security towers

Type: Audio Log

Description: Audio File Within Cayde-6′s Personal Terminal

Location: Earth, Vanguard Quarters

//Audio Avaliable//

//Recording As Follows//

[Cayde-6]: Okay. So, all three of us are in the tower, right? Me, Zavala, and Ikora. All the vanguards up in the tower, doing vanguard-y stuff. Ikora was goin’ over some files and Zavala was doing that thing he does. You know, where he has his hands on the table, and he’s all hunched over? Brooding? Yeah, he was doing that. ANYWAY, I was there, too. I was showing off my new knife to the new security guy, Derrik. All of a sudden, the doors open up, and in walks in that warlock.The one that took out Oryx? Yeah, that one. Ikora’s favorite. So! The warlock walks in, looking all warlock-like, and they make they’re way over to Ikora. They start chattin’ it up, but I’m not really paying attention, because Zavala starts telling me to put my knife away and help him set up some scouting missions. But before I can even make it to the table, the warlock says -get this, the warlock says they have a new guardian that they want Ikora HERSELF to train.

So, NOW i’m REALLY interested. I knew Ikora owed them a favor, but I never thought they’d ask her to train up a greenhorn herself. So I think to myself “Hey! I gotta check this guy out!” If he’s so special that he needs training one-on-one from one of the vanguard, then I needed to get a glimpse. So, Zavala and I look up, and we couldn’t believe what we saw.

The warlock steps back, and it’s a Ghost. THEIR ghost, all dressed up to look like a warlock. This tiny lil’ guy has a warlock robe tied around it with some string, and it’s just hoverin’ in the air, trying it’s best to stay up.

At this point, I bust a gut. I mean, how couldn’t I? It was funny as hell! I start laughing, and I look over and see Zavala’s smiling, and even summa the security guys are chuckling too. And the Ghost is still hovering there, too! Hoverin’ in front of Ikora, still wearing that robe. Seriously, I hit up the comedy bar the day before, and that Ghost was the funniest thing I had seen all week. But! But that’s not the best part of this whole thing.

I finally get done laughing, and I look up at Ikora.

And she’s just frozen. She’s not moving.

And it get’s reeeeeeeal quiet.

After a minute, though, she smiles. And not one of her fakey smiles, either! Like, she GRINS. Like she can’t stop herself. And then she starts shaking. For a minute, I think she’s having a stroke or something, but then she just LOSES it. She starts laughing louder then any of this. Full on SNORTING. And that’s not even the best part! She actually FALLS DOWN. Like, she’s grabbing at the terminal desks, trying to stay up, but no! Down she goes! She’s even rolling around on the ground trying to cover up her mouth, but she’s just smiling too wide to hide it.

And, I mean, big blue and i were STUNNED. We hadn’t ever seen her laugh that much of that long. Hell, I can’t remember a time she went above a chuckle. So, we’re just kinda sitting there, watching Ikora clutch her gut as she does her best to stand up, still grinning like a big kid while her laughing dies down. But when she’s finally done, and she’s wiping the tears out of her eyes, she freezes again when she sees that EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE in the room, is staring at her. Like she was crazy or something.

And I lied. That wasn’t the best part.

The best part was that my Ghost recorded it all.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1200ish

Warnings: None

Summary: Manhattan goes dark. Bucky and the reader enjoy a stroll.

A/N: Based on an OLD anon kiss prompt request “Hands on other person’s back, fingertips pressing under their top, drawing gentle circles across that small strip of bare skin that make them break the kiss with a gasp” I’m slow, you guys, but I’m getting to them all. Also inspiration for this comes from Kings. Hope you enjoy.


Manhattan is dark.

Plunged into blackness by a cascade of system failures triggered by power overloads, settling the busy, vibrant city into a reverent, anticipatory quiet.


It feels magical. The way power outages did when you were a kid. Flashlights under blanket forts. Board games by candlelight.

Bucky’s not so sure he agrees. Not so certain he can shake reminders of war. Your heart plummets a bit as he voices as much.

Two different worlds.

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Imagine being the only one in Stark Tower that Loki actually likes (besides his brother, of course).

