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known aliases: lil j, jdoolz, water choo choo

suspect has shown an aptitude for bypassing even the most complicated of security measures, likely due to a background in a combination of technology and gymnastics, though this remains to be confirmed.

suspect may be dangerous, more intel is needed. approach with caution.
I Went Undercover With a Border Militia. Here's What I Saw. | Mother Jones

Undercover with a militia. Some interesting aspects, both to the security measures the militia takes (code names) and the ease with which they’re penetrated.

As John Dolan points out, penetrating ideological orgs is significantly easier than orgs based on kinship, tribes or geography. Adopting new beliefs is trivial, learning the group argot and mythologies doesn’t take much work. But you can’t really fake being born into and growing up in a tribe/family,

Of course, the security tradeoff against strong vetting based on years of knowing someone is that enforcing discipline is extremely hard. This is an issue when security rules are violated. For example, Salah Abdeslam was nothing but a liability after the Paris attacks. He was also a friend, so “disappearing him” as the should e done, was hard to impossible.

“It’s ideal for Headquarters, of course. My father put every security measure known to wizardkind on it when he lived here. It’s unplottable, so Muggles could never come and call — as if they’d ever have wanted to — and now Dumbledore’s added his protection, you’d be hard put to find a safer house anywhere.”
—Sirius Black


    ↳  ya lit meme [ 1/5 ] ↲ five locations : Grimmauld Place
           ↳ ❝ It’s ideal for Headquarters, of course. My father put every security measure known to wizardkind on it when he lived here. It’s unplottable, so Muggles could never come and call — as if they’d ever have wanted to — and now Dumbledore’s added his protection, you’d be hard put to find a safer house anywhere.❞


“The staff have been working with security firm JSS, and preparations are now complete on the new security measures for handshake and photographing events.

Security personnel will now hand search all bags, and attendees will have to pass through a metal detector. Attendees are limited to bringing one bag per person, and the three dimensions of the bag must not exceed 90 centimeters. Attendees also cannot bring their bags with them when they actually shake hands with the group members.”



Security measures video (full HD)


Suspension of classes will continue until tomorrow, September 24, Friday.

Postponement of Periodical Exams is still under consideration. Please standby for further announcements.




To All Students and Parents,

In view of the forthcoming 2nd Quarter Periodic Exams, we are restricting the conduct of extracurricular activities in the school. Hence, students should immediately go home after their last class.

 Furthermore, in light of the ongoing demolition of residents across PSHS, we are taking additional security measures. These measures shall be observed effective September 27, 2010 until amended/revoked.

We will provide shuttle service to our externs who commute and are neither brought nor fetched by their parents/guardians to school. This will be in the morning and in the afternoon starting Monday, September 27 until the duration of the demolition. There will be two (2) trips in the morning and two (2) in the afternoon. The morning shuttle will be at 6:30 am and 7:00 am. PSHS vans will be used, with Plate Numbers SDA 269 & SHY 545. SDA 269 will be stationed at Mercury Drugstore, EDSA (southbound; near Paramount) and SHY 545 will be stationed at Centris Parking Lot, EDSA cor Quezon Ave (northbound).

In the afternoon, all externs who are not fetched should ride in the PSHS bus. This shuttle service will take the following route: PSHS-Agham Road-Quezon Avenue-EDSA-North Avenue-Philcoa-PSHS. There will be two (2) trips: 3:30 and 4:30. Hence, all externs not fetched should go home at 4:30. Externs who are fetched can be picked up until 6:00 pm.

Students who have to leave the campus during school hours for valid reasons (e.g. STR, illness) must be accompanied by parents/guardians (or their authorized representatives). Dormers are no longer allowed to leave the campus between their last class and dorm curfew at 7:00 pm. Parents of dormers who bring out their children should bring them back on or before 7:00 pm.

Also for dormers, orders for food deliveries should be placed from 4:30 pm (or earlier) up to 6:00 pm. Food deliveries should be picked up only at these drop off points: for boys – entrance of the BRH Main; for girls – entrance of the GRH Main. Dormers are no longer allowed to go to the gate after 6:00 pm. Entry of food deliveries will now be allowed until 7:00 pm. Just wait for these at the authorized drop off points.


The Security Personnel have been instructed to list down names of those who will not observe the above-mentioned measures.

For your guidance and strict compliance.


Campus Director

Are you the Keymaster


So from what I’ve gathered, a couple decades ago the school ended up needing to keep some mcguffin safe, so they opted to put a bunch of wings on hundreds of little keys and have only one of them open some door. Why they didn’t just opt to NOT put the key that opened the door in that room is beyond me, but I’ve learned not to ask questions like that anymore.

Anyway, some kid got past their master security measures and they eventually took them down and uncharmed them all, except they didn’t. You missed one or two guys, because one just got me in the back of the head like a large angry metal mosquito.


story time

Racial microaggressions in libraries aren’t limited to teenagers. I’ve also seen white librarians ask for backup from security guards simply because they were outnumbered in a room with two people of color. I’ve seen librarians withhold computer guest passes from black and latino patrons because the patrons hadn’t anticipated needing ID at the library. (It’s easy in most libraries to print a temporary guest pass that anyone can use without ID.) And time and again I’ve seen black and brown patrons escorted out of libraries or even banned permanently for talking too loudly. I’ve seen white patrons treated these ways, too, but in my experience I’ve seen patrons of color disproportionately targeted.

