see a hockey game

Date ideas for the signs

Aries: Star Wars movie marathon, playing board games or Truth or Dare, going to see a hockey/football,… game

Taurus: brunch date, karaoke, ZOO, napping together, going rollerblading, going to thrift shop

Gemini: watching stars, going to some sort of an old shop, crafting, going to a party, watching cartoons in you pyjamas

Cancer: some sort of carneval or festival, baking, going for a walk in the evening (and buying hot chocolate)

Leo: walking dog(s) together, going to a concert, flying kites, going to a beach for walk

Virgo: reading books together, playing horror games or watching horror movies, writing stories together, going to a botanic garden

Libra: coffee date in a small shop, Disney movie marathon, going to a theatre or a cinema

Scorpio: shopping together, cooking, go ice-skating, Netflix 24/7, sleepover, going to a fancy restaurant

Sagittarius: dancing in the rain, listening to really loud music, taking pictures in the photobooth, doing some sort of sport togehter, walking outside at 3am

Capricorn: going hiking and taking pictures, staying home and listening to both’s favourite music, amusement park

Aquarius: going on trip somewhere you’ve never been before, playing video games, museum, laser games

Pisces: watching sunrise/sunset together, going for a walk around the town (and holding hands obviously !), cuddling

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Do you have any just happy fluffy (I don't mind if smutty or nah) established relationship sterek just nice and derek is happy yay pls


Anonymous said:Hey so I just had a really crappy prom experience so I could use some fics, can you give me some established fics with sterek? An update maybe? Thank you you guys really helped me get through this.

I’m sorry about your prom. But hopefully this fluffy list will help. And here’s the tag for more. 

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Ephemeral by thegirlgrey

(1/1 I 2,100 I Teen)

Stiles has a weird reaction to his anesthesia. He wakes up with temporary amnesia. The resulting video gets 1 million hits on YouTube in 6 hours. (Beyoncé can suck it.)

Ashes, Ashes by ShanaStoryteller

(1/1 I 2,699 I Teen)

The Sheriff gets a call at work - someone’s tried to burn down his home with his son inside.

“I thought of you coming here, and finding me dead, of another burnt out husk of a body, something else fire has stolen from you, of you having nothing left to grasp but ashes,” John can’t even call that a whimper, it’s clearly a whine as Derek’s hands tighten against Stile’s hips, as if his boy will shudder to dust at the mere mention of the possibility unless Derek’s hands can hold him into one piece, “and that thought was worse than dying.”

boys will be boys by HalfFizzbin

(1/1 I 1,309 I General)

Schedule a parent-teacher conference with the Hales at your own risk.

Let me take care of you by LillianDeLooney

(1/1 I 3,434 I Mature)

Stiles is six months pregnant with Derek’s babies when his mate gets home as a teenager, somehow having gotten de-aged again. Their mate bond is still strong, however, and all Derek wants to do is take care of Stiles…

When the Sky Fills With Rain by BarlowGirl

(1/1 I 5,205 I Explicit)

Derek raised an eyebrow. “You know I can shop for myself, right?”

“I know you can,” Stiles said. “But I don’t think you will. So we’re gonna go to Walmart and get you a couple packs of tank tops ’cause you look really hot in those and some more t-shirts and Henleys and basically whatever you need, and I’m going to stare at you and maybe drool a little while you try them on. And then we can go to wherever you usually buy jeans and I’m going to stare at your ass while you try those on.”

“Good to know,” Derek said dryly.

Stiles grinned. “Yup. And then you can wash them in my washing machine and leave them on my couch until they stop smelling like strangers and smell like us.”

Derek absolutely did not turn red.

Or: 5 Times Stiles Took Care of Derek and One Time Derek Took Care of Stiles.

When Nothing Else Works by hannah_baker

(1/1 I 5,915 I Teen)

Sheriff Stilinski is slowly and begrudgingly accepting the fact that werewolves exist, regular bad things still do happen sometimes, and his son may or may not be dating Derek Hale behind his back.

Or, the one where having Derek Hale in his bed is the only way Stiles can get to sleep. Much to his father’s annoyance.

Puppy Separation Anxiety by KaliopeShipsIt

(2/2 I 9,188 I General)

Derek and Stiles’ three year old daughter is completely fine with Derek dropping her off at Pre-K, but has a separation anxiety induced meltdown every time Stiles does.

Naturally, Derek jumps to conclusions that couldn’t be farther from the truth if he’d tried.

The One with the Kiss Cam by nerdfightingwhovian

(1/1 I 9,224 I Teen)

While at a hockey game, which was totally Stiles’s idea, the cameramen behind the Kiss Cam think Erica and Stiles are together. Derek, right next to Stiles, has to intervene on the behalf of his mate.

Also, there might or might not be a homophobic couple who start screaming at our werewolfy hero. He also might or might not give them the cold Hale stare.

“We were all wondering if we could go see a hockey game. Erica and I really love to watch hockey, and Boyd finds it fascinating, mainly because it makes Erica blood thirsty, and their sex life is really weird. And Danny likes it and so does Kira, and she’s single and ready to mingle after her last boyfriend turned out to be less than ideal. Isaac is pretty much interested in anything that will guarantee him getting laid. And Scott and Allison just want to use the cold rink as an excuse to cuddle. And Lydia will jump at any chance to do more match and basically show off her brain to everyone within hearing distance.”
“What about Jackson.”
“Fuck Jackson.” And yeah, Derek should have expected that.

you break the mountain down by runphoebe

(1/1 I 10,655 I Explicit)

Stiles is pretty sure that it’s not normal to have a sexual awakening six years into a relationship. He’s pretty sure that’s supposed to happen at the beginning and not, you know, after you already have a mortgage together.

Stiles and Derek have been together for six years when Stiles graduates from college and moves back to Beacon Hills.