Gif Source: BecauseHiddles

Loki X Reader

When Thor, Loki and a handful of Asgardians sought refuge on Earth, Tony took back Stark Tower and turned a majority of the offices into apartments for Earth’s newest refugees. Everyone had been welcomed with opened arms and kind words, but the moment someone noticed Loki was back… all hell broke loose.

For weeks Thor and Bruce tried to vouch for the God of Lies and his reformed ways. So as the cousin to Pepper Potts- she was the only family member kind enough to take you in after hitting a rough patch in life- you stayed on the sidelines and watched everything unfold. No one trusted Loki, not that you blamed them, but you felt a bit bad about your fast judgement after hearing Thor explain that Loki’s mind had been messed with just as Hawkeye and Doctor Selvig’s had been.

The God of Mischief was excellent at feigning ignorance to all the hostile environments he walked into, but he couldn’t keep it up forever. So the first time you saw his mask crack and his shoulders slump when he suspected no one was paying him any attention, you got fed up with everyone’s attitude and decided to throw caution to the wind.

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You Don’t Know - Part Five

Summary: The five times you felt utterly alone, and the one time that Bucky was there to change that. (title comes from the song You Don’t Know by Katelyn Tarver)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Enhanced!Reader

Series Warnings: angst, sad, mentions of depression and anxiety, (minor) fighting, injuries, blood, nightmares, swearing, bullying, and mention of insecurities, past domestic abuse mentioned. 

A/N: I’M BACK!!!! Again thank you all so much for letting me have this break. I hope you enjoy this chapter! 

Word Count: 1,070

Series Masterlist

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You kept your head down and stayed silent as you made your way through the busy streets of New York. Avoiding the eyes of the continuous line of passing strangers you made your way until you found yourself in a familiar neighborhood. Your eyes jumped from building to building, noticing that much hadn’t changed since the last time you’d been around. Not even the small apartment complex that you formerly called home. You could still see the Henderson’s cat lurking in the window, and the familiar sounds of the Blake siblings arguing welcomed you as soon as you stepped into the building. Smiling to yourself you pulled the set of spare keys from your pocket as you made your way to the Winchester’s apartment, knowing it would most likely be empty. Turning the key you shoved against the door until it eventually gave way.

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*Christmas* (Chapter 18)

Alright guys, for the sake of an angst free fic, the WS absolutely does NOT kill Tonys parents in this. They had a car accident, slid out of control on an icy road, whatever. No WS involved. Everybody posted all this angst stuff on the 16th so I waited to even mention it in this fic (because we cant just ignore it) but I promise its angst free. Heavy on the feels but no angst!


Enjoy :)



It took six and a half hours for the team to hang the Christmas lights on the outside of the Tower.

Tony refused to hire professionals, preferring to hang each strand himself– via the Iron Man suit of course– which meant that every person in the Tower also had to help, to make sure the lights had that “authentic, homemade, casual look” that Tony was after, and not the “professional, main stream, impersonal look” of the other buildings in town.

“Casual?” Clint muttered into his ear piece as he scaled the lower ends of the Tower. “How is it casual when if we deviate at all from the blueprints Tony gave us, it will end up with us sleeping on the street for the rest of the week?”

“Bah Hum-bug Hawk!” Tony called as he zoomed by in his suit, retrieving another pile of lights and taking off towards the top of the building. “I only get to do this for one week, so you can suck it!”

“Why does Tony only get to hang lights for one week?” Bucky asked, hanging from the balcony with his left hand as he hooked lights underneath it with his right. “I mean, he’s had a different Christmas sweater every day for the past three weeks, but he can only do lights for one week?”

“Oh, it’s because a few years ago a plane almost crashed when the pilot saw the lights through a really bad fog and tried to land.” Natasha answered from down on the ground, painstakingly outlining every window with ropes of lights. “Tony and Falcon had to suit up and fly up under the plane with Thor and give it extra power to clear the Tower and make it safely to the airport.”

“Are you serious?” Bucky heaved himself back up on the balcony just as Tony zoomed by again.

“Honey, I wish you wouldn’t do that!” Tony called and Bucky waved at him.

“No worries, Sugar. If I fell off the balcony, you’d catch me right?”

“Well if he doesn’t, lets hope your super serum jacked ass can bounce off pavement!” Sam called as he swooped low to buzz at Bucky’s head before heading back up to make sure the lights on the very top of the Tower were secure.

