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Transgender woman sues Idaho for refusing to let her change her birth certificate
The birth certificate she has now led to her being called 'tr*nny' and 'f*ggot,' a lawsuit alleges in federal court.
By Dominic Holden

Last week in Idaho, a transgender woman identified as F.V. filed a lawsuit against the state seeking the right to change her gender marker on her birth certificate. Idaho is among the handful of states that don’t explicitly allow transgender people to change their birth certificates. 

The woman has suffered harassment by state officials for trying to make the change to her gender marker. 

“The incorrect gender on F.V.’s birth certificate has exposed her to hostility when she visited the social security office,” the suit says. “After seeing her birth certificate, staff at the office referred to her as a ‘tr*nny,’ a derogatory term that disclosed F.V.’s transgender status to others in the waiting area. One of these individuals then called F.V. a 'f*ggot’ as she was leaving the office.”

Peter C. Renn, a Lambda Legal attorney who filed the case on behalf of F.V., told BuzzFeed News, “It is especially dangerous for the government to not recognize people for who they are because the government leads by example.”

Transgender people rely on birth certificates to update other forms of government identification, he said, and when it shows a different sex marker than the gender they present, it outs them. “Whether we are talking about access to restrooms or violence against transgender people, so much of the discriminations stems from a refusal to recognize their gender.”

Oof. Rooting for her and everyone else who’s been denied this right. 

Loosely based on a true story of my friend and his girlfriend during her college graduation and the rest of us just couldn’t stop awwing because GAH


Castiel is graduating and Dean isn’t here.

It’s a horrible feeling, knowing his boyfriend isn’t with his family as he walks across the stage, but Castiel understands why, to a degree. Dean works the graduation ceremonies. He kinda needs to do that if Castiel wants  to graduate at all, but still…

Which leads to now, Castiel waiting with his fellow Arts and Humanities college graduates as the timer counts down to zero, at which point they will all walk out into the arena and sit down for about two and a half hours of speakers until they walk across the stage, have their name called, hear applause as they walk across, take the stage helper’s hand on the stairs to avoid falling, and walk back down to their seats as college graduates. It was routine at this point to Cas, he himself having been to enough of the rehearsals whenever Dean was working them to know what comes after what. He had thought he’d feel a little different when the graduation would be his own, maybe with his best friend cheering him on and congratulating him with a kiss at the end, but instead Dean will be somewhere else making sure the entire graduation runs smoothly as a Marshall or helping the vice presidents run errands or something else that he’s done before.

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// In which Alejandro Antonio Bartholomew IV makes his first appearance  in Miami //

This is Part 1 the much awaited sugar daddy Justin series. 

Disclaimer: I am not a spanish speaker therefore I apologize in advanced if there are any grammatical issues.

*Contains Mature Content*

pls enjoy and i hope y'all look forward to this series - drea✨

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Surprise (M)

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 4916 words

Plot: It’s Baekhyun’s birthday and he’s in for a surprise.

Happy belated birthday, Byun Baekhyun. ❤️ This guy right here is the love of my life. My ultimate bias and the light of everyone’s life. I hope he stays happy and healthy forever. He deserves all the happiness because he blesses my life and many others with it everyday. Thanks for everything, Baekhyun. ❤️❤️❤️

It was the day before Baekhyun’s birthday. The boys were on their way back to their hotel in Macau for a show which they had just completed and a festival which they would be performing at the following day. The day of Baekhyun’s birthday.

Baekhyun engaged in conversation with Junmyeon, Xiumin and Yixing as the four of them sat together in the small van. The other five members were in a different van because there was no way all nine of them could fit into the vehicle. The driver hummed to himself, not at all paying any mind to the chatter resonating across the car.

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Make-up artist Pt. 3

Part 1 2

Originally posted by spideycentral

You had just received a video of Peter freaking out over the new suit Tony Stark had sent him. It had been about a month since he had first told you and you two couldn’t be closer.

Y/N: That’s so freaking awesome! I told you you needed a makeover, clearly me and Stark are on the same brainwave ;)

Peter: Oh, so you’re a genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist (his words, not mine)? yeah, nobody is on the same level as him :0

Y/n: well, I am one of those things.

