered on your form.

“Hey,” Jughead finally said, stepping out slightly.

“Heard your dad could have named names but didn’t,” a Serpent said, stepping forwards and standing next to you. “Serpents take care of their own. We wanted you to know, no matter what happens to him, however long he’s gone, we’ve got your back.

“That’s yours, if you want it,” he said gesturing to the jacket that you had carelessly slung across your arm. You stepped forwards shyly, extending your arm as you handed Jughead the jacket, trying to ignore the butterflies you felt when your fingers brushed.

Jughead stared at you, stepping close once he took the jacket. He slipped it on slowly and brushed it off, looking at it almost admiringly.

His gaze returned to you as he stepped closer, brushing your hair back from your face. You looked at him and then noticed movement in the doorway. Betty.

You stepped back as Hot Dog let out a yelp, spotting Betty as well.

“Juggie?” Betty questioned, stepping out slightly. She looked at you then at the jacket in surprise and sadness.

You were shaken out of your thoughts by a vibration. Your phone.

From: Cherry
It’s done (Y/N/N). The fire had been brought and the sins have been purged from the Blossom household.

Your eyes widened as you realized what she meant and you began to make your way back where you came from.

“(Y/N)! Where are you going?” you heard the Serpents shout.

“I’m needed somewhere else,” you replied quickly, running off with Hot Dog bounding at your heels.

“(Y/N)…” you heard Jughead say. You paused briefly and turned around, meeting his gaze before you slid your eyes over to Betty.

Betty, who no longer looked happy. Betty, why no longer felt as though she had it all. Betty, who knew that Jughead had never been hers to begin with.

You turned around and continued running to Cheryl but you knew. Betty knew.

You both knew that you had won Jughead over. You had never lost him in the first place. Now it was just a matter of time to see how long it would take for him to join you in the South Side.

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baumanelise: Who’s getting excited for @clexacon in Las Vegas?! I’ll be there March 4th and 5th to meet some of you rad humans. Get your tickets now cause they’re selling like hot cakes….I don’t actually know what a hot cake is, but does anyone really? And in case you were wondering, yes, I did film this in my shower, cause I’m fancy like that. #clexacon

Hey guys!  I’m getting so excited to come to Las Vegas for Clexa Con.  I’m going to be there Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th.  It’s going to be a great time.  I’m really excited to come.  I hope to see you guys there!”

All Mine

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A/N: This a requested imagine about Harry getting protective with y/n when a guy starts to hit on her at a party. (Harry looks kind of annoyed in this gif but it’s really hot?? the daddy vibes got me feeling some type of way. Anyways let’s get on with it)

Warnings: Smut, a guy being pushy with a girl also PSA i did not proof read so warning you of typos, v sorry I’m tired but i want to get this out!

Word Count: 2.7k


It was Harry’s first night back in town and you could not be more excited. As much as you loved seeing him living his dream, it was always hard to be away from him when he was on tour. All that sadness was forgotten now, as the two of you and a couple of your friends decided to go out to celebrate Harry’s return. 

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Friends Part 4

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2643

Warnings: Fluffy, loads of Bucky being a cute pie some sexual innuendos and some sexual tension.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owner

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You take a sip of your coffee as you look at the computer in front of you; you are never going to understand why you accepted a job at the Stark Industries, sure they pay you really well but looking at budgets all day was starting to make you crazy.

To be honest, the budget in front of you is the least of your concerns, it’s been five days since Bucky went on a mission and you still haven’t heard from him. Usually, he texts you to let you know that he was alive and well. But so far nothing, according to Natasha they are fine but the mission is a lot more complicated than they anticipated.

You wish they would be home soon, you hated worrying much, you couldn’t sleep when you were worried.

You almost have a heart attack when you hear your phone ringing, you look at the id caller expecting it to be Dan but no it is Wanda. This is odd she never calls you “Hey Wan is everything fine?” Your mind goes to the worst scenario possible, afraid that something might have happened to Bucky.

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“...your dad’s are hot!”