“Thank you, Sam.” Tony snorted. “I’d catch ya Bucky Baby. Every time. Any chance to get my hands on that hot Winter boo–”

“For the love of god, stop flirting and hang some goddamn lights so I can go inside!!”– from Bruce, who had been forced volunteered to decorate the huge doors of the balcony.

“Bah Humbug!” Tony yelled at him and Bruce flipped him off and reached for another strand.

“So the other reason Tony is only allowed to hang lights for one week is because they are so bright, it literally illuminates several surrounding blocks and messes with the animals so they are always barking, and people get cranky because they can’t sleep, and of course Tony coordinates the lights to music so it’s not like they just gently blink on or off or anything.”

“No of course not, that would be boring.” Bucky grinned. “Tony, you’re ridiculous.”

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You’re Invited(Stark!Reader x Peter Parker)

Word Count: 1964

Summary: The reader and Peter get invited to a high school party, and the only way to go is to sneak out.

Warnings: Underage drinking SORRY DON’T DO WHAT THEY DO

A/N: Some Reader x Peter because we all need it every once in awhile. I love Peter, omg. I hope you guys like this!! 

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Breaking Up My Bones (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by v-writings

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing
Summary: Y/n, though a superhero, is a bit of a villain in the avenger’s household, pulling pranks and antagonizing everyone except for one Peter Parker
Author: Dizzy
A/N: Anon requested, “Can you do one where the reader is a mean girl and she antagonizes every member of the avengers except Peter because she has a crush on him?” and now I have delivered. Hope you enjoy it!

Masterlist Request a Prompt


The name echoed through the building, in the exact same volume and tone as it had been shouted everyday.

Y/n sat in her room, music blasting as she painted on the canvas in front of her, oblivious to her name being shouted yet again.

Y/n L/n, also known as Vagabond, the daring young hero, was at times (most times), a villain who believed they were saving the world. Especially when she was among her things and her friends that she loved to taunt. 

The door to Y/n’s room was thrown open to reveal one Steve Rogers, who was covered head to toe in tar and chicken feathers. 



“Really? Tar and feathers? That old prank?”

Y/n continued to paint, not looking at the man. “Yep. An old prank to fit the likes of an old man. Now, if you wouldn’t mind leaving my room, I have work to do.”

Steve groaned, saved his disciplinary lecture on why one should not tar other people for later and walked out of the room, leaving a cloud of feathers in his dust. 

Y/n returned to her work, knowing that in a matter of moments, the tower would come alive with screams and bellowing of her name all because she felt a need to prank everyone around her.

Everyone except for Peter Parker, also known as Spider man, or better known to Y/n as Gadget, a nickname she had given him when they first became friends. 

Peter would argue that the two were in fact, most definitely not friends, which would only lead Y/n to claim that they were accomplices at times when it came to certain pranks and Peter allowing Y/n to copy off his homework. 

Peter was a dork and Y/n was an asshole, that was what everyone at the tower said. Peter was charming and likable and Y/n, well, Y/n was his opposite. Peter and Y/n, though the same age, couldn’t have been anymore different.


For the first time in all of Peter’s days as a team member did Y/n hear his name be called out like hers, used with the same tone and volume as hers had been many times before. 

Y/n smiled wickedly, knowing her plan had been executed in the same fashion she had envisioned it to be. 

A few days prior to the occurrence of the said event, Y/n had copied recordings of Peter going in and out of Tony’s lab to be used as evidence he was the one who planted the stink and paint bombs Y/n had placed in Tony’s frequently used cabinets. She then went on to cast the recording from her laptop to the towers security system, making it Peter who seemed like the culprit. 

But, there was only one problem. Y/n’s fingerprints were still on the shells of her perfectly placed devices. 

“Y/n!” It was Peter who screamed her name. 

With a roll of her eyes, Y/n rose from her seat and made her way to where she heard the voices. She sighed as she entered the living room, the team standing around, all covered in paint, tar and feathers and smelling of a horrid odor. 

“Care to explain what’s got you pulling pranks on everyone?” Steve spoke up and crossed his arms as he gave Y/n the dreaded eyebrows of disappointment. 

“No reason.”

“Then why is it that Peter is the only one who is not covered head to toe in substances unknown?” 

