Kuroko's first kiss.
  • Kise:Nee, nee, Kurokocchi, have you kissed anyone-ssu?
  • Kuroko:Eh? Kiss?
  • Kise:Yes, yes-ssu. Have you?
  • Aomine:What kind of question is that, Kise?
  • Kise:I was only wondering. I bet Kurokocchi was popular back in Elementary, right, Kurokocchi?
  • Kuroko:I was not popular ever since I was born, though.
  • Aomine & Kise:Eh?
  • Kuroko:Since I'm invisible among the others, it's hard to take their attention on me.
  • Aomine:You're right. Though, like what Kise said, have you kissed anyone?
  • Kuroko:I have... not.
  • Aomine & Kise:Eh?! Really?
  • Aomine:No kidding! Not even on the cheek?!
  • Kuroko:Why are you surprised about it?
  • Kise:Kurokocchi!! You're almost at the age where kissing another person is legal-ssu!
  • Kuroko:I don't see the problem of that. I bet you two haven't kiss anyone other than yourself.
  • Aomine:I've kissed someone though!
  • Kuroko:Aomine-kun, yourself is not include of 'someone'.
  • Aomine:Oi!
  • Kise:Pft, lame, Aominecchi.
  • Aomine:'ch, I bet Kise hasn't kiss anyone.
  • Kise:I do! I do-ssu. I kissed a ton of girls, though. But not in the lips!
  • Aomine:Player.
  • Kise:Eh?!
  • Kuroko:Disgusting, Kise-kun.
  • Kise:Eeeh!?
  • Murasakibara:Eeeh, what are you guys talking about? Let me join~
  • Midorima:It seem that you three are talking about nonsense crap-nodayo.
  • Kise:Well, Midorimacchi is quite a egotism.
  • Midorima:That doesn't make sense at all, Kise.
  • Aomine:We were talking about if Tetsu had kissed anyone.
  • Murasakibara:Kuro-chin kissed someone?
  • Kise:No, if he had his first kiss taken.
  • Midorima:So, have you?
  • Kuroko:No, Midorima-kun.
  • Midorima:I see. You are too young to share your germs.
  • Kise:Huh?
  • Aomine:Wait, wait. You sound like you kissed someone!
  • Midorima:I have. I always do it before leaving the house.
  • Everyone:No way! You?!
  • Midorima:What's to be surprised about? Everyone do that.
  • Kuroko:Could it be that Midorima-kun is living in the same roof with a girl?
  • Midorima:Huh?
  • Kise:I never knew that Midorimacchi is that type of guy-ssu.
  • Aomine:Does she have a big boobs, Midorima?
  • Murasakibara:Does she know how to cook, Mido-chin?
  • Midorima:You all misunderstood this-nodayo. Of course I'm living in the same roof with my mother and my younger sister.
  • Everyone:... oh.
  • Midorima:Why do you all sound so disappointed?!
  • Akashi:What's this? A private meeting?
  • Midorima:Akashi!
  • Akashi:Hmm, you guys are talking about kiss, huh? That's a rare topic to talked about.
  • Aomine:So, Akashi, since you are here, have you kissed anyone?
  • Akashi:Hm? I did.
  • Everyone:Eh?! Who is it?!
  • Akashi:Tetsuya.
  • Kise:Kurokocchi?!
  • Aomine:What?! Oi, Akashi, don't make anything up!
  • Akashi:I'm not making things up. Ask Tetsuya.
  • Midorima:Is this true, Kuroko?
  • Kuroko:Yes, it is.
  • Kise & Aomine:But you said you haven't kissed anyone?!
  • Kuroko:Oh, I thought we're talking about kissing girls since Kise-kun is here.
  • Aomine:Gender doesn't even matter, you know.
  • Kuroko:I'm sorry.
  • Kise:Kurokocchi's first kiss is Akashicci?!
  • Midorima:I didn't expected that.
  • Murasakibara:Papa-chin and Mama-chin~
  • Aomine:Oi, what the hell...
  • Akashi:Tetsuya's lips is only mine. Just saying... Let's go, Tetsuya.
  • Kuroko:Yes, Akashi-kun.
  • Kise:... Uu.. I was hoping to get Kurokocchi's first kiss, though.
  • Aomine:Same here.
  • Murasakibara:Eeehh~ So we all have the same intention?
  • Kise:Even Midorimacchi?
  • Midorima:Yes-nodayo.
  • Everyone:That guy always wins, though.
Hi, just wanted to say I love your blog, it gives me life <3 can I request GoM+kagami+hanamiya reacting to their child's first word? (So cute if the word is dada ^.^)

