sed non satiata

Extraña diosa bruna, semejante a la noche
Y al aroma mezclado de almizcle y de tabaco.
Obra de algún conjuro, engendro demoníaco,
Calcinada hechicera, ser de la medianoche.

No quiero opio ni sombras ni brebajes: ansío
El vino de tu boca donde el amor es llama.
Hacia ti mis deseos parten en caravana.
Tus ojos son dos pozos en que bebe mi hastío.

En esos grandes ojos que anhela quien te ama,
Oh demonio insaciable, me devora tu llama,
El fuego que robaste al cielo y el infierno.

Si este placer prohibido tiene un castigo eterno,
Es un precio que vale la dicha de tenerte
Y fundir en tu abrazo el amor y la muerte.

—  Sed non Satiata, Charles Baudelaire
Spirit Fuel
Sed Non Satiata
Spirit Fuel

Etre sans arrêt obligé de ne pas tout prendre pour argent comptant
En permanente quête de la remise en question
Quitte à se sentir seul et abandonné
Quitte à se sentir faible et souillé
La seule source de nos esprits
(est) la culture du refus
Quitte à se sentir, par les autres écrasé
Quitte à se sentir noyé dans des pensées confuses
D'évidentes incohérences apparaissent
Mais elles disparaitront d'elles même
A force de perséverance et de refus des facilités

Still unable to take anything for granted
Still in search of who I really am, of what I really want
Even if I feel alone and forsaken
Even if I feel weak and dirty
The only spirit fuel
(is) The culture of denial
Even if I get crushed by others
Even if I get drowned in confused thoughts
Incoherence keeps showing up on my way
But it will disappear
If I keep heading on, if I keep ignoring the easy route

Io preferisco alla costanza, all'oppio, alle notti, l'elisir della tua bocca in cui l'amore si pavoneggia: quando verso di te i miei desideri partono in carovana, i tuoi occhi sono la cisterna in cui bevono le mie pene.
—  Charles Baudelaire, I fiori del male
Sed non satiata

Daïtro - “De L'eau Coule Sous Les Ponts (The Water Flowed Under The Bridge)”

De l’eau coule sous les ponts charriant des cadavres, remuant la vase et ramenant á la surface des reliques d’un autre temps. On essaye tant bien que mal de rattraper ces vieilleries dont on a oublié le nom et l’usage pour tacher d’en faire quelquechose d’utile et de vaguement humain.
De l’eau coule sous les ponts, de l’eau coule sous les ponts.
Les fatalistes ont baissé les bras.
Les optimistes ont baissé les bras.
Mon père a baissé les bras.
Ma mère a baissé les bras.
Parfois quand vient le soir j’ai moi même envie de baisser les bras.
Mais qu’est ce qui nous pousse, tous, a avoir plus ou moins envie de baisser les bras?
Est ce que c’es parceque certains ont dit que le combat était perdu d’avance?
Qui étaient ils pour dire que le combat était perdu d’avance?
Qui a gagné et qui a perdu?
Les gagnants d’aujourd’hui sont les perdants de demain.
Alors qui a gagné et qui a perdu?
Les perdants d’aujourd’hui sont les gagnants de demain.
Alors qui a gagné et qui a perdu?
Qui gagnera et qui perdra.
Peu importe.
L’important c’est pas la victoire mais le combat.

Water flows under the bridges, carrying along corpses, stirring up the mud and stirring at the surface of relics of another time. They’re doing their best to recapture these old things whose name and use have been forgotten, to try to do something useful and vaguely human. 
Water under the bridges, water under the bridges. 
The fatalists have lowered their arms 
The optimists have lowered their arms. 
My father has lowered his arms. 
My mother has lowered her arms. 
Sometimes when evening comes, I also feel like lowering my arms. 
What makes us all want to lower our arms? 
Is it because some said that the fight had been lost before it even began? 
Who were they to say that the fight had been lost before it began?
Who won and who lost? 
Today’s winners are tomorrow’s losers. 
So who won and who lost? 
Today’s losers are tomorrow’s winners. 
So who won and who lost? 
Who will win and who will lose? 
It matters little. 
What matters is not the victory but the fight.

Okay! The big Orchid Tribute 12" LP update. 

*Starting from next Monday, one track will be streaming on the DK Bandcamp every day until the pre-order date of February 20th

*There will be three colourways; Clear Blue/100, Clear Red/200, Clear Yellow/Gold/200. Only 300 will be available online, 100 each of the Red and Yellow copies will be going to the bands

*There will also be a CD version of this release for about £4.99 or £1.99 if you also buy the record. Basic packaging, but they won’t be CD-Rs and will have proper covers

*New artwork will be revealed every week, all of which has been designed by Rodrigo Almanegra. We’re both really happy with our ideas!

If you run a vinyl blog and love Orchid, please get in touch as i would like some good coverage from people who will ‘get’ the nice small touches in this release! This has taken something like 8/9 months to sort out (will check on this later) but is finally ready to go. I hope everyone is into this, whether you’re a fan of the band, some of the bands taking part or the 'Screamo’ genre in general.