“No reason.”

“Really?” Natasha asked and rose her brow. “Maybe it’s cause of what I read in here?” 

Natasha tossed Y/n’s art journal at her, the page in which Y/n spoke of her crush on Peter clearly marked as Y/n caught it. 

“You went through my stuff?!” Y/n cried. “This is bullshit!”

“Language.” Steve snapped. 

“Oh, suck a cock!” Y/n snapped back. “You all went through my private shit.”

“So, do you actually have a crush on me or are you just kidding?” Peter asked, only to cause Y/n’s stern look to soften. 

“Maybe. What’s it to you?”

“Well, ya know, a girlfriend.”

“Oh shit.” Y/n said, taking a glance at the rest of the group. “He’s not joking. He actually likes me.”

“We’re all surprised too.” Clint chuckled. 

“Oh, shut it, Bird Brain.” 

“Right back at ya, Pipsqueak.”

“Um, hello?” Natasha interjected. “Peter was trying to have a moment with Y/n.” 

“Oh, right.” Y/n nodded. “So, Gadget, what’d you wanna say to me?”

“I like you, a lot.” Peter explained, rubbing the back of his neck. “And I was wondering if you’d maybe wanna go see the new Star Wars with me?”

Y/n, for the first time in her life, was flustered and sloppy as she spoke. 

“I’d love to! I-I mean, yeah, yeah sure.”

And with that newfound relationship came a much nicer, calmer Y/n, who still was a real bitch when it came to prank wars.

Case Closed- Marvel One shot

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(Not my gif)

Slightly based on the song by Little Mix

A/N: GUYS! THIS IS MY FIRST EVER FANFIC/ONE SHOT POST ON TUMBLR!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I want to hear feedback from whoever reads this whether its good or bad! If you give me feedback it’ll make my writing better! I hope you guys enjoy it!!!! 

Pairing: Abusive Boyfriend x Reader, daughter!Tony x Reader


Warnings: Angst (ALOT), mentions of physical abuse, verbal abuse, depression, crying, Language, Angry boyfriend, Angry overprotective avengers

Summary: You had been with your boyfriend for two years and things recently got really bad as he turned to alcohol after the death of his mother. You had been putting up with the abuse for  months now and you couldn’t handle it anymore. You flee from your apartment after a nasty fight you two had knowing he’d want to take out his anger on his personal punching bag. Your father, Tony Stark had no idea what was coming when you showed up at the tower begging him to let you move back in.

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Trump Tower security is costing the US taxpayer $400,000 every single day
The New York Mayor is going to send the White House a bill for $35m to cover the cost of the enormous security operation around Trump Tower. Bill De Blasio has said he is going to write to the Obama administration setting out the daily $400,000 bill from November 8 too January 20 - the day of Donald Trump's inauguration. The letter reads: "Municipal or state resources should not be subsidizing the President-Elect's decision to maintain multiple permanent residences.

Hey; it’s only money! Screw the taxpayers!

Yes, the article is from December, but a more recent article reports Melania Trump isn’t moving to Washington, DC, so they’ll still be using heavy security around the building.

Story time babes ✨

so I get my hair done by this girl at Ulta. the first time we chit chatted but never had serious conversations. until today.

Somehow we got on the subject of lifting, and obviously I’m not gonna revert the subject so I fake acted like I was against it bc I planned on lifting while I was there lmao anyways.

Even though she’s just a hairstylist she knew EVERYTHING. And she made sure to tell me that the rules for that ulta are the same at every ulta.

She had told me a story about how some lady came in and stole $1000 worth of shit and they didn’t even know until they found the packages while cleaning and stocking. She told me that they would’ve never known if they didn’t review the security tapes. In my head I was like “why would u take shit out of their packaging lmao”
Then she tells me how they have people there all the time who go in the bathrooms and steal and I was like “don’t y'all have security towers there?” she’s like “yeah but they find ways” I was like “wow that’s crazy I wonder how” 👀👂🏼 and she literally said “oh you just have to point the tag a certain way so the towers won’t go off” and then said “I probably shouldn’t have said that but I know you won’t say anything” Lowkey I felt bad cus she’s sweet and cool as hell.
She also said they only CS you if you’re dressed bummy. When they’re suspicious of you they just watch you, not necessarily CS you.
She also said that if they see someone stealing they LITERALLY cannot do anything. Like N O T H I N G. except call the cops. and she said people use that to their advantage and will come in and literally lift RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!
the ulta is in an outlet mall with other stores like old navy and stuff and she said they all communicate very well with eachother.