This Is Your Life, Derek Hale! by PolarisTheYoungWolf

(7/7 I 23,699 I Explicit)

I need more de-aged Derek and pregnant mate Stiles! Can you imagine de-aged teen Derek being told he has a family of his own? Like the baby(babies) are born and he’s like that for like…a weekend or maybe even a week or longer. And it’s just overwhelming and awesome and funny and teendaddy Derek trying to also be a doting husband/mate and maybe they have to go out…because the babies have chickenpox and they need the pink lotion to help with the itching(Do werewolves get chicken pox? Maybe one of the babies is human and got it in case Were’s can’t?) and Derek is torn from staying with his pups and getting something that will help their recovery? I dunno…just…de-aged daddy Derek that’s mates with Stiles is TOO cute an image!!!!

Take My Hand, Take My Whole Life Too by MereLoup

(4/4 I 82,981 I Explicit)

Derek spent too much time, walking amongst the ashes of his life and refusing to move on into the future; refusing to move past the anguish. But somewhere along the way he found purpose, rebuilt this house, found his mate, and he realized that this didn’t have to be the end, that he could continue the legacy of the Hale pack and carry on the traditions and rebuild his life. And now, in this house, with his pack, he was beginning the next generation of the Hale Pack with the most incredible mate he could have ever dreamed of.

Sun-kissed Sleepy

Note: Not requested, but this came about because I went to the pool today and then went straight to work and I felt that sleepy feeling you get after spending time in the sun. Its a special and specific kind of sleepy. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s nice. It made me want to take a nap with Shawn.


The cool air of your hotel room hits you as soon as you swing open the door. You had turned the air conditioner on high before you left because you knew it would be hot outside, but a shiver runs down your spine as the blast of cool air hits you without warning. You head straight for your bathroom to take a shower, dropping your wet towel on the bathroom floor before removing your black bikini and getting under the warm stream of water.

When you get out of the shower, you feel exhaustion hit you. You had just spent the last four hours lounging by the pool, and the sun takes a lot out of you. It’s one in the afternoon, a perfect time for a nap. There is something about afternoon naps after mornings spent in the sun. They’re magical, and they have a certain feel to them.

Exiting the bathroom, you hear the television on in the hotel room, and a smile spreads across your face knowing that your boyfriend has returned. He was gone doing press all morning. You offered to go with him, but he insisted you stay back and enjoy the resort. You were in Florida after all.

Shawn is seated at the edge of the bed, watching the hockey game on the tv. When he sees you, he smiles and says “Hey baby,”

“Hey hun, how was work?” You question as you crawl onto the bed behind him, which immediately prompts him to move so he’s lying next to you. 

“Good, nothing special.” You cuddle closer into his side as his arm automatically wraps around you, and he asks, “You tired?” To which you only sleepily nod in response. “Didn’t you just sit at the pool all morning?” He questions, purposely giving you a hard time, but you know he’s joking and doesn’t mean it in a mean way.

“Yeah, but the sun makes me sleeeeepy.” You drag out the last word before hiding your face in his t-shirt. The afternoon sun is shining into the hotel room, and the exhaustion you feel is a good kind of exhaustion. Shawn has a show in a couple of hours, but neither of you have anything planned until then. “Take a nap with me?” You ask Shawn.

“You’re literally the cutest person ever.” He tells you smiling down at you.

Your eyes flutter closed, and you’re too tired to respond to his statement. You feel his lips press lightly against your forehead before he moves slightly to get more comfortable. And in his arms you fall asleep listening to the sound of his steady breathing.

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Why does everyone always point out that auston is mexican? It shouldn't be more important than his hockey

because he’s the first. first #1 draft pick from the desert and the first mexican-descent hockey player to be drafted as #1 too. and there are gonna be kids from arizona and kids of his heritage that see him play amazing hockey and realize that this is a game that they can not only play, but excel at too.

for every ethnic/regional group there’s gotta be that one person who chooses and fights to go through all that adversity to pave the way. for those little tiny desert/heritage kids who will buy their first skates today and think, i wanna be auston matthews when i grow up. and they’ll see that it’s okay to be a little different when it’s for the game that you love.

we roast auston lots bc of his weird fashion choices but personally i couldn’t be prouder of him, i think in spite of all this media he’s still that mexican-american kid from a place where nobody plays hockey. it can’t have been easy to be the kid that’s a little different from everyone else, but he’s made it his own and he’s represented his home and his heritage very well i think. he’s a great role model for those kids and he deserves that recognition.

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how do u think ur family and shawns relationship be if u dated him for a realllllyyyyy long time??? (like 4-6 years)

I think Shawn would have an amazing and really close relationship with your family. Shawn’s is such a massive dork and so likeable, so honestly, we would have won them over the first day. But seriously, because of how important family is to Shawn, he would - in the beginning of the relationship - have done such an effort to connect with your family. 

I think he’d be buddies with your older brother and your dad. Like he’d come over to watch football or hockey games when you weren’t home, because they actually loved watching sports together. He would bring the chips and your dad would find something to drink. Or you would be home and keep asking Shawn, whenever he was going to come to your room and Shawn would be like “Just a sec, love. The game is almost over” and you’d know very well, you wouldn’t see him for at least another hour, but you’d be able to hear all three of them yell at the tv, saying rather rude stuff to the referee. 

I think Shawn’s charm would have won over your mother rather quickly. When he came to your house, he’d always spend a good fifteen minutes catching up with her, because he knows your mother is very talkative. You’d be able to hear them laugh in the entire house. Shawn would ask her how much of a hard time you were giving her (as a joke), about how her mother was doing after getting sick and if she liked the musical she’d told the both of you, she was going to see. And your mother would ask Shawn about tour, his sister’s hockey games and if he still hadn’t gotten tired of you yet. Your mother would love Shawn, because he always asked if he could help with something. Whether it was preparing the food, taking out the trash or help cleaning up after dinner. He would always ask, your mother would mainly say no, because she knew the two of you got so little time together, but he would always ask. Always.