Peter: well if you’re a billionaire, that’s cruel not sharing your fortune with me :(

Y/N: fuck you, you know I’m broke.

Y/N: and I’m a genius, idiot.

Peter: yup you’re a genius idiot alright ^_^

Y/N: oh hush up bug boy *intensely rolls eyes*

Peter: *Rolls them back to you*

Y/N: nerd.

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thefcmilymcn  asked:

" Hey, it's Maes. You get all the fidget spinners I sent ya?"

“Every last one.” Tony answered to the call, eyebrows furrowing as he picked a single one up from the box he’d gotten. 

“Not that I don’t appreciate them–really, they’re great.” He twirled the gadget in his hand, watching it spin as he continued. “Don’t most people only get one?” 


Finally finished this Grant request!
Yes, this is season 1, good-guy Ward.
I like HIVE, but good-guy Ward was gold.

Title: Mission
Pairing: Grant Ward x Reader
Summary: “Grant Ward’s reaction when the reader died protecting him”
Word Count: 1,649
Warnings: death, blood, guns, fighting, explosions, overall angst for good-guy Ward

Your name: submit What is this?

            "At your six,“ Grant warns before quickly turning and punching a guard.

           The guard falls on the floor as you duck, only narrowly missing the hit Grant warned you about. Per usual, he’s right and he saves your skin. You hold onto that "thank you” you owe him, knocking out the guard beside you.

           He falls the ground with a thud as Grant turns around to face you. There’s a few drops of blood on his face, and you’re not sure if it’s his or not, but you don’t have the time to ask. The two of you are back to sneaking through the halls before you know it.

           "We’ve got 2 minutes 33 seconds to grab that file and leave,“ you whispered to Grant.

           He quietly nods, smirking slightly. "Plenty of time.”

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One Foot Out of the Grave: Part 1

This also turned into a super Dad!Tony x Reader fic, because why not? I love Pietro and Tony. Voila! Hope it’s what you wanted it to be. This will actually become a multi-shot with different AoU moments and Pietro running into the reader. 

Warnings: Language, (death)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 2,175

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Anthony Rizzo #1

Requested by @lclb12:  I need a cute and fluffy Anthony Rizzo ? She goes to the game unaware that the newly single Anthony is looking at her. He couldn’t take his eyes off the blue eyed brunette. She sees how amazing he is, at the end of the game she gets up to leave when the security guy stops her and brings her back, what would come of the too?

*Hi Lauren! I hope you like this. Thank you!! Enjoy. :)*

Word count: 962

Originally posted by chicagocubs

The imposing figure was still looking at you. You really should not call him a ‘figure’ since you know he’s human, duh, and he’s waiting for you to stand up and follow him.

“I really just don’t talk and follow people out of stadiums,” you told him, confusion in your voice.

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thefcmilymcn  asked:

Penny for your thoughts

send “penny for your thoughts” to find out what Tony really thinks of your muse

May be the corniest man alive–no pun intended. God, he’s rubbing off on me. Great dad, even better man. Heart of gold, tough as a nail, but somehow the sappiest human in existence. ” 

It's my job

A/N: OK so this was requested by the lovely @iamwarrenspeace . I apologize.

Tag list:(message me if you want to be added)
@jaderbugz @zxcorra

Warnings: Character death

Prompts: “I’m you husband. It’s my job” and “I’m pregnant ”

Sighing as you look at those two blue lines you tossed the stick into the trash can and covered it with some toilet paper. Zipping up your suit you headed to the hangar.

You had just discovered you were pregnant when the alarm had sounded. Not having Time to tell buck you figured you would tell him when you got back.

Meeting the team in the Hangar bay all suited up you could tell this was something big. While you felt the need to tell them, you knew they would make you stay home and they would need all the help they could get.

