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Hi Lori! Can you tell us about any new interesting/valuable way your zoo cares for animals? (e.g. any new ways of checking on the health of an animal, or transporting them, etc.?)

Sure, I can try!

The use of technology for veterinary care is making leaps and bounds, hand in hand with training and husbandry practices. Every animal at a zoo is trained, but it’s not to do tricks - it’s to voluntarily engage in behaviors to assist in their care and minimize the times they need to be sedated. Tigers are trained to present their hips for vaccine injections, for example, and giraffes are trained to stand still for X-rays and blood draws from their necks.

Some animals are trained for sonograms, or even for finger-cuffs to measure blood pressure. My zoo has been doing a lot of interesting stuff with blood analysis and nutritional analysis to help them more effectively feed the animals and mimic their native diet. They’re also studying the ways floor substrates can help the animals - they recently changed the floor in the indoor elephant “gang room” (the huge building where they hang out when they’re not outside) and they’re experimenting with different substrates in the giraffe building as well.

My zoo is actually in the middle of remodeling/expanding their animal health facility. They’ll be able to do a lot more on-site as opposed to transporting animals to the university for certain procedures.

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What did you think of spring day and not today? Song and MV wise

I just realised that I’ve been so busy that I never even posted my review of these songs. Haha. Thanks for reminding me. 

Spring Day is sedate and lovely. The song is bookended with greatness but the middle is weak. It reminds me of the past (which BTS frequently does) and I love anything that evokes that kind of vintage-vibe and nostalgia. The rap verses are my favourite aspects but I don’t like the chorus itself (it sounds a bit basic). 

I can’t talk about the MV without sounding like a bitch so here goes: it’s way too indulgent. I know Jin can do more than just stare into the camera with that slightly frowny face. The direction they give him never really explores his potential (which I know he has). There’s also a ton of useless Jungkook reaction shots. Everyone else had pretty interesting scenes but Jimin was definitely the standout. Overall, it’s gorgeous to look at and suits the song but there’s too much standing around and staring at the camera in contemplation. They might as well hold a sign saying: LOOK AT US BEING REFLECTIVE AND SHIT. It worked for all the HYYH videos but I don’t think they’ve been able to capture that kind of realness since then. 

Not Today. This is just ridiculous, fun and veers dangerously close to being try-hard and cringey. I just feel like all the individual elements are up to BTS’s high standards in terms of rap, vocals and production quality but…’s not that memorable to me? It doesn’t hit hard like Fire. It doesn’t get stuck in your head like Dope. It’s not exactly badass or groundbreaking either. But hey, it’s fun and Tae looks hot in the video so I’m not going to complain about it any more. Haha. 

I think BTS always deliver quality material and I don’t think they’re lazy with the rap or vocals. It’s just that some of their songs really appeal to me and others less so. I don’t write these harsh things because I think they’re awful, I just write them because I’ve seen/heard them do better in the past and I’m just trying to be honest. 


If one of us doesn’t make it, the other one can’t end up like The Dean. Mad and bitter and destroying everything we touch. I don’t want that to be our story. Okay? Our story is that we made each other better. So we go together. We try and save Perry together, we face whatever comes next together. Alright. Together it is.

the amount of times I mentally reply with ‘same’ when listening to Green Day is ridiculous

“Oh apathy has rained on me, and now I’m feeling like a soggy dream. So close to drowning but I don’t mind”


“I am one of those melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bone no doubt about it”


“When I was a kid I thought I wanted all the things that I hadn’t got, oh but I learned the hardest way”




everything you thought you wanted

WARNING: songs contain sensitive subject material | starts out “nice” but turns darker toward the end

  1. Nowhere to Run // Stegosaurus Rex
  2. Side Effects // Fog Lake
  3. Genghis Khan // Miike Snow
  4. Criminal // Fiona Apple
  5. inside you // Elvis Depressedly
  6. salvia plath // teen suicide
  7. What Kind Of Man // Florence + The Machine
  8. The Mission (M is for Milla Mix) // Puscifer
  9. You Don’t Know Me // Son Lux
  10. Trouble // Halsey
  11. Do I Wanna Know? // Arctic Monkeys
  12. My Heart Goes Bum Bum Bum // flatsound
  13. Sedated // Hozier
  14. The Gardener // The Dresden Dolls
  15. Crystalised // The xx
  16. Dog Teeth // Nicole Dollanganger
  17. Cocoa Hooves // Glass Animals
  18. Desperately Safe // Alias C. Coldwood
  20. Sprawling Idiot Effigy // Nero’s Day At Disneyland

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