what hiro mashima does when he realizes that a couple's almost canon
  • <p> <b>Hiro Mashima:</b> wowowowOWOWOW<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> you kids are quick<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> WHY ARE YOU HAPPY<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> CONFESS YOUR FEELINGS NOW BUDDY BEFORE THE MONSTER KILLS YOU<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> SMH<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> LOOKS LIKE I CAN'T GIVE YOU A HAPPY EVER AFTER THE STORY'S NOT DONE YET<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> WHAT TO DO FOR NOW<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> OH I KNOW<p/><b>Hiro Mashima:</b> FUCKIN DIE MAVIS AND GAJEEL AND JUVIA<p/></p>