Climbing into the jet you smiled at Bucky who had taken the seat beside you. Grabbing his hand, you settled into his shoulder not being able to shake the feeling in your gut.
Stretching from the slumber you had woken from you found out the you were just 10 minutes out. Sitting up you began to make sure you had all your weapons and your suit was secured well. As you put your coms in you were aware that you were less than a minute from your target.

Smiling when Bucky pecked your cheek standing beside you, you admired his side profile.

“Do I have something on my face Doll?” he asked chuckling when a faint blush spread across your cheeks.

Smiling when you felt the jet descending you grabbed his hand and gave it a tight squeeze
Smiling you kissed his cheek similar to the way he had moments ago. “After this I have a surprise for you.” You said pulling away as you heard the doors opening.

Smiling at you he winked “I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT DOLL!” he shouted as the two of you split up going to your separate places.
We were set up. They knew we were coming. That’s all you heard on your coms as you fought the latest batch of HYRDA thugs to come out. You couldn’t decipher you was saying what. You were starting to feel light headed as you stabbed the man next to you making him crumble to the ground. Looking for an escape you spotted an opening between two men and sighed.

You were going to have to risk it. Kicking away the guy in front of you, you darted in between then men running. You couldn’t catch your breath. You felt the cuts and stab wounds mentally assessing the damage you stilled as you heard a gunshot ring out.

Looking down frowning when you saw no bullet holes you turned around dread settling in the pit of your stomach. Gasping at what you saw you felt an ager build up inside you making your way to Bucky, who was laying on the ground you dint stop. Not once hesitating to kill the guys in your path, you stopped when you heard the familiar sound of a whizzing arrow.

Looking to see Clint nod at you, you darted to Bucky kneeling down picking up his head. Tears pooling in your eyes you frowned as Bucky grabbed your hand.

“Why? Why did you stop that bullet?” you asked him tears now streaming down your face, mixing with the blood and sweat .

“I’m your husband. It’s my job” he coughed out blood starting to appear in the corner of his mouth “Hey doll, don’t cry” he got out each breath becoming harder and harder.

“You can’t leave Buck. You have been through so much. You can survive this.” You got out pulling him closer

“I’m pregnant. You can’t leave me. Us” you said shaking your head as you felt his body becoming colder

His eyes lighting up he gripped your hand “Well I want the two of you to behave. I want you to find someone who can take care of the baby when you can’t. Y/N I love you.” He said his breathing becoming shallower each sound he made till there were no more sounds.

Sobbing you gripped him close and held him “Bucky! I need you here! WITH ME!” you said looking at him.

Jumping when you felt a hand on your shoulder you looked up to see Clint with sadness across his face “IT’s over Y/N.”

And with that you broke down laying across his chest one last time not noticing the rest of the team sitting around him.

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How would Hanzo, Prefall Gabe, Genji, and 76 react to finding out their s/o solo mission went south and they are now captured and being tortured by the enemy

Putting this request under a read more because it’s a bit longer! I should’ve done this with others, but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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They both lost their husbands in a span of forty-eight hours. Both were unable to spend the precious last moments with them. Both had to find out some horrible other way. 

Phil Boyce allows himself another drink, watching as Len slams down the glass and reaches for the bottle. They both needed to get drunk, having been banned from SF Medical for at least twenty-four hours, each desperate to be with Jim. 

If Phil can’t be with Chris, he can damn well be with the man Chris called his protege. 

Len’s red rimmed eyes and five o'clock shadow tell Phil all he needs to know about his mental state and so Phil pours the younger doctor one more drink and then tucks the bottle behind the couch. 

Len just grunts in response. 

“You know the first time I met Jim was a week after Chris found him in Iowa. Brought him over for dinner. All he wanted to talk to me about was you.”

Len’s eyes find his below his already drooping eyebrows. He wipes at his eyes and sucks in a breath. “Yeah?”

Phil nods. “Wanted to make sure you got the right post. Said he trusted you. That was a week, Len. And I don’t think that changed.”

Len manages a watery smile and a nod, fingers playing with the glass. “I was so scared.”

Phil closes his eyes. Imagining how hectic the Enterprise must have been, how the reports said comms were down, the ship had just been stabilized, crew members flooding in when the body bag was marched in, no warning for the CMO other than a shell shocked Engineer and two security officers in containment suits. 

