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Making of Sybil Reisz: The hat

So I figured I should get started on my Sybil Reisz cosplay (anything to get me to stop playing Disney Magical World. That game is way too addicting.) I figured I would start with the hat since that looks like the hardest to do.

Stopped by Kohls to get the hat and Hobby Lobby to pick up supplies. Here they are:

I started with the easiest part: painting the top part of the hat red. I used red fabric paint and a brush just to spread it all around.

All done!

Now to leave it to dry and work on the hardest part: drawing the Camarata symbol.

Fun fact about me: I can’t draw to save my life. Seriously. So I took a couple trial runs on the symbol.

Told you I suck. Let’s try again.

Well, this is as good as it’s gonna get. Time to color it in. 

I used normal watercolor paint because it was just a dollar!

I got these empty button pins from the store too so I cut out the symbol and put it inside.

Final part: the “feathers”

For this part, I simply used black foam sheets and cut out 4 “feathers” 2 big, 2 small.

I used 9001 glue to stick the “feathers” and the button to the hat and volia!

Left it to dry for a couple minutes and started flaunting it!

Will work on the dress and belt later. Much later.

Already planning cosplays for New York Comic Con! Here’s my lineup so far:

Doing biker Rosalina cause Ashlee and I have been planning a duo cosplay with her as biker Peach. I have to style the wig better, repaint the boots and possibly redo the gloves.

Stevonnie and Sice yeah!

I’m trying to get my Skull Kid Lana done early so I can start working on Sice. I just need to stop procrastinating!


Wigs came in the mail today! I might not style the wig for Rosalina cause I’m a lazy human being. I mean I’ll try but I’m not good at styling hair.

Also, my new suitcase came in so packing has commenced!