seduce by art

hanzo is and will remain the most beautiful dude ive ever seen, like have u seen that jawline and those goddamn cheekbones????

also idk how to draw bows for shit so please accept the fuckery and embrace it like I did to my lack of skill thank you.


I needed to contribute to this fandom a long time ago, but right now with the release of Demon War, I did it !! I don’t know how to thank @thebunnyofevil & all the crew for this wonderful game.

If the quality looks horrible, click on it, it could be better ? ;-;”


‘Let me be your killer king’

— Victorius, Panic! At The Disco

Ummm I have an idea for this comic but I can’t deliver it. I actually want them to be in ‘Samhain’ party. Witches and wizards version of Samhain where everyone have sex to celebrate the master’s name and power LOL

Newt is not comfortable in this kind of party but he has to attain. He tried to buried himself into the wall so everyone will look over him but it doesn’t work. He catches Graves’ attention and Graves comes to seduce him.

Graves is Satan btw ;))
He uses every trick to get into Newt’s pants LOL

‘My touch is black and poisonous and nothing like me punch drunk kiss’  and I taste like magic’  He’s trying to sell himself so hard hahahahaha

Could Newt stand a chance and resist Graves’ advance tho ;)))

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Mika, the main character of the Seduce Me series. Mika is relaxing after the awful Housewarming Party (in the first game). 

Done with microns, prismacolor markers and prismacolor pencils on bristol. Background added in photoshop.

Art © worksomewonder

Mika © Michaela Laws, @thebunnyofevil


I watched the live-action remake of Beauty and The Beast. 

Lots of fans think Sam when this comes up, but I saw James as Beast in this version. I’m thinking an AU where James is already the new Demon Lord when Mika/MC is summoned, and with her powerful magic she slowly purifies him from the madness of his father.

Plus, Evermore is my favorite scene and song out of the movie. Tell me that does not sound like him!

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