Harry and Draco had arrived at Hogwarts early on Saturday morning to be the guests of honor for the first Quidditch match of the year. Slytherin was facing Gryffindor, and both men had high expectations for their former houses. Unfortunately for them, the seeker’s of both teams happened to be their sons, so deciding who they wanted to win was a little tougher than usual. 

Harry looked at his husband with loving eyes, “You know it doesn’t matter who wins, right?”

“Yes, of course…as long as it’s Slytherin.” Draco continued to walk down the hall.

Harry rolled his eyes and smiled at Draco. There was no convincing him otherwise when they walked up and saw their youngest, Lily surrounded by a group of her giggly friends. 

“Hi Lil!” Draco embraced her in a hug that Harry joined. 

“What are you guys doing here?!” Lily looked embarrassed but equally excited. 

“To see the game of course! Would you like to get breakfast with us before heading down to the pitch?” Harry asked. 

“Oh…sorry Dads, I actually already ate. But I will see you there, okay?”

Sensing that they were overstaying their welcome for the hallway greeting of their daughter, the two men turned and walked down towards the Great Hall. 

While they were walking away they heard from one of Lily’s friends, “Lily, you never told us that your dad’s are hot.”

“Ew gross! Stop. Come on, let’s go get ready.” 

Harry turned and smiled at Draco, giving him a wink. “Yep, we’ve still got it love.” 

but-i-m-a-unicorn  asked:

Hello Cassie! You are my favourite writer in the whole world and I am really excited for the Lord of Shadows release, because your writing, storylines and twists make my heart desire to consume the pages of each and every book of yours. They have and still do help me through dark times and I can't thank you enough. Anyway my question is if we will see any more of Will Herondale? Thank you in advance! Stay awesome!

Definitely, as he’s the father of two of the protagonists of Last Hours! You get to see him as a hot older guy if you’re into that. :)

karathrineplumsay  asked:

yo you got any tree bros headcannons bc count me in

(these are from random days at like 3 am where i got a sudden thought so i’m just copy and pasting them some may be half asleep stupid ones)

- connor asks evan out to prom as a joke and then evan is actually excited and says yes so connor has to go to zoe for advice on how to dance/dress/do prom
- evan joking that connor should get an under cut because some hot guy at the store had one
- connor showing up to school the next day with his hair in a bun, showing off his under buzz cut
- ev an fr ea k ing o ut but loves it
- connor somehow convinced evan to go to a concert with him and evan ends up LOVING it and connor gets to watch him dance and sing along and have a great time
- heidi is confused as to where all of these large shirts/hoodies/sweaters are coming from when she washes evans clothes until cynthia calls and asks if connor left his favorite hoodie there
- connor refuses to take it back because “i love it on you better, plus it gives me a reason to hold you closer cause i’m cold”
- rolling skating date! at some random time when they skip school so it’s empty! the workers hating them! connor falling a lot bc lanky boi! evan being surprisingly good??
- double dates with zoe and her boyfriend/girlfriend/partner
- sitting against a tree at break sharing headphones while connor sketches and evan reads
- skype calls when one of them goes on vacation
- connors skype being taken over by the rest of the murphy clan because they all love evan so much
- heidi being a good and pure™ mom and leaving pamphlets about having safe sex in evans bathroom
- connor finding them one morning he stayed over and never letting evan live it down
- evan is blushy and nervous and steals them away but secretly keeps them for later because he’s scared of getting a disease and dying even tho connor hasn’t been with anyone else??
- connors family and evans family all going out for a huge party when the boys graduate
- treebros going to college together because evan helped connor get his grades up !!
- connor helping evan in return come up with ideas for his scholarship essays and he gets enough for college!!! proud of him
- them driving there together but not before an hour long crying hug fest from the hansen/murphys/kleinmans
- heidi crying and saying that the next time she sees evan he’s probably gonna be engaged
- she’s my wrong,,,,,
- connor totally was trying to finish schoolwork at like ¾ am and evan wanted him to come to bed
- evan trying to get him to take a break and sleep but he doesn’t want to do they start kinda arguing in their sleepy states
- connor, being sleep deprived, blurted out in the middle of the argument that he wanted to marry evan
- evan being all ???? bc morning then all !!!!!! when he realizes he was serious and is currently fumbling a ring out of his desk drawer

ok ok so a trc band au

- gansey, ronan, henry, and noah are all in a band (idk maybe called called excelsior and they have an album/song called safe as life? maybe be afraid and happy? idk)