Working in a public space does come with its own set of personal safety challenges. As public servants, librarians interact daily with people from all walks of life, including those who are intoxicated, mentally unstable, even publicly masturbating. There’s a legitimate need for security measures to help maintain a peaceful and safe environment. But I’ve seen enough instances of racial microaggressions in libraries to convince me that we often go too far when it comes to how librarians treat patrons of color, especially teenage patrons of color. We think we’re monitoring behavior, when what we’re actually monitoring is race.


Why We Need Diverse Libraries 



There’s just not enough theories about the implications of Sisko having Dukat’s old office:

Sisko finding Dukat’s hidden stash of bad love poetry.

Sisko accidentally tripping some security measure by leaning on the wall the wrong way. (Dukat is paranoid after all). The whole station has to be evacuated.

Dukat visiting and triggering one of those security measure so he and Sisko gets trapped together in his office for seven hours. So they can “talk”, since they’re “best friends”.

Sisko finding Dukat’s hidden stash of illegally strong kanar. Quark somehow gets a hold of it and 5 people have to be hospitalized.  

Sisko having to remove the mirrors covering the ceiling before he moves in.

Sisko having to sign for a real size bronze statue of Dukat that due to being stuck in the Bolian customs arrives three weeks after Dukat left.
5 Outrageous School Policies That Are Pushing Black Girls Out of Schools
Aren’t schools supposed to be sites of learning and growth for young people? These horrible policies targeting young black girl tells a different story.

Policymakers, administrators, and teachers often implement school policies that claim to create a “more secure” and “respectful” environment.

After the Columbine shooting, there was an increase in security measures in schools nationwide to ensure that young people could be safe in schools.

As Nancy Heitzeg explains in The School-to-Prison Pipeline, this negatively affects students of color. White students in suburban areas received an increase in guidance counselors and mediation programs.

For Black and Brown students in mostly urban areas, this meant creating zero-tolerance policies and increasing police presences, which directly fuels the school-to-prison pipeline.

This is all because of implicit bias against people of color. Rather than treating students of color as growing people who come from different environments and experiences, our young people are criminalized and expected to conform to strict Eurocentric standards. Intentional discrimination against students of color is also present in disciplinary actions.

And when young people of color fail – exactly as they are set up to do – a system of school push-out is created.


It is also the case that young women and gender non-conforming youth of color are discriminated against in ways that young men of color are not. The National Women’s Law Center and Girls for Gender Equity 2015 report explains how nationally schools disproportionately target young women of color in racialized and gendered ways.

An advocate in report explains, “Much of this discipline flows from the perception that [girls of color’s] femininity is flawed. Discipline is used as a means to have Black girls conform to stereotypical forms of femininity.”

Because of misogynoir, young Black women are stereotyped and punished for being themselves. As the NAACP report, Unlocking Opportunity for African American Girls, explains, Black girls are coded as “loud, confrontational, assertive, and provocative” in schools.

Because this is in direct opposition to traditional, Eurocentric expectations of femininity, Black girls are then punished, almost as soon as they go through school doors.

Hi, everyone! This is my most recent piece on Everyday Feminism, I just wanted to talk about it for a moment.

Much of this was heavily inspired by the work of Girls for Gender Equity. A couple of years ago, I was a Public Allies fellow there, where I worked with a small group of high school aged women of color doing Participatory Action Research on school push-out. It was really powerful for me to see them doing work around their experiences in schools especially because so much of it was so similar to my own. Much of the work they did/do was based in their own experiences and created frameworks, as well as the work of scholar-allies.

I would definitely encourage you to look into their work, especially if you are in the New York area. One event they are hosting is on October 22nd. It’s an interactive event called The Schools Girls Deserve. At the event, “you’ll walk through two different school models: one that represents a push out school and one that represents the school that girls deserve, hear from the young women who created these visions and learn more about Girls for Gender Equity’s plan to turn these visions into an accessible policy book.” (I believe there’s still time to RSVP).

This is part of the Dignity in Schools Campaign Annual National Week of Action. So if you cannot attend this, there are many events happening around the country as well.

- Jennifer

Whatever you do, please don’t imagine Harry deliberately setting off the security measures in the marauders map just so he could talk to the Mr. Prongs in the map.

Don’t imagine a tiny Harry clinging to this one old piece of parchment because it’s how he can talk to his dad in the smallest way.

Don’t imagine the Mr. Prongs in the map being completely insufferable to Messirs Padfood, Moony and Wormtail about Harry being the son of James Potter and Lily Evans.

Don’t imagine Harry talking to all 4 of them and feeling awkward every time Mr. Wormtail speaks, but not having the heart to tell them what happened.

Don’t imagine Mr. Prongs asking Harry what happened to himself after he made the map.

Just don’t.