seduce the rich guy

Stella: Heyyyy Olivia. My precious big sister. How you been chica? How long has it been, ten years? Weird how things catch up to you even when you thought you got away, huh?

Olivia: Look Stella, you can’t prove anything, and why would you even want to? You’ve probably moved on to seducing rich old guys by now, why do you care about Don anymore?

Stella: Are you seriously suggesting I should forget about the time my sugar daddy BURNED TO DEATH right in front of me when I was 16, all because of my OWN SISTER who then proceeded to steal my boyfriend and MARRY HIM and was totally okay with the fact that I had to run away so I wouldn’t be framed with the crime of MURDER?? God Olivia, you really are batshit crazy. I don’t even wanna know what you’ve been up to in the past 10 years. How many murders have you committed by now, in the name of God?

Olivia: Please God, give me the strength to not smack this bitch in the face right now.

Stella: Oh, try it girl, try me. Either way, you’re gonna be locked up for a very long time. I’ll make sure of it. Now, are you curious about my life? Too bad if you’re not, cause I’m gonna tell you anyway.


“He got what?” Fury boomed after Natasha had explained to him. “You’re telling me, that Clint Barton, got turned into a woman, by magic?” he continued, still not sure. Natasha nodded, and Coulson sighed. “We believe it’s payback from an Asgardian sorcerer, for Loki’s fate on Earth.” Clint raised an eyebrow. “Well, at least now, I get to seduce a rich guy the way you do it, Tasha.”

Seducing the Rich Guy (and the tech guy too) || Ethan & Benji (AU)


Benji entered the room laughing and smiling, holding onto the arm of his target. 

He wasn’t an unattractive guy, so that would make this mission easier. Especially since the guy was apparently very much into him. The younger guy was his type, particularly blonds who were eager to please and submissive, which he did well. He had seduced him over drinks at the bar, charming him with his smile and his accent (the target’s words) and then he had been invited up to his hotel room, which was exactly where he needed to be. 

He knew that Ethan would be watching. The guy was good, but this was his first job out in the field so he knew that it would be different. Probably also weird for him to hear what he was about to, but it was necessary. 

And in all honesty, knowing that Ethan would be able to hear, and potentially see, what was going to happen made him even more eager. He had been crushing on the guy for months now, but he didn’t know if Ethan was into men. They rarely met in person and when they spoke, he was shy and awkward. 

So for now, he would have to keep imagining. 

“Well, Matthew.” The older man removed his suit jacket and hung it up, turning to face Benji with a smile. “We’re alone, which I’m sure you’ve wanted as much as I have. But why don’t we save the champagne until after, hm?” 

Benji smirked. “I thought you’d never ask.” he replied, crossing the room and undoing his tie a little. “Are you ready?” It was a question to both his target and to Ethan, wanting to know if the tech was prepared for the hack he would have to complete. 

Seducing the Rich Guy || Ethan & Benji


He stepped into the hotel bar, straightening up the lapels on his suit jacket and ensuring his tie was straight. He began to scope out the room, knowing that his target would be here somewhere in the mingling crowds. 

And of course, there he was. Just as had been predicted. Standing at the bar at Benji’s two o’clock, dark hair slicked back in quite a handsome way. This man was one of the best looking marks he had ever seen and he couldn’t help feeling glad that he was going to be the one to get to attempt the seduction. 

He slowly made his way through the crowd, stepping up to the bar a few feet away from his mark. 

“Scotch, please. On the rocks.” he said to the bar tender, who nodded and poured out his drink. He glanced over and flashed a smile to his mark before thanking the bar tender and taking his glass.