- they get high profile gigs

- ronan is on drums, gansey is guitar/keyboard, henry is lead singer, and noah is bass

- their genre is literally a mess

- like one album will be soft rock and another one will be more pop and there’s one with a punk vibe and something really techno

- some fans think it’s because they want to keep listeners guessing or it’s for the aesthetic but it’s because these boys literally cannot decide on on genre and they almost broke up over it until gansey (ever the diplomat) suggested that they have a rotating system where they switch off picking the genres

- adam and blue are in a small indie band

- they have a regular gig at nino’s pizza, but they haven’t really been discovered yet

- they’re name is like magician and the mirror or smth

- they play really vibe-y music and some covers

- one day gansey and the boys™ are chilling at nino’s on blue and adam’s gig day

- and they sit there and see blue and adam setting up and they get ready to critique (as fellow musicians do)

- but then they start and

- hey

- they aren’t half bad

- so of course bc gansey is so fucking extra he’s like well you know we need to do a collab and of course ronan thinks adam is hot so he’s down and noah is excited for friends and henry thought they had a cool vibe

- so gansey goes up and gets totally destroyed by blue

- but later that night, adam and blue hang out and look them up and they decided that maybe the weird guy with the politician smile and the ugly clothes can play pretty well and the band isn’t bad

- plus collabing with big shots could get them some much needed coverage

- so they meet up with gansey and the boys and they have actually a pretty good time

- so then they decide to actually do a few songs together and they start regularly hanging out and become really good friends

- fans begin really loving adam and blue and they gain a larger following

- fans of course begin noticing the chemistry and there’s shippers

- especially because henry vlogs and they see clips like noah doing blue’s hair and adam teaching ronan chords on the guitar and then there’s blue getting a piggy back ride from gansey through a field (they were all together ghost hunting)

- and fans spot henry blue and gansey hanging out at small coffee shops and some say they saw ronan and adam at a library together (adam was helping him cram for finals)

- and then blue and gansey go public and so do adam and ronan

- adam announces that he’s is going to college and leaving the band temporarily, and the fans are heartbroken bc what’s blue gonna do? pull a brendon urie and be the only person in a band?

- and ronan says he’s also going to take a break because his mother passed away and he needs to take care of the farm and of course the fans understand but they’re still sad

- but all is forgiven when the announcements to end all announcements is released

- henry blue and gansey are going on tour together

- their band is called dream cameros or something

- and it’s so fucking good and they drive across the country doing gigs and performing at low key events and they vlog their whole experience and it’s great

- and then when they’re done, ronan comes back and adam makes some appearances (he’s love to come back full time but my boy is at a fancy expensive really hard college and he’s gotta study and work his ass off and his friends are so proud and his boyfriend visits him regularly and he’s happy and living the life he’s always wanted)

- but yeah these were just my thoughts on a raven cycle band au eeeee maybe i’ll do a part two and describe their shenanigans or something idk!!


Word Count: 1228

Wanna One: Kang Daniel

Author: I did my best I hope I could help you fulfill your fantasy hahaha. Have fun reading :3