Okay, here it is.. Sorry again for before.. /bows/

Kuroko would at first be surprised before asmile appears on his lips. He would be smiling whole day, while his partner would be quite surprised, seeing him smiling like that. He would want to make his child call him once again, but it would be quite impossible, since he would be looking at Kuroko in wonder why he is smiling so much.

Kise would be shocked from surprise. Hearing his child call him dada would freeze him on the spot. He would quickly regain his composure only to lift his child and carry him all day around, giving him sweets and anything he likes, which would annoy his partner quite a lot.

Midorima would be surprised at first, but he a smile would be seen on his lips. He would pat his child’s head before he would try to make him talk more.

Aomine’s eyes would widen before a grin would spread on his lips. He would pat his child’s head and say: “I was afraid you would say something else.” before he continued to play with him.

Murasakibara wouldn’t mind much at first, but he would certainly be surprised. He would try to give his child a snack as a ‘reward’, but his partner would take it away, saying it isn’t good for the child. Murasakibara wouldn’t listen though…

Akashi would be proud. To hear dada from his child’s mouth would make him happy. Hearing his child call him, he would try to make him talk more, just like Midorima.

Kagami would widen his eyes. A wide grin would spread on his lips before he took his child in his arms and walked to his partner. He would try to make their child say dada once more showing it to his partner, but it wouldn’t happen; at least not right away.

Hanamiya would be amused and surprised. Hearing his child calling him dada, he would definitely try to teach them more than he should at such age.


and now… 

it is time for the teiko arc and im probably going to end up bawling my eyes out……

holy shit i can’t contain my excitement 


forget-the-rules-iam-the-rule asked:

Good mornign look your ask box is open yay! Can i ask for a a senario between GOM, imayoshi kiyoshi and nijimura trying to get get their s/o talk to them again-they were avoiding the boys bcoz they are pissed bcoz they boys r being a jerk? Thank uuu

Akashi would straight go to your house even in a thunderstorm. When you open the door he gives you a red rose and quietly says ‘Forgive me, ____, but I had to teach them a lesson, they underestimated me.’

Aomine would just leave a message on your phone saying ‘I know I was a jerk. Sorry.’ You think he doesn’t care about you that’s why he didn’t come and say it to your face, but secretly he checks his phone every minute to see if you answered yet.

Kise would go to your house with a bunch of your favorite flowers and would knock the door until you finally open it. ‘I love you’ he starts regretfully ‘Please, accept these flowers and my apology, ____cchi.’

Midorima: Before you’d enter your house you find a little frog on the rug. You pick it up and find a message in its hands, which says ‘Sorry, I love you.’ You wouldn’t have expected such thing from him, so call him up immediately.

Kuroko: You were walking home after your argument with Kuroko and you suddenly bumped into him in the street. ‘I am sorry, ____-san, it could have worked better…’ he says in is usual voice and wraps his arms around your shoulders.

Murasakibara: ‘____-chin, ____-chin!’ Atsushi followed you everywhere after the argument ‘I like you more than candies, please don’t leave!’ he murmured gently into your ears and added ‘I won’t crush anyone if you’re around, okay?’

Imayoshi would be too proud to say sorry, but deep in his heart he wants to talk to you and hug you. He picks up the phone, calls you and whispers only one word: Sorry.

Kiyoshi was following you to home despite the fact, you didn’t want to be around him on that evening. When you wanted to enter he stopped you and looked in your eyes. ‘I-I’m sorry.’ he lowered his head. You smiled after a while and hugged your giant teddy bear.

Nijimura: just like Imayoshi, he’s too proud but if it’s you, he doesn’t want to lose you. he’d call you because he doesn’t know if you’d talk to him in person so, when you pick up the phone he says nothing but sorry.