Moving is finished! The delivery truck guy left our stuff at the lobby of our new building with the security guard and we didn’t need to hurry there or anything. He even sent us a picture. We moved the rest of my stuff into Sun’s car. It took longer than we thought because there were other people moving that day too so we couldn’t use the cart or the elevator as much.

We checked into our new place, ate lunch, took a break and then went on to unpack. Thanks to Sun we pretty much unpacked everything yesterday. We also tried to find a PC room in our area and failed so we ordered pizza and watched TV until it was time for Sun to go back to Ilsan.

Our new place is small but really nice. I’ll take pictures once we are done decorating. We have a bidet which Sun loves and our toilet even flushes automatically when you stand up. The room comes with a TV which I didn’t know and while I was peeved at first, now I feel like it might be nice to just watch TV during our down time. The view is lovely and the room is just so bright and lovely.

The parking garage is also one of those automatic ones. It’s pretty cool because you put the car into the garage and enter your tag number. Then the garage closes and your car is taken underground. When you want the car back, you enter the number and it brings the car back up. Scary at first but also super cool!

I also had a migraine most of yesterday which really sucked. Even threw up once I got to the new place. Sun was seriously so amazing. He did so much of the heavy lifting. He was so fast and determined and funny and didn’t complain at all even when I was being so slow. I’m so lucky and in love with this dude.

Today I woke up super early and went to a cafe to skype with my family for a few hours. Did some more organizing at home and rested before heading out to Ilsan to chill for a bit before Sun is back to Cheonan. I already miss Ilsan so much. I think I’m gonna find excuses go there every other week.

Criminal AUs
  • “The police just threatened you to put your weapon down and you retorted by saying that you’ll take something extremely valuable, and then you grabbed me wTF DID YOU JUST WINK AT ME.”
  • “Y'know, I wouldn’t be so mad about this whole ‘I was secretly a criminal the whole time thing’ if you hadn’t just killed our professor, I mean c'mon dude I know he was a douche to me but that’s no excuse to just MuRDer SOMEONE.”
  • “Okay, I’m sorry, but I CLEARLY got here first.”
  • “You got thrown into prison because you were covering for a relative/your friend and it’s so obvious you don’t fit in here and it’s actually pathetic, so how about I (someone who’s been in here for ages) show you the ropes?”
  • “Pfft, you’re the newbie and you look like such a wuss it’s unreal, I bet you couldn’t handle a single punc — WOAH I WAS NOT EXPECTING YOU TO PUNCH THAT HARD… okay, but you’ve GOT to teach me how to do that and I might be oddly attracted to you?? whaaaat???”
  • “I caught you in the middle of robbing this store and I’m so reporting this, and NO  i will not be bribed; OMG WHAT THEY HAVE THIS I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOR AGES… okay, maybe I will. “
  • “okay, I know I’m a security guard and I’m not meant to talk to any of the prisoners but seriously you are just so chatty and lovable it’s kind of hard not to talk to you, how did you even get in here???” 
  • “I’m only talking to you, the security guard, because I have a plan to get out of here but I think i kinda like you a bit more (ok a lot more) than the other guards, holy shit I might not leave because of you.”
  • BONUS: “What do you mean you want me to come with you??”
  • “Hey, you know all the expensive things you’ve been getting me the past few months? How did you even manage to afford that? … omfg please tell me you’re joking — YOU’RE NOT JOKING WHAT THE HELL.”
  • “you take the term ‘partner in crime’ to a whole new level.” 

Cop Humor

By: Eli Herrick