& idk if this has been mentioned but when someone lifts from Ulta they take a screen cap from the surveillance and hang it up in their break room / office. She alllllssssoooo mentioned that LP only comes ONCE a month. and sometimes they’re also reps for stuff like the Pureology and shit.

She also mentioned racial profiling is very real but that’s obvious with everything amirite?

SO, key points mentioned:

- Ulta cannot and will not apprehend you so if they do it’s technically “illegal.”
- If you point RFID tags a certain way (idk which way) you can conceal in the bathroom.
- Won’t necessarily CS you if you appear to be browsing, only if you’re dressed bummy and “look suspicious” before the act of concealing
- Will WATCH when suspicious.
- Hang pictures of lifters in office / break room

Alright y'all there was more but sadly I can’t remember because I’ve been drinking with bae.
Also I lifted three NYX Liquid Suedes, three NYX lip liners & a UD Moondust shadow. I’ll take pics later 😘

Y/N Stark

Request: Can I request one where security guards at the tower find a teenage girl snooping around behind the tower so they take her to Tony to decide what to do. Tony notices her tattered clothes and how thin she is and asks what she was doing. She gets scared and cries cause she was just looking for food. Tony decides to keep her and care for her and manages to get her identity and adoption papers. Meanwhile scolding his guards for scaring a homeless kid

Warnings: None

Originally posted by joshholloway

You didn’t really know where to go, so you decided to go the only place you really knew, the avengers tower. You liked hanging out there.There weren’t people yelling at you, or any scary guys that seemed to be following you.
You were planning to spend the Nigh behind the building.

And had just started to sit down, when you felt something grab your arm.

“Ouch!” You squealed. You turned around and saw a tall man who was still holding your arm.

“Come with me.” He said harshly. You followed him, but you didn’t really have a choice. He held his strong grip on your arm.

‘Uh Oh.’ You thought to yourself. You were about to be taken into the actually avengers tower. This was not going to end well.

The man led you into a room and closed the door behind you.

“I found this girl snooping 'Round the back.” He pushed you forward slightly and loosened his grip on your arm.

A man turned around and you recognized him as Tony Stark.

“Alright Johnson” He said to the guard. The guard nodded towards him and left.

“And you are?” Tony asked you after closing the door behind the guard.

“Umm.. Y/N..” You answered quietly. You wanted nothing more than for him to just tell you to leave.

“And.. Wh-What are you doing here?” He squinted his eyes at you. Something about him was very intimidating.

“I.. I- Was J-just looking for-” At that point you had completely broken down.
You looked at the floor as you began to cry.

Tony had figured you out at that time and was not happy about your conditions.
“Alright kid., you can stay here to you figure out were to go.”

“Really?” You sniffled and looked up.

He nodded at you.

“Yeah yeah, if you walk out that door there’s a kitchen. Go get something to eat I’ll be out in a moment.” He waved his hands out in front of him and you left the roomed hurried.

You couldn’t believe what was happening, You were going to stay with Tony Stark.

And You couldn’t remember the last time you had a real meal.

You went to a fridge, and opened It cautiously. You grabbed the first thing you saw, which happened to be a piece of pizza.

You took a bite of it slowly and then scarfed the rest down .You turned and saw a bottle of water. And this time, didn’t hesitate to open it. Halfway through chugging the bottle of water you heard someone clear their throat.

“Can I- Help you..?”

You nearly choked when you realized it was Steve Rogers.
“I.. I..”

Steve didn’t mean to, but he was sort of cornering you into the kitchen wall. He watched you expectantly, but you couldn’t form any words.

Suddenly the door burst open and Tony walked in quickly. Steve turned and looked at Tony, who frowned.


Steve stepped out of the way to let tony go through. When Tony walked up close to you you flinched slightly. But he stopped before he got any closer.

“Looks like your going to stay with us for a while.” Tony smiled.

A few weeks later, you had grown close to all of the avengers. Especially tony.
Tony had been trying to find anyone related to you but had failed. So he did the only thing he could think of.