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okay but give me ginny being the only person that harry will show weakness in front of
  • so harry walks in after an auror raid
  • bc apparently that was his ideal career and being a teacher at hogwarts never crossed his mind
  • he’d only been fighting evil his whole life no biggie who needs a break not hp
  • so he gets home and ginny is serving up the kids’ dinners 
  • and they’re super excited to see their dad
  • and maybe albus is like “did u get the bad guy, dad
  • and harry smiles and says “i always do
  • he listens patiently for a bit while they each fill him on their days and then he goes up for a shower 
  • ginny gets the kids ready for bed then goes into the bedroom to find harry
  • he’s dripping from the shower; towel around his waist (hot damn)
  • he has a fresh gash on his abdomen
  • wordlessly ginny goes to him and takes her wand out
  • she seals the wound with a spell she’s had to cast too many times over the years
  • the gash seals into a thin silver line 
  • just another scar to add to his collection
  • she doesn’t ask how it happened and harry doesn’t tell her
  • she’ll picture it for days afterward if she knows
  • she won’t get any sleep
  • ginny runs her fingertips over the fresh scar, her eyes trailing over the numerous others
  • then she wraps her arms around his torso and presses her forehead to his heart
  • he holds onto her tightly and relaxes into her
  • his knees buckling as he lets himself go
  • they sink to the floor and cradle one another
  • neither one of them speaking
  • after a few minutes ginny murmers “they’ll want to say goodnight to their hero
  • in a minute” he mumbles in return, his face in her hair
  • he doesn’t quite have the strength to stand up again yet
  • when he finally does, they clamber to their feet 
  • their arms still around one another
  • and leave their bedroom to say goodnight to their children
  • knowing that their babies will never have the same nightmares as their parents
  • and they will never hold onto anyone as tightly as harry and ginny hold one another
  • because that kind of strength
  • that kind of hold
  • only comes from losing someone in every way a person can be lost
  • only to have them come running back toward you
  • with their arms spread wide; seeking you out
  • needing you more than they have ever needed anyone

anonymous asked:

What about Harry talking about his wife or gf at one of his shows and he get super emotional, and like idek where this is going. But he starts telling her how much he loves and appreciates her and she’s crying in the audience and it’s just a really cute moment

Drabble #10

“Good Evening, I’m Harry, I’m from England”


“Could I get the house lights up please”

*lights go up*

“Wow, you all look incredible tonight, how we doing up the back?”

*cheers from the back*

“Wonderful, how about down the front”

*cheers from the front* *winks at you in the front row*

“And what about you guys in the middle?


“Hot? It looks hot in there *cheers*”

Harry was nearing the end of his tour and this is the first show that you had gotten the chance to see. You were very excited to be there, and he was over the moon to have you there. You had come by yourself, making sure that you were in the front row, which in hindsight may not have been the best idea because Harry kept getting distracted, so far, he had only performed three songs and spent the entire time making eyes at you.

“I’d like to thank you all so much for coming and spending time with me tonight, you being here means the absolute world to me. Now my job for the next hour and a little bit is to entertain you, your job is to have as much fun as you can, if you want sing, you want to dance, please be whoever you want to be, whoever you are in this room, this is for you my love *dimples at you*

The first few notes of Sweet Creature echoed through the venue and you felt yourself tearing up already, it was a song that meant a lot to you and Harry both, and although you’d heard him play it a thousand times before the album came out, hearing him sing it in a room full of people singing it back brought a whole new meaning to it and it was in that moment that you realised why he loved touring so much. When you arrived, you introduced yourself to the fans around you, some of them knowing who you were the minute they saw you, others, not really caring. All of them were lovely, especially Bob, who had also come alone and was thrilled to meet you and freaked every time harry looked in your direction.

*Only Angel Intro* You’re going to have to step it up now, I’m looking at you Y/N, I want to see you dance, I want to see you all dance!

When Only Angel ended Harry took the mic off the stand, and walked over to where you were standing in the crowd

“Now, are we having a good time?!”


“Good, I’m having a great time! I’m very lucky to have my beautiful girlfriend here in the audience tonight, she’s right here, in front of me”

*fans squish towards Y/N*

“Hey hey hey, don’t mob her, you break her, I break you, got it?”  

Alright, moving on, it’s very colourful out there tonight and it is truly wonderful to see so much love in the room, if everyone could please find someone to dance with for the next few songs, that would be great.

“Since I can’t dance with H, I guess I’ll have to settle for you” you said to Bobby

“I’m not going to say no!”

Seeing that you’d found someone to dance with Harry made his way over to your area of the crowd

“You sir, are dancing with my girlfriend, what’s your name? Robby? No? Bobby? Bob! Well, Bob you watch yourself there, I’m watching you”

*Woman* (During instrumental) “DANCE!” he screamed as he leant down and asked the security guard to let you come on stage, holding his hand out to help you up.

