Hounds of Love (2016) Directed by Ben Young

A cold-blooded predatory couple while cruising the streets in search of their next victim, will stumble upon a 17-year-old high school girl, who will be sedated, abducted and chained in the strangers’ guest room.


He speaks
4 me. I cut his
Cool, I wake in a pile a
Piss n Drool, back on
A red motel room
Where I sold sex
4 heroin. & All pastel
All tha days a my life
& He lovs me
Like a good girl been
Off tha streets. Been
Takin down my
Porcelain pretties. Now
I am fat, & sold 4
Nothing. I dunno
What Im worth if it’s not
In money. With tha old
crones, their boxcutters
& Percocet fantasy-eaters
Their guts n grime. I was
Sated, when
Sedated. I could be
I could laugh it up with tha
Killer, cus I was mine
Those nights we split sum
Crystal & I shot him up &
He shot guns. Once
I thought he mite kill me
& Everything I did
I did to survive, & now
I am awake early
Holdin tha hand of my
Favorite, bloody boy:
What dark limbs we have
Severed in the aftermath of
Terror. U all
I kno it, U all–think
That Im sum strange
lonely bitch. That I never
Had nothing worth saying
& That u could say it better.
Laughter in tha god chest
Like phony lung cancer. U
all are a cheat, a benign
Burst of disease easily
Cured n eradicated. After ur
drama, who will want U?
Who will want u anymore?
Me, I go bang. Like a
Beautiful gun. I am
Violence. I’ve been to hell
I made it hotter
I slept in tha fields of poppies
N dreamed for years
Of cream dresses & bankruptcy
Of homicide & methamphetamine
Of girls, & cash, & a time
When I
Would be outta tha life, & have a
White house wit blue shutters by tha
Beach. To sing
O how I dreamed. While
u were out lovin somebody
I peered into a bile-black
Bath. I created my new future
Where tha whore was buried out
By tha dogs. & tha syringes? Used?
Possession. In all ways
What u long
for, in ur corny ways, I lived. & All I
Wanted–tha beach. To sing
To sleep in
To not be touched by anybody
& Sleepless eyes
Here I am in tha bed
Next to Jesus’ son.
He is kinder than they prophesied
He’s not tha only one.
& given tha opportunity
God, I will kill myself right
I will walk into tha house &
I will eat tha light

As British tank casualties mounted and the 7th were down to fewer than thirty ‘runners’, they were rallied and led back into action by the extraordinary figure of Brigadier Jock Campbell. He had just turned fifty, older than a lot of officers back at GHQ Cairo who were only too happy to admit that their days of front-line soldiering were over.
Now he seemed to be everywhere at once on the battlefield. One moment he was seen to be helping to load and fire 25-pounders whose crews, as they had at Tobruk, were taking on the Panzers over open sights despite fearful casualties. The next he was doing something even Rommel had never tried: leading tank charges in his staff car, a sedate Humber saloon hardly intended for such off-piste activity.
[Sergeant Sam] Bradshaw recalls that Campbell 'wasn’t actually in the car, but sitting on its roof with his long legs dangling over the windscreen, shouting directions to his driver then waving is to follow. There were nine tanks behind him, all the runners that were left in my regiment. It was a tremendous example of leadership. How could you not follow someone like that?’

Alamein: War Without Hate, by John Bierman & Colin Smith

Brigadier Campbell, who refused to be evacuated after a nasty wound, won one of three VCs awarded for gallantry at Sidi Rezegh. The other two VCs were posthumous: a rifleman who silenced a German AT position by charging it with a Bren gun, and a subaltern who kept firing after all the men of his anti-tank troop had been killed.


By the hand of the Oracle, they are with the King now – their rightful owner. And someday soon, he shall use them to purge our star of its scourge.

Ravus Nox Fleuret - Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Verse 2

  • Aries: The voice of speculation
  • Taurus: The voice of beauty
  • Gemini: The eternal voice
  • Cancer: The voice of comfort
  • Leo: The voice of celebration
  • Virgo: The voice of instruction
  • Libra: The voice of serenity
  • Scorpio: The voice of hypnosis
  • Sagittarius: The voice of truth
  • Capricorn: The voice of reason
  • Aquarius: The voice of elevation
  • Pisces: The voice of sedation
♈♌♐ Fire Glows  ♉♍♑ Earth Grows ♊♎♒ Air Knows ♋♏♓ Water Flows

Fire emphasis: Self confident, impulsive, initiative, dominant, energetic, uncontrollable, independent, imaginative, creative, idealistic, stimulating, intense, inspiring, self amusing, intuitive, defensive, self ruling, commanding, playful, spontaneous, delighted, can become burnt out, passionate, independent

Fire Deficit can express as: Lethargic, lack confidence, reserved, underwhelmed, rational, guarded, withdrawing, disinterested, has trouble with assertion, easily bored, melancholic and/or ultra restless and disorderly, impatient, forceful, angry, confused, lack of passion and direction, attention seeking, aggressive