“Y/N?” He asked as he came out of his office.

“Yes?…” You asked carefully. He seemed a little anxious.

He didn’t say anything but reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He handed it to you and smiled.

You opened it up and then realized what it was.

“Welcome. Y/N Stark.”

am-i-invisible777  asked: don't have to do this, but hurricane Florence is really giving me anxiety since I'm right in it's path and I can't calm down. Could I just request some kind of marvel fluff? Thanks and sorry


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Prompt lists

  • SO y’all were in the path of hurricane Florence
  • And you were really stressing
  • Bc it’s so scary
  • And you know what even though they tried to hide it
  • Everyone in the tower was really scared too
  • You were just one of the only people who wanted to admit it
  • As the storm got closer and closer
  • And more and more got destroyed
  • You decided to bring it up in conversation
  • “Florence seems really close lately…”
  • Everyone sort of tensed and Nat almost dropped her cup
  • “And?”
  • Tony’s question was hiding a lotta fear tbh
  • He knew how to build a robot suit and become an actual superhero
  • But don’t ask this boi about safety precautions
  • Lol he knows how to be unsafe
  • “So shouldn’t we do something?”
  • “What’s there to do?”
  • “Um, tall tower, big twirly wind storm, bad combo. We should probably secure the tower or move into a smaller location. A bunker or something.”
  • “I’m sure we’ll be fine…”
  • “Listen, this isn’t a game. This isn’t me being paranoid, this is a real threat, and, though the path of the storm might change, we should at least know what to do if it doesn’t. This is real life, not a drill.”
  • That seemed to get them going
  • “I’ll go and stock up on canned food”
  • “I’ll go as well”
  • Bucky and Steve left for the store
  • And Tony and Bruce were left with the task of Sciencey Things ™
  • They were told to come up with some sort of structural protection to secure the tower, preventing it from falling or being destroyed
  • They did it
  • They ended up installing some sciencey thing ™ that protected y’all
  • And now that the anticipation of the storm was starting
  • People were looking for places to stay
  • It was your idea to open up the tower to scared people who had nowhere to go
  • Y’all told them to bring their food and blankets and clothes and possessions
  • So they moved in basically
  • And you guys were so proud y’all got to meet so many people
  • And everyone was okay and safe :)
  • :)

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On July 3rd, 1793, a decree from the Convention ordered the separation of Louis Charles from the rest of his family. An account of this day written by his sister, Marie Therese, describes the suffering of this separation:

‘On the 3d of July, they read us a decree of the Convention ordering that my brother be separated from us and lodged in a more secure room in the Tower. Hardly had he heard it when he flung himself into his mother’s arms uttering loud cries, and imploring not to be parted from her. My mother, on her side, was struck down by the cruel order; she would not give up her son, and defended, against the municipals, the bed on which she placed him.They, absolutely determined to have him, threatened to employ violence and to call up the guard.

My mother told them they would have to kill her before they could tear her child from her. An hour passed in resistance on her part, in threats and insults from the municipals, in tears and efforts from all of us. At last they threatened my mother so positively to kill him and us also that she had to yield for love of us.

We rose, my aunt and I, for my poor mother no longer had any strength, but after we had dressed him she took him and gave him into the hands of the municipals herself, bathing him with tears and foreboding that she would never see him again. The poor little boy kissed us all very tenderly and went away in tears with the municipals.’

Is Yorshka Ocelotte, the missing child of Oceiros? 

After you join the Blade of the Dark Moon covenant and give her 10 proves of concord kept, Yorshka will tell you that Gwyndolin, the dark sun is her older brother. She has tentacle-liked things at the sides of her neck. Gwyndolin had tentacles coming out of his lower part too.

But why does she have lilac dragon scale-liked things on her face and a dragon tail? When neither Gwyndolin nor Gwynevere, her siblings, had such features.

The strangeness of her physique is noticeable as well. She has very long neck and her arms are very thin. Does all this mean that she is a result of the union between Gwyn and a dragon? Or has someone of Gwyn’s bloodline united with a dragon? Because the only other character in the Souls series that share her features is Priscilla from DS1.

Or is her true identity Ocelotte, the missing child of the dragon Oceiros, the consumed king?