“Ladies and Gentleman Y/N Y/L/N!!” Normally, being on stage in front of that many people would have intimidated you, but with Harry there, dancing the same way that he does in your living room in nothing but his underwear, you forgot about the crowd and joined him, looking like an idiot but having the time of your life. When the song ended, he kissed you gently on the forehead and you made your way back to your spot in the audience.

For the next few songs you and Bobby had the time of your life, singing and dancing along. You knew how much Harry enjoyed performing, and seeing him up there having the time of his life made your heart swell with pride

After singing kiwi for the second time, Harry once again grabbed the mic and made his way over to you

“This is my last song”

*collective aww”

“I’ve only got 10 songs….” He shrugged “before I go, I would like to take a second to thank everyone for coming, because without you, I simply would not be here, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you and please drive home safely, I would also like to take a second, to thank Y/N, who has been the most incredible support throughout this whole thing, she came with me to Jamaica to record the album and kept my head screwed on straight when we were struggling to write good songs, she sat next to me as I wrote this next song, and without her to keep me going, the album probably wouldn’t have happened, she’s one of the nicest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing and she truly deserves the world, So Y/N,” he turns and looks at you “Thank you, for everything you are, I love you very much, this one is for you” Turning back to the rest of the audience “Here’s Sign of the Times”

I think about this way too much because it’s such a sweet thought, so thank you so much for the request! Please feel free to send more in!!  Special shout out to @hs-1dfan, @harold-can-fly @thisstylesguy @harryslittlekiwis  @harrywavycurly and the rest of my sweet creature crew who helped me find these GIFS and are just generally wonderful people, who I love dearly xxx


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Stiles Smut~ The Bet

Word Count~ 3165
Rating~ NSFW
Warnings~ Teasing, Safe Sex, Handcuffs, Dirty Talk
Pairings~ Stiles x Female!Reader
A/N~ HEYYY! We hit 1k WOOOOO~! Just wanted to say thank you for what you guys have done. I love you all so very much. Tumblr is great WOOP WOOP!
Self-promo~ Instagram:
Wattpad: @LGBTQPenguins
Comment a blue heart for a follow back

Request~ Anonymous said:
Can you do a stiles imagine where you do a bet seeing who can last the longest without sex. You try teasing him and eventually he gives in and smut at the end?

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southsidesserpentroyalty  asked:

Could you please do a bughead fic about them at a county fair, making anything happen i just really want a bughead at the fair fic please, 😍

Sure! A little late night fluff never hurt anyone!

It smelt like popcorn and cotton candy, the leaves crunched in the most satisfying way underneath her boots, and the chill in the air had her pulling her oversized white sweater tighter around her body. It was perfect, everything about today was perfect. Betty walked the fair grounds, her silky blonde hair flowing loosely behind her.

The County Fair was one of her absolute favorite places in the world, she could explore her surroundings for days, taking in the way children ran free amongst the muddy grounds, adults stopped to talk to long lost friends and animals were left to wander the grassy areas without leashes. Everything about the fair put her at ease, gone was the skin tight ponytail and bubblegum pink sweaters, her hands hung loosely at her sides instead of furled into fists. Stopping at a booth Betty bought a package of caramelized peanuts, greedily bringing the sugary treat to her nose and inhaling the sticky sweet scent.

“You gonna share those?”

Betty whipped around quickly, eyes widening when she saw the flannel wearing boy with his hands shoved in his pockets.

“Jughead? What are you doing here?” She handed over the packet of peanuts and jughead dumped about half in his mouth

“Heard you talking about it at lunch yesterday. Didn’t really like the way everyone put you down. This is something you care about, they shouldn’t have made you feel like shit about it.”

Betty winced at the memory. Veronica had laughed in her face when she mentioned the fair

“Oh god Betty we are way too old for the county fair.” She had snorted, Archie being Archie had agreed and Jughead had remained quiet. Kevin had rolled it off of his shoulders with a simple

“I don’t do mud.”

Betty looked back up at Jughead

“I didn’t take you for a fair kind of guy.” She smiled softly, moving closer to his side as they fell into step with each other.

“Never been to one, my family wasn’t really the fair type.” He shrugged his shoulders lazily but Betty stopped abruptly, gripping his forearm.

