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In customer service you learn several things:

  • How to say “no” in several different ways without actually saying “no”
  • How to say “fuck you” in several different ways without actually saying “fuck you”

For example, if someone says do you have something and after pretending to search in the catalog for something you know you do not have (someone wanted to know where we sold computers and I work in a library) you tell them another way to get that item such as “The people at I.T. work on the computers, they can help you,” or “Here we don’t own this specific book but let me help you get it from another library.” Or if you for some reason have a customer that won’t take you’re carefully worded no’s for an answer and start getting belligerent, a 6 foot 1 security guard with a taser tends to get the message across just fine.

Let me give you an example of how I say “fuck you” to unruly customers. I’ve once had a brony come in and hit on me, would not leave me alone, despite the fact that my managers came up and made it painfully clear not to hit on us desk clerks. That wouldn’t even get him to fuck off. What did get him to fuck off was the 6 foot 1 security guard that walked in with his taser. 

Another example is a woman who literally wanted me to give out other patrons personal info. Not only would she not understand that despite threatening me that I would lose my job if she didn’t get that info right then and there, that I would have lost my job anyway and faced several lawsuits. You want to know what she did understand? A 6 foot 1 security guard with a taser.

Moral of the story: when you’re up against a wall with a crazy ass customer, call security. No need to put up with that shit.



ok it’s fnaf 2 cutscenes but instead of Purple Guy holding a weird wrench thing it is actually a gun. It’s one of many guns. I could not shake this image from my head. I can only think of one security guard filled with such malice that he would mow down a bunch of haunted robots with a gatling gun. Here he is. What a bad man. 0/10 worst security guard (10/10 for effort)

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pandamerdoso  asked:

may I request a fluffy hc in which RFA interacts with a random child (like that they meet at the park or something) and they act so sweet that MC's heart simply MELTS?? I need fluff in my life ♥ (and sorry for my bad english)

This was such a cute request but it was hard thinking of ways they would meet the children. Your English is great by the way. I hope you enjoy it~!


  • You two were taking a little stroll through the park when a boy who looked around the age of 13 or so walked up to your boyfriend, Yoosung
  • Both of you stopped in your tracks wondering what the boy wanted
  • He pointed to Yoosung’s LOLOL hoodie that you got for him recently and started talking about that game that he plays all the time
  • You could tell that the boy was as passionate about the game as Yoosung because they were eyes-wide and talking fast about the game
  • Just seeing how sweet your boyfriend was with the teenage boy was enough to make your heart melt
  • Bright smiles were exchanged by the both of them when the boy started to walk off in the other direction
  • “You know, you would make an excellent father someday”, you winked at him
  • Poor boy was so flustered when you said that
  • Of course you would have to wait a little bit since you guys aren’t even married yet
  • But hey, Yoosung is going to be the cutest father ever


  • There was a little girl staring at Zen with awe the whole entire time at the play
  • You were sitting right next to her and you could see how much she just idolized Zen
  • Once the play was over you went up to her parents and her and asked them if it would be okay for her to see Zen
  • They agreed and the girl, which looked to be around the age of 9 was staring at your brightly with tears in her eyes
  • You two finally made it to Zen’s dressing room and you knocked on the door saying it was you and you had a special visitor
  • The door swung open and the little girl’s jaw dropped
  • You introduced your boyfriend to the girl and he was being absolutely adorable with her
  • They were taking pictures, exchanging many hugs, and were talking about his acting and the whole time Zen’s smile never faded
  • The girl was boosting his ego but seeing him interact with the child made you feel all fluffy inside
  • Once she left with her parents you gave him a small peck on the lips and showered him with how he talked with the girl


  • The café was pretty busy today both you and Jaehee were rushing around trying to take care of everything
  • When you were dealing with someone you didn’t notice Jaehee conversing with two little children
  • She wasn’t too skilled with children and didn’t really know how to take care of them but once they both said they were walking around and lost their parents MOMMA JAEHEE MODE IS ON
  • You finished taking the person’s order and was starting to work on it when you noticed the lack of your companion next to you
  • You looked all over the café and finally you saw Jaehee with two kids calming them down and giving them two hot chocolates
  • Seeing your girlfriend being so sweet with children was enough for you to find peace in this busy day
  • When you went back to making the drinks the parents of the kid’s walked in and rushed to their children and thanking Jaehee tons
  • After they left she walked over to you and started talking about the kids with stars in her eyes
  • You never saw Jaehee like this and you realized that after that Jaehee was in love with the idea of kids