Yorshka became the leader of the Blade of the Dark Moon once her older brother and former leader of the covenant, Gwyndolin disappeared. 

She said that after that, Sulyvahn the sorcerer falsely named himself Pontiff and locked her up in the tower. It’s pretty obvious that she has interacted with no one at all ever since then because she said that she knew very little about anything. (I think it’s after you tell her that you can’t fly) She is absolutely unaware that her brother was fed to Aldrich, the god eater, by the hands of Sulyvahn and she said that she hoped to meet him again one day.

The fact that she admits that she knows very little might indicate that she is also unaware that she might have been fed lies by Sulyvahn about her being Gwyndolin’s sibling.

But why would Sully feed Gwyndolin to Aldrich but keep Yorshka’s alive securely in the tower? 

In a room after the kitchen in Irythill (where Siegward can be found if you follow his questline), there is a knight staring at the picture of Gwynevere.

He drops an item called divine blessing and this is its description; holy water blessed by the Queen of Lothric. Fully restores HP and cures ailments. The Queen of Lothric, married to the former King Oceiros, was initially revered as a goddess of fertility and bounty. After giving birth to Ocelotte, her youngest, she quietly disappeared. At this point, it’s safe to say that the Queen of Lothric is related to Gwynevere. Maybe the Queen is one of Gwynevere’s daughters and it is very possible that Ocelotte, The Queen’s youngest would be able to use miracles and chimes.

Yorshka has a chime and she can grant you Darkmoon blade miracle. Here’s the description of Yorshka’s Chime; A sacred chime belonging to Yorshka. Her brother, the former knight captain, presented her with this medium together with another gift: her name.The ringing of the chime must have done much to soothe her loneliness.

Was Yorshka born without a name like Emerald Herald in DS2? Or has she been born with a different name? A name that clearly indicates her true identity which will only bring her harm. Ocelotte perhaps?

Though Ocelotte’s gender is not mentioned in this description, Oceiros calls Ocelotte “him” and he accuses us of trying to take his beloved Ocelotte away because he believes that his child has such great power and is some sort of a special being.

Now back to Sully, the one who keeps Yorshka lock up and away from the rest of the world.

This is the description of Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn; One of the twisted souls, seeped in strength. Use to acquire many souls, or transpose to extract its true strength. Pontiff Sulyvahn of Irithyll imprisoned a god of the old royalty in the abandoned cathedral, to be fed to the devourer.

It’s interesting that Yorshka is addressed as “a god” and not “a goddess” even though she appears feminine.

She’s being kept to be devoured by Aldrich which is exactly the same fate as Gwyndolin. 

Who’s to say that Yorshka has not been raised as a daughter like Gwyndolin? So that “she” would never easily be discovered as “Ocelotte” the youngest son of Lothric bloodline.

Angel Dreams (A Natasha Request)

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Requested: Anonymous

Request: HERE

Word Count:1095

Warnings: None


“Natasha. Tomorrow, please, do not go on the mission…for me..”

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Hungover - Part 1

Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader

Summary: Reader is a scientist that comes to work for G-Tech, and is tasked with fixing the Bruce slash Hulk divide. Can it be done?

Word Count: 2125

Warnings: Slight AU, set sometime after Avengers Age of Ultron. Nothing really. Oh a cliffhanger.

Author’s Note: Done for the fabulous’s @anaboo96 ‘s 1k writing challenge. Congrats, boo.

Parts: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 /

You never dreamed that you would meet the Avengers. You were just a neuroscientist, working in a small lab in the middle of next to nowhere. You also never dreamed that G-tech, the lab run by Bruce Banner funded by Tony Stark would try and recruit you. It was an opportunity that you just couldn’t turn down.

That’s how you found yourself in the lobby of the Avengers Tower. Where security was putting you through the ringer before they’d let you into the building. As if they hadn’t already done a series of intensive interviews even though they had approached you. You weren’t quite sure but you thought someone was watching you. You could feel the heavy gaze, but when you tried to pinpoint the source there were no obvious options. You did your best to shake it off as security took your fingerprints, photocopies of your license and other things.

When the security guard was through with you, they looked behind you gesturing to someone. A tall, professional looking redhead came over. She gave you a smile, before starting for the elevators.

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