Korean romcoms!

Over the past week I have watched numerous Korean romcoms. Once I am done and dusted with one, I find myself clicking on to another, and then another, and then another. Basically…I AM HOOKED.

The list so far:

‘100 days with Mr. Arrogant’ (2004)

'200 Pounds Beauty’ (2006)

'Seducing Mr. Perfect’ (2006)

'Finding Mr. Destiny’ (2010)

'My Sassy Girl’ (2001)

'Windstruck’ (2004)

Out of these six films, my fave is DEFINITELY 'My Sassy Girl’! Jun Ji-hyun (or Gianna Jun) is awesome! Such a talented actress and she’s bloody gorgeous. The storyline is delightful; sweet, innocent, fun but also multi-dimensional. Watching Jun’s character emotionally deteriorate in the latter half of the film is sad to watch however the pay-off at the end is WELL WORTH IT. This film gets a solid 9.5/10.

Close second is 'Windstruck’ where Jun Ji-hyun strikes gold again – she literally can do NO wrong in my eyes! This film starts off similar to 'My Sassy Girl’; it invites you in to a world of laughter and fun, only to then squash that atmosphere with a devastating turn of events. You must stick with it however as the ending makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. I really enjoyed the on-screen relationship between Jun’s character, Kyung-jin, and her boyfriend, Myung-woo. Two scenes in particular have stayed with me. The first is the two of them dancing in the rain, holding up miniscule cocktail umbrellas. The second is their fake ‘shoot out’ when Myung-woo drives alongside Kyung-jin whilst she walks. Both scenes play out whilst ‘Stay’ by Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs blasted out in the background - I now have that song downloaded and it is edging its way up my iTunes top played. A cracking film worthy of 9/10.

Third place is shared by three films – '100 days with Mr. Arrogant’, 'Seducing Mr. Perfect’ and '200 Pounds Beauty’.

  1. '100 days with Mr. Arrogant’ is comedy gold! I genuinely cried laughing watching this film. The two leads work perfectly together and their relationship is brilliant! The film loses a few points due to the gross addition of bogeys and a girl sat on the toilet. Ick.
  2. I only have one thing to mention when it comes to 'Seducing Mr. Perfect’ - Daniel Henney…OOOFT. End of.
  3. '200 Pounds Beauty’ is nice and simple; the kind of film that does not need a lot of attention and the main actress is bloody beautiful! SHE EVEN CRIES PRETTY!!

Well I’m left with 'Finding Mr. Destiny’…I did not enjoy this film as much as the others. I didn’t feel the two leads; they were a little cold, frigid and annoying, particularly the male. All in all it was just a bit…meh, I don’t know, it just didn’t entertain me.

Soon to be additions to that list:

'He Was Cool’

'My Boyfriend is Type-B’

'The Art of Seduction’

Kissing Me
  • Kissing Me
  • Jung Jae Hyung
  • Seducing Mr. Perfect

Sweet baby jesus…that voice sounds familiar as well…Who is this actor? Daniel Henney?…Who the hell is Daniel Henney…*shrug* Oh well. Who ever he is, he’s one devilish looking guy.