Earth emphasis: Realistic, pedantic, compulsive, materialistic, orderly, refined, responsible, shy, guarded, emotionally reserved, ritualistic, pessimistic, rational, thorough, aware, intelligent, focused, in tune with nature, understands limitations, the physical body is a temple, stabilizing, relies too heavily on logic, sensual

Earth deficit can express as: Spaciness, disorderly, irresponsible, dependent, out of touch with basic living requirements, distant or not contained in the physical body, nomadic, can struggle holding down employment or responsibilities, neglects health, moody or overly cautious and serious, controlling, structured, anxious, hypochondriac, meticulous, duty bound, afraid of imagination

Air emphasis: Clever, spaced out, communicative, cerebral, conceptual, out of touch with the physical body, unrealistic, engaging, social, curious, restless, objective, mentally active, light eater, graceful, flexible, lost in thought, insomniac, informative, abstract, conceives ideas, detached, over emphasizes the intellectual response, distant, imaginative

Air deficient can express as: Extreme doubts with intelligence, struggle with academic and educative institutions, sedate in thinking and latching onto ideas, trouble turning inner world into language, disconnected, quiet minded or becomes a master of a field, highly motivated with education, feels the need to prove intelligence, over rational, worried, high functioning intellectual, dominant in conversation

Water emphasis: Receptive, fluid, hyper sensitive, emotionally focused, secretive, empathetic, withdrawing, solitary, idealistic, visionary, unstable, melancholic, theatrical with emotional displays, projects feelings onto others, people conscious, intuitive, lacks boundaries, can be easily manipulated, lethargic, escapist, disturbed, overwhelmed

Water deficit can express as: Inability to comprehend and identify feelings, disregards emotions, low emotional intelligence, dissociated, unresponsive, has trouble ascertaining values, emptiness, contained, distant, insensitive to the pain of others or extremely moody and unstable, represses emotions until violent outburst, unpredictable, hypersensitive, cannot understand nor control moods, reactive


In general there is like. a whole category of Voltron angst premises that utterly fails to make me feel anything because it often severely underestimates the strength of the characters that it proposes to be breaking.

Like… Listen. Lance pretty dang likely had internal injuries and had spent a pretty impressive amount of time unresponsive and he woke up like that and shot Sendak in the shoulder before nearly back out again. This tells us Lance woke up, probably in no small amount of pain, probably pretty loopy since he remembered absolutely none of it afterwards, and the absolute first thing that occurred to him to do is Sendak was right there and he had a clear shot so, fuck that guy. He got in that situation in the first place because he saw a bomb going off and his first priority was to protect Coran- who at the time he’d known for… days, maybe? 

Pidge, the fourteen-year-old, who was pretty much entirely alone on the castle during that same time, having just lost contact with Allura, losing Rover and then hearing Shiro get tortured by Sendak- still kept her head about her enough to try and bait Sendak off with a hologram and was a major part of that fight. I mean. literally, take this emotionally compromised kid and go “you’re officially alone on a spaceship with murderous adult soldiers. They have your friends. They’re hurting your friends. You are the only one in position to do anything. Have fun.” And she won

Keith had his shoulder hacked pretty impressively in the first room of the Trial of Marmora and was given multiple opportunities to bail with a pretty clear pattern that the next room would be worse and have more attackers and Shiro states it as a given that Keith will not give up. Kolivan unambiguously tells him going in this is a life-or-death scenario. This is also Keith who willingly soloed freaking Zarkon with Coran actively telling him that he had no chance of surviving that fight because Zarkon is not getting the Black Lion.

Allura destroyed the last thing she had of her father in order to protect her team and let herself be captured by Zarkon in order to protect Shiro. She caught her second wind and held out against Haggar as best as she possibly could even knowing those odds were not good.

Coran picked a fight with Zarkon’s entire fleet piloting a ship ten thousand years old, alone, and did pretty dang good

Hunk actively, voluntarily, and enthusiastically picked a fight with a planet-eating monster stated to be one of the most dangerous things in space and long before that, all of his misgivings about signing up to save the universe evaporated like morning dew in the Sahara as soon as he saw what Shay and her people were going through. 

A lot of “angst” content seems to really disrespect or even ignore that these people are fighters. Survivors. These aren’t people who flake under pressure. In Shiro’s case, he literally never would have made it if he was. We see that at his worst, during his missing year, when he was utterly baffled by the idea anyone would help him and was pretty unsubtly about to be knocked out and experimented on- he was full of fight. There wasn’t much he could do but he wasn’t going down easily and if nothing else, the fact that there were two good-sized soldiers in full armor in the room taking the role of sedating him would tell us that Shiro didn’t exactly obediently walk to that room in the first place.

I see a lot of stuff that acts like Lance could get captured and in the time it’d take the team to get to him he could be ‘turned to the dark side’ or broken as a person and it’s like… the empire had a solid year to work on Shiro when the latter had the assumption that no one who would want to help him would even have the technology to reach him or even know he was alive in the first place and the empire didn’t win. What honestly makes you think they could take a month and destroy any of the team?