“No need to be scared, son. He’ll be just fine.”

There was no way to know that, of course. Jim wasn’t out of the woods yet. He hadn’t woke and he transfusion was taking a toll on his immune system, but he was alive. And that was something. More than his husband was. 

But that was a grief for another day. 

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could you make a scenario out of the yoongi realizing about his feelings for y/n (dressing up thing)//

Originally posted by sugutie

yay!!!! I’ve been in a super writey mood lately. I’M SO HAPPY.

Words: 2,400

Years he had known you, and years he had loved you.

His eyes roamed your body, over and over until Yoongi could finally ingrain your imagine to mind.

Of course, you had no clue whatsoever. Yoongi was terribly good at hiding his feelings, and half the time you two hung out, you could not decipher his thoughts. Not easily flustered, barely an expression to read off of, Min Yoongi’s mind was a labyrinth. A labyrinth you were confined in.

You turned your head to the side, brushing your hand along Yoongi’s shoulder to grab his attention. His eyes snapped to yours, and he was quick to push your hand away.

“What?” He wondered, brows furrowed slightly.

Mm…no…You couldn’t… You couldn’t ask Yoongi to be your date to your ex’s wedding. Perhaps there was someone else you could ask, like Jimin, or Namjoon.

No, you really couldn’t.

“Ah, nothing…” You trailed off, turning your head away at the thought of him in a suit. Tie secure around his neck, blazer perfectly fitting his physique… It was almost enough eye candy to drool over forever.

There was no one else you could ask besides him. What was the harm? He was good at acting, right? No…not terribly good. Couldn’t he at least hold your hand and introduce himself as your boyfriend? It wasn’t that hard. You would’ve done the same thing for Yoongi, if he asked you.

Huffing a sigh, you turned your head back to Yoongi. He was already looking at you with expressionless eyes. Just his stare was enough to make your stomach drop to the floor in fear. He was so going to laugh at you if you suggested him being your date.

“My ex is getting married and I need you to hold my hand and be my boyfriend and-”

You cut yourself off before spouting anything else idiotically. From the look on Yoongi’s face, you were going to be roasted. Roasted until burnt.

What? Talk slower so I know what I’m doing.”


Yoongi was holding his breath, trying to keep from heaving. Did you just suggest he be your boyfriend? Were his ears working properly?

“My ex boyfriend…he’s getting married.” You peeked at his face, noting the way he watched you seriously. “I need someone to be my date and pretend like we’re the happiest couple on the planet.”

“Done.” Yoongi tried to keep his voice as smooth as possible. Still, he was kicking himself in his mind for answering your plea so quickly.

Your eyes couldn’t help but light up at his words, mouth forming an over the top grin. “Really?”

“You owe me. Big time.” He held up a finger, jabbing it right into the middle of your forehead. Standing up from his seat on your sofa, Yoongi turned to you.

“When’s the wedding?”

“Mm…” You squirmed under his eyes, cheeks heating in embarrassment. “Tomorrow..?”

Tomorrow?” He sputtered, mouth dropping open. After you allowed Yoongi a moment to compose himself, he ran a hand through his hair. “You’re damn lucky I have a suit…”

“It would be okay if you didn’t. You have a face that isn’t ugly.”

“Thanks so much.” He snapped, rolling his eyes at your almost compliment.

As the next day rolled around, Yoongi came over an hour before the wedding for a small meal and to drive you both to the venue of the wedding. He looked anything but enthusiastic, but you were the only one who seemed to be able to tell through his plastic smile. At least he looked beyond handsome in that suit.

You dressed in contrast to him, a white dress that flowed to mid-thigh and hugged your curves in a flattering way. Your make up and hair were done nicely and you were pleased with the way you looked standing beside Yoongi. As if you belonged there.

He, on the other hand, swallowed the sudden excess of saliva forming in his throat. His appetite had seemed to vanish from the way he nervously eyed you and mind raced with imagines of the event before him.

“You’re not going to make me do anything weird, right?”