“You mean this is your first fair?!” Her eyes were lit up like Christmas trees and Jughead found himself leaning into her touch

“Sure is.”

“Oh my god! What should we do first?! Well obviously we have to see the animals.. but the games! Oh and of course you’ll need to try every fried food possible.. it’s a good thing my mom gave me all this money to get me out of her hair! Oh come on we have so much to do!” She was nearly shaking with excitement and Jughead couldn’t help but admire how damn cute she was, her smile was contagious and he allowed himself to be dragged along by her.

They scanned the rows of livestock, landing on the sheep.

“This little guy looks like Hot Dog.” Jughead grinned, stroking the sheeps head.

“You’re right!l Betty grinned, moving on to pet the horses. “I always wanted a horse.. my mom said they were too big and too messy, I vowed when I was older I would have my own horse.” She dropped her forehead to the mare and jughead stared, so damn beautiful.

Somewhere along the way Betty and Jugheads hands had become intertwined, it was the atmosphere, it made you want to hold hands.

About two hours into the fair Jughead was sufficiently stuffed with Fried oreos, fried twinkles and even some weird kind of fried buttery object. The stars were peeking through the night sky and an old country band was playing on the stage, Betty was swaying to the music slowly, her eyes closed unaware that Jughead hadn’t taken his off of her all evening.

The night air filled him with a new form of confidence, with a heavy sigh he tapped his best friends shoulder gently

“Do you wanna dance with me Betty Cooper?”

Betty’s eyes snapped up to the dark haired boys and she nodded slowly, a shy smile on her face when he wrapped his arms around her waist and tugged her closer.

“I had a great time today Juggie. Thankyou for coming.” She whispered, their foreheads almost touching.

Jughead nodded and swallowed hard
“I did too. I think fairs may be my new thing.” He tried to smirk but it came off as more of an awkwardly nervous grimace.

“Our thing.” Betty corrected him, swaying in his arms to the acoustic number being played on stage

Jughead laughed genuinely
“Our thing.” He whispered

Suddenly her lips were on his. It was nothing hard or passionate it was soft and sweet and new and everything both of them had been waiting for, there was always time for passion and heat later, but for right now?

They had County Fairs and slow dances.

And damn that was enough.

Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU {Part One}

Originally posted by obrienschicken

Words: 1976

Warnings: none really

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Series Masterlist

Author’s Note: thanks to one of my favorites @were-cheetah-stiles for proofreading this for me :) Enjoy everyone!

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you know what i want

i want klance to happen gradually

- it could be things like keith trains really hard and lance walks by and notices and blushes bc dang that guy looks hot while fighting

- and keith finally witnesses lance’s sharpshooter abilities and compliments him on it

- and a male alien finally flirts with lance and when keith sees that lance flirts back he gets weird emotions,, a mix of excitement and jealousy mostly

- i want it to be lance and keith go on a mission and something life-threatening event happens where one of them saves the other (which helps a lot with bonding) and they become a lot closer

- i want them to become friends and start hanging out more, but i still want the competitiveness there (and lance would show keith his skin care routine, ofc)

- and then one day lance could be out and almost die again, and when he gets back keith is so happy to see him he runs up hugging him, so relieved because, he already lost one friend, he can’t lose another

- one day keith goes out and does something impulsive and dangerous on his own without telling anyone and
• when he gets back lance is FURIOUS saying things like, “You could have DIED, keith. Do you know how worried I was??”
• and everyone else is thinking, “did he just say i”
• and then keith says “why do you care so much??!! i’m safe now, everything is fine. why are you so upset still??”
• and lance says, starting to tear up, voice cracking, “because i care about you, keith”
• and then keith’s eye’s widen, and suddenly they are kissing
• and then there’s an “ahem” from pidge.. coran and allura have their mouths hanging open, hunk is giggling bc his best friend just got kissed!! and pidge is smirking

