Which meter do you trust?

Which meter do you trust?

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Back in the good old days, before smart meters, before the privatisation of the Victorian Electrical system, there was the state government owned State Electricity Commission of Victoria.  The SECV was disbanded in 1993 as various private electricity companies (largely foreign owned) scrambled for a piece of the lucrative action. See Vicpower website.

The SECV used to send its customers a…

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red light cameras Red Light Cameras
Red Light Cameras Are Aimed at Making Intersections Safer

By Dawn Henthorn
Florida Travel Expert
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Caught on camera has taken on new meaning in Florida. Hundreds of red light cameras have been installed at dangerous intersections throughout Florida during the last year, and they are catching thousands of red light violations daily. As a result, hundreds of car owners are opening their mailboxes to discover a “ticket” for a traffic violation that they may or may not have committed or even remember.
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Placing of these cameras in Florida was made legal in May of 2010, when then Governor Charlie Crist signed into law the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, a “red light camera” bill aimed at deterring red light runners and making dangerous intersections safer. While the spirit of the bill, named after a man that was killed by a red light runner in 2003, was intended to be all about safety, the money generated from these tickets has become just one of the controversies surrounding red light cameras. Many see them as an easy way for cash-strapped cities to tax unsuspecting motorists.

The debate also rages over the “safety” of red light cameras. While the cameras are credited with reducing the number of accidents from front to side impacts and the resulting serious injuries that typically come with that type of crash, the cameras may also cause more rear-end collisions. Proponents of red light cameras argue that rear-end collisions are usually less severe and that the cameras help deter the more serious crashes.
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How Red Light Cameras Work

How do red light cameras work? Cameras installed at dangerous intersections continuously monitor traffic. Intersections are chosen because of past traffic accident history caused by red light runners that result in serious injuries. Sensors located just before the crosswalk or traffic stop line are coordinated with the traffic lights; and, depending on the system installed, a series of photographs and/or video captures the offending vehicle before it enters the intersection and follows its progression through the intersection. The cameras record the date, time of day, vehicle speed and license plate.

It is standard practice for law enforcement agencies have one or more officers review the photos and/or video before a citation is issued. Only those clearly in violation of the traffic signal are issued citations, which are mailed to the vehicle’s owner.
What Constitutes a Violation?

A red light violation occurs when a vehicle enters the intersection after the signal has turned red. Violations may occur if drivers fail to come to a complete stop before turning at intersections allowing right turn on red. Motorists that are inadvertently in an intersection when the traffic light turns red are not considered red light runners.
How to Avoid Violations

Of course, the easiest way to avoid a citation is to not run a red light, and make sure you stop before the crosswalk or traffic stop line. Additionally, make sure you come to a complete stop before turning right on red at a signal.

Know the locations of Florida’s red light cameras and either avoid the intersections or be extra careful to avoid running the light when it turns red.
What to Do If You Receive a Ticket

So, you’ve just gotten a ticket in the mail. What do you do next? Basically, you have two choices – pay the ticket or fight the ticket in court. Florida’s red-light camera law allows violators to mail in $158. No notation will be made on your driver’s license.

However, if you feel the citation was issued in error, you were not driving your vehicle at the time or just feel the ticket is unfair, you may fight it in court. The proliferation of red light cameras, have been met equally with a proliferation of lawyers who will take your “case” before a judge for a fee. Simply search the Internet for “red light attorney” in your area. One attorney in South Florida is only charging $75 and will refund the fee if he is not successful in getting your case dismissed. His track record is pretty good — out of 550 cases in four counties, he has not lost one. It is important to note that may not be the case in other areas of Florida. The outcome depends on a judge’s attitude about the cameras and whether he or she feels the law has been fairly administered.

Lignite & Hearsay

In 1973, the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) announced that it would build a pair of large brown coal-fired baseload power stations adjacent to a new open-cut mine at Loy Yang, south of the township of Traralgon in the Latrobe Valley region of the Australian state. Each station would have an output of 2000 MW, approximately 1.5x larger than the previous two ‘big’ coal-fired power stations in the 'Valley, Hazelwood and Yallourn W.

Loy Yang B Power Station in the Latrobe Valley

By the time the last of the four 500 MW turbogenerators at 'A’ station were commissioned in 1988, the SECV was in dire financial straits. By the time 'B’ station had finished being commissioned, built as only two instead of a planned four turbogenerators, the SECV ceased to exist as a state-owned monopoly electricity utility. What happened? Why was such a massive, capital-intensive project undertaken in the first place?

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