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miranda cosgrove is perfies

preaching to the converted, isla

i love her

i love everything dan schneider puts out because they’re all great shows

i don’t need to restate how much i just love the episode with them doing the method acting stuff on victorious. and the fact that it’s a show all about talented people at a school which inspires their creativity might inspire others to take up music (especially when more obscure instruments are played in the manner they are, like andre playing on the french horn and man can he play (or should i say ‘play’) a mean piano)

i love that he made a show about cewebrities! and with female protagonists that don’t try to be pretty or kind (sam, jade) and these people are seen dealing with the stereotypes that females have to endure (one of my favourite episodes is the pageant episode, and seeing sam in that situation is just perfect to me.)

(short interlude, just consider the context: this girl, carly, is living with her older brother, spencer - non-conventional families which exist. she’s living with him because her dad is off fighting in the war - like many other american families (see episode iMeet The First Lady). it’s nice to see a break from just your standard three kid families (i.e. simpsons, family guy, the middle, etc.))

and drake and josh just had good characters that you could enjoy. i still think the episode where they do the blues brothers on stage together is one of the highlights of nickelodeon’s work.

good shows, in my opinion. might not be yours, but hey! that’s why they’re opinions.

(also jerry trainor is a perfect individual in both drake and josh and icarly and no-one can tell me otherwise)

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You look like you’re frightened of the reply button.

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That’s a big ol bushy beard.

thank rory

and no i am just being ~*~~ATTRACTIVE*~~*~

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That sounds far too sassy. “Boy, Scoot over. Mamas gotta sit dooown!”

maybe i’m just that sassy


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jdhskh scoot you are actually a perfect human being

i do the best i can, and that’s all i can offer :’D

lotsa reply responses tonight!