He’d be the biggest dork around your smaller siblings and your entire family would adore him for that. At every family birthday or dinner or whatever, you’d always find Shawn lying around on the floor, playing with cars or dolls or something like that with your younger siblings or cousins. Or he’d be out in the garden, pretending to be bad at sports, playing football with them and letting them win. Gripping around their hips and pulling them off the ground, letting all of you hear a massive childish laughter coming from - your younger sibling of course - but surely also from Shawn. Shawn would force you to come join and you’d suck, but he would think it was cute as hell. So you, Shawn and your younger siblings/cousins would be running around in the yard, laughing so much your stomach hurts and your entire family would just be standing in the window, looking at you guys and that’s when your family would think “she really found someone special” knowing that Shawn made your family, his family as well. 

Shawn and you would take your grandparents out for dinner or lunch once in a while and just enjoy each other’s company. Shawn would love hearing your grandfather tell funny stories, from when he was young and your grandmother would love watching how Shawn pushed in the chair for you, or poured up water for you, how his thumb was stroking your back or how he was always looking at you, like he was looking at his entire world. Your grandmother would always tell you “this is it honey, you found him” and you’d look at her smiling “I know, trust me, I know”

Actually, that would be the thing your family loved the most about your relationship with Shawn. Seeing how Shawn was around you. Always caressing your hand or cheek or back. Always giving you little signs of affection, without him even being aware of it.

They’d love seeing how you just lit up around him and how you always had a smile painted on your lips because of him. They would love watching Shawn support you in anything you wanted, always be telling you to go for your dreams and neve be afraid to fall, because if you did, he had you. He’d always have you.

Your aunt’s heart would melt every time Shawn told you he loved you and she’d watch your cheeks flush massively, before biting your lip.

They loved seeing how truly happy he made you and none of them would ever doubt that the two of you, were going to start your own family at some point. 

Do I? - Jamie Benn (Part 2)

A/N: I was super nervous, but I really wanted to write a second part of this and I just kind of left it open for a third if you guys like it. I hope you enjoy it.

Word count: 1840

Warnings: mentions of fighting and alcohol. Mild swearing.

Part 1

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I open my eyes and immediately shut them. The room is spinning around me and my head is pounding. Okay body, I get it, I didn’t need the last appletini… or the last three.

I sit down, my eyes still shut and I rub my temples, trying to get my headache to go away. I open my eyes and I’m blind for a second until they adjust to the light that comes in through the window. I’m sitting on the couch at Alyssa’s place; Emily and Brit are peacefully asleep next to me. I groan, my head is killing me, and I walk to the bathroom looking for some advil.

“Give me some of that, (y/n)” someone whispers behind me when I finally find the container in the bathroom cabinet.

“Here” I say, giving Al a couple pills “Cheers” and we both swallow the medicine.

“I’m never drinking again” Marta says from the bed and I smirk. It is always the same old tale: we go out, drink too much, extreme hangover, I’m never doing this again and repeat.

“Whatever you say, Mar” I answer and I give her a pill.

“Thanks, (y/n)”

I walk back to the living room, putting the medicine container on the coffee table and grabbing my phone from my bag on the floor. I have a text message.

Hey beautiful. I got you five tickets for tonight’s game. Good seats.


I smile, remembering what happened last night. Did I really meet Jamie fucking Benn? Ugh, someone pinch me.

Hey. Thanks, that’s so incredibly nice of you.


I don’t have to wait long before he texts back.

It is my pleasure. Good night?


I smile and type back an answer.

I’m never drinking again.


Immediate answer.

Like I have never heard that before. That bad, huh?


By this time I’m smiling like an idiot.

Going to a hockey game is probably the worst idea ever.

I tease him. A couple minutes go by and I’m worried I’ve screwed up. I was just joking. I rub my eyes when I hear the sound of a text message.

Don’t stand me up. Gotta go, but I’ll see you tonight. Your tickets will be at the box office, just tell them your name.


I send him back a goodbye and lock up my phone, my mind racing. I can’t believe that this is happening to me. I’ve had a crush on Jamie Benn since he started playing for the Dallas Stars, but I’m not the kind of girl that goes to the bars players go to and throw themselves at them like they are Gods. I am the kind of girl who thinks she is not pretty enough for them and it is happy with seeing them at hockey games. Wasn’t I wrong?

“Earth to (y/n)” Emily says and I snap back to reality “who were you texting with?”

I shrug and they know it isn’t my mom.

“Oh no…” they say and start chuckling “you are blushing”

“No, I’m not”

“Oh yes, you are” Brit says and I try hide my face with a cushion “You were texting a guy”

“And not just any guy… you were texting Jamie Benn” and all of them laugh while my face turns red.

“What are you two talking about?” Alyssa tries to grab my phone from my hand and I give her a dirty look.

“He was telling me about the five tickets for tonight’s game that he has left for me at the box office” I tell them and I can see their jaws drop “so I guess I have to find another four people to come with me…”

“We are going to the game tonight?” Marta asks, getting on her feet.

“Who says I am taking you?” I ask, raising my eyebrow.

“You are kidding… right?” Emily looks at me and I can’t keep a straight face.

“Yes, I am kidding. Who else would I want to take with me?”

“Bye girls, I need to go get ready” Marta walks out the door before we can even say goodbye.

“I thiiiiink I’m gonna go too” Brit follows her.

“Did I say Fashion Week instead of hockey game?” and Em, Al and I laugh.

