see! i draw things sometimes!

My dear Anna, ever since I’ve had the opportunity of knowing you, I’ve been in love with you.

You first saw her from across the quad. You weren’t sure if it was a trick of the light or makeup, but something was very different about her. Her eyes seemed to glow and pierce right through you. You’re too shy to talk to her then, but soon realize you have a class with her; late at night, in the art building. She sits in the back corner, next to the window, you sit in the front so you can see the board. She doesn’t say a word in class, despite the professor’s warnings that participation is key. 

In daylight she is only found in the shadows of large trees and under dark umbrellas, hiding from the sun. At night, she seems to glow, nearly walking above the ground, her shoe-less feet never touching the concrete.

One day, you become brave and approach her. Up close, she is exotic and charming. You can’t decide if it’s a strange ethnicity, makeup, or your eyes playing tricks on you. Is she feline or vulpine? Is she Fair Folk or a Changeling? You’re never quite sure, but you don’t ask. It’s like the lens of your eyes just won’t focus on her. Always a little fuzzy around the edges. 

Her voice is velvety and smooth, her laughs sounding more like purrs. You give her a gift of a weighted brass pen, she gives you a necklace; the pendant a strange, heavy, black claw. You invite her back to your dorm and spend the afternoon sharing your favorite books. Your roommate is nowhere to be seen. You have foregone the salt and iron in your room, in hopes of luring her in. The rest of the evening is spent quietly, you draw her in your sketchbook, she reads your favorite comic books. 

“Why do these people resort to violence against others who are just different than them?” She asks you, holding up a very old super hero comic. 
“Because they do not understand that different does not always mean bad,” you reply, something about your words touches her. You can feel a change in the air. 
She puts down the book and you pull her into your arms. She smells sweet like honey. 

She sleeps quietly through the night. Her skin is impossibly soft, you can’t decide if it’s actually skin or smooth fur. You don’t remember falling asleep, but awake the most rested you’ve felt in months. In the morning, she is gone, but her scent lingers in your sheets and clothes. On your windowsill, you find a jar of honey, and another claw to match the one around your neck. You glance at your nightstand. Your sketchbook is gone, along with the comic she read the night before. 

Two days later, your comic book appears on your windowsill overnight and your sketchbook is slipped under your door. It is filled with pressed flowers and writings in a beautifully intricate script you can’t read. That night, you set out another brass pen and a pair of soft pink roses. The next morning they are gone. 

You never see the girl from your class again. Your professor acts as though she never existed in the first place. You keep your sweatshirt from that night by your bed, refusing to wash it or wear it again. Her scent still lingers, just as strong as that night you held her so close. 

You don’t even know her name, but you will never forget her. 




IR (mainly Rukia) old art dump. I’m honestly just a Rukia fan. I watched and read Bleach just for her (I stopped reading after Rukia became “irrelevant” to the plot).

At least, I know I do always love Kuchiki Rukia.

its been like two months since I last did digital art aaa so rusty;;;; anyways I’m back from my study abroad in Japan so since I have more time to draw now I made a new pair icon for twitter w puni~ wehehehe///// ^q^

A quick Hot Tip for drawing shoes from me; a man who enjoys looking at shoes maybe too much

It’s good to draw some kind of foot looking shape before you draw shoes so they’re like the right size and shape but sometimes I see people draw soles as like flat things hovering under the feet but if you look at your own shoes you’ll see that the inside of your shoes are not flat, they’re bottom of your foot shaped and your feet sink into them a bit so they’re comfortable and not like slapping an oval block of wood to your foot

So the outside band on shoes is usually somewhere higher than you might think

Of course in many real shoes there’d be a bit of an arch from a raised up heel or something, so I probably should have drawn some feet instead of lazying out, but hopefully you get the idea.

Figured it was time to finally work on my perspective by uh… well, doing it? Lol it’s actually not as difficult as I thought, just takes a lot of lines and a lot of time :V

More yugioh! I’m gonna be at this for a while, guys. That one in the left corner is something to do with a retold Memory World that keeps flitting through my mind in various forms.

I never thought I’d say this, but I kinda think short(er) hair can work for Bakura.

i’m so gay for art man you have no idea art gets my heart doing weird things or sometimes i see a drawing style or coloring style that i hadn’t seen before and i get butterflies bro like dude you c an not comprehend