“No,” you hummed, fixing a stray strand of hair. “Not unless you want me to.” 

You shot Yoongi a smile from the mirror, and he returned it with a middle finger. 

“Aren’t we going to be late? Stop looking at yourself and hurry up.”

Crap, he was right. You picked up your purse from your bed and hurried after him, clutching his sleeve for support. Who the hell made wearing high heels legal?

The both of you sat in a comfortable silence on the way there, Yoongi keeping his eyes on the road the entire time to keep from growing nervous again. He definitely wasn’t one of the best actors there was, which is why he stuck to composing songs and living on the stage. After this experience, Yoongi was sure he would never want to pretend date anyone ever again.

You instructed him where an appropriate place to park was, before sitting in the car for at least another 5 minutes silently.

“Are we just going to sit here like idiots until the wedding is over? It’s not like someone died.” Yoongi attempted to reason, but he wasn’t sure if it was more to you or himself.

You sighed, peeking out the window. People were still piling out of cars and greeting each other in front of the church.

“You have to hold my hand when we get out of the car, okay? Smile, like you’re in love with me.”

Like that would be hard.

Holding your purse in one hand, you opened the door to Yoongi’s car and got out. He rounded the side you stood on, brushing down his blazer.

“You suck at tying ties.” You muttered, stepping closer to him and running your hands along his chest to his blazer. Everything seemed to fall stark quiet, and as you fixed his tie, you couldn’t help the blush forming on your cheeks. You kept trying to tell yourself it was from the heat, but you knew it was everything but that.

Yoongi caught your wrists, holding them. He bit his bottom lip, gently lowering the both of your hands to your sides.

“It’s almost 1 o’clock.” He murmured, raising a brow at you. “Should we go in, beautiful?”

Your breath hitched at his tone of voice, and Yoongi couldn’t tell if it was a good or bad thing. He was mentally kicking his own ass again.

Instead of taking your hand, Yoongi slipped his arm around your waist, pulling you hip to hip. When you looked up at him, his expression was unreadable, as always. For some reason, you noticed Yoongi was swallowing his spit a lot.

His fingers dug into your side, but not uncomfortably. To the few people you knew, you waved at them and nodded in their directions. Most of them were only staring at Yoongi, and for that you were grateful.

As you got inside and found a comfortable seat, Yoongi released his grip from you. You stared around, trying not to meet anyone’s eyes. Particularly not Yoongi’s.

You jumped when Yoongi’s hand rested on your thigh, so you were forced to look at him. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Feeling okay..? Me? Why are you asking?” You had an accusing tone, despite trying your hardest to seem alright. He was totally playing you.

“You’re pale right now, that’s why I’m asking.” He raised his hand, laying the back of it against your forehead. You flinched away,taking hold of his hand in yours to keep him from moving closer to your face.

“I feel fine, though? Don’t worry. Look, it’s about to start.”

Throughout the entirety of the ceremony, you held Yoongi’s hand between both of yours. Despite not looking at him once, for some reason you felt as if his eyes were engraved into the back of your skull permanently. It was not a good feeling.

Your palms were evidently sweaty when you released Yoongi’s grip. He stood up first, placing both hands in his pants pockets.

“Should we go get drunk?” He suggested, waiting until you stood up before placing a hand around your waist again.

“Who’ll be the designated driver?” You snapped, walking ahead of him outside of the church once the bride and groom left.

You arrived at the venue of the reception, glad to be outside as the wind blew your heated skin, soothing you much more than you expected. A beautiful day to be pretending to be in love with the man you were truly in love with.

Standing under a shaded area, you picked up a plate and began to pile food onto it. This was the only reason weddings were worth attending. Yoongi waited back at the table, staring after you as a man in a grey suit rounded you with hungry eyes. Great.

He rose from his seat very suddenly, watching as the man tapped your shoulder and wrapped his arms around you in a hug. Why was he getting so worked up? Even though this was very normal when seeing someone you hadn’t been in contact for a long time, it made Yoongi’s blood absolutely boil.