When I get to the main entrance of the American Airlines Center everyone is already here. Everyone is looking good in victory green and I smile. I’m wearing my Jamie Benn jersey; it is the reason of why I am slightly late. I was debating on whether wear or not, I don’t want to look too desperate.

“Hi, I’m (y/n). Jamie Benn has left tick…”

“Yeah, here they are” the woman says, handing them to me. “Best seats in the arena. Enjoy!”

Best seats on the arena? Her words keep going around in my mind while we walk to the door and hand the man our tickets.

“First door in and all the way down. Enjoy” he indicates us and I smile politely.

We make our way to the seats and realize that the lady wasn’t kidding, first row seats right by the penalty box. A girl around our age is waiting for us there.

“Hi, you must be (y/n)” she says to me and I nod “Food and drinks are included with your tickets and Mr. Benn has asked me to tell you that you are expected in the locker room after the game”

“Uhh, thank you” I stumble with my words and she just gives me a nod and a smile and leaves.

“This is amazing” I hear one of my friends say, but I don’t really follow the conversation as the Stars make their way to the ice.

Jamie comes out last, but his eyes are quick to scan the area until they land on me. He smirks and I give him a shy smile. The Stars warm up and my friends are about to go crazy and jump the glass to get to ice.

“Girls, play it cool!” I whisper to them and they look at me for a second before sitting up straight and pretend they are not interested at all.

I shake my head, my eyes back to the ice when I see Jordie, Tyler and Jamie looking straight at us and my cheeks heat up like crazy.

“They are looking at us” Emily says.

“Play it cool, girls, play it cool” Brit mocks at me and I give them a dirty look.

The game starts and we are definitely not playing it cool, we are screaming and cheering and booing and chirping. We are on full hockey mode. The game is rough, lots of hits and checks that are uncalled until I hear a whistle and look back, a fight breaking on the ice. Of course, Antoine Roussel is involved in it, fighting a guy who has nothing to do against the player with more penalty minutes in the NHL. The refs are taking both of them to the sin bin when two pairs of gloves fly out and two players are going at it when the puck isn’t on play. Punches are flying and the fight is rough when I see the 14 on the green jersey. I’m pretty sure I go white, because my friends shake me a little to get my attention.

“Hey, (y/n). He is a big boy, he is gonna be fine” I can just nod.

They both fall down the ice and I can see the blood on the ice, I can’t even react as everyone gets on their feet and give Jamie an ovation while he skates right to the locker room after being punished with a 12 minutes for fighting and other penalties.

“Your boyfriend is a feisty little thing” Emily says and I roll my eyes.

The game is scoreless at the end of the first period and we sigh. Deciding to get some food and try to calm down. When the players come back to the ice I see Jamie skating right to the penalty box. He looks at me and I do the same for what it seems like forever until I shake my head, letting him know that I’m not ok with him fighting like that and he winks at me. After three minutes Jamie is allowed to go back to the ice and he skates out of the penalty box as fast as he can, stealing the puck from a defenseman and skating by himself to the net, where he shoots and scores. We don’t even have enough time to celebrate, because thirty seconds later he scores a second one.

“We want a hat trick, Jamie” my friends are screaming beside me and I can’t help it but to laugh.

Second period ends with a two scores lead and everyone cheers. Marta and Brit go get supplies for the last period and I try to relax on my seat when I get a text.

I hope you are enjoying the game


I smile, typing a quick answer since I know he won’t have much time to see it.

Idk, this crazy dude beat the shit outta someone


I can almost see him smiling typing down

I bet you liked it


Not really, I’m worried. He might be hurt.


I get no answer, but I hear the people cheering and I know the team is back on the ice. The third period starts and there isn’t much action until the very last minute when the Bennguin connection starts working and Tyler and Jamie pass the puck between them and going all the way to the net. Jamie has a clear chance to score, but he passes the puck to Tyler and he scores.

“He could’ve had a hat trick” the man behind me says in disbelief and I can’t stop but to be mad at him for giving that goal to Tyler.

The Stars win and we make our way to the locker rooms. We have no idea of where we are going and by the time we get there many players are outside talking with their families and friends on the hall. We stand there awkwardly, making small talk until I see Jamie walking off the locker room and walking towards me. I decide to meet him half way.

“I am fine” he tells me before I can say anything “bruised knuckles, you should’ve seen the other guy”

“You are an idiot” I say, looking at his knuckles and then at him.

“For fighting?”

“And for not getting that hat trick” I remind him and he smirks.

“Maybe next game” He says and I roll my eyes, “but I didn’t want to spend all my luck on the ice”

I look at him like he is crazy and gives me a little hit on my chin.

“I need the rest of my luck to ask you out” he whispers and I blush furiously. “Say yes?”

“You are definitely an idiot”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes Jamie, it is a yes”

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Hey lovelies, do you have any fics where Derek and Stiles are like an alpha pair together? Or like Stiles is an alpha mate with Derek still being an Alpha obviously lol. Any recs would be perfect thanks!! 😘

Just for you. Alpha!Stiles and Alpha!Derek. - Anastasia

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Puppies… ?! by Phantom_Wolf

(1/? I 1,105 I Not Rated)

When Sheriff John Stilinski came home from work at the late hour of 2am, his plan was to drop onto his bed and sleep for 8 hours. Not help his apparent werewolf son give birth on the bathroom floor.

Ready by ashley_ingenious

(1/1 I 3,117 I Explicit)

Derek Hale’s not an idiot, okay. He knew becoming an Alpha wouldn’t prevent him from going into heat. He just thought… he just thought he had more time, because Alpha’s don’t go into heat unless they’re in the presence of their true mate. And that, well, Derek hadn’t been expecting that.