-afterwards they ease into the relationship, they confess that they have mutual feelings and stuff, etc etc

anyways i’m not very good at writing this stuff idk

and all this is happening where shiro is still missing and the paladins switched lions and stuff

thank you for reading ik it was super long

He’s Hot and Nice and My Son Set Us Up

Originally posted by bxckyrogers

He’s Hot and Nice and My Son Set Us Up

Logan Howlett X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Prompt for Logan X Reader. Reader is a woman in her mid-late twenties who is human but a single mother to an off-looking mutant seven year old boy. She takes him to the school, hoping he’ll have a place there, and the first person she meets is Logan. She seems attracted to him, and is very curious about him in general, but she doesn’t think he could ever like someone whose life is such a mess. But her son is DETERMINED to set them up…

Notes: Ok so I know I don’t say it much but I’ve always loved Logan??? SO HAVE SOME LOGAN! Also, for everyone else reading, I tried to keep it a little more vague so they felt included.

Warning(s): Light use of language.

Being a single mother was one of the hardest things that (y/n) had ever done. Is still doing, to be exact. It’s even harder when you’re a human with a young mutant child whose powers let themselves be known early in the physical manner. He had been kicked out of his school due to it. Very stressful, very stressful indeed.

Xaviers Institute was one of the best things (y/n) had heard of. Yes, it was going to be hard to leave their young son in the hands of others, but those others were more than capable to handle him. Far more than (y/n) was, anyways. The good part, at least, was that their son was excited, jumping about and gathering the last of his things that morning. He was excited to see and meet new people and environments. (y/n) was sad to see him go.


They were a little early, about ten minutes. (y/n)’s son stood still, practically crackling with nervous yet excited energy. He held their hand, squirming slightly when all the kids passed by to get to their next class. A bigger man, burly, with hair on his arms, stopped talking to a white haired woman and looked over at (y/n). He gave a smile and walked over.

“Are you Miss (l/n)?” He asked, hands on his hips. (y/n) nodded. Damn. To be honest, this guy was hot. Like. Hot. Their son noticed and giggled, going to stand in front of his mother.

“Ah, yes, I am. My name is (y/n) (l/n) and this is my son, Jackson. I’m… I talked to Professor Xavier over the phone, so I’m guessing you’re not him?” They asked gently. Logan shook his head.

“Nah, I’m not. My name’s Logan. Chuck is teaching a class right now. Actually, he’s done but probably talking to any students who stayed after. You are a little early, but that isn’t bad. He’ll be here in a few minutes if you need to talk to him.”

“I do have a few questions but I can wait to ask him.” (y/n) answered. Logan was extremely attractive. Also, (y/n) couldn’t help but be interested in what the man’s power might be. But there was no way on Earth that he would be interested in them, especially being a single parent who’s about to leave their son at the Institute. Said son giggled and took a step forward.

“I’m Jackson. I think mom likes you.” He grinned, bright pearly teeth, even though one of his front teeth was missing. (y/n) flushed a deep red and laughed softly, pulling their son back.

“Sorry, he’s always like this. It’s nothing really-”

“Nah it’s alright. I like you too, lady. How about I give you and your son the tour of the campus. Lunch is straight afterwards so you’ll be able to see the professor then. Sound good?” Logan asked as he turned towards the door out of the foyer. (y/n), still flushed a deep red, nodded bashfully and let their son drag them out the door. Logan and (y/n) walked closely throughout the campus.

(y/n) never got to ask the professor their question.


It wasn’t uncommon for parents to visit their children. Well, actually it was a little uncommon, but the parents who did care often visited on weekends where nothing was going on. (y/n) sat in the backyard, a tree overhead them and their son as they chatted over a picnic. Also, Logan was there, but he was happy and silent.

It had been a few years since Jackson had first stepped foot into Xavier’s Institute. Over the years he never failed to set up his mother and Logan, who always went along with his schemes and bonded over them, even if their talk was small. They slowly sat closer and closer together. Which would explain how they were now, practically in each other’s lap.

Logan shifted and wrapped his arms around (y/n)’s waist and pulled them closer. ___ had run off in a promise to be back in a few minutes as he went to chat with one of his friends over some important young teenage business. Logan took this time to nuzzle himself all over (y/n), who laughed.

“Logan what are you doing?” They giggled.

“Loving you, what else?”

“I don’t know. Just thought there was a thing against too much PDA for the younger kids.” (y/n) sighed. Logan scoffed and pulled (y/n) impossibly closer.