He was stomping toward you, not quite sure what he could do besides stand there and watch you get flirted with. As soon as Yoongi was about a foot away from you, you caught his eye and waved at him. His eyes were dark, eyebrows narrowed as he stalked toward you.

“Hey, Yoong-”

“Babe,” Yoongi’s voice trailed to you, hands firmly taking hold of your hips. You flinched under his touch, heat boiling everywhere he touched. “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

His silky smooth voice sent a chill through you, and your hands ran up his arms. “You have?”

“Mm, I have,” he promised, leaning down to lay his lips upon your cheek. What was he doing? Wasn’t he warning you just a few hours ago not to do anything weird?

“Yoongi, I- this is my ex….my friend.” You pushed him away, making him face the man before you, staring around uncomfortably.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice.” Yoongi admitted, which was a total lie. You smacked your hand against his back, shooting him a glare. The man shook Yoongi’s hand, greeting him with his name.

“Oh, (Y/N)’s never told me about anyone like you. Are you sure you’re friends?”

“Yoongi!” You jabbed the back of your heel into his shoe, ignoring the way he winced in pain. Taking fistful’s of his blazer, you reeled him in a different direction. “Would you excuse us…thanks.”

As you got away from the party, you hit Yoongi in the chest with your clenched fist. “That was the groom! Are you an idiot? He was the one standing at the altar.”

“I didn’t notice. All I saw was a greasy guy trying to get in your pants.”

“He just got married!” You argued in disbelief, beating on his chest some more. Yoongi sighed, stepping away from you.

“I don’t care. Did you even feel how low his hands went when he hugged you?” Yoongi muttered, kicking crass under his shoes. You turned away from him, but looked back just as quickly with crossed arms.

“Why do you care?”

“Why wouldn’t I care? Should I just watch you get touched by men that I don’t  know and be okay with it?” He mulled, brows furrowing farther. Was he really angry?

When you couldn’t answer, you took his hand and began to drag him back to where everyone else was. “Come on, we should go back before they cut the cake and dance.”

It was quite awkward when the two of you returned to the party. As it began to grow dark, and the dancing grew slower, you wondered just how much longer you’d have to stick around. Yoongi was sitting across from you, on his phone and not paying attention to anything. He seemed to want to go as much as you did.

You stood from your seat, walking around the empty table to him. “Yoongi, we should leave.”

“Mm, ‘kay.” He looked up from his phone, standing up. You collected your belongings, and left stealthily back to Yoongi’s car. The both of you climbed in, sitting there for a moment.

“Yoongi?” Your voice was much quieter than intended, but you were glad Yoongi still heard. “Are you mad?”

“Why would I be mad?” He muttered, shoving his keys into the ignition.

“So you just didn’t have a good time?”

“What are you talking about?” He snorted ignorantly. “I had an absolutely peachy time.”

“If there’s something wrong you should just tell me.” You suggested reasonably, but Yoongi didn’t reply as he backed out of the lot. Once more, the car ride was filled with silence. Except, this time you continued to steal glances at Yoongi. He gripped the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles where ghostly white, and by the look of his jaw you could tell that he was clenching his teeth.

He parked outside of your apartment, taking off his seat belt and opening his car door to climb out. Confused, you followed him out. He rounded to your side of the car, laying a hand on the side of it right beside your shoulder.


“Please shut up for a minute.” He cupped a hand under your chin, making you look up at him, in the eyes. His brows were furrowed as if deep in thought, mouth tipped into a straight line.

And then he kissed you. It was a soft kiss, mouth merely pressing against yours. A moment before he pulled away, you closed your eyes and took a fistful of his collar. His other hand fell away from your chin, finding its way to sit upon your hip comfortably. You sighed against his lips, pressing harder into him.

He pulled away, staring at you with shock, just as you were watching him with the same eyes.

“Goodnight.” He stiffly pulled away from you, fixing the collar of his button down and walking around back to the drivers side. “Get inside safely.”

You watched as Yoongi got into his car swiftly, revving the engine and driving off. You stood there until he was safely gone, disappearing behind the city lights. 

Min Yoongi had just kissed you.