Share More Than Territory by Omni

(1/1 I 5,221 I Mature)

I wish you would write a fic where… Okay! so bottom!Derek is a similar passionate thing of ours, so I was reading Choice (again) and I wondered what difference there may have been is Stiles reacted differently to Lance’s bite? Because Stiles is a badass and I firmly believe the creeper would’ve modivated him to carry a weapon. So… Stiles shows up an Alpha? Maybe?! ^_^

(Stiles is not only a freshly-turned werewolf, but also an alpha. But does that mean he can’t be pack anymore?)

The One with the Kiss Cam by nerdfightingwhovian

(1/1 I 5,225 I Teen)

While at a hockey game, which was totally Stiles’s idea, the cameramen behind the Kiss Cam think Erica and Stiles are together. Derek, right next to Stiles, has to intervene on the behalf of his mate.

Also, there might or might not be a homophobic couple who start screaming at our werewolfy hero. He also might or might not give them the cold Hale stare.

“We were all wondering if we could go see a hockey game. Erica and I really love to watch hockey, and Boyd finds it fascinating, mainly because it makes Erica blood thirsty, and their sex life is really weird. And Danny likes it and so does Kira, and she’s single and ready to mingle after her last boyfriend turned out to be less than ideal. Isaac is pretty much interested in anything that will guarantee him getting laid. And Scott and Allison just want to use the cold rink as an excuse to cuddle. And Lydia will jump at any chance to do more match and basically show off her brain to everyone within hearing distance.”
“What about Jackson.”
“Fuck Jackson.” And yeah, Derek should have expected that.

In this Darkness (It’s You I Hear) by Kedreeva

(1/1 I 9,943 I Mature)

Deucalion bites Stiles on the way out of town, and Derek finds him in an unexpected condition….

The Academy by monroesherlock

(8/8 I 11,384 I Explicit)

Stiles and Derek own an academy where they break the most resistant of Omegas for their Alpha Masters and Mistresses.

I Don’t Belong Here by 4lw4ys_a_fri3nd_n3v3r_a_l0v3r

(13/? I 18,787 I Teen)

Stiles went to sleep in a town he had gotten used to. Now something is deeply wrong because now he has awoken in a town he doesn’t remember anymore. And he can’t figure out why.

Lydia went to sleep last night, knowing Stiles had died five years ago. But something is wrong because now he’s standing in the middle of the street, looking like he just crawled out of a grave.

Something is wrong, because Stiles? Isn’t supposed to be here.

Finger Food by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle

(4/4 I 19,134 I Explicit)

Derek Hale didn’t expect for his mother to give him the alpha power. Especially not before he graduated high school. He also didn’t expect to meet another teenage alpha, Scott McCall. Or his human best friend, Stiles. He didn’t expect himself to be fixated on Stiles long and slender fingers. Or his exceptional skills in the kitchen. Derek didn’t expect a lot of things. Then again, sometimes that unexpected turned out to be a good thing.

The Long Journey Home by Cassiduh

(19/? I 23,313 I Explicit)

What happens when you sacrifice the good of one for the good of the pack? Derek decides the sacrifice is necessary but Stiles is out for blood with or without the pack. Nobody expected Stiles to take it so far, or for him to shun the pack for their lack of action. Underestimated one too many times Stiles decides it’s best to take matters in his own hands now that he has nothing to lose and is determined to succeed.

Why do you care? by jamesm97

(34/34 I 31,609 I Mature)

The Alpha pack go after the weak link to the pack Stiles, Stiles means the world to everyone in the pack especially Derek his boyfriend. After they cause the destruction they leave.

When Stiles is hurt and dumped on the door step of Deaton’s surgery beaten and bitten by the Alphas.

Stiles becomes a powerful Alpha after being trained in the ways of wolf and hunter he is put in charge of his own pack, Can he Cora and the Argent’s, Kill the Alpha pack and save LAURA AND TALIA!!!.

They aren’t dead just captured.

e Stand on Two Legs by Omni

(8/8 I 32,002 I Mature)

Derek pretends to know what he’s doing, and maybe he really does. Maybe he was too young to remember ALL the traditions surrounding the alphas within the Hale pack, but maybe he knows exactly what he’s getting himself into.

Stiles, however, really only cares about how he can use his new status to fix everyone so they stop wallowing in their own guilt and shame and the filth of abandoned train stations.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Gerard Monster and Alpha Pack audit. …That Stiles must, of course, help everyone through.

Glowing eyes by 0809m

(16/? I 37,852 I Teen)

“If you accept it, the bite will take. Someone so loyal like you, with so much will, you’re born to be like this Stiles.” Derek says.

Stiles stays in silence a big amount of time. He really wants this, as much as he would like to think, he can’t protect himself and he can’t count with Scott, not anymore. He wants this.

“Do it.” He says, no trace of doubt in his voice.

The Fox Who Ran With Wolves by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle

(16/16 I 37,954 I Explicit)

Stiles is something of an oddity. Not only is he a fox born to human parents, he’s a fox whose also an alpha. And that just didn’t happen. Foxes were supposed to be omegas. Potential mates for alphas and betas who would bear their children and bring balance to an alpha’s power. Only, much like the rest of Stiles’ life, things never seem to go quite as planned.

Hybrid Learning by GreenasCole

(11/11 I 47,994 I Teen)

Peter had made some offhand remarks about Stiles’s potential. What if when Stiles turned down the bite he snarked off and said just the wrong thing, piquing Peter’s curiosity?

Now Stiles has been turned into some kind of aberrant werecreature with the Full Moon less than a week away. How will Derek manage an unruly Stiles and a love-struck Scott and still have time to actually build a pack of his own? Especially when a rash of bizarre murders puts him back in hot water with the Argents just as a new threat emerges.

And how can he discourage Stiles’s wildly inconvenient crush on him without breaking his heart and possibly getting eaten in the process?

