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got tagged by super beautiful people @mini-jimin (who tumblr wont let me tag for some reason??), cerebral-phantasm, jungkook-sarang, ji-minnie (MY MAIN BRO), anD PROBS A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE IM SORRY IM SO LAZY I LOVE GETTING TAGGED BUT IM USUALLY LIKE “i’ll do it later” AND I T BUILDS UP……

suPPOSED TO TAG LIKE 20 PEOPLE??? I’LL TRY???: knottheends | heimongs | darling-darlos | scoupakid (im tagging u in two things lol sorry not rlly tho ;^) ) | btsology | moo-geun | ugotnojamjams (i love your URL) | choitaemins | speedohglasses | chansooyeoll | jinsmacchiato | minseok-tea | taozipop | taoinc | seduced-by-satoori | huangzitoasty | suga-k00kie | nerdsuho | hipstertao | hongbinmorelikegross | YOU DONT HAVE TO DO IT IF U WANT //OLLIES OUT


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So basically its canon that marx pictured kamui as a carrot when he confessed to her. Whenever he is trying to be smooth, he is picturing kamui as a carrot. Help me I am in love with this man.

do you think i am in any position to help anyone with their marx thirst

i’ve been in love with this man for months (ARE YOU HAPPY NOW ALLY IM ADMITTING TO IT) and there’s no going back. im in marx hell forever. i hope im at least an attractive carrot in his mind

Destiny Chapter 8

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There I was , in a white world. I stood up and looked around.

“Hello!” I shouted and hear my own echo.

(Weird. Where did the figure go? The one who stopped me.)

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