My favorite characters: a never ending list, in no particular order

2. Pierre Despereaux ~ Psych

Pierre is great, and not just because he’s portrayed by Cary Elwes.  He’s hilarious, elegant, witty, funny, talented, perfect, and possibly my favorite guest star on Psych.  Which is seeing something.  All three of his episodes are in my top 5, which, again, is saying something.  I absolutely adore him.  

“You see, a gentleman of leisure never packs his weapon next to his socks.  It’s uncouth.”

“I have often fantasized about escaping from prison, you know.”

“Don’t you just hate people who kill you?”


My favorite characters: a never ending list, in no particular order

1. Sherlock Holmes ~ Pretty much any Sherlock Holmes adaptation

I love Sherlock Holmes in pretty much every adaptation of him.  From the original canon, to the new movies with RDJ, to Sherlock.  Everything I’ve seen or read, I’ve loved.  While I haven’t yet seen/read every adaptation, I have plans on doing so..  Sherlock is, without a doubt, a brilliant character.  And he will always be a favorite of mine.

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

“Don’t make people into heroes, John.  Heroes don’t exist, and if they did I wouldn’t be one of them.”

“My mind rebels at stagnation.  Give me problems, give me work.”