“Fuck that. Xavier can kiss my ass.”

“I HEARD THAT!” Charles shouted from his open office window just across the yard. Logan rolled his eyes as (y/n) promptly burst into a crackling giggling fit, causing Logan to grip them harder.

“I love you.” Logan grumbled with a happy smile. (y/n) calmed down with a sigh, “I love you too, Logan. Now come on, let’s separate before Professor Xavier wheels down here and does it himself.” Logan mumbled another fuck that before scooting over, Charles at the top of the ramp leading down to the yard.  (y/n) and Logan held hands for the rest of the evening, talking and playing with Jackson as though they had an eternity.

Monsta X: When you’re getting close with a hot guy from work

Lyly’s note: This is just my humble opinion, I hope you like how I wrote them. It’s all about perceptions and sometimes I feel like people write Idols using clichés about them like: napping, eating, cooking, etc… It annoys me because they’re humans with personalities, qualities and defaults like everybody…



Shownu would calmly ask you questions about him, not because he’s worried, but because he’s always interested in your life and wants to know who you hang out with. He might seemed a little detached, but this man cares deeply about you. He’s just not the jealous type and truly enjoys independence in a relationship. I hope you were not trying to get a reaction from him, because that’s never going to happen. If that’s the case, you would end up hurt, misunderstanding his feelings towards you.


This ray of sunshine would immediately get jealous and be vocal about it. You are his world and he doesn’t want another guy to be close friend with you. Minhyuk is sensitive and intense, so his emotions are easy to read. He would also tell you very frankly he doesn’t like you hanging out with this guy and everything about his insecurities. He deeply values honesty and trust in your relationship so he would never play mind games with you because of jealousy. If Minhyuk met the guy, he would want to act coldly but no one else would sense it. This man can’t stay reserved or cold for long anyway.


Let’s be clear, if you got Kihyun to be invested in a love relationship in the first place, you are an enchantress and as exciting as he is. This man is too optimistic and confident about love to care about this other guy. It’s because you both know how strong your bound is and that you are in it for the long run. He hates clingy people so he likes the fact that you have friends and a life besides him. He would find it exciting to hang out in your social circle.


Oh boy. Wonho might be giving a strong confident vibe, but seeing you hang out with a hot guy would bring out his deep insecurities faster than you can say “ramen”. He’s very afraid of losing you, because when this man is in love, he gives his everything. Wonho wouldn’t even be jealous, he blindly trusts you no matter what, but he would get touchy and sensitive every time the other guy is mentioned. If he ever met him, he would work hard to charm him and probably act overly romantic with you to show off his devotion.


If you settle down with this man, you deserve an award for your patience. He probably openly plans your future together, which can be nice, but also very demanding. He can get possessive and he wouldn’t like you spending free time with someone else. He’s confident and wouldn’t be jealous at all, but he expects a lot of you and your relationship. If your new friend isn’t part of his original plans, good luck trying to hang out with him. Hyungwon can be inflexible and uncompromising, so it’s either: you’re all in or you’re out. Bad pun intended


If you bruised his ego by hanging out with this hot guy, there’s a chance Jooheon would turn a bit into an insulted child, since he takes everything personal. You would have to be the one confronting him about it, because he hates fighting with you and often avoids sensitive subjects. Oh yes, he would get mad jealous. Even if he understands that the guy is just a friend and is quite the social butterfly himself, Jooheon would sulk until you reassure him enough. Even after all that, he would still openly hate the guy.


O.K. Lord help you with this one, I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes. I WOULD LOVE IT. Changkyun can be a bit of a puzzle if you date him because he’s SO hard to read. That boy would get very jealous, he’s unsure how secure your relationship is despite all your efforts and isn’t that confident about your bound. He’d secretly ask Shownu, Jooheon or even Wonho for advice because they’re older and great listeners. He’d probably act especially distant and detached towards you, which would freak you out. He still likely wouldn’t say anything and if you couldn’t guess why he’s becoming cold and got hurt by it, it could be hard for your relationship. Cheer up, Jooheon would probably get annoyed by this situation and spill the truth because he hates misunderstandings so much.