sedona is so beautiful!


got to do some watercolor painting in Sedona early this morning

Transcript from Cammie's beautiful Sedona Vlog :)

“Sometimes all you need to heal, repair and replenish your soul is a little bit of time with nature, to remind yourself that this world is bigger than you and bigger than your problems. You are such a small fraction of what makes up this planet and that, is a beautiful thing.

Now I know it sound ridiculously cliche and maybe even a bit contrive but the few days I spent in Sedona gifted with complete clarity and put my entire being into perspective.

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anonymous asked:

Tell us about your trip! Where in AZ did you go? Did you camp or stay in a hotel? Who did you travel with? What was the best part? What was the worst part? What will you miss? What are you excited to return and do again? What would you change about your trip?

Ah thank you for asking all these questions friend! I’ll gladly talk your ear off about my trip :D

So I went to Sedona, Arizona, which is freaking beautiful. Like, wow. You have to go there. It’s my second time there and I know I’ll be back many more times. 

My good friend Carla and her family were going on a vacation there, and they were kind enough to invite me, which I was stoked about. So we stayed in a hotel, which was really nice, but I honestly would’ve preferred to camp. Hotels are pretty expensive, despite our good deal, and we don’t spend too much time there. But it had a pool and a hot tub, which was nice, so it was worth it! 

The best part of my trip… I’m not even sure how to pick. Honestly the part that stuck with me the most was probably getting to see a javelina while I was hiking. I thought that was so cool. I also got to go on a few new hikes, which were absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend Brins Mesa if you ever go to Sedona, it’s an awesome hike. Also, go to airport road for a hike/sunset. It’s stunning, and a super leisurely hike which is nice. 

The worst part? Hmm it was probably the fact that I was sick the whole trip. On the last day I had to go to urgent care because my cold turned into pink eye and a sinus infection. I spent most of the last day doing nothing because I felt so crappy, which sucks. Also, I didn’t get to hike as much as I would’ve liked to, since we were only there four days and the people I was traveling with (aside from Carla) weren’t too into hiking. I would’ve liked to do some longer hikes and explored a lot more, but I’ll have to save that for another trip. 

What will I miss? Being somewhere so breathtakingly beautiful. Seeing gorgeous views around every corner. Being in a community where hiking and adventuring is the lifestyle. Hiking every day, getting lots of sun, spending as little time indoors as possible. Seeing my Aunt Donna. Berry Divine acaii bowls. My boots being stained with red dirt. Seeing the most beautiful wildlife - gorgeous birds, elk, rabbits, antelope squirrels, javelina - such cool animal activity that’s so different from the northeast. Beautiful, warm days every day. Hardly any clouds in the sky. Zero humidity. The red rocks. The mountains. The cactus and the wildflowers. The juniper trees. The endless hiking trails. The interesting architecture. The foxgloves. Oak creek canyon. I can go on and on and on. 

What am I excited to return and do again? I need to do more of the airport road hike. We didn’t do the whole thing because the sun was setting. It was absolutely gorgeous though. I want to go back and explore more of Oak Creek Canyon, and go up to Flagstaff. I want to climb Mount Humphreys. I want to hike Cathedral Rock again. I want to do the West Fork hike and go to Indian Gardens for lunch. I’d like to see the ruins. There’s so much more I want to do that I couldn’t do in four days. 

What would I change about my trip? If I could change anything, I wish my aunt was in town for the whole time and that I could stay with her instead of at the hotel. I also wish I could’ve hiked more, and I wish I could’ve gotten at least a night of camping in as well. I wish there was a little less shopping and a little more adventuring. But for a four day trip that I wasn’t expecting to even go on - it was incredible. I think I’m going to go back for spring break next year, and do even more hikes that time. I know I’ll be back many many times to do even more exploring. Who knows, maybe I’ll even move out west after graduation and get even more time in my favorite place. The world is my oyster. 

Thank you so much for sending this ask. This was so fun to write out! I hope you enjoyed reading it! ^_^

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Was wandering if you could give the name of the hotel you and Cam stood at in Sedona? Would love to stay there for my 22nd birthday. So quirky and beautiful.

Amara Resort!