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I grew up with hockey like any other sport, casually and only really knowing/caring about my home team & only interacting with my fellow home team fans, but now I'm seeing there's like this whole tumblr fandom to the nhl and I was wondering what are like the reputations of the teams??? And obvi everyone has their own biases based on their faves but I was just curious (bc I love hearing about all of the reputations and drama and gossip that is 100% alive in the sports world)

um okay i really love this ask but i’m also Nervous to answer it bc obviously my views are gonna be based on my teams and tbh i don’t a ton about some of the teams. so let me just preface this by saying that i don’t intend to shit on anyone’s team. pls don’t come yell at me. i love y’all. i’m gonna put this under a read more bc it’s gonna be long af. this isn’t so much drama as it is just a primer on the teams bc i’m not looking to start drama. 

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Swedish NHL Players as Characters in a Movie About Vikings

According to me and Cynthia @marionravnwood

Henrik Lundqvist - the leader a.k.a. guy in the center of the movie posters

Erik Karlsson - skilled swordsman, bff to Lundqvist, will likely die in a sacrificial manner

Patric Hornqvist - snarky, brassy drunk. Always drinking. Always sassy.

Anton Stralman - the one who wants to get home to his wife and kids.

Victor Hedman - the quiet, soulful one. Is usually whittling.

Niklas Backstrom - Sneaky, but unassuming. Scouts for the army. Has a bird, likely a hawk of some variety.

Alex Wennberg/Elias Lindholm - the viking versions of squires

Niklas Hjalmarsson - The one who always gets picked on which inevitably leads to him becoming a traitor.

Henrik/Daniel Sedin - the twins. Always finishing each other’s sentences or fighting each other

Carl Hagelin - intense guy. Missing an eye. Good with knife

Johnny Oduya - ladies man. Enjoys women and wine. Jovial laugh

Gabriel Landeskog - the up-and-comer who thinks he can lead. Actual main character

The Twins take a lot of crap on the ice, from the media, and subjected to all types of homophobic/misogynist comments from - many, not all - non-Canucks fans.

But you know who they are, how they play, and watched them grow up in the organization, taking responsibility for all the bad, and let others take it for the good.

Appreciate them while they’re here; the “Sedinary” will be missed when it’s all over. Nothing but great ambassadors for this team and the NHL.

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OK so building off that previous heist ask, if you had to assemble a team of professional hockey players (doesn't have to be nhl) to pull off a heist (maybe breaking into the hockey hall of fame to STEAL THE STANLEY CUP, but you could go for something else if you want), who would you pick and why?

first of all, i feel like this question understands who and what i am on a fundamental level. IF YOU CAN’T WIN IT, STEAL IT. anyway, i’m not saying that i definitely already have a list of hockey players i’d call on to help me steal the stanley cup, but i’m saying it’s possible that i do. 

with no further ado:

  1. martin st. louis. the man is small, fast, and i’ll bet could fit under a moving room service trolly when the rest of us dressed up like waiters. DON’T ASK ME WHY WE’RE DRESSED UP LIKE WAITERS, OK, I AM NOT THE MASTERMIND.

  2. the sedin twins. i don’t know exactly what situation will call on us to have someone appear to be in two different places at the same time, but i’m certain that the situation will arise, and then i will be ready.

  3. shannon szabados. you want someone who’s not afraid of anything and who’s probably at least a little bit crazy??? get a goalie. get shannon szabados, because she is both of those things and she has great hair.

  4. alexander ovechkin. i am so totally sure that a time will come when we need someone to be a distraction and if there is one thing that i have full confidence alexander ovechkin can pull off, it’s “walk into a room and make sure everyone is giving you their complete attention.”

  5. jocelyn and monique lamoureux. every crack team needs some muscle, and what i appreciate about these ladies is that they do it with flair. also, since they play women’s hockey where technically they’re not allowed to hit people, they’re extra sneaky.

  6. sidney crosby. the man’s the best playmaker in the game right now, so he’s obviously going to be our mastermind. but HERE’S THE CATCH: i have a feeling that sidney crosby would totally tell on us to gary bettman for, idk, disrespecting the sanctity of the stanley cup. so i would enders game the shit out of him. “oh, mr. crosby, i’m just writing a children’s book about a team of hockey players who steal the stanley cup, haha, isn’t that cute? so cute. just wondering: how would you do it, if you did it? it’s for fiction, this isn’t real.” GOTCHA, CROSBY.

  7. jonathan quick. have you SEEN how flexible that man is?! heist movies always require a flexible dude to fit into small spaces and dodge lasers. jquick is that dude.
  8. eddie lack. if it all goes to shit, i’m just going to throw eddie lack at the authorities. nobody’s going to arrest eddie lack. look at him. look at him for five minutes just living his normal life and tell me you’re willing to put him away.


guys, come on. jmfj would never participate in this kind of thing. jmfj obeys the law. jmfj respects uncle sam. (jmfj is driving the getaway car.)


Pick A Player - ‘The Clown’
Kevin Bieksa - Vancouver Canucks

“Proceeds go to a translator for Alex Burrows.”
-Bieksa on Ryan Kesler’s clothing line.

“Two good looking red heads with goatees, how can you resist?”
-Bieksa on the Sedin Twins and their popularity with women.

“He’s got a natural, sorta grease to it." 
-Bieksa on Luongo’s hair.

"He lightens up the room. Sometimes we laugh when he’s not even trying to tell a joke." 
-Bieksa on Burrows

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what do you think abt what Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn Said abt the Sedin twins

It was disgusting.

Their comments stunk of blatant homophobia and just overall grossness. It made me very angry. Not only because the Sedin twins are some of the nicest, most genuine and dedicated people in hockey right now (and probably of all time) but because this is not the first time we’ve heard stuff like this. This just confirms the sickening culture that cultivates the idea of the perfect hockey player being the good ol’ very masculine North American, the tough young buck from Ontario, the rough, white, simple-minded American warrior. The Sedins challenge that stereotype. 

Ever noticed how the butt of the joke in hockey media is always the guy who defies those standards? Don’t you dare be anything but white. I’m looking at you, Subban. You too, Kane. Don’t you dare show intellect, passion, quick-wittedness. No surprise so many people chose to alienate Bryzgalov. Strange how many people attack Crosby for showing weaknesses, emotions. Cindy Crybaby. As if being a girl was the worst thing a man could be.The Sedins are no exception. The Sedins are different and they still succeed. And for guys like Benn and Seguin, that must be utterly terrifying.