seducing medusa

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“Who-sa seduced ya, Medusa?” Jar Jar asked. He felt his cold blood start to rise, his ears fluttered in the water behind him. He was jealous, Medusa could tell. —excerpted from the new novel from Random House, The Frog Prince

i once wrote a cars x my little pony romance fan fiction so i know what i m saying when i say you are a Monster (and not the sexy romance novel kind)

…..we should collaborate

memento mori

this is for rome. where artesian wells swell in
an apostrophe stance jutting out like a hipbone.

          or turin with its alpine arch stretching into
          a rock-sharpened scapula; a country born

from the god of war. a country seduced
into a medusa-head of secret dialects.

here, i remember your palms greying into vintage
postcards that collect the quatrains of my wrists

we park the car in an ambush of olive groves.
we escape into the freshwater gardens of herons.

in the sand, crabs in their stainless armours lie
still like dead soldiers. the hour’s honeyed treacle

slipping over the polished stones of piazza’s copper roan
the highway droops into a wind-blown handkerchief

zarah, you say, i want to teach the stars how to scream
                               your name in a rapture of nightglow -

where the man with a voice like a war-battered
                synagogue sings “la madonna nera”
& misplaced, i trace the resuscitation of rushlights

each note volar; a seagull’s odyssey over sicilian sunset
a diaspora of dandelions floating in thunderstruck gravity

at the elbow of streetmaps & superstitions, curbsides crowded
with narcissisus buds & the crooked tooth of cornicellos, i move

locked into your side. a nervous calf.
     a narcotic field of tuscan poppies.

outside the coliseum turning golden like a half
-eaten foccacia, i give you un mazzo di fiori

each petal still warm with its own fresh colour.
you hold them like the bouquet were a baby

i want to tell you of the black baccaras
                 blossoming inside my knees

        when your breath faints its thread
            as if a falling mast in the breeze

i want to take this love & eat it alive;
walk through these darkened boulevards
with its blood running down my neck

Scherezade Siobhan©