seduce the rich guy

Seducing the Rich Guy || Ethan & Benji


He stepped into the hotel bar, straightening up the lapels on his suit jacket and ensuring his tie was straight. He began to scope out the room, knowing that his target would be here somewhere in the mingling crowds. 

And of course, there he was. Just as had been predicted. Standing at the bar at Benji’s two o’clock, dark hair slicked back in quite a handsome way. This man was one of the best looking marks he had ever seen and he couldn’t help feeling glad that he was going to be the one to get to attempt the seduction. 

He slowly made his way through the crowd, stepping up to the bar a few feet away from his mark. 

“Scotch, please. On the rocks.” he said to the bar tender, who nodded and poured out his drink. He glanced over and flashed a smile to his mark before thanking the bar tender and taking his glass.