seducifer speaks

Imagine it, though. Just, imagine it. End of the Christmas special, the golden light starts to streak down his arms and over his face as the regeneration begins. A small, rather sad smile spreads across his face as he looks at his hand and he softly whispers, “Geronimo” before the full force of the regeneration strikes him.

And before we know it, we’ll be falling in love with the new man that walks away.

I bet Castiel’s storyline will be building some sort of angel school for all the fallen angels.

They’ll have to take classes.

“How to be Human 101”
“The Importance of Personal Space”
“Home Economics - Burgers”
“It’s Funnier in Enochian - A Guide To Translating Your Heavenly Jokes For Humans”
“What To Do When You Piss Off Your Human Boyfriend”