The Art of the Pack by TheRowan

(23/? I 61,573 I Mature)

Derek and Stiles have begun a new chapter of their lives, married, raising their family,creating a pack when old troubles return and force them to make hard choices. It’s a real bitch grocery shopping, getting kids back and forth to school while dealing with a deranged druid and some old nasties. Their children it seems have their dads knack for getting into mischief.

Underneath by groffiction

(38/? I 171,563 I Explicit)

AU, where Stiles gets bitten by a Cyger – a type of rare Weretiger around the same time Scott gets bitten by Peter. Confused and more than a bit freaked out, they both are naturally suspicious when Derek shows up out of the blue. Still, there is something about the moody, aloof werewolf that both intrigues and draws Stiles to Derek like a moth to a flame. But, everyone knows that if you get close enough to touch flames, you get burned. However, with the promise of love, is that burning sacrifice worth it? And how does a Weretiger and a Werewolf even work as mates?

Date Interrupted- Auston Matthews (Damsel in Distress Part 3)

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(It’s kind of growing!)

Surprise! Ok so I finally finished part three to Damsel in Distress, but then I realized I have one more part to throw out there so it’ll be a four parter! Ok so enjoy!

Warning: None


              “Why did they blow the whistle now?” you groaned, flopping back in your seat.

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Derek + Casey + a Fake Baby (Part 6)

If they thought dinner was awkward, the next two days are basically hell. Casey and Derek won’t even look at each other, even when they’re passing the baby back and forth. Lizzie and Edwin are perpetually tense, ready to duck and cover at a moment’s notice. Marti is just generally disapproving, sometimes throwing sad looks at her siblings and sometimes huffing and glaring at her father and stepmother as if to say ‘fix it’.

And they would love to, if they had any idea how.

Should they let Casey and Derek be together?

They aren’t exactly forbidding it now, so why aren’t they together?

It’s not like they can force them to get together.

Can they? No, no, they definitely can’t. That’s insane. Strike that from the record.

But what if they break up and it hurts the family?

But them not being together is already hurting the family.

And so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

But then it’s Friday, and while George and Nora are at their respective jobs, agonizing over every detail of the situation, Derek is staring at Casey from across the cafeteria. She looks miserable, and he is miserable, and he never made a move before because he was afraid it would ruin everything but their parents already pretty much did that, so what does he really have to lose?

And the baby project is over and he doesn’t even want to start thinking about going down that road for another ten or fifteen years at least, but when he pictures things that far ahead (which, if anyone asks, he never does) he sees blue eyes and his smirk and hockey games and dance recitals and a lot of ‘Der-ek’ and that stuff doesn’t just happen, and his dad got a second chance but Derek would kind of like to get it right the first time, so.

Screw it.

He gets up. Sam and Ralph ask where he’s going but he doesn’t bother to answer. It feels like it takes longer than it should to get to her table, like he’s moving in slow motion, and her eyes are wide and locked on his and when he finally gets to her there’s an awkward moment where he’s standing and she’s sitting and she’s waiting for him to sit down and he’s waiting for her to stand up but eventually they’re both standing and he’s trying to will himself to pull the trigger and kiss her already.

She beats him to it. It’s an innocent (as innocent as kissing your step-brother in a cafeteria full of people can really be) press of her lips against his, which is very sensible given their current situation but the thing about that is that Derek doesn’t care, so he pulls her back in and then there’s nothing innocent about it.

Someone clears their throat behind him and he doesn’t care. Someone taps him on the shoulder and guess what? He doesn’t care. His plan is pretty much to keep kissing her until he suffocates and dies.

And then a teacher is yelling and Casey is pulling away. People are staring at them. A couple of idiots whistle. They’re being more or less pulled to the office and a few more idiots make noise and Casey’s entire face is bright red. But she’s smiling.

So Derek really, really doesn’t care.

What Happens In Toronto

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  • Warnings: language, it think that is it.
  • Authors note: The conversations between dad and daughter in the beginning are actual conversations I had with my father about Matthews,
  • This is so long, I am sorry omg, but it is worth it I swear.
  • This is my first time writing fanfic for a hockey player so, hopefully you like it

You had always been a New York Rangers fan, ever since your dad got you into to hockey. There was no question about it, your dad was always joking and teasing about how he would disown you if you became a fan of another team. You knew he wasn’t completely serious, but you knew how pissed he would be if you did. If you so much as mentioned even thinking a hockey player was attractive on another team, he wouldn’t be pleased.

Just your luck though, you ended up liking quite a few hockey players of various teams. There was just one though that really caught your attention, and you weren’t really sure why, there was just something about him. Auston Matthews, number 34 on the Toronto Maple Leafs. You honestly had no clue who he was until the NHL All Star game. You saw him, and you immediately knew you were screwed. You tried to keep it a secret from you dad, but he eventually found out.

Your dad found out when you were in the middle of watching the Rangers play against the Flames. You were both sitting on the couch, and he was focused on the game, but all you could think about was when, and if the Rangers were going to play Toronto soon, just so you could see Auston. You tried to discreetly bring it up, so you looked at your dad and said,

“Hey, dad, um, random question, but will the Rangers ever play Toronto, you know, The maple leafs?”

Your dad just gave you a look, and you knew you fucked up. “I don’t know, why?”

“No reason, just wondering.” A few minutes went by and nothing was said. Expect for a few yells at the game.

Your dad suddenly broke the silence when he looked at you and said, with his arms crossed, “Who the fuck do you like on Toronto?”  

“I don’t, I didn’t, how did you-?” you sputtered out as quickly as possible, but he cut you off.

“You wanna know how I know? It’s the only other team where you knew the city and the team name.”

All you could say was, “oh” before he continued talking.

“So are you gonna tell me who it is? Actually let me guess. It’s Matthews isn’t it? Hmm?”