  • It was a lazy day today since Jumin took off work to spend it with you because you barely saw each other anymore
  • You two were laying on the couch with a Disney movie playing softly in the background when a security guard came up to you guys
  • They explained that there was a little boy around the age of 5 who couldn’t find his parents in the big building
  • Jumin told the guard to send him in to try and find his parents
  • The kid walked into the room with silent tears coming down his cheeks and you both immediately shot up from your spots on the couch
  • You went into the kitchen to go get the boy some hot chocolate or any little sweet you could find in the penthouse
  • When you walked back into the living room you saw Jumin and the little boy sitting on the couch watching the Disney movie while petting Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Oh, you could tell that Jumin really liked this kid because he was letting him pet Elizabeth
  • You looked more closely and saw that Jumin wasn’t looking at the TV but instead looking at the child with a small smile on his face
  • You walked forwards more and gave the kid the warm drink which he accepted through a smile
  • The guard came in again but with two different people which you would only guess to be the boy’s parents
  • Once they all left Jumin still had the smile on his face but it went bigger once he saw you
  • You kissed him gently and wrapped you arms around his neck while pressing your forehead to his
  • “You would be the sweetest husband ever”


  • Finally you both were outside getting some fresh air instead of the bunker
  • Today you were playing on the kids’ playground with a bunch of disapproving glares from parents
  • The hell was their problem? You two were minding your own goddamn business
  • You left for a second because you had to use the toilet and once you came back you saw Saeyoung and a set of twins playing with him
  • You started walking towards them and you could see that Seven was playing an evil dragon and the twins were trying to fight him off with sticks
  • When you got close to them you started laughing your ass off because of how dramatic Saeyoung was being when they finally defeated him
  • My god how much you loved this man
  • You decided to join in for round 2 and the little kids were all for it
  • The rest of the day was spent with you two being dragons while little children chased you around with sticks



Day 1: Fever

Hindsight is 20/20, and in hindsight, Shiro knows that this is bound to happen. He knows he’s bound to get sick with something. It happens every year, so really, this isn’t as surprising as he’s making it out to be.  He’s probably being dramatic, he thinks to himself.

Shiro has a tendency to overwork and run himself down, which is one of the negative effects of being a people-pleaser. He is, for some reason, physically unable to say no, and it causes him to overcommit, lose sleep, and burn out.

Right now was a great example of that. Shiro works at an elderly home as the night security guard.  He usually only has to work two nights a week - Monday and Friday - but a bug is going around that has slowly but surely taken out the majority of his coworkers.  This left him and his bosses to pick up the slack. He sees no other choice, though.  They needed him, and even though he’s taking a full load of classes (which was the reason he only works twice a week).

It’s Friday, and after a long week of classes every day, and work every night, he’s exhausted.  He’s also in desperate need of more than three hours of sleep, which is how much sleep he’s averaged each night this week.

He feels off, like he’s on the verge of coming down with a cold, or something to that effect. In fact, he’s felt this way for days now, but it still isn’t at the point he could actually say he’s sick. Yet, at least.

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FBI Profiler Says Linguistic Work Was Pivotal In Capture Of Unabomber

On May 25, 1978, a package exploded at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., injuring a security guard. It was the first of a series of 16 bombings that would occur over the next 17 years, killing three people and injuring many others. The suspect in the case, a shadowy figure who frequently used the U.S. mail to send his homemade explosives, became known as the “Unabomber.”

FBI criminal profiler James R. Fitzgerald began working on the case in July 1995. He remembers the Unabomber as a “criminal mastermind” who went to extraordinary lengths to erase any trace of physical evidence within his explosives.

FBI labs revealed, for instance, that the bomber ripped the skins off batteries to make them untraceable. He also avoided commercial glue and instead made his own epoxy by melting down deer hooves. “And, of course, no fingerprints, no DNA — nothing like that,” Fitzgerald says.

But Fitzgerald and his colleagues did have one important source of evidence: In the 1990s, the Unabomber began sending letters about his crimes to the media and some of his victims. In 1995, he sent a sprawling, 35,000-word “manifesto” to The New York Times and The Washington Post, in which he explained why he believed technology to be evil and how society should disband the technological system and live in agrarian tribes.

Fitzgerald says the Unabomber’s writings were a “pivotal factor” in cracking the case. He and his colleagues used them to help pinpoint the age and geographic origin of their suspect — evidence that helped lead to the April 6, 1996, arrest of Ted Kaczynski, an ideologically-motivated hermit living in a cabin in Montana.

Kaczynski pleaded guilty to the bombings in 1998 and is now serving a life sentence in prison. Fitzgerlad, now retired, is the central character in a new scripted mini-series on The Discovery Channel called Manhunt: Unabomber, starring actors Sam Worthington and Paul Bettany.

Photo: Kaczynski’s manifesto