thrall:*drops doomhammer* aaah!! my doomhammer!! *bends over secutively and picks up doomhammer* *bends over seductively picks up doomhammer* *bends over and sedu

another summer.. another year.. thank u for stickin w me thru my highs and lows i love all of u so much… tumblr is such a huge part of my life and one of the only constants ive known these past few years and i am so grateful for an outlet and a welcoming community esp my non kpop mutuals like .. how do u put up with me.. u are a blessing.. we are one.. 

under the cut is every1 i follow.. all 252 of u.. thank u ily

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Happy Together E382 w Jackson HD Raw

  • Jackson used to play basketball in school to impress girls
  • He has a jacuzzi at home
  • 2 levels of his 4-storey home is his room
  • He shares it with his brother
  • His nickname is Kaka from his Chinese name Wong Ka Yee

Kaka is secute I can’t even

Houses in Hong Kong are crazy expensive because of the high demand for land but his family owns a 4-storey house with a jacuzzi. I guess doing sports really pays well..?

Jackson had so much in life yet he persevered as a trainee and never once gave up on his dreams. He would have been so much better off had he continued fencing but he chose to be a singer and fortunately he is enjoying it so much now, despite all the hardship and struggles he has to go through; sharing a bed when he has an entire storey to himself back home, having to take super quick showers compared to nice relaxing baths, and most importantly the lack of rest and exhaustion he has to go through every single day.

He could’ve continued living in luxury, but he didn’t.

And I’m glad as hell he didn’t cos now we know of a super awesome dude named Jackson Wang and everyone is giving him so much love.

So so so proud of my mandu.