You felt your face heat up, and you let out a small, “yes.” Your dad continued talking.

He continued to go on and lecture you about rookies in the league, and about how he didn’t really like them. “I hope you know that all rookies in the league his age all all cocky little shits. They also don’t last very long, they get like one good year, and then they burn out, and you never hear about them again.”

“Okay dad, whatever you say,” you shot at him, while rolling your eyes.

A few days went by without another mention of Auston, until you were watching food network, and there was a show on and the host was in Toronto eating some amazing looking food. So, you, slightly knowing what this would turn into, looked at your dad and said, “Dad, you should take me to Toronto sometime, and take me to that restaurant so we can get whatever it was that they just made. It looks amazing.”

Your dad shot back, through a chuckle, “No the fuck I’m not.”

“Uh, why? What’s wrong with Toronto.” You replied, knowing full well what he was about to say.

“You know what. Matthews. So basically fuck Toronto, I am not taking you, we are Americans.”

“Dad, come one. Really, we should go sometime! I know you love food, we could go and have great food there. Why won’t you take me?”

“You wanna know why? You know what happens in Toronto? Your babies! Also daughters becoming traitors! So why don’t you go buy yourself a maple leafs ticket, and go see a game while you’re at it.”

“You are ridiculous. I love you, but you are ridiculous dad. I just want to go for food, and see to see the cities.”

Three years later:

You sit down next to your boyfriend, and continue the conversation you have had with him many times over the past week. He is currently on vacation because of the holidays, so he decided to surprise you by coming to visit you at your little apartment, in sunny, south, Florida for Christmas.

“Auston, you know you don’t have to come to my family’s Christmas dinner, it’s going to be chaotic. I cannot even begin to tell you. Are you sure? We could always go see your family.” you said to your boyfriend of 8 months.

“(Y/N), I want too. Besides, we’ve been together for 8 months, and I haven’t met your family yet, I think it’s time. Have you even told them about me?” he says to you, as he gives you a small kiss on the lips.

“I have told them, don’t worry. Though, they don’t really know, who you are, or what you do. I couldn’t risk my dad finding out yet that you are ‘The Auston Matthews, of the Maple Leafs.’ I’ve told you about him, so you know.”

“I know, but I’m not worried, I have a feeling that he is going to be more okay with this than you think. Go ahead and call him, let him know you’ll be coming to dinner tomorrow at your grandpa’s, and make sure it’s okay you bring company.” he says.

“Okay, okay. I’ll call now.” you say as you grab your cellphone off the coffee table, and you begin dialing your dad’s number. He picks up the phone and you get a sick feeling in your stomach, so you turn to Auston, and he gives you a reassuring smile.

*Phone call: bold is dad, other is (Y/N)*

Hey, dad!

(Y/N), I was just about to call you. Are you coming to dinner tomorrow?

Actually, that’s why I was calling. I am, also I wanted to know, is it okay if I bring company along? Just one person.

Yeah, that’s fine. Who is it?

My boyfriend, Auston.

Oh! So, we finally get to meet him? Wait, he’s here to visit and you didn’t tell us?

Sorry, We’ve been… busy, I’ve been showing him around town and everything.

It’s okay, I understand. I’m just messing, I look forward to meeting this, infamous Auston you talk about so much.

Okay, I look forward to it too, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you, Bye!

Love you too.

*call over*

You hang up the call, and look at Auston and sigh.

“Well, what did he say?”

“He says you can come, and he looks forward to meeting you. We better get to sleep though, it’s almost 11.” you say, as you head to your bedroom, and Auston gets up and follows.

You wake the next morning, nervous as can be. Though, you can only really smile at the position you are in. You woke up with Auston’s arms around you, so how could you not be happy about that? You tried to slowly wiggle your way out of his arms so you could get ready for the day. You tried your best not to wake him because he looks so peaceful when he slept, but you failed. Once he woke and realized you were trying to get out of bed he only held on tighter.

“Auston,” You whined, “We have to get up and get ready. We have to be at my grandpa’s at 12:00, and it’s already almost 11:00.”

“Fine, I’ll let go, But only if you stay for 5 more minutes with me.

“Well, how could I say no to 5 more minutes with you?” you say and then he unwillingly lets go.

5 minutes go by, like he asked for, then you two get up and pick out your clothes for the day. You decide on wearing a knee length red dress, and a black cardigan with a pair of black flats. Auston settles for a blue button down, and a pair of black jeans and dress shoes. Once you both are ready, you grab your purse and head out the door. 20 minutes later you are pulling into your grandpa’s driveway, and that sick feeling wells up in your stomach again.

“Are you still sure you want to meet my family? I mean we can still go back home.” You say

Auston was already out of the car. There was no going back, though he practically had to drag you out of the passenger seat and to the door. You stand there silently for a few moments, then with shaky hands, reach up and ring the door bell. You grandpa’s yelled to come in, and so you grabbed Auston’s hand and went in.

You say hello as soon as you walk in, your dad looks at you, still yet to notice Auston. He gives you a big hug, then you hear your grandpa, “(Y/N), who is this?”

You begin to reply, “Oh, this is my-” but as you do, your dad takes notice to who is standing behind you.

He gives you a questioning look and says, “boyfriend, apparently. Auston Matthews, which she didn’t bother to specify. Auston Matthews of the Maple Leafs.”

“wait so, you’re telling me my granddaughter is dating a professional hockey player and she didn’t tell us.”

You nervously laughed, grabbed Auston’s hand for comfort and said, “um, surprise?”

The next few hours were awkward, and that’s all there is to say. Your dad kept glaring at you and Auston. Your two younger sisters kept teasing you two. Your grandpa kept prying at Auston to see if he could get him tickets to a hockey game, for free. Your mom just stayed out of it, and drank her wine. Finally, you sat down for dinner. 5 minutes into dinner, your dad broke the silence by asking you two, “so, how did you two meet?”

“well, I did what you said. I took my money and visited Toronto, and while I was there I went to a Maple Leafs home game, against the rangers actually. That was 3 years ago.”


You were actually doing this. You were in Toronto by yourself. You were going to a Maple Leafs vs. Rangers game. God, you’d give more than anything to meet Auston Matthews. As of the moment you are driving to the arena, giddy to see this game. You chose to arrive early to the rink, in hopes to see pre-skate. When you got into the arena they were already on the ice practicing. You stood there at your seat, right by the glass, taking it all in. You finally spotted Auston and he took your breathe away, and he saw you too. He smiled at you, and you nearly fainted. All during pre-skate he kept stealing glances at you, and you noticed. He eventually gestured for you to walk to where the locker room entry is. You did, of course you would. You were so nervous, you had no idea what was happening. He looked up at you and said, “look, I know this might be a little straightforward, but you’re really pretty. There is something about you I like, but I don’t know what. If you want, after the game, Maybe we could exchange numbers? I would like to get to know you. Oh, by the way, what’s your name? I should’ve asked that first…”

“My name is (Y/N), and I would love that. I’ll meet you back here after the game?”

“yes, that would be great. I best get back now, before coach beats my ass.”

You let out a small chuckle, you knew this was the start of something wonderful.

*flashback over*

You and Auston finished telling everyone the story of how you met, “so, yeah. We ended up talking and being friends for like 2 years, then he asked me out. Now we have been together for 8 months.” You said, and to finish Auston quickly shot in, “I’m so glad I smiled at her in the arena that day.”

“well, Auston, as long as you treat her well, I couldn’t care less what team you play on. Just be good to her.” Your dad politely said to Auston.

“I will, sir.” Auston replied, then looked at you, and kissed you on the cheek. You felt your face redden, as he just kissed you in front of your family.

Right in that moment, you knew you loved him. You knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. You wanted to be (Y/N) Matthews, and 5 years later, who would’ve thought that you’d be coming back home as such, and even more so, you’d be coming back home to tell your dad that he was right all along. Your dad was right all along that babies really do happen in Toronto. You were happy. You don’t know what you would’ve done if you hadn’t gone to Toronto those years ago, and exchanged that glance, and a smile.

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#1 Dylan Strome

 dylan strome? he was so cute in that video about the stick thing

please do some dylan strome writings!! :)

YOU ARE AMAZING! can you do one where you’ve been together with Dylan Strome for a while and someone from an other team flirts/hits on you and dylan gets jealous?

Dyl needs more love ok, I love stromer. I hope he’s having a great day (also bby pls shave u look gross atm i dont like it)

Warnings: language

Song suggestion of the day: Tell me the same by MICHL

did some of this remind me of the world junior loss against finland? Did i cry a lot when I thought of that? The answer to both of these is yes because I have nothing better to do than cry over team canada.

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“Dylan,” you called, wandering out of the bedroom and smothering a yawn. “Dylan!”

“Oui Madame?”

You giggled as your boyfriend popped his head out of the kitchen wearing the only apron he owned which had the words ‘world’s okayest cook’ printed in large bold lettering. 

“What’s cookin’, good lookin’” you questioned, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Since when have you made breakfast, huh?”

Dylan rolled his eyes. “Oh so now I can’t just do something nice for my girlfriend, huh?” he joked, turning around to face you.

“Trust me, I’m not complaining.” you assured him with a grin. 

“Good for you, otherwise I would have eaten it all myself.” he smirked, leaning down to kiss you gently.

“Sorry for your loss.” you laughed. “How long do I have to wait, huh?”

Truth be told, Dylan was not the greatest chef but at least the food he made was edible so you couldn’t really complain. You knew part of his reasoning for doing all of this was to take his mind off tonights game, which you both knew was going to be a tough one and you weren’t really going to complain if this was how he chose to deal with it.

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literarylibido replied to your post “How about a slightly different take on a soulmate AU? Like yes, when…”

these are all beautiful but why no NurseyDex???? or Charmer???

Hello my friend @literarylibido, I have included Nurseydex on this post here, as well as Whiskey/Tango/Foxtrot.  As far as Charmer goes: 

Caitlin knows, or has been told, that the colour of her home team, the San Jose Sharks, is teal. She grew up in Santa Cruz which is close enough to the San Jose area that it’s the most convenient airport to fly home to, and she’s aware that the colour is teal. She has no actual concept of what teal is until she meets Chris. 

Not that she sees teal the first time she meets Chris - when he crashes into her while doing piggyback races, and they cascade into a leaf pile - or even the second time she interacts with him, because their first half-date is hardly momentous. The first time she sees teal is after she’s gone to the Samwell Hockey game that’s a couple days after their first date, and sees Chris get a shutout and sees him celebrate with the boys on his team (The hockey guys all call this a celly but she doesn’t really know why?). She can see the pure joy in his body while they jump up and down in their skates and crash into each other, and she thinks to herself “I could spend the rest of my life watching Chris Chow be happy” and catches her first glimpse of teal in the clothing of the audience. What it is doesn’t really hit home until she’s in Chris’s dorm room later, and there’s teal everywhere. Even on Chris’s braces, which is dorky and adorable and she kind of loves it. She kind of, she realises, loves him. The rest of the colours filter in faster than the first did, and by the end of the month she can see all of them. And Chris is always so happy about everything that she doesn’t have a single shred of fear when she tells him she can see colours now because of him. 

And Chris, for his part, beams. He kisses her with as much enthusiasm as he can, over and over again, and tells her that he can see colour too. She only finds out later that the first colour he’d seen had been teal too - but not the teal of a Sharks jersey. It was the teal of her eyes, that first moment in the leaf pile.